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Fun Games For 50th Birthday Party

Challenging Birthday Party Games That Only Adults Should Play

Born in 1971 Birthday Party Games for 50th Birthday Celebrations – Fun Trivia and Guessing Games

These games may not be easy but they sure are tons of fun! Bring a little challenge to your birthday party to amp up the competitionand the giggles too.

Sticker Stalker: Buy a variety of sticker sheets, one for each player at the birthday party. Each sheet needs to have the same amount of stickers. The object of the game is for each player to successfully stick each sticker on their sheet onto the other players, throughout the party, without them noticing. If they get caught in the act, the other person gets to put one of their stickers on them!

Pet Peeve: Everyone sits in a circle and writes down their ultimate pet peeve on a sheet of paper. Once theyve been folded up and dropped into a jar, the first player will pick one at random and read it aloud. Everyone else has to write down who they think the pet peeve belongs to. After all, guesses have been recorded, the answer is revealed. Play continues around the circle until everyones peeves are made known. Then the real fun starts when the intentional annoyance begins! ) This is by far the funniest and most frustrating birthday party game for adults!

Balloon Body Pop: Pick a partner, grab a balloon, and attempt to pop it before another pair can! Two people will work together to burst a balloon using only the pressure of their two bodies. Back-to-back or butt-to-butt might appear to be the best strategies, but how will they play out?

Who Knows The Couple Best

Before the party, ask the honored couple a list of questions, such as: Where did you meet? How long did you date before you married? What was your wedding song? Write down the questions and their answers on a piece of paper. At the party, provide paper and pens to guests. Read the questions aloud to see who knows the most about the couple. The player who answers the most questions about the couple correctly wins.

Th Birthday Party Food Ideas

While the right venue is integral for setting the tone of your event, the next most important component to consider is the food. Our chefs have created a plethora of delicious appetizers, meals, and desserts for all taste buds to enjoy, ensuring your birthday party is not only visually appealing but also very appetizing.

Want to peruse more bites that will delight your palate? Explore our entire event catering menu, complete with cold and warm appetizers, late-night snacks, and plated entrees.

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More Games You Will Enjoy

  • Fun Games to Play at the Park I dont know about you but spring and summer are my FAVORITE times of the year. They are filled with backyard barbeques, long days by the pool and spending the day playing with the kiddos! One of our favorite things to do is pack up some of our favorite sandwiches and snacks and heading to the park to play some of our favorite fun games! Here is a list of our all-time favorite fun games to play at the park!
  • Ditch the TV and let the games begin! We love a good game night, whether its a game night with the kids, our adult friends, or as a family this list of 25 Best Amazon Board Games make for one FUN game night full of laughs and fun.

Now lets party! Let us know in the comments your favorite birthday party game!

Not Wanting To Have A Party

50th Birthday Party Game Card Funny Milestone Printable PDF

Here are some ideas for celebrating an adult birthday that doesn’t require actually having a party.

Bucket List: Have the birthday guy or gal make a “bucket list” of things they would like to do in their life time. Write them all down on sheets of paper, fold up, and then draw one. Then go for it!! You can even make it an annual birthday ritual event. Each year, gather friends and do one thing from the list!

Card Party: Plan a card party if you can’t have a party due to health or distance. No excuses for not celebrating!

Cameo Shoutout: Cameo is a website where you can hire a celebrity to record a video message. There are lots of celebrities to choose from, with a big range of prices. Check it out at:

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Golf And Country Club Party

Just like the barn theme party, celebrating at a country club could be a unique twist for the guest of honor and the attendees. Most country clubs will allow you to rent out space at the clubhouse, especially if you are already a member, or a guest owns a membership. You can combine this party with a brunch or special dinner with a toast.

If the guest loves to golf, you could even incorporate a golf outing on the course and supply birthday-themed golf balls and other collectibles. After the round, you can celebrate in the clubhouse and end the day on a high note. If the guest of honor is a golf lover, this will be a perfect surprise to honor him or her on this day.

Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas

There is no better way to make your loved ones feel special than throwing a spectacular 50th birthday party celebration. You will find that there are many different strategies to make the honoree feel special. With the perfect combination of food, decorations, and supportive guests, you can make the day a memorable experience for the guest of honor.

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Another Fun Adult Birthday Party Idea

Another popular party at the 30th birthday milestone is to have a Kids Party for Adults.

This is fun night where everyone going back to preschool games, and believe me it is always so much fun! Just for one night everyone can truly be kids again.

I planned this party for one of my friends, and the best part of the night was watching all these grown men intensely trying to win a game of musical chairs.

