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Birthday Party Ideas For 5 Year Old Daughter

Best Birthday Party Games For 5


Inside: Fun Birthday Party Games for 5-Year-Olds.

Show your birthday boy or girl a good time with these super fun games! Whether you are throwing an outdoor bash or having friends over for a fun indoor party these birthday party games for 5-year-olds are packed full of exciting and playful ideas.

From classic outdoor games like red rover or hide and seek to entertaining board games and active Minute to win it ideas, your party will be chalked full of fun.

Th Birthday Games And Activities

5 year olds are just starting to get the hang of party games, but they are yet to understand the concept of winners and losers. If you dont want the party to end in tears, make sure that everyone gets a prize and nobody feels left out. Our Games for Pre-schoolers and Games for 5 7 year olds articles have got some good ideas to get you started.

If your budget allows, you may want to hire an entertainer for this special milestone birthday, or have the party at a special venue.

Musical Chair Party Game:

These games add extra fun to your party. You can play this game with any age of the child. Kids really enjoy while playing musical chair.

How To Play:

  • Place the chair first in a circular way. The total number of the chair should be one less than the total number of kids playing.
  • Then turn the music on and ask the kids to move around the chair.
  • Once the music is off the kids has to sit on the chair.
  • The kids who didnt seat is out of the game.
  • Play the game till one is left.

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Birthday Party Board Games For 5

Guess Who: I played this game approximately ten million times as a child and its been really fun to play it with my kids now!

Snails Pace Race: This is a cooperative preschool board game to help all the snails get to their leaves and have a snack. Simple roll the colored dice and move the snails. Cheer on the other snails!

Hi Ho! Cherry-O: If youre interested in schooling your siblings the way you did years ago. I was obsessed with this game as a child, and TBH, I would still play it now

Picture Dominoes: A simple version of dominoes for kindergarten and preschoolers. These are large sturdy cards that teach the fundamentals of the game in a fun and colorful way! Great for matching, counting, and problem-solving!

Hungry Hungry Hippos: This game is perfect for the kiddos and great to help you relive your childhood again and again. Even numerous years later, its still an iconic game.

Pin The Tail On Donkey Party Games:

Welcome to Beading Buds, a Traveling Beading Party!

Here come with another form of birth games that you can play very well indoor. For these games, age doesnt matter at all. You can play with kids from all range of age. The kids will love it.

How To Play:

  • First, you need to put a donkey without a tail
  • Ask the kids to line up from a certain distance away from the picture.
  • Give each child a tail with their name on it.
  • Then blindfold each child and ask the kids to pin the tail on the picture.
  • Once all are done with their turn
  • Choose the winner who has pinned the tail close to the donkey.

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Classic Birthday Party Games For 5

Red Rover: Red rover, red rover, the kids will love this party game when they come over. To play, have the kids line up and link arms in two separate lines. Then, each line will alternate saying the riddle, Red rover, red rover, let __ come over! where they will choose one kid from the opposing line to run over and try to break their chain. If the kid cant break their linked arms, theyll join their team. If successful, their team wins!

Hide-and-Seek: Tight on budget and on time? Add a few rounds of hide-and-seek to your kids party game agenda. Turn things up a notch by playing a round of hide-and-seek tag. If a player is found, the finder will have to tag them to be it next.

Obstacle Course: Challenge the little ones to an obstacle course. To make your own DIY obstacle course, gather your kids favorite outdoor toys and arrange them around your backyard. Then, time each kid and see who comes out on top as the quickest player. Or better yet, set up two courses for a live-action race.

Simon Says: Lets see how well your little ones listen. Assign one player as Simon who chooses everyones next move. Players need to pay close attention, though, because they only follow what Simon says. If a player follows a command that isnt worded with Simon says _, theyre out! Whoever makes it to the very last round is Simon next.

Adventure Girls Craft And Activities Book $

This activity book is chock-full of awesome crafts and adventures for your little girl to enjoy! Shell be able to learn how to stargaze, track animals, and build a shadow theater. Its a great way to spark her creativity and let her use her imagination. Shell explore the world around her while making once in a lifetime memories.

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Planning The Perfect Party

Most places meant for birthday celebrations have party packages and a private party room especially designed for hyped-up children. And most of them stick to a one- or two-hour party timeframe, keeping kids from experiencing boredom. Be sure to get all of the information upfront so you know whats included. Do you need to bring paper products? Is all the food part of the package? Will goody bags be provided?

Having the answers before you head to the party will help you stay organized and actually enjoy yourself. No matter where you have your childs party, there will be smiles all around, simply because you were prepared for the celebration.

