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Birthday Theme For 4 Years Old Girl

Four The Love Of Sugar

Frozen Birthday Party theme for a 4 year old

Whether your daughter likes to help you in the kitchen, or just eat the results, this creative baking-themed party will be a hit with your guests. Set up a cookie or cupcake decorating area, or let them go wild with a chopped style baking competition! Lots of fun activities can be planned with this yummy theme!

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4th Birthday Party Themes for Boys

These unique 4th birthday themes are perfect for your little guy, offering a clever twist to favorite party themes like Star Wars, dinosaurs and sports.

Could these work for girls too? Absolutely!

Tween Girl Birthday Party Themes

Finding the right party theme for someone in their pre-teens can be tricky. Make sure that when you are planning, you include them in all of your ideas. Go over the guest list with them, and have them choose the theme. Their input is everything, and these following themes are sure to not disappoint.

Bonus Tips On Celebrating Four Years Old Birthday

  • As the guests arrive and give your child your gift, remember to stay with him to receive it. The little one can open the gifts in front of the guest, and then you can take them to another room to store them
  • Adults may care about the appearance, but children are interested in going to a birthday party for fun, always keep that in mind and worry about giving them a good time
  • If you have the budget, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune on decoration, instead invest in games and distraction for kids

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Createon Green Eggs And Ham Magna Tiles

Fans of MagnaTiles, the open-ended magnetic building tiles, will love these themed tiles that feature images from Green Eggs and Ham and Dr. Seuss. Perfect alone or as an add-on to other sets, these STEM toys will be a hit for years to come.

In case you didn’t know, unicorns are still in! A magical way to add glitter and style to any look, this set of two unicorn hair clips are oh-so-cute. Wear one or both the ombre glitter will surely stand out on any four-year-old.

Preschool Birthday Theme Activities For Your Sand And Water Table

The 30 Best Ideas for 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas ...

Ribbons & Bows

Fill your sensory table with lengths of ribbon of different colors as well as bows.

The children can cut the ribbons. Or they can sort the ribbons and bows by color.

EXTENSION: Hide party favors under the bows and ribbons for the children to find and use!

Party Pasta

Make batches of thin spaghetti. Drain and place in bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl and mix.

When cooled, add to your sensory table. Add plastic letters for the children to find.

They can try and find the letters in their name!

Colored Rice

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Pick What Your Child Loves And Stick To It

Be it a favorite book, show or activity, all 2-year-olds have their thing use it.

Choose a theme based on whatever captures your childs imagination most, says Stringfellow. Then, carry that theme throughout the party from the invitations to the favors to, of course, the cake.

Now for the fun stuff. Here are 15 brilliant 2-year-old birthday party ideas.

Preschool Birthday Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Preschool Birthday Theme Month Graph

Create a graph that has the months across the top and the children’s names down the left side.

Create small candles or cake shapes with the children’s names on them.

Talk about birthdays and when their birthdays are .

Have the children place their piece under the correct month next to their name.

This can be used for many math skills: How many birthdays in the same month? How many in each month? Which month has more? Less? None?

Four Pretty Presents

Make a flannel board or paper pieces for the children to use while you teach them this finger play!

Four pretty presents and they are all for me.

I unwrapped the red one, and now there are three.

Three pretty presents and one is from you.

I unwrapped the blue one, and now there are two.

Two pretty presents left until Im done.

I unwrapped the yellow one and now there is one.

One pretty present, I am having so much fun!

I unwrapped it slowly and now there are none.

Birthday Felt Game

Create felt pieces in the shapes of different toys the children might receive as a birthday present: a doll, toy car, puppy, pony, etc. as well as a cake a candle, a wrapped present. .

Place the items on the flannel board and discuss.

Remove one or two pieces as the children cover their eyes and then have them guess what is missing.

Ten Little Candles

Blow out two

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What Are Some Good Ideas For A Birthday Party

You put some cake icing on the rim of a glass. Roll it in either crushed graham crackers or your favorite cookie or some crushed candy. Top the milk shake with whatever your heart desires. Theres cotton candy, Twizzlers, candy canes, lollipops, and cake and cookies.

Most Popular Girl Birthday Party Themes For 2022

Birthday Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

If you are stuck on a theme for a party you’ll be throwing at some point this year, check out all the 30 popular girl birthday party themes for 2022 that we’ve rounded up for you!

