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Fun Cheap Places For Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties At West Beach Adventure

Max Adventures Kids Birthday Party Place Virtual Tour Party Room

Get down to West Beach Adventure to enjoy jam-packed, fun-filled, awesome birthday adventure! West Beach Adventure caters for all ages. From tots to teens and everyone in-between, West Beach Adventure has you covered. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the day. West Beach Adventure has a range of birthday party packages available, includes a picnic table reservation and catering options available . For your little ones…

How To Host A Kids Birthday Party For Less Than $100

But itâs simple to throw a childâs party on your own without spending a small fortune. A party your child and guests will love can be easily pulled together for under $100 how much under depends on your specific needs.

If youre looking for cheap birthday party ideas, here are ways to save on key birthday party must-haves.

Low Budget Cheap Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Down below you will find a few ideas that will surely cut down a lot of cost from your budget.

I have covered almost like everything related to those seven aspects. So stay tuned and read each idea from the list, I am sure you are going to have a decent party with a very less budget with these ideas.

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Arts And Crafts Store

If your kid is a sucker for DIY projects, consider throwing an “arts and crafts” themed party. As a bonus, the crafts double as party favors, which means less work for you!

Recommended venue: Michaels craft store, which has more than 1,250 locations in 49 states. You can choose a “themed party package” and choose from 10 fun craft themes. Alternately, you can “design your own party package” by picking out a craft project from anything in the store. Because there are literally thousands of options, you can tailor the activities to your child’s interests, whether it’s horses, butterflies, or superheroes. You buy the materials, and Michaels has them ready in a private party room on the Big Day.

“The person helping me from Michaels suggested painting wooden frames,” says Marina John, who booked a party for ten to celebrate her daughter’s sixth birthday. “I bought the frames, which were just a few dollars each with coupons, and Michaels provided the paints and glitter to decorate them.”

Birthday Parties At Community Centers

Top Birthday Party Places for Kids in New Jersey

You can also have a cheap birthday party at a local community center or recreation center. Most community centers have a little gym for kids to run around in, board games, computers, and even pool tables which would also make it a great place for a party of older kids.

You can usually rent a room at the community center for a small fee, and they will often have a kitchen that you can use to make your own food or bring in store-bought food for guests.

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Let Them Choose The Food

A family we know lets the kids eat whatever they want for their birthday dinner.

One kid picked salami rolls, ice cream, potato chips, and cereal. Its one day a yearwhy not live it up?

In our family, the special guy or gal can choose their breakfast and dinner. They also get to choose their birthday dessert.

Thats usually a favorite flavor of cake with the coolest cartoon character of the moment.

But one of our boys likes to mix it up. Hes had cherry pie, blackberry cobbler, and even banana splits. You can put a candle into any of those things!

Birthday Party At The Local Zoo

This is one of the best ways to throw a birthday bash for animal lovers without spending a small fortune! Most zoos have areas that are specifically for birthday parties with private picnic areas and special activities for the guests of honor.

You can often bring in your own food or purchase food from the zoo. This is a great birthday party idea for kids who love animals! The best part? The zoo is public so theres no rental fee required! You can just purchase admission tickets and have fun!

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Skip Themed Paper Plates

$20 Kids Birthday Party – Cheap Birthday Parties!

It can be tough to resist those cute party supplies plastered with your child’s favorite character. But, that luxury will cost you. A large package of pretty solid-color plates, napkins, and cups will cost a fraction of a skimpy package of plates, napkins, and cups embellished with a licensed character. No one will notice, especially when plates are loaded with cake and smeared with icing, napkins are crumpled on the floor, and cups are filled with drinks.

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Level Up Party Package

Description: Gamers are you ready to take your party to the next level? Get the opportunity to achieve your perfect scores with an hour of unlimited game play in our massive arcade. Choose from over 60 games! This party also includes food to fuel your gamers and an additional card for redemption. This is your chance to Level up!

Ages: Kids 5+

Food/Drink: Three large cheese pizzas, assorted chips/individual snack bags and 3 pitchers of soft drink of choice. You may bring your own birthday cake, however, that is the only outside food permitted.