Th Birthday Games Activities And Fun Stuff

MY 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY~CELEBRATE WITH ME!~Food Buffet Ideas | Family Party Game Ideas

These custom person pinatas are another great way to add a fun personal touch to a milestone birthday party. Just upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl and they’ll create a custom pinata in their image. You can add as many specific features as you want in order to make it look as realistic as possible. Alternatively, they can make pinatas out of celebrities, sporting heroes, or even political figures such as the Trump pinata below . Check them out here.

Towards the end of the party, once people have had a few drinks and loosened up, bring out some photo booth props and frames to capture some more lighthearted memories of the party. Check out all the options here.

Another fun photo booth prop are these mug shot signs that come with different crime roles such as ‘The Flirt’, ‘The Lush’,’Dancing Queen’. ‘Pick up Artist’ etc. There are lot of theme party options or a generic ‘birthday’ option that you could use for a milestone birthday party. Check out all the options here.

These photo booth walls with cut out frames for people to pop their heads through, such as the one below captured by Carol Mattos Wedding Photography , are mostly used at weddings because they typically need to be custom-built. But now you can buy them, the pale blue example below, in a number of different styles and you can also change the color. Check out all the options here.


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Th Birthday Celebration Invitation

Saying age represents pride in what has been lived and what remains to be lived. What better way to make an invitation that shouts everywhere for 50 years?

On the Internet, you can find invitation templates to download and print the color you have chosen for the 50th birthday party.

They can be with the number 50 in front and a photograph of the party when I was a baby. Do not forget to write the place, time, and day.

Th Birthday Surprise Party

Sometimes we want to thank that loved one for all his support and love. What better occasion to celebrate its five decades of life than with a surprise party.

The main thing is to organize it away from home so that the celebrated one doesnt notice anything. Choose a party room or terrace where you can hold everything.

Remember to let the guests know by inviting the party to be a surprise with a: Shhhh! Its a surprise!!!

Choose the colors that the party likes the most and decorate based on them. For example, if she is a woman who loves pink, you can put tablecloths, plates, glasses, and balloons in this color.

If you are a man, you can choose to have the decoration around. DIY: A wheelbarrow with cold beers, candles with screws, cakes with work tools, and everything you can think of.

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Making An Adult Birthday Party Special

In addition to a great birthday party theme and adult birthday party games, there are other ways to make an adult birthday party special…

Birthday Cake: Everyone loves birthday cake, and it is always fun to have everyone “ohh” and “ahh” over the cake when it is brought out at a birthday party. Visit our page of unbeatable birthday cake ideas!

Poems, Toasts and Tributes: Some helpful hints about toasts…keep it short and sweet. No insults or embarrassing stories. Instead, use it as a chance to really say something great about the person. It is always a good idea to preview it with someone you trust before the big day! Here are some funny birthday quotes you may want to use.

Official Flag: Purchase a flag that has flown over the U.S. Capital. You can order one from your Representative or Senator, or order from

Presidential Greetings: Order a birthday greeting from the President of the United States, for people who are age 80 and older, contacting your representative or senator , or by writing to The White House, ATTN: Greetings Office, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20502-0039. No matter how you request it, you will need to allow at least 6 – 8 weeks to receive it. You must also include the following info:

  • Name and home address of honoree and form of address
  • Exact date of occasion and age
  • Your name and daytime phone number
  • Retro Candy: How about tasting your past? Retro candy & gifts would be a fun walk down memory lane.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas For Men Are Better With Peerspace

    Birthday Party Game Over the Hill Over or Under Trivia

    No matter what the special man in your life likes, you can book him a sensational Peerspace venue that makes it easy to show him how special he is. From lounges and penthouses to cabins and racetracks, the perfect space for your party is only a quick search away.

    And remember, you can rely on the Concierge service to source and deliver any extras you need. Peerspace makes it easy to handle the most crucial aspects of party planning with a single booking!

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    The Best 50th Birthday Party Theme

    Pay homage to your favourite childhood idol, movie character or sporting hero by organising a themed 50th birthday party. After all, youre never too old to raid the dressing up box. A dress up theme is a fun way to bring your guests together.

    From 1950s throwback, flashback party, , or a light-hearted over the hill theme, you can organise a party as outgoing or laid back as youd like. You could even consider a Famous 50-year olds theme, where guests turn up as celebrities who are also fifty.

    Host A Hand Roll Sushi Party

    Celebrate the big 5-0 at home in Japanese fashion with a proper Hand Roll Sushi Party. Taking a sushi making class promises to be a fun-filled 50th birthday party idea guaranteed to satisfy everyone regardless of dietary preferences. Learn how to make perfect sushi rice, prepare your fillings and pick the best toppings for your rolls. You will also have the opportunity to get acquainted with the complex flavor and sweet, pungent quality of fresh wasabi to kick things up a notch.

    via Cozymeal

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    Women Only Party 50th Birthday Party Idea For Women

    If you are planning a birthday party for mom or a lady who is reaching 50 years old, then women only birthday party idea can be a good concept to make your birthday party look different.

