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Where To Do Your Birthday Party

Has Your Kid Already Planned Their Party

$50 VS $2,000 BIRTHDAY PARTY! *Budget Challenge*

Lots of parents advise that before you plan a party, ask your kids how they want to celebrate. Some kids get really excited when you give them the chance to plan an event and to figure out what they want to experience. They might even surprise you with a list of ideas theyve been saving for this very occasion!

If you and your teen cant think of anything, keep scrolling for inspiration.

Do A Birthday Photoshoot

If you want memories that will last forever in a physical form, then organizing a birthday photoshoot is a great idea. You can hire a professional photographer and have the pictures done alone or with friends. Birthday photographs typically include balloons and cake, but you can plan the shoot however you prefer.

You can then organize the professional photographs into an album or scrapbook to remember the day for the rest of your life.

Bar Hop Until Morning

Visiting bars is a pretty typical birthday activity, but bar hopping until the wee hours of the morning adds a fun twist and allows you to enjoy every last second of your birthday.

You could mark out all the bars you want to visit on a map and then cross them off after youve visited, or you could take a photograph in each bar and then organize them chronologically into an album.

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Vr Voom Gaming Birthday Parties

393 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Central Auckland

VR Voom is one of Aucklands best and most family-friendly virtual reality experience centres. Catering for parties of all ages is no problem. Bring your party group to use a separate, dedicated party room which caters for up to 20 people. The dedicated staff will help and guide you all the way. They pride themselves on taking the stress off parents so you can enjoy your childs birthday party too at the VR Voom Virtual Reality Centre. Check out the party packages available for various group sizes at the website.

Get Even More Boozy At Another Bottomless Brunch

8 Extremely Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

Considering its your birthday, you can get completely sloshed pre 1pm and absolutely nobody can bat an eyelid definitely a strong contender for being one of the best birthday ideas in London we say! Here to help you do just that is our whacking great list of the booziest brunches to be found in the capital. Enjoy getting your drink on!

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Escape Room Kids Parties At Escape Hq

495 Lake Road, Takapuna, North Shore, North Auckland map

Escape HQ offers an unforgettable escape room experience that kids talk about long after they escape! Escape HQ can do all the organising for you, including sorting teams, food , goodie bags, dress up photos and clean up. The birthday person plays FREE with party groups of 10 or more. Teams have 60 minutes working together to discover clues, solve puzzles and escape! Continue the party in your Private Party Room! 8 years +

Pottery Paint Store Party

  • Another trend that is popping up in big and small towns around the US are pottery painting places.
  • These little shops have been around for over 10 years now but provide a great environment for crafty fun that someone else gets to clean up.
  • How to Book a Party: Google Pottery Painting Studio in your area and reach out to them for more information.

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Customer Booked For 1 Guest And Showed Up With 20 People

Adams left a review on the site to warn others about her experience. But that gave the host a chance to respond to her allegations.

The reservation directly contradicts the Vrbo hosts rebuttal.

So the host has added important details to Adams account, which may or may not be accurate. It was more than a little oopsie, he claims. She had suggested there would only be one guest, but there were 20. She admits she got the number of guests wrong, but its unclear how off she was.

Customer booked for 1 guest and showed up with 20 people and none of them were the person that booked, he says.

As a former homeowner, and as someone who once considered turning his place into a vacation rental , I can tell you how I might react when someone booked my house for one guest and then changed it to 20. I would have had a hissy fit, as my Southern grandma would say.

But wait! Did Adams really show up with 19 unannounced guests? Not according to her confirmation.

Despite what the host wrote in his rebuttal to the one-star review, the confirmation shows that 22 guests were listed on the reservation.

Today, the owner has changed his name from Billy to Sa De. But its the same listing. Strange, indeed.

Get Your Lilo And Co On At A Mean Girls Afternoon Tea


Sandwiches for you, cakes for me, and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye. An utterly fetch, all-pink tribute to the eminently quotable film, you can expect cakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cookies, all furnished with an appropriately kitsch name. Theres even a Burn Book for you to air your grievances in perhaps starting with the fact that its taken you this long to find a Mean Girls afternoon tea Get involved here.

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Birthday Party Shout Out

Guests who have pre-booked a birthday party experience with Landmark Cinemas who wish to purchase a Shout Out will be provided with a Shout Out ticket voucher sent via email, with confirmation of their booking on the Tuesday prior to the event or when booking occurs. Redemption of this ticket voucher must be completed online at

Go All Out When You Get Out

Once youre able to really celebrate their birthday like theyd want, go all out. It might be on next years birthday or later that year but make it up to them.

If you dont normally do a party, let them have a small party with friends. If you normally do one present, make it a big one.