We’ve new entrants, such as sleepovers and Pop It parties that look like they’ll be big in the coming year.

We hope these on-trend ideas get you inspired!

Many of these birthday party themes for girls are long-time favorites while others are new and trendy.


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Butteryfly Craze Daisy Flower Plush Floor Pillow

Add some flair and a cozy and plush cushion to any room. Perfect for a reading spot, cozy corner, or soft decoration, these floor pillows come in five colors and measure over 30 inches in diameter, so theres plenty of room for a 4-year-old to lounge.

Social-emotional learning is so important for young kids. Make it easy to explore their feelings with this pineapple toy that features 26 face pieces with smiles, frowns, and everything in between. The two-sided pineapple also allows kids to explore the idea of opposites.

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Y Games For 2 3 And 4 Years Old

BubblesKids love bubbles. Blow bubbles and see if they can pop the bubblesbefore they hit the floor.

Then see who can catch bubbles on their wand. If you have older children attending the party see who can blow the biggest or smallest bubble.

Give away bubbles as party favors – print out large labels with your child’s picture and “Thank you for sharing my ___ birthday!” See our huge list of fungames to play with bubbles which includes homemade bubble recipes.

Color Time! Write children’s names on the back of large pieces of poster board and let guests use markers, paints and/or crayons to color all over the paper. Tape the paper to the top of a table, or if it is nice outside make a easel by taping the poster board to a fence. Print out color sheets that coordinate with your party theme and let guests have fun coloring together.

Dancing2, 3 and 4 year olds love to dance. Play music and let them freestyle dance at the birthday party.

Duck Duck Goose GameChildren sit next to each other in a large a circle on the floor. The first child starts by walking around the outside of the big circle and patting the head of each child. Every time they pat a head they call out “duck”. Then they choose one person to be the goose and yell “GOOSE!” when they pat their head.

Preschool Birthday Theme Science Activities

The 30 Best Ideas for 4 Year Old Little Girl Birthday Party Ideas ...

Birthday Discovery Bottles

Make these bottles!

Add water, a few drops of food coloring and vegetable oil to a plastic water bottle.

Add birthday confetti and mini party favors that fit in the bottle top , small plastic letters and other birthday type items you can think of to the bottle.

Hot glue the cover on.

Birthday Swirls

Materials needed: bowls, milk, food coloring, dish detergent

This is an amazing activity to do anytime! Have the children pour some milk in a small dessert sized bowl.

They drop food coloring in the milk all over the place…all different places.

Have them drop a few drops of dish detergent in and watch! It is amazing!

NOTE: provide dish detergent in a small cup and provide pipettes so the children do not add too much detergent.

Also, once the colors stop swirling, add a few more drops of detergent and it will start all over!

Corn Starch Peanuts

Provide the peanuts and shallow trays of water.The children dip the peanuts in the water and they will then stick to each other!

They can create their own birthday cakes, or what ever they can imagine!

They can be colored by coloring them with markers.

Move the Starch Peanuts

Another activity to do with them! Provide party blowers and have the children use the blowers to move the peanuts across a table or across the room!


Where to purchase colored biodegradable peanuts for preschool? or

How to color these?

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Birthday Party Themes For Baby Girl

For the most part, 1st birthday parties involve more parents than children. Because the child is so young, it is mostly family friends and relatives that are invited to the party. Since this is the case, the party should be inspired by something that a one-year-old would love, but that is also tailored for adults.

Cute Birthday Party Themes For Girls Of All Ages

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Planning a birthday party for your little girl is such a fun experience. From the flowers to the perfectly frosted cake, you want everything to go smoothly. However, before you can do all of the decoration planning, you need to pick a theme. Whether its the birthday girls first birthday, or her 16th birthday, find cute birthday party themes for girls of all ages.

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Preschool Birthday Theme Large Group Games To Help Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While Having Fun Together

Pass the Present

Wrap a new toy for the classroom in a box. Wrap it with many layers . Pass the present around as you play music. When the music stops, the person holding the present takes off one layer. Let the children know that if they already unwrapped it one time, they need to hand it to someone who has not if they are holding the present when the music stops a second time!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Make a big donkey for the felt board. Make felt tails, one for each child, with their names written on. Blindfold children one at a time and let them take turns “pinning” the tail on the donkey.

