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Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Olds

Harry Potter Costume Party

Wipeout, Amazing Race and Fear Factor Birthday Party for 8 year old

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Bring Hogwarts to your house and invite friends over for a Harry Potter costume party in which they are expected to come dressed in their favorite characters. To keep the party going, plan a terrific scavenger hunt complete with 12 typeset clue cards or a Harry Potter board game.

Best Outdoor Party Games For Kids

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1.Find the Gummy Bears

For this hilariously fun and entirely messy game, youll need canned whipped cream , gummy bears, and a plastic plate for each participant. Give everyone a plate piled high with whipped cream with 3 gummy bears hidden inside. The first person to find all of their gummy bears wins. Oh, and did I mention that no hands are allowed?

2. Homemade Bubbles

Bubbles are always a hit, especially when theyre gigantic bubbles! This homemade recipe makes the biggest bubbles ever with just 5 kitchen ingredients.

3. Treasure Hunt

Create an outdoor treasure hunt by leaving clues around the yard. Party guests can break into teams and work together to find the clues. The first group that finds the treasure wins. Here are 30 clues to get you started!

4. DIY Escape Room:

Transform any place into a thrilling escape room!

Just download these ready-to-play escape room kits get your kids together, and be the host of your own escape room party!

5. Nerf War

Break out the Nerf guns for a wild and fun outdoor game! Divide kids into teams, and create a safe zone for each side where they can reload and restock their darts. If you dont want kids shooting at each other, check out these creative Nerf games they can play instead.

6. Jumbo Ring Toss

Buy a jumbo ring toss here.

7. Limbo

8. Water Balloon Toss

9. Musical Patio Chairs

1o. Miniature Golf

11. Swat the Fly

Birthday Parties At Star Academy

Star parties take the stress out of organizing your childs Birthday. Your party will be completely planned, themed and run by enthusiastic and experienced hosts who will have your guests dancing, singing and playing games! Once your party is booked let them take care of the rest! They do the set up, decorating, food, hosting, games, party bags and clean up! The only thing they ask you to bring is the birthday cake! To top it off while…

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What’s The Time Mr Wolf

What’s the time Mr Wolf? is a classic kids’ game that gets everyone excited for the festivities by adding a bit of suspense.

Choose one child to be Mr Wolf. They stand with their back to the rest of the kids, who should “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and then quickly creep towards Mr Wolf. The child playing Mr Wolf answers each question with a different time.

The aim of the game is to reach Mr Wolf before they respond with “dinner time!”, which signals the chase. Mr Wolf runs around, chases the rest of the kids and whoever they catch first is the new Mr Wolf.

Top tip: Make Mr Wolf wear a wolf mask to make the game more fun – guaranteed shrieks from all the children!

How To Entertain Children On A Birthday In A Park

Pin on Nerf theme : Nerf War

We wanted to leave this last tip to organize a birthday in a park for considering it the most important.

There is a phrase that says: Children will not remind you of what you did or what you said, but what you made them feel .

You can put the best snack in the world or choose the best park in the city to celebrate the party. However, what will make that birthday unforgettable will be the emotion that has awakened in each child. Therefore, animation should be the strong point of the celebration.

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #: Summer Olympics

Let the Summer Olympics serve as inspiration for this wonderful outdoor birthday party idea. Come up with your takes on classic Olympic events.

Activities: If you want to take it to the next level, have each child represent the country of his or her choosing … or better yet, have them create their own country names. Then children can compete in activities like hula hoop, bubble blowing, wheelbarrow races, shaving cream long squirt, and more.

Create the Olympic rings by using hula hoops, pool toys, or posters. Creative snacks include “gold medals,” and Olympic flames . Make your own sheet cake, cover in white icing, and use M& Ms to create the five Olympic rings on top.

A kiddie splash pool is the center of a beach-themed party, and kids of all ages have fun getting wet! by Paul Schultz/CC BY 2.0

Advantages Of Celebrating A Birthday In A Park

Among the strengths of making the party outdoors, we can highlight 4. Here we go!

  • Fun surrounded by nature: The parks are perfect to be with the smallest of the house. Surely you have spent many afternoons in them. There, the girls and boys run around, play and feel free while breathing fresh air surrounded by vegetation and recharge batteries with the energy of the sun.
  • Quick organization: A birthday party in a park can be effortless to prepare. The most important thing is fun, as well as a snack. You can use the park snacks in case you have them. Therefore, you will save having to move a table or board with chairs. Another solution is the picnic snack ).
  • Safe area for children: In general, the parks and childrens areas of towns and cities are usually properly marked and include some security measure to prevent children from going out to the street quickly. In this way, they can run and play freely without risk or danger. You can also have them controlled at a glance. Remember that security is essential.
  • Cost savings: Choosing a public enclosure to celebrate a childrens birthday can help you have to hire private spaces such as toy libraries or sports centers. This saving will revert in your pocket, or you can allocate that budget to other topics such as decoration or entertainment.

