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13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Top Tips For Making Teen Birthday Party Memories

Alyssa’s 13th Birthday Party! How Do We Have a Teenager?!!

Milestone birthdays are a great chance to introduce traditions and rituals to your family, and theres at least a couple milestone years in the teens to celebrate!

That big transition toward adulthood, and your relationship with your child is going to change. Here are some nice ways to make memories on your childs teen birthday years:

Additional Fun 13th Birthday Party Ideas

To get more ideas for your soon-to-be teen’s birthday party, ask what kinds of things he would enjoy doing for his birthday. Talk about various suggestions and let your teen know you will get back to him with a final decision on what you will be doing.

The best ideas are often those that involve an activity your child and his friends are interested in, so don’t fret if the first few ideas aren’t his favorite. Consider doing the following additional party ideas:

Smores And Hot Cocoa Bonfire Party

The great thing about teen birthday parties is that they dont have to be perfect to be amazing. A simple, yet fun idea for guys or girls is a smores and hot cocoa backyard party. Its not too stuffy or over the top . A few ideas:

  • Make it cozy: Offer a few soft blankets for guests to wrap around their shoulders if it gets chilly.
  • Offer all the fixings for amazing hot cocoa: Chocolate chips, peppermint, whipped cream and caramel bits are all great add-ins for amazing hot cocoa.
  • Let guests make their own toasted marshmallows and smores.
  • Add mood lighting: A few well-placed lanterns can add ambiance and mood lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.
  • Food ideas: Keep things casual by serving easy finger foods/appetizers that teens love. Pizza, potato skins, hot mac n cheese in mugs, and a variety of chips and snacks will keep them happy!

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Solve A Murder Mystery

Like escape rooms, murder mystery games have had a resurgence in popularity lately. The easiest format to host a murder mystery party is to purchase one of the boxed games on Amazon that comes with all the instructions, invitations, character booklets, and even a script to follow. There are many themes, so you can find the right fit for your teen.

If you want something a little more polished and hands-off, you can hire companies to create an experience for you. There are virtual options that come with a host, so you dont have to do anything other than making sure the invites are sent . These games are definitely a unique party idea and if your teenagers like any kind of dramatic theater, they will love this option.

Th Teen Birthday Party Ideas

13 Year Old Girls

Cheryl is a party planner with special event experience who has overseen large and small events for work and family.

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Coming up with 13th birthday party ideas for your new teen may seem like an insurmountable task. Kids on the cusp of the teenage years can have a wide range of maturity levels and interests, so it is important to involve your child in the planning and preparation of his birthday party.

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Who Run The Worldgirls / Girl Power

Invite your Girl Gang to the ultimate birthday party of female empowerment. Its the perfect way to celebrate entering into a stage of more independence, but also can strengthen the bonds with their girlfriends.

Photo source & inspiration links: Karas Party Ideas, Karson Butler Events,Inspired By This

Fun Party Themes For Teens

  • Fortnite: Youd be hard pressed to find a teenage boy who doesnt love Fortnite! Check out these cool Fortnite-themed celebration ideas.
  • Fear Factor: For the daring! Fear Factor themed 13 year old birthday party ideas are bound to be hilarious.
  • Nerf Guns Galore: Any teen boy would love a Nerf War themed extravaganza. Be sure to have some rules put together to keep everyone safe and having a good time.
  • Glow Party: I hope you like glow sticks because youll need plenty for these super cool glow-in-the-dark 13 year old birthday party ideas!
  • Starbucks: Throw a Starbucks-themed b-day bash for your teen!
  • Spa Day: Theres nothing like a nice spa day! Give your teenager daughter a nice spa-themed celebration.
  • An Epic Sleepover: Set up the coziest and dreamiest sleepover over with these awesome overnight 13 year old birthday party ideas.
  • A Donut Day: Throw a delicious donut party for your new teen.
  • Minecraft: If your teen is more of a Minecraft guy, then these frugal Minecraft 13 year old birthday party ideas will be perfect!
  • For The Crafty: If your teen is creative and loves crafting, then they would love a celebration full of fun projects they can make with their friends.
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    Fun Birthday Ideas For Your 13

    The 13th birthday marks a major milestone when a child officially goes from a tween to a teen. And for you, dear parent, the pressure is on to come up with some 13th birthday party ideas that are worthy of the celebration at hand. Kids are all different, of course, and while one newly minted teen may want a huge bash with all their friends and family, another might prefer to have a smaller get-together with just their besties. Either way, you want the day to be special.