Best 5th Birthday Party Ideas For Girl


Boys already know that they will grow up as real men. And girls feel like little princesses Like to play with dolls. I am preparing sometime in the distant future to become mistresses and mothers.

At the age of 5, boys and girls have different interests. Therefore the organization of the holiday is unusual for them. Let us consider in more detail how to celebrate the birthday of a child 5- years old girl, the first anniversary of a little lady.

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How Long Should A Kids Birthday Party Last

One of the biggest mistakes I think people make when planning a party is that they make it last too long! I think its better to have a shorter party- pack it with fun activities and then wrap it up while everyone is still having a good time.

You dont want to glance at your watch in the middle of your childs party and think, Holy Moly- we still have an hour and a half to go what are we going to DO?

A good general guideline is 90 minutes or less for pre-schoolers, and 2 hours long for kids in elementary school.

Filbert And Wally Studios

Author Alizah Anne Kaite will come to your house and bring her book to life with puppets and sing-a-longs! Her book, Filbert and Wally: Chattahoochee Daydreams, is about a Barred Owl and a Tree Frog who become friends along the banks of the Chattahoochee River. For your child’s birthday party, she’ll come to your house for a 45-minute show that will include ukulele sing-a-longs, puppets based on her book, and readings too! Serves: Locations within 20 miles of Alpharetta

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday Without A Party

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

A recent survey found that families can spend upwards of $30,000 on their kids’ birthday party celebrations between the first and 21st birthdays. Throwing a birthday party can be a major source of stress and a major drain on the bank account for parents. You can still make your child’s birthday a memorable celebration without throwing a party. Suggest some of these ideas to your child for a fun and memorable birthday.

Sparkles Family Fun Centers

5 Year Old Birthday Party « The Family Trifecta

Pizza, soda, paper products, game tokens, and multiple activities to choose from at each Sparkles location. Pick skating, the playground, laser tag, inflatables, a glow party, or the arcade. They have many party options, including a glow party, and you can even have a character show up to party with you for an extra fee! Address: Multiple Locations

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College Football Hall Of Fame

The College Football Hall of Fame offers two different party packages for 18 or 25 kids. You provide the foods and drinks they provide an All-Access pass for everyone, time on the field, their name on the video board, and a gift certificate for the birthday child. You can purchase concessions for extra, making it a lunch birthday fun time! Address: Atlanta

Theme And Decoration Ideas

There are various themes and decoration ideas you can try out for the party. Here are a few fun ones worth a shot.

1. Cartoon Theme

For the cartoon theme, you can use paper plates and cups having your kids favourite cartoon. You can also organise games like drawing the cartoon without seeing, spelling cartoon names backwards, etc.

2. Angry Birds Theme

For the Angry Birds party theme, youll need Angry Bird stickers and red and yellow feathers for the invitation card designs. You can decorate the entrance to the party area with cardboard boxes that are painted and designed in a way to make the big pig structure from the series. For the tables, make sure you have red, black and yellow bowls and make pig fortresses using wood pieces and smaller cardboard boxes.

3. Barbie Theme

This is one of the best birthday party ideas for a girl and you deal with just three colours pink, violet, and orange. Decorate the party tables using pink cloth. You can get all your kids friends a tiara so that they can wear it before digging into the birthday cake. Use pink, white, and silver balloons and scatter them across the floor and tie some to the backs of chairs too.

4. Cowboy Theme

A cowboy party theme is one of the best birthday party ideas for a boy if most of the kids attending are boys. Decorate the tables with red and white checkered cloths and put solid coloured plates on top. Decorate the party area with boots, cowboy hats, and ropes.

5. Alice In Wonderland Theme

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Augmented Reality Interactive Globe $$

This interactive globe makes learning really fun. Your five year old can use the app on your phone or tablet to take them on an augmented reality-based journey around the world. Theyll learn all sorts of facts about the world and it comes with lots of stickers, and a guide to help make the learning process even more exciting.

Last Minute Party Ideas

5-Year-Old Girl’s Dream Comes True With Costco-Themed Birthday Party

Planning ahead is crucial to host a successful birthday party however, the best ideas pop up in the very last minute. And those last minute ideas, most of the time, end up adding that extra personal touch you felt it was missing. Successful doesn’t always mean perfect. It can translate into if people had fun, then the party was a success.

