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Joint Birthday Party For Siblings

Sibling Joint Combined Birthday Party Do I Mention Gift In The Invitation

Calebee and Cadybug Birthday Weekend Day 2 // Time to Party!


I have DS and DD who are 3 weeks shy of 4 years apart in birthdays and this year I’m planning to have a joint party at a park. I need to send out invites but don’t know if I should mention anything regards to gifts such as “gift optional, no gift please, etc”. I don’t want them feel pressured to bring multiple gifts to each kids and want them to know that but feel awkward even bring up “gift” in the invites.Most guests will be family, mutual friends with a few kids from DS’s sunday school class that my DD doesn’t know. Should I send separate invites for these kids just mention DS’s name??Also another dilemma is that I have a DS who turned 2 in Feb but we didn’t have a party for him and I thought I could add him in the party or at least have his own cake and sing a song to him. I don’t know if I should add him to the invites and let guests know about this or just do it without mentioning it first. Park is reserved but I am stressing out over this invites and time is running out, I need to send these out as soon as possible.WWYD???Thank you for any advice.

Farmers Market Themed Party

Karas Party Ideas featured this shabby chic farmers market themed birthday party thats fresh and fun. With flower plant favors, yard games, floral signage and tented food tables, this party is a growing sensation. Originally designed for a child, this theme is totally do-able for hipster types who love to their fresh market veggies.

Hosting a joint kids birthday party? Here are some ideas to get you started!

As the name suggests, a joint kids party is a single birthday party or event for two children.

Its a common solution for when two siblings are born a couple of weeks apart. But it can be also be done with classmates and other friends.

For parents, its often a no-brainer as theyre great fun, require less work and are usually cheaper.

Lets get started with some planning tips and ideas for a joint kids birthday party!

Should Siblings Celebrate Their Birthdays With The Same Party

Every parent wants to make their child’s birthday special. But if siblings have their birthdays on or around the same date, should you celebrate them with a combined party? Circle of Moms member Sierra W. says her boys are three years apart but share the same birthday month, so she is conflicted about whether to have their birthday parties together or not. “Birthdays are a pretty big deal in my family and I don’t want to minimize the occasions by having them share,” she says. “But I also don’t want people to not show up because there will be two parties within a few weeks.”

When your children’s birthdays fall in the same month, Circle of Moms members say, there’s a lot to consider before booking a joint birthday celebration.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

An all-time favorite story for all children, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an excellent choice for a party theme. The best part is that you have built in options for party food! This colorful and whimsical party is sure to be a hit.

Purchase “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” party supplies here.

Picking a theme for your childs birthday party doesnt have to be stressful. There are great, inexpensive, options on Amazon for all of these gender-neutral suggestions. You can rest easy knowing that your child will enjoy their special day celebrating with family and friends.

For more party ideas, check out our top tips for the Ultimate Curious George Birthday Party.

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How To Host A Successful Sibling Birthday Party

Joint Birthday Party Invitation with Photo Gold Glitter

Sam and Jack are our June birthdays and they are five years apart in age. Lucy and Alex are our September birthdays and they are also five years apart. Weve always done joint birthday parties for them. And one year, we actually did a giant party for all five kids together. If youre thinking that sounds like a lot of work, Im going to share how we host a successful sibling birthday party every year.

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Boys: 18th Birthday Present Ideas For Your Brother

So, what do you buy your brother on their 18th birthday? Again, this all depends on how much money you have to spend and what your brother is into. Ideally, you should aim to gift your brother something that they can keep to mark the special occasion. Something that will bring them great sentimental value. Perhaps a matching ring or chain, an engraved gift, or something else that they can cherish.

Alternatively, if you have quite a lot of banter in your relationship, buy them a novelty gift. Something that will make them laughfor example, a personal joke between you both.

Just get creative and try to really think about what would be special to them.

If you are low on cash, use your imagination and make something for them perhaps? A written poem, a painting, anything that demonstrates how much you love them .

December 7, 2021 by Niki Schafer

Running out of brother and sister birthday party ideas? Brainstorming? Browsing over internet here and there? It takes a lot of effort I know.

So, after analyzing a ton of ideas, we gathered here the coolest ideas trending on social medias, personal blogs and newspapers and stuff. Lets have a look, 25 brother and sister birthday party ideas

Kara S Party Ideas Silhouette Sister & Brother Birthday

Best Brother And Sister Birthday Party Ideas from Kara s Party Ideas Silhouette Sister & Brother Birthday. Source Image: Visit this site for details: .

