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Birthday Bear Song Build A Bear

Winners Shop During A 3

Birthday Bear (Build-A-Bearville Song Lyrics)

Once enrolled in the rewards program, guests will be notified via email by June 21 if they are among the 200,000 guests in the U.S., U.K. and Canada to receive a winner ticket. John said the 200,000 tickets was how much the companys data showed the companys staff could accommodate.

The notification includes a barcode they can print out or take to a Build-A-Bear store on a device to be scanned. When registering for the promotion, a parent can use one ticket for up to two children.

This year the promotion lasts for five days from June 24 through June 28. Last year, the sale in July was a single-day promotion and some customers waited in line for up to seven hours. Other stores, overwhelmed by hundreds of people awaiting the sale, shut down before they opened, citing safety concerns.

To avoid that catastrophe, Build-A-Bear is staggering guests in three-day windows to visit the store. Guests with winning tickets will be assigned a date range to visit their Build-A-Bear store: June 24-26 or June 26-28.

The stores all will be appropriately staffed, John said.

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How Do I Use Build

To use a Build-A-Bear coupon, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it while checking out. Some Build-A-Bear coupons only apply to specific products, so make sure all the items in your cart qualify before submitting your order. If theres a brick-and-mortar store in your area, you may be able to use a printable coupon there as well. Get Build-A-Bear coupons.

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How To Get A Build

Ages ago I remember eating at a buffet with my family and kids would eat for a penny a pound. Thats a pound as in the kids weight. There was literally a scale next to the register and kids would weigh in! I was always underweight as a child, so in 5th grade my family only had to pay 50 cents for me to eat. Quite the deal! I havent seen a deal quite like that one until now. Well, kind of like it. This Thursday at Build-A-Bear youll be able to get a furry friend for the price of your age. Can you imagine kids having to weigh in these days? Oh my. I like the pay your age idea much better. Especially as an adult. My Build-A-Bear will only be $39 instead of my weight being Well, no need to do the figuring on that!

Such a dandy deal!

How To Get A Build A Bear For The Price Of Your Age

Im sure youve noticed the previous blog postings that show that we are big fans of Build A Bear at our house. We love the making bears and the new Bakeshop.

Image source: Build-A-Bear

Pay Your Age Day. I cannot wait to take my kids to our local Build A Bear on July 12th. We will be getting a furry friend for $4, $6, and $10. Cant beat that. To take part in this amazing savings and be able to pay your age at Build A Bear, just sign up for the Bonus Club HERE and then head into a store near you on July 12th.


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Kids Can Still Score A Bear During Their Birthday Month

The Pay Your Age sale began as a promotion for the company’s Count Your Candles birthday program. Birthday parties are responsible for one-third of the company sales, John said.

Even if your child isn’t chosen a “winner” for this Pay Your Age promotion, children 14 and younger can still catch a deal during their birthday month. By registering with the rewards program, children Pay Your Age for the Birthday Treat Bear at stores during their birthday month.

John couldn’t say whether there will be any future Pay Your Age sales, but said every day at Build-A-Bear has the potential to be a Pay Your Age day for children.

“If you really think about it, every single day is another chance for a Pay Your Age Day,” she said. “Someone is paying their age for a Birthday Treat Bear every day all year long,”

Those new to the Bonus Club also could win a grand prize birthday party experience valued at $250 to use during the next year. Ten prizes will be awarded.


What Is The Build

Build A Bear Birthday Bear Song / The Gummy Bear Album Album By ...

Build-A-Bears pay your age promotion is exactly what the name implies. The cost of the bear is the age your child is turning. For instance, if your child is turning 5 years old, you would pay $5 for the birthday bear.

While the bear itself is discounted, outfits and accessories are sold separately, so youll have to spend extra on those items. Also, keep in mind that the discount applies only to the special Birthday Bear , not to any critter in the store.

When you bring your child to a Build-a-Bear Workshop any time during their birthday month, you simply pay the dollar amount equivalent to their age for a birthday treat bear.

You dont have to go to the store on your childs actual birthday as long as you go sometime during their birthday month, youre good to go.

Note: The minimum price to pay is $1 and theres a limit of one bear per child each birthday.

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Are The Build A Bear Birthday Party Discount Code Updated

CouponAnnie has dozens of Build A Bear Birthday Party promos and discounts coming from different sources. When a discount code is classified as Verified, that means CouponAnnie has checked its authenticity on As of yesterday, Build A Bear Birthday Party brings 0 updated promos and discount codes overall.

You Will Have Conversations Like This

Sing Song Voice:Hello! Is this bear for you?

Me:No. Im 38 and a half. Im not in the habit of buying myself cuddly toys. The last three purchases I made for myself were a julienne vegetable peeler, some anti-wrinkle cream and a bottle of Prosecco.