What would you add to this list? How are you making birthdays special at home?

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Go On A Scavenger Hunt

An old-fashioned scavenger hunt is always in style. Have your teen and their guests take a photo of each clue they find, for proof and for quick social media content!

  • Setting Up
  • Figure out the location for your hunt your house can totally work, but also consider going downtown. Whatever the case, scout the area beforehand to brainstorm some clue ideas, and check the times for any businesses you involve.
  • The Day Of
  • Drop the clues off beforehand, and draft a list for yourself of where you leave them so you can clean up afterwards.
  • Make sure each team has a phone on them in case they get lost!
  • Helpful Tips
  • If your teen really enjoys this one, consider trying out geocaching!
  • See Live Theater Show

    10 cool birthday party places in Montreal

    Live theater is one of the most breath-taking activities you can participate in, so getting tickets to see a show on your birthday will be a night you wont forget.

    You could splurge on tickets to see a Broadway or West End show, depending on where you live and if youre in the mood for a more expensive treat. You have the option to see something new or to celebrate with one of your favorites.

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    The 10 Best Birthday Party Ideas In Montreal

    In the works of planning a birthday celebration? We know how complicated it can be to please everyone in your posse. Here are ten different ways to have a good time on a birthday outing in Montreal.

    Escape aliens while escaping a maze

    This activity is perfect for thrill-seekers. The Alien Maze divides a group in two, a team of humans and a team of aliens, who are to face-off in an ever-changing labyrinth playing different games throughout the session, like a simple hide-and-seek match-up to the most complex puzzles. Oh, it might be important to mention that the games take place in a pitch-black setting! This puts each players intellect and instinct into play. Whats more thrilling than relying on your senses in order to best your friends, and the maze? If you friendly competition in the dark is your kind of birthday party, the Alien Maze has got you covered.

    Savor the best of what the city has to offer

    Take a shot at a new experience

    This activity is perfect for firearm admirers. uShoot gives you the opportunity to try out air guns in a safe environment. The best part? No license, no air gun and no experience required! The center is equipped with two different range-types, one is more sport-oriented, while the other one is recreation-oriented, just giving you more of a say on how your first shooting experience will unwind. If target practice is your kind of birthday party, uShoot has got you covered.

    Sharpen your throwing skills

    Bounce around with a soccer ball

    Host The 13th Birthday Party At A Unique Peerspace Venue

    In our opinion, 13th birthday party ideas are only as good as their setting. Thankfully, Peerspace has you covered: its the place to rent unique spaces for events like birthday parties. With thousands of cool venues across the United States, Canada, and beyond, you can take your 13th birthday party anywhere you like. Houses with an awesome backyard and a pool, a rooftop with stunning views, or even a property with a private movie theater room are all at your fingertips! Plus, since Peerspace venues are usually wildly stylish, you really wont have to worry much about decorations. And you can find venues with plenty of cool rooms that your teen can pose for photos in with their friends.

    Many spaces are suitable for young adults and youll be happy knowing that all are clean and safe. Only people over the age of 18 can rent a space, so it will be necessary for you to book and, of course, accompany your child and their friends. The bottom line? Your 13-year-old will be psyched to celebrate this milestone in a killer space that their tween friends will be talking about until Sweet 16.

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    Host An Ice Cream Social

    Brighten up your next birthday with an ice cream social featuring colorful sprinkles, sweet fudge, and all the refreshing ice cream you could want. You can choose your favorite ice cream flavors or make it a birthday theme and serve banana splits or have an ice cream sundae bar. Whatever you choose, an ice cream social is a great way to enjoy the sweeter things in life on your birthday.

    Head To The Seaside For A Breezy Birthday Getaway

    What To Do For Your BIRTHDAY!

    Looking for a sunny getaway for your birthday, but cant afford the flight to Greece, Italy or Spain? Beach, please! There are plenty of stunning beaches within two hours of London and further afield too and we think why the hell not make the most of that? So grab your flip flops and sunnies for a day trip to one of these beauties. If the sun is shining dont forget to slap on the suncream!

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    Yogurt Or Sweets Shop Party

    • For my twins first birthday party, I wanted to do something fun, special and simple for them.
    • While walking around in my local downtown I found a cute little sweets shop that had a self-serve frozen yogurt bar, popcorn bar or cupcakes.
    • I called them up and asked about having a small party there and they were most accommodating.
    • The best part is that unlike other yogurt stores, the prices were flat based on the cup size instead of being weighed. It made checkout very easy. Each guest got their order and the gals at the register kept a list of who had chosen what.
    • At the end of the party, I only spent $105.00 on all my guests to hang out in a nice, intimate location and enjoy a simple treat on us.
    • How to Book a Party: The best way to move forward is to locate a sweets or yogurt shop and find out about what party options they have or ways you can make your party work there.
  • Science Center Party
    • Doing a quick Google search should let you know if there are any local science centers in your area. These places may be big or small but they offer tons of awesome hands-on science activities and usually have large climb and play structures for kids.
    • How to Find a Science Center: You can use this Find a Science Center Search from the Association of Science-Technology Centers to find all the options near where you live.