As you can see, the idea of having an outdoor party is exciting. Do you want to know how to organize a birthday in a park?

Keep reading!

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Outdoor Birthday Party Idea #: Fairy Garden Par

Grab your wings and head to the backyard for this magical outdoor tea party. Fueled by the power of imagination, the Fairy Garden Par-Tea is the perfect reason to bring out your glitter.

Activities: Use real flowers, mason jars, and your imagination to create mini fairy gardens terrariums during this kids’ party. A wand-making station is a must at this fairy summer birthday party idea. Use sticks, flowers, grasses, and ribbons to create nature wands.

Encourage guests to come dressed as fairies. Rename food and snacks with creative, magical names: Banana chips are “chipmunk chips,” water or lemonade are morning dew,” and pretzel sticks are twigs.” The terrarium and nature wand easily become the take-home party craft and favor in one.

First Published On Thursday 3 September 2020 Last Modified On Tuesday 15 February 2022


If you cant be together in person this year consider a virtual birthday party with friends or family. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small amount of money if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Here, ive rounded up 15 awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for the kids that dont require a pool.

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Fruit And Sweet Touch To Celebrate A Birthday In A Very Healthy Park

Have you thought about offering fruit? If you present it to the little ones in a new and original form , you will arouse their interest, and surely they will try it. You can opt for a lot of options: strawberries, cherries, banana, apple, kiwi, watermelon, melon choose to depend on the season!

Chocolate and hazelnut cream sandwiches are also a classic in your birthday, and although its not the healthiest thing in the world, there may also be room for a little treat on that particular day.

Some people also decide to give some sweets to the party. As we have said, the day is a day. Our advice is that you put them insight once the children have already taken the snack to avoid temptations and that healthy food is left on the table.

Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Its finally hot in Minnesota where my family lives, and Im loving the rays. My kids have already been invited to several birthday parties, and there will be many more. While a pool party is the standard go-to for keeping kids cool while they celebrate the birthday kid, there are so many other fun outdoor birthday party ideas. And having a party in your yard solves the problem of not being able to fit 20 kids in your house. Kids can go totally crazy outdoors! Its also usually much cheaper than having to pay for a venue.

Here, Ive rounded up 15 awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for the kids that dont require a pool.

  • 1/15

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What Decoration Do I Need For A Birthday In A Park

How to decorate a park for a childrens party is something that worries parents and mothers who have decided to opt for these spaces to make the celebration. The truth is that if you choose to celebrate a birthday in a park, you will have a beautiful environment for yourself.

Despite this, we advise you to give more fun and colorful touch to the party by betting on a cool decoration. Garlands, pennants, balloons, signs, wicker baskets or baskets, blankets, wooden boxes, or a tablecloth with the design are some ideas.

The important thing is how you want the party to be and even if youre going to make a thematic birthday to acquire the decoration that best suits the idea.

Regarding the table, you can place a board with chairs or not. How about a picnic birthday with blankets on the floor and everyone sitting down eating? Children surely love it. It will be like hiking!

Here we leave you a few birthday photos in a park that we have selected for you. Come in and get inspired!

Pamper Parties At Dream Cuts

10 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

Have you been to Adelaides newest kids hair salon yet? Dream Cuts at Westfield Marion arent just an incredible salon who actively welcome & cater to kids with special needs, they also do BIRTHDAY PARTIES! They are the ultimate kids pamper party in Adelaide! From hair braiding to stencil face painting, hair glitter, face gems, finger and toe nail painting, shimmery eyeshadow application, face glitter and more! Your kids…

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Ice Skating Or Sledding

In a cold weather climate, ice skating and sledding can be the perfect birthday party activities. Just add hot cocoa!

Happy birthday to your 8 year old! We talked to parents, scoured the internet, and used our own experience to curate this epic list of the best party games.

We hope you loved these ideas and that your childs party is a lot of fun. Heres wishing them a very special day.

Bowling Laser Tag Mini Golf & Paintball

Enjoy fun bowling or playing mini golf, laser tag and paintball at the following venues

Battlezone Laser TagWebsite

Battle your friends at a laser tag birthday party. Family Fun sessions are designed for players under 12 years of age and their friends and families. Choose from Basic Training or Call of Duty party packages. End by celebrating in a real life gaol cell.

Beresfield Mini Golf

Organise an outdoor mini golf party at Beresfield Mini Golf. Includes access to the party room and BBQ area.

Dullboys Social Co

Theres no shortage of fun activities at Dullboys. Party goers can enjoy tenpin bowling, mini golf, arcade game play or dodgem cars. Choose from different party packages. Packages include food and drink and party coordinator.

