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Catering For Baby Birthday Party

Delicious Pizza Cooked At Your Kids Birthday

Kids party food. Catering for a kids party on a budget.
Mobile Pizza Catering serving Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire

If you are looking for a fabulous and fun way to cater a kids birthday party in the Los Angeles area, look no further! Pizzarageous puts the party into fun mode with delicious onsite pizza catering. We can do any size childrens party, large and small anywhere we can bring our mobile pizza ovens even to the beach or a remote location with no electricity.

  • Kids each get individual crusts to make their own pizza
  • Comes with a Juice box
  • Individual chefs hats to color and wear
  • Only $7.25 per child
  • Other guests can get Pizzarageous starting at $6.45 per person
  • Outrageously delicious pizza cut hot & fresh at your event!
  • No more cold soggy pizza at your celebration or reception.
  • Custom hand crafted pizzas by trained chefs prepared & baked on-site.
  • We bring the oven right to your party or event to ensure the hottest freshest pizza.
  • Perfectly affordable for your kids birthday, we do all the work!
  • Ask about our Vegan and Gluten Free options.

Birthday & Kids Catering

Birthday Catering for Kids in Houston

For kids, their birthday is the most important day every year. They wait for the day with the utmost enthusiasm to celebrate it in a grand manner with their family and friends. And parents too do not leave any stone unturned to plan their kids birthday party. At The Heights Catering, we understand the joy and enthusiasm of the kids, as well as their parents and hence, offer the most exciting and unique birthday catering for kids in Houston.

Our team will come to your home or any particular venue you have chosen for the birthday party of your kid, prepare all the food, and serve you and your guests. We complete much of the prep work beforehand, finish it on the site and serve hot to your guests to save time as well as make your event a grand success. Whether you are planning a small party/ gathering at home or an extravagant birthday bash at a lavish venue, we can cater to all your needs seamlessly. From buffet-style services to four coarse services, we can provide you with all kids catering services at the most reasonable price.

A Fresh Touch Of Our Chef

When it comes to cooking food, our chef becomes a bit choosy in terms of picking the ingredients. That is why we pick the finest and freshest ingredients available. We always prefer to use local organic produce whenever possible. Also, we source poultry and meat from the local ranches to ensure freshness and best quality. We infuse the spirit of state-of-the-art edible art for a truly heartening experience in your birthday catering concepts and projects and add liveliness and deliciousness to them!

Looking for the most dependable birthday catering service in Houston? Look no further than us, The Heights Catering! Not only kids catering, but we also offer birthday catering for people of all ages. Contact us today!

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Do A Wrap It Up Menu At The Kids Birthday Party

If you are trying to do something different than every other birthday party, look into the idea of serving wraps. The approach is fresh, the food is delicious, and most of all, the menu appeals to all age groups without trying too hard.

You can start with a delicious vegetable and cheese wrap serving and follow it up with a filling fried chicken wrap. To give your adult guests another option, you can make some crispy black beans and rice burritos. For dessert, you can make sweet tortilla wraps to serve them with a combination of brown sugar and cinnamon.

You can add some fresh fruits and vegetable wraps to this menu and look into various cuisines to get some inspiration. As long as you have multiple options and some vegan-friendly dishes, this one can be a clear winner.

Thankfully, with wraps at birthday parties in Chicago, Il, you can be sure to provide the right add ons that everyone will love. The right party options can make sure that your party guests are happy at the private party.

Food Catering Ideas For 1st Birthday Party

Baby shower foods

4 min read

Parents are excited to see their babies growing every minute. They make sure that every amount of time and love are focused on their cute little ones. So when the time has arrived for their babys 1st birthday, you can be sure that parents will be hands-on and all out to make their babys first milestone a memorable and enjoyable celebration. Yet for some, planning for their 1st babys birthday can be mentally overwhelming especially if this is the first they are going to do it. Since it is a milestone celebration, expect it to have a large guest list and often times the pressure of what to serve is the main concern of every parent.

For your guide, we have a list of food for this special event that you can follow and prepare for yourself or have it catered. Over the years, we have been successful in bringing delicious 1st birthday party foods that caters for party food for the birthday baby and their friends and party food for attending older kids and adults.

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St Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations And Themes

A 1st birthday party is such a special time in any parents life, and youll no doubt want to commemorate this occasion by taking lots of pictures. There are lots of things you can do to get your party Instagram ready, so you can easily look back on your childs birthday.

Weve put together some helpful tips to help you prepare.