Sing Song Voice:Whos the bear for today?

Me: My Mum. *Cringe

Sing Song Voice: Thats lovely. Just to let you know Im going to pop this barcode inside the bear, and if you scan it and that computer over there and register him, it means that if your Mum ever takes him out and looses him, the person who finds him can take him to any Build-a-Bear Workshop where he will be scanned and reunited with his owner.

Me: Erm Ok. You heard me say my Mum right? My MUM. Shes not really in the habit of taking cuddly toys out and about with her. I really dont think there is any chance of him getting lost unless its behind the sofa.

Sing Song Voice: And what are you going to call this little guy?

Me: Ummmm Ill let my mum decide. Please God make it stop. Just stuff the damn bear already.

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How Do I Use A Build

  • Shop online at Build-A-Bear and add your desired products to your shopping bag
  • Scroll down the page and look for a box on the right that says Apply Reward Certificate or Code
  • Enter your Build-A-Bear coupon code in this box now, and click Apply to add it to your order
  • If your discount is valid, it will be applied immediately order total will be adjusted to reflect your savings. Click Checkout to continue placing your order
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    What Is Count Your Candles

    build a bear happy birthday song

    Once youre signed up, youre eligible for the Build-A-Bear Count Your Candles birthday deal. All you need to do is bring your child in to any Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Canada during their birthday month, and theyll get to take part in a really special birthday cele-BEAR-ation.

    Once youre there, your child will get to count their candles until they reach the age theyre turning and thats what youll pay for a Birthday Treat Bear! No proof of age or identification is needed, but a registered Build-A-Bear Canada Bonus Club member must be there.

    A Birthday Treat Bear usually costs $14, and theyre only available in stores while quantities last. The minimum price is $1 , and its open to children under 14 years of age.

    Thats not the only perk, though. When you bring your child in to celebrate their birthday, theyll also get all this :

    • Special Birthday Heart Ceremony
    • Birthday cake photo prop, sticker and party hat
    • Turn ringing the Birthday Bell
    • Happy Birthday song

    Basically, you can treat the birthday kiddo to an entire afternoon of activities, and it wont actually cost all that much. Just note that accessories and clothes are extra. Youll need to confirm your Bonus Club account details at checkout in-store, and it might help to bring your ID for this.

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    Add To My Planner 100

    Thank you to the tens of thousands of you who braved the lines at Build-A-Bear Workshop to get a bear for your kids. Your time and dedication and love for Build-A-Bear got us all a great deal!

    Good news about Build-A-Bear Workshop!

    1. You can CREATE a BAB account today, or log in to your existing account and youll get a free $15 voucher! Hooray! But it has to be done by the 15th! Coupon expires at the end of AugustDONT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY! IT WILL BE A REPEAT of the catastrophic events of Pay Your Age Day! Bear prices start at $12, so that $15 voucher can get your kiddo a free bear!

    2. You can sign up for the Bonus Club and kids can make a pay your age birthday bear during their birth month! Yay!

    Go get those bears at a great price.when theres no line.

    Katy Mann

    Plus A New Special For Your Kid’s Birthday Month

    Update : Well, get this: Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age Day is such a hit that the company has had to close lines nationwide due to “crowds and safety concerns,” per an email sent by Build-A-Bear Workshop.

    Build-A-Bear says they recognize that “guests are disappointed” and “will reach out directly as soon as possible.”

    You know what would make us feel better? A teddy bear.

    Original story : One of my favorite birthdays: My parents picked me up early from school and took me to the mall. They bought me an Orange Julius and then took me to one of suburbia’s most sacred spots: Build-A-Bear.

    Sure, sure: Build-A-Bear is expensive but 11-year-old me didn’t know that. All I knew was I got to make my very own stuffed animal. And it even sang a song .

    So imagine my delight on learning that this Thursday, July 12, Build-A-Bear is making its magic more attainable.

    During Pay Your Age Day, local families who visit a store in-person can pay their current age in dollars for any Make-Your-Own furry friend that’s in the store.

    Pay Your Age Day is only for one day but it kicks off Build-A-Bear’s Count Your Candles birthday experience. What’s that mean? Kids 14 and under can “count their candles” for a Birthday Treat Bear if they visit Build-A-Bear during the month of their birthday.

    Before you go, you do have to do one thing: An parent or guardian age 18 or older must enroll in the free Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program .

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    Reasons Why You Should Never Shop In Build

    First off, let me say that going to Build-a-Bear Workshop with kids is a truly lovely experience. Its magical for the small people and they love it. However when you take the kids out of the equation it can be a very different experience.