Perks: One hour unlimited Arcade play and one hour in your party room. Arcade cards for each child, and a tshirt for the guest of honor!

Price: $415.00 for up to 14 children

Additional children can be added for an added fee.

Kids Birthday Party Places That Are Free

Having a party outside the house is great for a lot of reasons. First, the kids will usually have something to do, so theres less pressure to entertain. You can keep decorations to a minimum and the refreshments simple too.

It also means that theres no mess in your house, no worry about kids getting into something off-limits, and the birthday kid feels like theyre doing something extra special too. Plus, not everyone has space or a yard to accommodate a bunch of kids!

That doesnt mean you have to book an expensive venue or activity, though. Theres plenty of great places to host a birthday party that wont cost much more than having it in your own home.

Here are 10 kids birthday party places that are free or cheap.

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Birthday Parties At The Hahndorf Farm Barn

The Hahndorf Farm Barn offer both fully-catered and self-catered birthday parties. Fun-filled parties are jam packed with animal love and will put a huge smile on their faces! Your guests can bottle feed their baby animals, cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs and even milk a cow. Thats just the start of it! Let the Farm Barn Hahndorf look after the catering for your party, they even do your party decorations in a farm theme, and you get to…

Places To Have Kids Birthday Parties

How to Throw a Fun, Yet Inexpensive Birthday Party for Your Child

Between planning the birthday party games, food and cake, and birthday party favors for kids, its easy to feel in over your head. But the following kids birthday party ideas and destinations will help you get your planning started, so you can cut down on stress and enjoy your childs birthday. Additionally, make sure to visit our resources on 10th Birthday Party Ideas for more specific birthday ideas.

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Public Parks And Park Buildings

Though the season for outdoor park parties is way too short in Canada, some parks do have field houses and other indoor facilities for rentat budget prices. In the warmer months, kids can play outdoors and eat pizza right to the park! Open-sided shelters and fire pits are sometimes available for reservation, too.

Be sure to call your local parks department to enquire about whether you need a permit.

Private Screening Birthday Parties At Palace Nova Cinemas

Private Screening Birthday Parties available at Palace Nova Cinemas! Pricing starts from $300 for your own private cinema experience.More event packages are available which include popcorn, drink and choc top combos, catering, and cupcake options, plus a parents corner for the adults to relax in.For more details, visit

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Top 10 Birthday Party Venues For Kids In Vancouver

Vancouver BC


Churches Or Community Centers

Max Adventures Kids Birthday Party Place Virtual Tour Gaming Floor

Our community center costs only $50 to rent for a birthday party and can accommodate fairly large groups. You dont need to worry about tables and chairs and often they have kitchens that youre able to use.

Both churches and community centers sometimes have indoor play facilities or kid-friendly spaces that make for great parties too.

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Franchises Are Not Cheap Or Free Party Locations

This post is not about the typical birthday party franchises such as bounce houses, skate rinks, kids game zones, etc. Given the pandemic, a lot of these places may not even be available at the moment. Those places are great because you show up! There is no prep work and no cleanup. The problem with them is that they are expensive! Not to mention that you may have to pay for additional food, adhere to strict rules, and when your time is up, you have to leave immediately.

So I have come up with some great cheap or free party locations. What do you mean by cheap, Nikki? Great question because what might be cheap to me may be expensive to another and vice versa. Cheap to me, would be less than $75. These can be for any birthday, milestones, or the ones in-between. I tell my kids they should be grateful to be celebrating with a party because it is a privilege, not a requirement. Free also doesnt mean less fun.