    That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up 13 birthday party ideas for 13-year-olds, all of which can be modified in terms of the size of the event. We guarantee that at least one of these ideas will work for your family to create an epic 13th birthday party that your child will remember for years to come. Your kid will thank you and you just might have some fun, too.

    Ahead, check out some of the coolest yet most fun 13th birthday party ideas.

    Fabulous Teenage Birthday Party Planning Ideas

    13 Years old! TWIN Backyard Birthday Bash!

    Turning 13+ is a big deal, so teenage birthday parties should still be a big deal too. However, making a teenage birthday special doesnt have to be expensive it really is the little things that will be remembered. Heres our list of birthday party ideas for 13, 14, 15 and 16 year olds.

    It can be really tricky managing the minefield that is teenage birthday parties. Once your child gets to the age of 16 or 17, theyll be all but over family parties, and wanting to hang out with their friends more.

    But youve still got a few more years of great birthday parties to be had. So make the most of it!

    Weve compiled an epic list of birthday party planning ideas for teenagers. From planning a party, to teenage birthday party themes, party venues and more!

    And you should definitely read this article alongside our birthday party games for teens and tweens article too.

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    Invitation Ideas For A 13

    The right invite can send a great introduction to the party.

    Although store-bought ones are getting cuter every day like these ones and these!

    There is still something special about creating your own invite from scratch.

    Here are a few ideas to make the 13th birthday party ideas come to life as a fun announcement for everyone.

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    Mama Mia Its A Pizza Birthday Party

    Celebrate your teen turning 13 by hosting a pizza party!

    I know this may be hard to believe, but there are many kids out there who have never had homemade pizza!

    Make or purchase some dough and let the kids roll out their individual pizzas.

    Offer toppings ranging from traditional cheese, sauce, pepperoni and sausage to the Ewwww! Are you really going to put that on your pizza?!?! options like pineapple, tuna and jalapeños.

    Bring the spirit of Italy to the party by adding some red and white check table cloths, an Italian flag and maybe even some Chiantithats really cranberry grape juice.

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    Not Your Ordinary Pizza Party

    Did someone say pizza? Its the universal food most teens cant pass up! Of course, most teenagers will settle for plain cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza, but why not take it up a notch by serving all different kinds of pizzas to tempt their tastebuds. A few ideas:

    • Offer a variety of pizzas: From New York Style pizza and BBQ chicken to extra cheesy and taco pizza, there are so many varieties of fun pizzas have a little fun! Keep it affordable by making your own or cater to make it easy.
    • Serve a few sides: Dont forget to serve a couple of sides including a traditional Italian salad or pasta salad to offer a variety of food.
    • Bread with dipping oils: Offer a basket or two of fresh french bread pieces with a few dipping oils to add to the Italian theme.
    • Keep the fun flowing with games: Its true that teens are fairly easy to please, but you dont want them getting bored. Have some fun by planning a few games. Looking for ideas? Here are a few indoor party games for teens!

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    Selfie Museum Themed Party 13th Birthday Themes

    13 Year Old Girls

    For the girls who cant get enough of taking pictures and glamming up for social media, the Selfie Museum Themed Party would be a hit!

    Clearing out a few rooms , create multiple stations with various props for them to pose and take selfies.

    Bonus points if you can bring out a polaroid printer to print on hand copies to later frame or place inside their diary.

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    For Shy And Modest Girls

    Sometimes in adolescence, adolescents feel quite uncomfortable, begin to complex, and move away from their peers. From the side, you need to help raise self-esteem. You can do this by presenting a certificate for a photoshoot from an experienced photographer.

    In just a couple of hours of work, a professional will help not only to become free but also provide documentary evidence of the girls uniqueness and her special attractiveness. Does the girl not want to go to discos and school dances because of her slowness and awkwardness?

    Solve this problem by dancing in any direction. Plasticity, flexibility, the elegance of movements immediately mark everything around. This will have a direct impact on the self-esteem of the teenager.

    Sneaker Ball / Nike Bash

    We love the idea of throwing a Sneaker Ball where kids come dressed up, but must wear sneakers the best combination of glam and comfort! Or simply celebrate the love your teen has of Nike by integrating them into the decorations and desserts.

    Photo source & inspiration links: Thornberry Creations, BEA Party Ideas, Fun Pick Store, Bob Gail, @humbleafrican473events, @cafecitoevents, @eccasioncakepops, @eventdecorbykay

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    A Crafty Party Idea: Sew Sleep Pants Together

    A pair of boxer shorts or sleep pants can be made in an hour or so. Contact your local craft/sewing store to host the party. Each girl will choose her fabric and a length of elastic or drawstring for the waist band and have access to a sewing machine. If you sew, you may be able to manage the group and machines yourself. Anyone can be taught to sew a straight line in five minutes. Use the stores cutting tables, cutting tools, and sewing machines. In an hour or so, each girl will have her new favorite pair of sleep pants and great stories to tell at school.