    I know what youre thinking. Why would I go to a Build-a-Bear Workshop without my kids, or indeed any other kids that I may have on loan? Allow me to explain

    When Big was a toddler he made a bear for my Mum and we recorded him saying Love You Nana. Now of course forever preserved in the push of a bears paw. My Mums birthday was coming up and we thought it would be nice for Small to give a bear to Nana and record him saying the same thing. With his speech delays it makes it all the more special to record him saying something. I knew that the likelihood of me getting him to say it on the day in a busy store was slim to none, so I recorded him at home on my phone. I then escaped for a spot of shopping without the small people and commenced with operation Nanas birthday present.

    So now you know why, heres why Build-a-Bear workshop without kids makes me cringe. And it all comes down to one thing. The experience doesnt change whether you are a child or an adult

    Its A Beary Special Build

    Build A Bear Birthday Bear Song / The Gummy Bear Album Album By ...

    Why is it that when we are kids, time moves so very slow? But now that I am a Mom, I cant seem to slow time down enough. Earlier this month, my baby girl turned four years old. FOUR! This year, she started preschool and could not have been more excited to have her first school friends party. I was not at all surprised that she requested a Build-A-Bear party given the fact that we have mounds of bears and accessories already at home.

    Inviting friends was easy! Build-A-Bear provides many different customizable party invitation templates right on their website. I printed the invites on photo paper and they looked fabulous. The day before the party, I headed to our local Build-A-Bear Workshop to meet with our party host and get a run down of what would happen at the party. She was incredibly helpful!

    The day of the party, we arrived about 10 minutes before our party time . Our party host gave my daughter a ribbon to wear and I got a name badge to identify me as the Party Mom. As soon as our guests arrived, our party host had the kids sit in a circle as she provided name tags for each child. For our party, each child had $30 to spend which allowed them to pick just about any animal in the store. Of course, the smaller amount spent on an animal left more to spend on clothes and accessories.

    As a member of Build-A-Bears Friendly 15, ten party guests were covered by Build-A-Bear. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions remain my own.

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    You Will Also Have Conversations Like This

    Another Sing Song Voice: Can I interest you in a Build-a-Bear bag to carry your bear home in today? *Turns to model the backpack she is wearing with a bears head poking out the top seemingly looking at me and laughing. At me.

    Still Me: No Thanks. You are kidding right? Can you see I am a Grown up? An ADULT? Why would I want to carry it around like that? Im going to look at Bras in M& S next and I dont think its entirely appropriate for the bear. Please just put it in a bag and take my money already.

    This backpack is yours for just £3. Get it here!

    And Yes, I know, I bought a dog, not a bear!

    Can I Book Online

    This promotion is valid only in stores, so definitely call the store prior to your arrival to ensure the birthday bear is in stock. Availability may vary by store so if its unavailable, the store may provide an alternative choice or offer you the option to visit another time to honor the Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age offer even if its past your kids birthday month.

    If you have more than one child sharing the same birthday month, indicate quantity when you call to ensure there are enough Birthday Treat Bears in stock.

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    Kid Birthday Deals Just For Kids


    At Build-A-Bear you can build a bear on your birthday and only pay your age for the Teddy Bear when you sign up for their birthday club. The clothes and accessories cost extra, but the actual bear is the cost of your childs age. We did this for my daughters 6th birthday. So, we paid $6 for the bear, but we bought an outfit and a song button that goes inside the bear. I believe we spent like $30.


    Carters clothing store will send you a gift for your child up to 14 years old and if you have purchased from them in the past year, . They will sometimes have awesome sales. I have gotten $2 shirts before, so I bet there gift is pretty good.

    The Childrens Place

    Add up to 4 different birthdays to your account with The Childrens Place and get up to 25% off, a chance to win up to $100 in gift cards and perks at partner stores, including the Gymboree. Not a bad deal for birthdays.

    Fat Brain Toys

    Fat Brain Toys is an awesome store with unique toys. On your childs birthday they will send you gift ideas according to your childs likes, and if you order if from them, they will wrap it for you with a personalized message.

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    Everything Seems To Be Going Smoothly Up Until The Children And Their Parents Leave The Store Where The Friends Mom Announces That The Kids Need To Give All Their Animals To Her Daughter

    Build a bear birthday song

    Immediately the children become upset and angry, handing over their stuffed animals with obvious resignation.

    Apparently, the birthday girl wasnt being too nice about the exchange either, ripping the animal out of one little boys hands when he refused to give it to her.

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    I probably should have said something, but I didnt. The other parents seemed pretty baffled too, the mom continued.

    The party continued at the little girls house, where all of the kids had to watch their friend play with all of the stuffed animals.

    I left with my daughter pretty quickly, and once we got back into the car she just started bawling. I felt bad so we went to build a bear and got her a new one.

    The story seems to continue as the mom posted an update about her run-in with the mother who threw the birthday party.

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