    In this party, you are not allowed to invite men to join the party but you only invite female friends. This 50th birthday celebration ideas for woman will be really outstanding because it will be a good opportunity to mingle with old friends.

    Th Birthday Snack And Candy Bar Table

    FUN GAMES at BITOYâs 50th BIRTHDAY Party! TRIVIA About MICHAEL V and JACK & POY with 50K Cash PRIZE!

    For a party to be a success, you have to give an excellent food service. The important thing is that you dont complicate yourself. You can do it yourself and ask someone to help you.

    Looking to offer simple snacks like potatoes, popcorn, and fried foods. For something more substantial you can prepare sandwiches and tapas of serrano ham, cheese and turkey ham sandwiches, canapes, and skewers made of fresh and seasonal ingredients.

    For something sweet apart from the cake, which you can not miss, prepare cupcakes, cake pops, fondant cookies decorated with the number 50 or a happy birthday.

    You can offer a tray of strawberries and bananas to spread them in a chocolate fountain. The point is to provide quality desserts. Candy bags are a good option for little ones.

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    Music Karaoke Over The Years

    Have a karaoke machine ready for use by guests with the music of the year the guest of honor was born. Place song names in a hat and randomly take one at the beginning of a players turn. The player must sing the song. The guest with the best performance is the winner. If the guests are shy, this can be played in teams. Team members will sing together. You can place a container near the stage to let the guests vote for their favorite presentation.

    Host A Murder Mystery Party

    For a thrilling 50th birthday party idea, try a downloadable murder mystery party. Guests receive a detailed character description in their invitation along with some background information on the party. Everyone can arrive in character and start mingling and verbally sleuthing before a murder occurs. Dun dun duuunnnnn

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    What Games Can Be Played At A 50th Birthday Party

    It always depends on the composition of the guests, the local conditions, and the personal goals for a successful celebration. In every region and every cultural group, the wishes and 50th Birthday Party Games Ideas for successful games for a 50th birthday are different.

    A farmer wants to celebrate differently than a firefighter. And managers or politicians have different views than a driver. There are thousands of kinds of games that can be organized for the 50th Birthday of his guests.

    Zen Out With A Spa Day

    The Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas

    Design: Claudia Owen

    Take your guest of honor and their best pals to the spa for massages, facials, and a steam. Split the cost of the birthday boys or girls treatments as a beautiful 50th birthday gift. To get your guests excited before the main event, send a lovely spa-inspired invite and include all the details.

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    For This Is Your Life Party Decorations You Could

  • Blow up photos of the birthday guy or gal from different times in their lives from birth to present!
  • Decorate with items representative of the different decades and group them together as a centerpiece, area of the room, etc. Such as stuff from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. Our decade timeline can give you lots of ideas, as well as links to party supplies for all your shopping needs. For birthday party music at a This is Your Life Party, play the favorites from their youth their teens and twenties. They, and their friends, will love it!If you wish tell guests for the birthday party beforehand that a gift isnt necessary their presence will be the best present of all!Good luck, and tell me how it goes!
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    Cooking Theme Birthday Party Idea

    Celebrating a birthday party can be held simply in the home kitchen. Make the party cool and special by having a cooking session as the party theme.

    Share some cooking ideas with the guests and create the healthiest and delicious meals. The food will be piping hot as they are served right from the kitchen! Certainly an over the hill celebration idea. Cooking or grilling tool set are also a great 40th birthday gift idea too.

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    Gettin Jiggy With It: Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs is a timeless game to play no matter the age. This is a great game that not only involves simply just adults but children as well. The way to play musical chairs is by gathering a headcount of everyone that will be participating in the game. Take the number of people that will be playing the game and subtract it by one. This will be the number of chairs you will need, which will gradually decrease as the game continues. For example, lets say that there are thirteen people at a party. You will take 13 and subtract one, which will give you 12.

    With that being said, the number of chairs that you will need for the game will be 12. How the game works is you are going to want to have someone controlling the music. Once the music starts playing, the guest will begin to dance around the chairs. The music will stop suddenly, as per the decision of the person who controls the music. When the music stops, those playing will need to quickly find a seat to sit on.

    One person will be left without a seat, and would essentially be booted out of the game. After one person is eliminated, then another chair will be taken from the game, to ensure that someone else will be eliminated in the next round. The game will go on until the final round, where two people will compete to sit at one chair. The person who sits on the chair will be declared the winner. For this game, a small prize such as a gift card to a coffee shop or store would be appropriate.

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