    Keep a few bowls of simple snacks in the room like pretzels and licorice sticks. Youll want to stick with foods that wont require washing hands before touching the fabrics. The party favor will be the sleep pants. If you know how to sew and can beg or borrow a few extra machines and have at least two tables the kids can cut out a pattern on, you can do this yourself at home with all the kids using the same batch of fabric, so they all match! This idea is truly frugal and lots of fun.JD in St. Louis

    Outdoor Bowling Theme Party


    Perfect for warm summers night, try out our Outdoor Bowling Themed party idea for a bit of competitive fun.

    Attendees can pair up in teams and compete with each other for prizes, challenges, and more.

    For a bonus, add a slip-in-slide under the bowling area for an even wilder time!

    Perfect for at home birthday party ideas. Use the ideas above to come up with an epic party your thirteen-year-old will never forget!

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    Best And Extravagant 13th Birthday Party Ideas

    If you want to make your childs milestone birthday of finally stepping into a teenage year memorable, we have gathered some of the perfect ideas that would make them more than happier. And, I can assure you that you wont regret putting in your efforts to ramp up your teenagers birthday party with these amazing ideas. From decorations to themes, surprises to games, and from her to him, we have got it all sorted out, especially for you and your teen.

    Faux Deluxe Facial Spa Party 13th Birthday Ideas

    Thirteen is a serious turning point for psychically developing young ladies, so why not give them a chance to pamper each other.

    The Faux Deluxe Facial Spa Party is a DIY facial station filled with mud and clay masks, soaps, hot towels, lip masks, and facial steamers.

    Depending on the number in attendance, each girl can take turns at each phase of the facial process, moving on to the next item until the facial is complete. Grab bags, and leftover equipment can be taken home as trinkets to use at a later time.

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    Turn Off The Lights For A Glow

    They are saying that many of the fads from the 1990s are back in style, so why not put together a neon-themed glow-in-the-dark party. You can purchase some black lights and glow sticks. For a special keepsake and gift for the birthday boy or girl, you can order a customized and personalized neon sign. Invite the party guests to use puff paint on t-shirts to make designs that will glow when you turn the lights on. This is the perfect backdrop for a dance party.

    For other fun activities, you could set up games that would be fun in the dark. A photo booth would also be cool and everyone could have some fun souvenirs. It can be as easy as a selfie stick and a photo printer, you dont need an actual photo booth. If youre lucky, maybe you still have some of your items from the 90s that you can pull out for decorations.

    What About Birthday Party Games For Teenagers

    10 Great Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds 2022

    This one is a tricky topic, as many will just want to hang out and the idea of games seems way too babyish.

    The problem with hanging out, is that it leaves plenty of room for gossiping, secrets, backstabbing and tears and dare I say it, its almost a given with girls.

    You dont have to have structured games with lots of rules, but you should make sure there are plenty of things to keep them occupied. Bored teenagers cause trouble especially in groups so make sure you have a loose plan to keep them busy.

    If youre having a slumber party, then your guests may like the idea of having some organised games, especially if the games are suitably cool.

    If so check out our Party games for Teenagers article with some great ideas that are tried, tested and approved by the fussiest teenage kids.

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    Bringing Back The 80’s

    An 80’s party is always fun the dancing, music, and dressing up! This era was very unique. All the loud and bright colors, extreme fashion, and different hairstyles. If you want your 80’s birthday party to be epic, be sure to include as many 80s nostalgic ideas as you can. There are tons of fun ideas to help you make your theme party truly memorable and tons of fun.

    This is an important part of the party. You will want to set up the party place with lots of colored decorations. This 80s Party Bundle will look great for the party. This party supplies set includes 2 pieces of covers for the table, a backdrop, an inflatable radio boombox and mobile phone, 95 pieces of balloons in different colors, a balloon chain, a black ribbon, and a balloon knotter. You might want to get some black lights for even more fun.

    There are so many eye-popping fashion trends to choose from. Looking for what to wear shouldn’t be hard now that 80s fashion is starting to become a trend again. Let’s bring back those cool styles and have fun with them by having a dress code for your retro birthday bash.

    There will definitely be plenty of legwarmers, neon clothing, animal prints, leather jackets & pants, checkered vests, and for sure hot pink. You can also put a twist to the dress code making your guests come as their favorite 80s movie character.

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