Circus Birthday Celebration Party Style For your next birthday bash, bring the circus to town full with acrobatic stunts, midway deals with, and also lots of clowning about. Concept from FamilyFun publication.

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Archived Q& a And Reviews


Two separate parties for birthdays a week apart?

I have a 3 year old and a newborn baby. The baby was born one week before my toddler turned 3. I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation regarding birthday parties? Family has already begun asking me how we are going to do the 1st and 4th birthday party. What have you done? I feel bad having two parties and then asking friends to attend separate parties. I was thinking maybe people just have one party to celebrate both birthdays, but I can’t imagine my upcoming 4 year old wanting to share her birthday. Should each child be able to have their own party, or should I combine them? New to the birthday party scene

My kids are 10 days apart, and now both in elementary school. They have always had joint parties, so that’s all they know. We get them each their own cake, and that helps a lot. And that’s all my kids know, and that’s all they get and they’re happy. I can’t imagine a 1 year old cares, and hopefully the older sibling loves the baby and will get it. It’s okay, too, to tell a child that what she’s asking for is too much work for you/friends/relatives.

Sounds like you’re taking some heat from relatives about a party that might not happen for a year. Tell them you have enough on your hands and you don’t need to worry about a party that’s going to happen next year. Then hand them a diaper or dirty dish and ask them to give you a hand . One Party System

Boy and girl, nearly exactly two years apart?

How To Hold A Joint Party For Kids

CHRISTIANS 7TH BIRTHDAY! Plus Christian and Mollys joint birthday party
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If you have children born at a similar time of year, or twins even, you may be looking for ways to throw a joint birthday. Its a great way to celebrate the birthday of more than just one special person and can help you economise. If your child shares their birthday with a very close friend, then this might be another good opportunity to throw a joint birthday party. The trend for joint birthday parties amongst siblings, classmates, best friends and cousins is rapidly increasing, with some seeing it as the reverse of the Lets Outdo the Joneses mentality Parents are returning to sensible and reasonable parties, instead of excessive parties. The benefits of throwing a joint birthday party are not to be sniffed at, with two families sharing the burden of the cost and the workload. Whats more, there are many fun activities that can be planned and incorporated into the event, ensuring that you can make both birthday people feel like a million dollars without incurring a huge bill.

Check out our Five Top Tips for making sure your little ones birthday goes with a bang!

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Have Fun With Party Favors

Image via letlizdoyouafavor/Instagram

One of the best parts of the birthday party lead-up for a child? Putting together goodie bags, of course! Let each child get in on the fun of choosing, designing and stuffing their personal birthday treat bags for their set of friends . And you can even add a little cohesiveness to goodie bags a la Let Liz Do You a Favor by opting for little muslin sacks and matching messages but more individualized designs.

Joint Birthday Parties: Frugal Or Just Plain Tacky

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I may not be getting mother of the year this year. Again. Thats because, much to Gregs chagrin, Im planning a joint birthday party for my two kids. The oldest is turning five and my youngest daughter is turning three, all between the end of April and the beginning of June. But heres the thing: their birthdays are only 6 weeks apart. Complicating matters further is the fact that we cant have my oldest daughters party until a few weeks after her actual birthday since well be on vacation. We could have it a few weeks before her birthday, I suppose, but then it might not be warm enough to plan anything outside. Anyway, if we had two separate parties, they would likely only be 3 or 4 weekends apart. And not only does that sound like a giant pain, but it sounds utterly wasteful to boot. So why not combine them?

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Small Sister Big Brother Birthday Party Ideas

Best Brother And Sister Birthday Party Ideas from Small sister big brother Birthday Party Ideas. Source Image: Visit this site for details: .

If you actually want the decors, make several of your very own. I recently went to a three-year-olds Handy Manny birthday party, and the mama made little device belts for all the children as opposed to elaborate decorations. The kids enjoyed them, and the moms and dads laughed at the view of infants putting on tool belts!

Mention Gifts In The Invitation

Joint Birthday Photo Invitation Sibling Birthday Invitation

Eliminate discomfort on the part of your guests by specifying your gift expectations in the invitation. It can feel tacky to ask for gifts, but its better than leaving guests wondering if they need to bring a gift per child or not.

Consider wording your invitation with something like, We request only your presence, but if you must bring presents, limit your family to one gift for the birthday girls to share! Youre not asking for things, but you are setting a one-gift expectation for guest families. Then, your triplets can go round robin on opening the gifts to keep things fair!

If your kids have separate friends, perhaps because theyre in different classes, you could write something like You are being invited to Twin A and Twin Bs party as Twin Bs honoured guest. Twin A is not expecting a gift from you!