    Theme Park Or Water Park Party

    • If you live in a town with a big or small theme park, consider hosting a party there for the day. Due to ticket prices, you may not be able to take your kids whole baseball team, but you may be able to make a special day with a few good friends.
    • How to Book a Party: Call and ask about group rate discounts or party options.

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    Experience The Bar Behind Bars

    If youre known for getting into trouble on your birthday, then Alcotraz might be the place for you. This theatrical prison-themed cocktail bar has everything from the orange jumpsuits to the real metallic cells. Smuggle liquor past the guards to create your birthday concoction and tell your friends you spent your birthday behind bars. And why the hell not? You can get your tickets here.

    How To Make The Best 16th Birthday Party Ever

    How to Organize Your Birthday Party Creatively

    Try to plan it around what is going on that time of year. Like if its near the SuperBowl and they love football plan a massive SuperBowl party. Get the birthday football gear lined up. Multiple TV’s some Madden on the Xbox for pre-game and just keep rolling with it.

    If you don’t want to do something like that, try and think about what the person likes. If they like video games plan a gaming party or if they’re really into sports have a giant sports themed party!

    For a girl if it s summer time go to the water park if they like water rides and such. Plan the day out with a bus and get everybody piled in to go. Bring food if you can, BBW, etc. For us here they have a camping place next to one of the Water parks that buses back and forth. You can either do the glamping with a cottage or just go with the camping in a tent. Whatever you want to do.

    Find what they love and ask questions so you can get it right. Then if it is good enough and everybody has enough fun make a yearly birthday tradition. If you can just do disney world every yearâ¦yeah I wish.

    No matter what you choose make sure it’s epic, unforgettable and memorable! That is the most important thing when planning any birthday party!

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    Road Trip To A Close Destination

    Hit the road for a destination that’s at most two hours away. Maybe this place has a famous diner or a beautiful museum, or perhaps it’s full of beautiful local shops.

    If you’re in Los Angeles, you can hightail it to Ojai or Santa Barbara, and if you’re in New York City, opt for somewhere in the Hudson Valley.

    Watch A Movie In Your Backyard

    Weather permitting, you can set up an outdoor theater in the backyard! All you need is a sheet, a projector, snacks, seating, and neighbors who wont mind the noise.

    • Setting Up
    • Gather your supplies. Decent quality projectors are easier to find than you might think, especially ones that connect to your phone or computer.
    • Experiment with your setup before the night of, in order to avoid technical difficulties. Remember that the film will project best when its darker outside, so later showings are ideal.
  • The Day Of
  • Make sure the weathers in your favor, and come up with an alternative if it wont be. Not only could you get rained on, so could your technology!
  • Helpful Tips
  • Consider the length of the movie, and how loud the teens are going to be. Set an event curfew to respect the neighbors.
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    Fun Birthday Ideas In Manchester

    Off-kilter party antics? Looks like you’re in luck. Boasting some of the most diverse nights out around, this city is one heck of a hub for fun happenings, whether you’re down the bowling alley, conjuring up a cocktail storm or harking around the ping pong table. Check out our guide to fun birthday ideas in Manchester.

    Celebrate By Seeing One Of Your Favourite Bands Or Singers

    10 Things To Do On Your Birthday | Daily Us

    Whether youre keen for a classical candlelit concert or hearing the heroes of Hip Hop, our massive, monthly gig guide has you covered. Spend your birthday singing your heart out and watching some of the very best in the business. So, see whos playing on your special day and get ready to get your sing-a-long on!

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    Bonus: Winter Birthday Photoshoot

    No matter your age, celebrate the fact that youre starting your journey to a whole new year of adventures and wisdom with a professional photoshoot. In fact, we think any excuse to celebrate yourself with a photoshoot is a great one! But this is especially true with a birthday.

    Shake off the winter doldrums, book a stunning wintry photoshoot location on Peerspace, and start planning that wardrobe! And remember, when you book a Peerspace, you can also rely on the Concierge service to send over a professional, vetted photographer to meet you at your venue. There is nothing like starting a new year with a boost of confidence !

    Check out this article for even more wintry photoshoot ideas!

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