Y Favors For Girl Birthday

Cool Birthday Party Ideas for a Four-year-old Girl

Make sure that you arent sending guests away empty-handed. Providing either party favors or goodie bags for a birthday party is proper etiquette. You can have a small bag filled with white and pink personalized m& ms. You can also give out little bottles of nail polish and nail files to girls as a favor.

No matter how old your the birthday girls turning, remember to try and throw a party that she wants to have. A lot goes into planning a birthday party, so try and start the process early. Ask for the birthday girls input through each step of planning. After the party is over, remind her to write thank you messages for all of the birthday wishes given to her.

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Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Quotes From A Mother

Happy 4th birthday princess, thank you for all the joy that you have brought into our lives.

With you, I am always happy, and I wish that you are too, for this I will always put my efforts. Happy birthday, my little treasure!

Exactly four years ago, the whole world started to become a lot brighter because someone so brilliant was born and that is you my favorite 4-year-old! You deserve four of the most luminous birthday candles to blow. Happy 4th birthday!

You are a little angel for me. Without you, my life is without color. Have a fabulous 4th birthday, my pretty girl.

We love you today as much as we loved you the moment you were born: infinitely.

You are 4 and its a very cute age. You are the smartest kid of that age, I have ever seen, happy 4th birthday to you.

It seems you have the same stubbornness as your mom does and it is a big wonder, princess.

My daughter, happy 4 years! The whole world is filled with excitement when this special day arrives. Happy Birthday, Daughter! We have spent the best four years of our lives with you.

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Keep Goingyou’ll See More 4th Birthday Wishes Below

Break out the boom, boom, boom, boom. Lets zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom! Because its time to celebrate a very special birthdayYours. Happy 4th birthday to my favorite four year old!

At 4 years old, you turn into a magical wizard. Not really, but youre magical to me. Happy birthday to the cutest 4 year old I know and love!

You’re 4 years old today and I only have four things to say to you: Happy 4th birthday, sweetie!

Top of 4th Birthday Wishes

Your birthday candles are four times brighter this year. Your cake is four times bigger. Its a good thingbecause somebody who is four times more special than everyone else is 4 years old today. That special someone is YOU! Happy 4th birthday!

1, 2, 3, 4, may your 4th birthday be better than any birthday before. Happy 4th birthday, my precious, Ive loved you since you were born!

Today is your 4th birthday, so you get to make four birthday wishes. I hope every single one comes true. Happy 4th birthday!

When your friends tell you that turning four is super duper, you tell them its actually super, super, super, super duper! Happy 4th birthday!

When you turn 4 years old, you have a special job to do. All 4 year olds must do it. No 4 years old can get out of doing it. At 4, your job is to be happy and have fun, starting with your birthday party! Happy 4th birthday!

Wow, youre 4. Before you know it, youre going to be oldyou know, 5 years old. Better have fun while youre 4. Happy 4th birthday!

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Educational Insights Papercraft Fashion Parade

Get ready for endless fun with these sized just right paper dolls. The set includes 24 dolls and over 160 outfits and accessories to color, mix, and match. The best part is that the clothing and accessories are actually easy-to-peel, residue-free stickers so your kiddo can play independently as they dress and design their doll.

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

Jackie Fo: Pajamas and Pancakes

Nothing more fun than planning a girls birthday party! I look forward to this every year without breaking the bank. If youre like me I like to plan ahead of time for my daughters birthday party but sometimes life happens and we get caught up with our daily routine & that leaves us planning something smaller than we anticipated.

Making food for a crowd of people its what we spend more money on, somehow we always think we need a full fancy meal for our birthday parties let me tell you its not always necessary.

If we think about it for just a second theyre just kids! Will they notice the 1 million dollars we spend on food, desserts & drinks? Probably not, theyre just there to play and have fun, so considering that why wont we adults try to do the same thing! Make less, relax & have a great time.

What I mean by make less is make yummy small finger foods that everyone enjoys like croissants with ham, cheese, lettuce & tomato I still havent met someone that can say No to that with a side of chips.

You can never go wrong with a homemade salad and dressing! Chop some fruits for a healthy dessert This can easily be displayed very nicely just as a fancy setup

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May The Fourth Be With You

Is there a Jedi in your family? Perhaps your little mini me is walking around doing beeps and boops like BB-8 or R2-D2. While May fourth is already a Star Wars âholiday,â your donât have to wait until May to use the silly play on words. Luckily, this theme is pretty easy to find pre-made decor and supplies for, but donât be afraid to attempt some cool DIYs, as well.

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