  • Clear a space in your living room or garden for the party’s main setting, make sure its baby-proofed!
  • Put down a selection of mats, cushions or other soft furnishings for little ones to play on and ensure theyre safe and comfortable.
  • A themed buffet area with paper plates and other cute decorations will brighten up the space without you needing to spend too much time on it.
  • Cute pictures of your baby will go down well with friends and relatives and can complement the other decorations you decided to go for.
  • You can bulk out the decorations with balloons, bunting or paper chains – especially if its popular cartoon characters or a familiar animal that your baby loves.But these should be placed out of reach, to prevent them from bursting and scaring your little one.

There are all sorts of popular themes for kids parties out there, with decorations to suit just about any taste. You might want to go for superheroes, princesses, pirates, dinosaurs the possibilities really are endless! Or, you could opt for a colourful theme, like bright and sparkly or spots and stripes.

How To Start A Small Business Catering Children’s Birthday Parties

Catering children’s birthday parties can be a profitable business if you know what you’re doing. Parents who are pressed for time appreciate having a professional take care of the food for their child’s birthday. By specializing in children’s birthday party catering, you have a more specific target customer, which can make your advertising efforts easy. It can take a lot of work to get your children’s catering business set up, but you’ll then have a business that you enjoy running.

Research local regulations for catering businesses. It’s important to understand the local laws regarding catering companies. For example, some cities will require you to have a separate commercial kitchen. If you plan on making the food in your home, you may need to change the zoning on your home from residential to commercial. Laws vary by state and city, so talk to local representatives.

Plan and test several recipes to create a menu of options. You should have a wide range of options for your catering business. When planning menus, take children’s tastes into consideration. Make the old standbys–hot dogs, pizza, macaroni and cheese–into something more special for birthdays. Parents, however, probably want foods that are healthy. How can you create healthy meals that kids will want to eat?

Register your business with local and federal governments. You’ll need to file the paperwork to register your business with the government. This makes you eligible for certain tax deductions.

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Childrens Birthday Party Catering For Kids Parties And Birthdays

  • Party Boxes or Buffet menus
  • High quality and Freshly prepared
  • Birthday Party cakes
  • Special diets
  • Bespoke Menus including Themed Menus
  • Childrens Party bags
  • On-site Chefs we come and cook for you!
  • Waiter Service
  • Childrens Party Design Tables, Chairs and Decoration

See an example of our menus

Our Kids menus are fun, creative and can be themed such as princesses, superheroes, mystery, cartoons and TV/Film themes. From Mini burgers to posh princess pizzas we can give your party or event that extra special touch.

  • Childrens Tea Parties
  • Fun Finger Food and Canapés
  • Platter of food for any occasion
  • Birthday Party Fancy Food Boxes
  • Deserts, Drinks and Cupcakes

Plan A Grab And Go Menu For The Birthday Party In Chicago Il

Quick DIY Princess baby birthday decorations||wedding||baby shower||reception||Party||House warming

When pigs in a blanket are too sophisticated for kids and string cheese makes adults indifferent, its time to plan something in between for a fantastic birthday party. That is where a grab-and-go menu of various dishes can do a perfect job in Chicago, IL.

It requires a mix of savory and sweet dishes that can be served on their own or within a cup. Tortilla pinwheels with cream cheese and sour cream are an excellent way to engage adults and kids with your party menu. From there, you can look into meat on a stick that is served with choice vegetables. Serving deliciously braised meatballs in a cup might also work wonders here.

For dessert, you can consider simple but exciting ideas such as chocolate parfait or fruits in a cup with cream cheese. Keep some non-alcoholic drink servings handy to drive it all home. As explained before, dont forget vegan options to make sure everyone stays comfortable at the kids birthday party or adults private party in Chicago, IL.

This way, everyone is happy in the private or public party room in Chicago, IL. These grab-and-go menus at birthday parties can certainly make a significant difference and add quite a bit of value. You can get the right party packages and add ons that make your birthday parties have a little more life in Chicago, IL.

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Pin The Grin On The Cheshire Cat

A spin on classic kids game, pin the tail on the donkey! To prepare for the game, print out a large picture of the Cheshire Cat along with some extra versions of his grin. Cut around this carefully. For extra sturdiness, glue together cardboard behind the paper cutout. Give one of these to each guest and give everyone a turn to pin it on the Cheshire cat while blindfolded. The closest to the Cheshire cats grin wins!

Creative And Healthy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Food Ideas

You need to remember that the food is more likely to be enjoyed by adults as the food for babies and toddler mostly end up on the floor. But still as it is your kids first birthday party, he or she and his or her friends are the VIP guests and you need to treat them well. Thus, it is very important to plan the 1st birthday party food menu carefully, keeping a perfect balance between kid friendly food and food for adults.

Some of the party friendly food ideas that are suitable for your one-year-old and his friends as well as adults are given below. I have put them under starters, main course, dessert and drinks to make it easy for you.