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Joint Birthday Party Ideas

If your children have birthdays close together or by coincidence share the same birth date , it often makes sense to throw one party. But how do you recognize each child while celebrating at the same time? We have a few ideas to create a special day for both.

  • Choose a color scheme using each childs favorite hues that will work well together like aqua and orange, blue and green, yellow and purple, etc.
  • Allow each child to invite the same number of friends.
  • Have each child wear their own birthday tee emblazoned with their age and name or choose a big brother t shirt or big sister tshirt with the coordinating little sibling personalized onesies or tees.
  • Cupcakes are easy to decorate in various themes at the same time, but separate cakes in coordinating themes is also a great idea to allow each child to feel special.
  • Signs for each child also make great photo opps, like this one from Hostess with the Mostess.
  • Do you have any tips for joint birthday parties? Let us know how you combined two or more birthdays with décor, cakes, personalized baby gifts, etc.

    Brother And Sister Joint Birthday Party Ideas

    Sharks and Mermaid Party-Sharks and Mermaids is the perfect theme for a joint brother sister sibling birthday party celebration. Sharks and Mermaid Party-Sharks and Mermaids is the perfect theme for a joint brother sister sibling birthday party celebration.

    Joint Birthday Invitation Joint Birthday Party Construction Etsy Joint Birthday Parties Double Birthday Parties Sibling Birthday Parties

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    Joint Parties With Different Themes

    There is another option for a theme when youre throwing a Joint Party: Two Themes. After all, the Kids may be sharing a Celebration, but they dont always have the same Interests.

    If this is the case for your Joint Party, youll need to Create a Fun Way to Showcase Both Kids Themes in your Event Space.

    Consider The Age Group

    Happy Siblings Gathering & Joint Birthday Cake Cutting ??? (3 July 2022)

    In your quandary on should siblings have one birthday party, theres also the age difference to consider. When theres a couple of years age difference, most often its the younger ones who love sharing their birthday parties with their older siblings. The elder kids, however tend to prefer their own party with their own group of friends. In this case, youd be better off throwing two separate parties.

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    A Special Day Calls For Special Attention

    With most things in life, there are also some negatives to consider before planning that joint birthday party. For starters, it could be harder to show special attention to both children, which could create tension or resentment between siblings. Many parents say that joint birthday parties are right up until a certain age, but then its better to have separate parties so that each child feels like they are getting the attention they deserve on their special day.

    Girl And Boy Mixed Theme Joint Party

    If you were Blessed with a Pidgeon Pair as they used to say, and are looking to combine a Girls and a Boys Party theme check out these Amazing Photos from Taylor & Arlo’s Joint Birthday.

    I bet combining Unicorns and Fortnite was not an Easy feat, but their Mum has styled their venue beautifully. Again the room was divided between themes. Our Magical Rainbow Unicorn Party theme on one side.

    And our Fortnite Marvel Party theme on the other side of the room.

    I love how they have created the Streamer Background and combined these two seemingly different party themes to make one Awesome Joint Celebration!

    Check out the Kids Party Table. Each of their Table Settings is customised to suit each theme with a Plate, Napkin, Cutlery and a Bottle of Water adorned with one of our Fun Personalised Party Water Labels.

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    Joint Birthday With The Same Theme

    If both Kids can agree on the same theme, your job is Super Easy! You can plan the Party the way I recommend planning most Themed Celebrations: pick a Theme Colour with an Accent Colour or Two, buy Themed Decorations and Supplies, and plan some Yummy Treats and Games to keep everyone happy.

    All of the Themes we have on Katie J Design & Events can be Customized with the Name and Age of the Birthday Boy or Girl.

    In the past, weve Adapted our Banners to Suit more than one Birthday Kid. You can see some of our Customer Photos below.

    In this Disney Cars with Racing Checkers Themed Party, the Twins shared a Theme and a Birthday Banner. The Central Party Table has some Truly Amazing Themed Decorations, but of course there are two Cakes!

    Here is another Cars Themed Birthday where the Kids Shared a Lightning McQueen Theme and we Customised the Banner Text to wish them all a Special Day.

    Weve also had customers whose Kids have Shared a Party Theme, but they each got their own Set of Personalised Decorations. This is a Helpful Option if the Kids have different guests. With a set of personalised decorations and supplies for each Birthday Kid, their guests can go home with Treats Customised with the Name of their Particular Friend.

    Both of these Personalised Banner Styles are Great Options for a Joint Party with a Shared Theme. Even though the Kids are Sharing a Party, they each still get to see their Name and Age Displayed for everyone to see!

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