Hellfire Paintball10 Janet Parade, Salt Ash0412 403 342

For kids aged 12 and over, Hellfire Paintball packages are fully inclusive of gear hire. Group discounts are available for groups of 20 or over, with specials for the birthday boy/girl.

Holey Moley Golf Club

Enjoy a par-tee at Holey Moley Golf Club. Kids can enjoy 18 holes of indoor mini golf, party food and drinks and a reserved party room. A no-fuss option for parents as theres even a kids party host.

Hunter Valley PaintballPacific Highway & Italia Road, Balickera 4934 2212

Kids aged 12 and over will have an action-packed birthday to remember. With an undercover picnicking area for after the battle, debriefing and BYO snacks and drinks.

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Birthday Parties At Mega Fast Karts

I wanted to give my 11 year old daughter a birthday she would never forget, I wanted to take her somewhere different so i said to myself why not go karting? and as it turned out Mega Fast Karts Richmond has so much to offer than just go karts. They are one of the best indoor entertainment centres in Adelaide!! What else do they do I hear you ask??. Let me fill you in!!! They have insanely fast Mega Fast Karts…

Restaurants With Kids Birthday Party Packages

Happy Birthday | 8 Years old | At Home Birthday Party | Scavenger Hunt

Check out these local venues to host your childs next birthday party

Argenton Hotel 515 Lake Road, Argenton 4945 1060 Website

Argenton Hotel is the perfect place for a kids birthday party. With a huge outdoor playground and fully undercover beer garden, there is something for everyone! If youre planning a party, book one of the 20 seater cabanas.

Bank Hotel 72 Melbourne Street, East Maitland 4934 8284 Website

Not only do the Bank Hotel cover location, food and playground, they also manage invites and party bags based on a theme. Download their kids party pack and print invites from their website.

The Bradford Hotel 358 New England Highway, Rutherford 4932 1842 Website

With a bright, large and colourful playground to play on for hours on end, kids will have a great time with their friends at The Braford Hotel. Not only do The Bradford Hotel have the playground and food sorted, they can also manage invites, cakes, party bags and additional entertainment such as face painting and a magician. Download a functions pack from their website for more information.

Sydney Junction Hotel 8 Beaumont Street, Hamilton 4961 2537 Website

Book SJs for your next kids party! With kids party packages and catering, a uncover playground and beer garden you will be looked after rain, hail or shine!

Young Street Hotel 132 Young Street, Carrington 4023 5906 Website

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How To Request Permission To Celebrate Birthdays In Parks

The procedure is simple. Go to the city council of your city and present an instance before the municipal registry. This document must contain at least the following information: day and time of the party , number of attendees, and description of the celebration to be carried out. If you need any more, the municipal employees will inform you.

Usually, the permission granted by the city council to use a public park on a birthday is free although you do not rule out that you have to pay a fee for the administrative process, although it is not usual.

As soon as the competent authority of the OK, the authorization will be communicated to you, and they will give you the instructions and the regulations to follow.

Is It Necessary To Ask Permission To Celebrate Birthdays In Parks

Before holding a childrens party in a public park, you need to be sure that you have permission to do so. As a general rule, a birthday can be celebrated in a public park. However, regarding whether it is necessary to request permission, we must take into account the particular regulations of each municipality.

The parks and gardens are the responsibility of the town hall of each locality, and it is he who dictates the legislation in this regard since there is no general norm at the national level that regulates the celebration of birthdays in public parks.

In many municipalities, it will not be necessary to request authorization for the party. This is the case of Madrid, a city that today allows you to celebrate a birthday in a municipal park, such as Retiro Park.

However, cities like Barcelona do require permission to celebrate birthdays in parks as announced in their Municipal Ordinances.

For all this, we advise you that, unless you are clear that in your city it is allowed to organize birthdays in parks without authorization, you go to the competent authority of your locality and expose your needs to indicate the process to follow and give their approval.

We recommend that you inform yourself at least two weeks in advance. In case you have to submit an instance, it may take days until it is approved. You know that the issue of bureaucracy usually takes time.

Citizenship is a significant value. Put it into practice, and the little ones will learn from you.

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Activity #3: Fill It Up

This is a classic field day game that is used around schools across the world!

It never gets old, though the kids ALWAYS love it!

  • The players will be lined up in a straight line in-between each bucket.
  • The first person in line will be given a sponge. On the GO signal, they will dip their sponge into the bucket of water.
  • They will pass the sponge down the line to all the people, and the last person in the line will squeeze the sponge out into the bucket at the end of the line.
  • That last person will run the sponge back up to the front of the line, dip the sponge in the water again, and pass it down the line.
  • The team that reaches the line on the bucket at the end first wins!

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