Choose from the below 1st birthday party food list according to your preferences to make a healthy party treat.

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Get A Quote And Check Availability

  • Kids Parties and MORE

Full Service Kids Party Caterer

The Pizzarageous team of expert Pizza Chefs handle all of the set up, prep, making, baking, replenishment AND cleanup! We are the leading kids party catering service and we love what we do. Let us help you throw a fantastic catered kids party that the children AND the parents will love!


We have a lot of options for delicious fresh made hot pizza onsite for you to choose from here are just a few of our menu options. Pizzarageous is the leading caterer for kids parties and we have a lot of fun options for your childs party.

Check out some of our fun childrens parties weve catered Kids Party Gallery!

BASIC MENUIf your little ones like to keep it simple check out our Basic Menu! This menu features all of the classic pizza toppings, including pepperoni, three cheese and veggie. All of our pizzas are freshly baked with our famous Italian style crust.


A more complex flavor array is the name of the game for this menu here we feature a selection of custom specialty pizzas. Our Upper Crust Menu hosts different 13 pizza creations to choose from including: The Works, Thai-rageous, Barbecue bacon triple cheeseburger and many more delicious flavors!




Finger Food And Appetizer Ideas


Appetizers or starters are the first course of a meal. They should be tempting and light to give an excellent start to the party meal. Toddlers and children fill their tummies with starters as they are fond of them. Having a variety of options would be a good idea. We have a few palatable suggestions here.

  • Fruits on skewers or fruit salad
  • Vegetable and chicken nuggets
  • French fries or potato smileys or potato wedges
  • Cookies with cream or crackers
  • Muffins and bagels
  • Roasted or steamed vegetables and dip
  • Small sandwiches
  • Yogurt smoothies
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    Alice In Wonderland Themed Party

    Go down the rabbit hole with an easy Alice in Wonderland themed party. The beauty of this idea is that it can be easily adjusted to your budget and time. This themed party will be best thrown in the summer in a garden. For this garden tea party, you can ask your guests to come in bright floral colours. For the younger guests, they can dress up as the characters from the child book.

    It is a party idea where adults will be able to sit down to relax and enjoy a drink or two. Meanwhile, the kids can play safely in the garden.

    • Props To Buy/Make: Balloons, Personalised Tags and Playing Cards
    • Game To Play: Pin the grin on the Cheshire Cat
    • To Serve: Tasty Cold Buffet Food

    Best Catered Birthday Party Packages In Chicagoland

    Do you want to plan a fun, memorable, affordable and hassle-free birthday party? Carts of Chicago can help you do just that!

    Imagine an epic Birthday Party Ice Cream Social orinvite your friends and family to your Backyard Picnic Birthday!

    If youre looking to add just a little something special, maybe an ice cream cart and brownies on a stick, or if you want to host a larger and still affordable birthday party, our party planning team can make your birthday event a hit!

    Birthday party events can be indoor or outdoor Small or large birthday party event catering Custom props and colors available to match your theme Experienced and friendly staff Well customize a birthday party package to fit your budget

    Looking for a Birthday Party for Babys First Birthday, kids and those young at heart?We can set up an amazing all-inclusive, fun and colorful circus theme package! Lots of fun for the kids Delicious circus-themed foods for everyone Easy and hassle-free catered birthday party

    Ready to start planning?Call 847-806-1400 or fill out our catering event form and well contact you promptly.

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    Contact Us For Your Birthday Parties

    Of course, you want to make sure that everything in your private party room goes quite well. If you are looking to make sure that the whole process of planning your birthday parties at your private party room goes smoothly, reach out to Corkys Catering today.

    We want to make sure that we keep the whole process hassle-free when it comes to details at the kids party, ranging from the ice cream, the add ons, the available food, and other matters that make it a fun party.

    So if you are looking for help at your next birthday party and want the perfect ice cream and good options, reach out to us at Corkys Catering today. We are here to ensure that your private party goes well in a hassle-free manner.

    Our various party options are there to make sure that you have a fun party that people will remember for some time to come to Chicago, IL.

    What Is The Costco Catering Menu In Canada

    Children’s Party Food Ideas | Tesco Food

    Costco catering menu Canada is an excellent solution for saving money. You can order food in large quantities, which will be delivered to you.

    The food is frozen, so its perfect for entertaining guests with minimal fuss and cleanup! It also means youll have leftovers to enjoy later on. We will provide an overview of this service provided by Costco Canada and some tips on how best to utilize this option. Enjoy!

    The Costco catering menu Canada delivers straight-from-the-freezer delicacies that are tasty and affordable. The company offers a wide assortment of dishes, including appetizers, salads, main courses, and desserts all available for purchase at wholesale prices through their website or by phone order.

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