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Planning A 5th Birthday Party

In planning the party, you will need to consider that many of your childs friends may have already started school, and some may be in full time child care. With that in mind, you may need to have the party in the weekend, or actually have it at day care itself. But no matter where or when you decide to have the party, these ideas will help make your childs 5th birthday party something theyll never forget.

Birthday Parties For The Mid

As your child gets older, birthday parties can feel like an every-weekend gig. That doesnt mean you dont want to make your own kids party as special as possible. As youre figuring out how to celebrate, it may seem like youve been to every type of birthday party out there. But thats okay. Just because your childs friends have had parties at the same places youre considering, you can find ways to ensure they have just as much fun at yours.

8-year-old birthday party places

Look for a trampoline park like Sky Zone. Kids this age cant get enough of jumping high in the sky. Add some delicious cake and easy-to-make goody bags at the end of the party, and youve struck gold in the eyes of a child. Depending on the time of year, head to an ice skating or rollerblading rink. For kids who havent learned to skate yet, there are usually training walkers available to help. And why not try out your local YMCA or community center? Birthday party guests can often use the pool and gym areas. Find new ways to utilize the space by building an obstacle course.

Parenting is hard.

Dont do it alone.

Sign up for tips and support from experts.

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Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party Theme:

This is very fun and amazing birthday party themes for 5 year old daughter. You can choose the theme of the party by decoration with mismatching saucers, chairs, napkins, and kitchen or tableware.

Approach the guest list to come up with a dress code of any of this colour from the Alice in Wonderland theme as it will add colour to the party. You can also arrange chocolate fountain with some strawberries in it.

Tekhome Pink Camera $$

10 Spectacular 5 Year Old Girl Birthday Ideas 2021

For your five-year-old girl who loves to take photos, give her the gift of her first camera for Christmas or the holiday season. Shell learn how to take photos of her own on her new mini camera and camcorder that she can easily take with her wherever she goes. It comes with a 32GB SD card and can store 3000 photos. So you can go back together later and look at the photos. Its lightweight and fully rubberized, so itll be protected and last for years to come.

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Birthday Party Food Ideas For Five

It is unlikely that your little guests will be sitting down for a formal dinner. Hence, bite-sized finger foods can be the best option for a birthday party. Include the following foods besides the birthday cake.

  • Mini pizzas
  • Mini pizzas are bite-sized cheesy wonders that both children and adults may love. They are easy to pop into your mouth and are filling as well. If you plan on making your own mini pizzas, make sure you use cheese sparingly to avoid mess. You could also let the children choose their toppings for their pizza bites.

  • Carrot sticks
  • Carrot or cucumber sticks are healthy options for a birthday party. Children love munching on them as they are crunchy. If you are worried about sugar, you could place a tray of carrot sticks alongside other snacks. They are easy to prepare at home as well. You could soak them in a sugar solution to sweeten them if you wish.

  • Donuts
  • Donuts are always a hit at birthday parties. Instead of getting ready-made donuts, you could get plain ones and offer the children a variety of toppings and sprinkles to decorate their donuts. Children will love this decorating activity, and they are likelier to finish the donuts they have decorated.

  • Fruit slices
  • Melon slices would be much appreciated in summer. Other common fruits you could include are bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and apples. You could also place a chocolate fountain nearby so that children can dip their fruit in chocolate before eating it.

  • Drinks
  • Trying To Brainstorm Fun And Memorable 5

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    Now that your child is in school, hell almost certainly want a birthday celebration for friendsand maybe even the whole class. Thats why the best 5-year-old birthday party ideas will suit a whole crowd of energetic youngsters. Check out our top picks for birthday party theme, with advice about logistics, activities, favors, and more.

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    Hire A Local Village Hall

    This is a pretty popular one. I have hosted two and have been to hundreds, I am kidding, but I have been to a lot. It initially seems inexpensive as the hall hire fee is quite low, maybe £40-£50. Versus tons of people in your house, it feels good. But then you get into the logistics who to invite its a hall so you can invite loads, kids and adults. That means a lot of food and drinks, be it tea, coffee or wine that could easily come to £100. The obligatory cake, and if there are many people, it needs to be pretty big, which makes it more expensive, say £50, unless you made it yourself.

    Then there is entertainment. When you get into the realms of four and up, entertainment is good to keep them happy. But it comes at a price, I have seen DJs costing £200 for two hours of kids entertainment crazy magicians, again the going rate was £100 per hour. The local zoo will bring animals along. Or you could hire a big hall and put up a bouncy castle. A hall childrens party is looking to cost you around £400 including entertainment, so quite a lot. And it is a lot of hassle too, especially if you are making the food yourself.

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