Other Older Boy Birthday Party Details

  • Set a time limit on the party so you dont have kids in your yard or basement for an eternity. It can be anywhere from a couple hours to an overnight. But share an end of the party time with parents from the get-go so everyone is clear when the party ends.
  • Ask about or create some special perks for the birthday kid. Depending where you hold the party, there might be options for a badge or keepsake or something else to make the day extra special. We threw Happy 11th Birthday Luke! up on the scoreboard at a minor league baseball game for no extra cost. I just asked when I called to book the tickets.
  • Consider the number of guests your son wants to include. Some birthday party options might limit the number of party guests and others work well for a large group. Ask your son what close friends he might want to invite. If hes leaning toward a more expensive option, let him know only his closest friends or best friend could come.
  • Toss out the party all together. One year, my sons actually chose to trade all birthday gifts and parties for a long weekend family trip to Universal Studios

Note: If youre looking for great ideas for birthday parties for tween girls, feel free to steal from this list! Unfortunately we dont have a post specific to 11 and 12 year old girls at this point, but maybe soon! I dohear that a spa party with cool nail polish options or a sleepover in a hotel room complete with dance party are big sellers.

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Offer Your Kids The Choice

Older kids might not all want a big party, or they might not want a big party every year. They might prefer to spend that same budget taking your immediate family to their favorite restaurant, or having a special treat or afternoon out with a parent or one friend!

Always ask and dont assume they want a big party, even if thats what you always do.

& 16 Take Advantage Of Seasonal Events & Festivals

Dollar Tree...great place to get fun, inexpensive photo booth/birthday ...
  • Depending on when your child has a birthday, there may be some super unique seasonal festivities that you could take your group to that would be fun, special or outside the box because they are seasonal. Check your local towns calendar of events.
  • Consider calling and asking about group rates or party pricing.
  • Check out Groupon for more ways to save.
  • Here are some examples of seasonal style events:
  • Festivals
  • Corn Maze

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Affordable Birthday Party Locations

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it can also mean a lot of stress. One thing that’s especially worrisome is the cost. You want to throw a great party that all the guests will enjoy, but you don’t want to go broke in the process. The venue is often a major expenditure. Renting a skating rink or family entertainment center might be fun, but it’ll take a big chunk out of your budget, too. Instead, consider holding the party at a venue that will be little or no cost to you. That way, you can save your money for a rainy day — or, perhaps, spend it on extra presents.

Check out the following pages for our tips on affordable birthday party locations.

If the birthday in question falls during months with warm weather, consider holding the festivities at your local park. There’s plenty of space for games and activities — and zero worries about stained carpeting. You can make use of what’s already in place, such as picnic shelters and playground equipment check with your park district to see if you need any permits or reservations.

Of course, you’ll want to have a back-up location planned in the event of inclement weather. Keep that location in mind when sending invitations, because you don’t want to invite more kids than can comfortably celebrate in that more limited space.

Its Party Time At Ica Sportzworx Stepney

Ok sports fans do we have the party for you! There are a hundred options for you to pick when you work out what to do with your little crew for a party, from an outdoor picnic, to a party at home or one of the many indoor play cafe type spots. But when we were planning our party for sporty Mr 7, we stumbled across the kids parties at ICA Sportzworkz Stepney and had to give it a shot! The kids just loved having a party where they can play their…

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Passport To Fun Surprise Party

This is one of my favorite surprise birthday party ideas for adults!

Basically, your goal is to create the feeling of a whirlwind adventure around the world for the recipient.

Trust me, its not as expensive as it sounds, especially if you follow the plan below and enlist some help.

  • First, find a few friends willing to go in on the party with you. The more the better, and not just because theyll help you cut down on the cost!
  • Assign a different country to each person. They need to come up with at least one type of food from that country as well as one unique decoration.
  • When you send out the invites to other friends, politely ask that they bring along something unique to their favorite country. It could be something as simple as a special drink recipe .
  • Buy or make passport books and hand them out to all the guests when they arrive. Challenge guests to travel around the world and sample something from every country!
  • If youre throwing this party solo, you can still save money.

    Just choose a few different countries and make inexpensive recipes from each one. Try to find recipes that have ingredients in common to cut down on your grocery expenses.

    For decorations, print out maps and use them to make your own table covers, banners, and more.

    Use a world map to inspire your table arrangements. For example, North and South America off to the left, Europe and Africa in the middle, and so on.

    The Enchanted Palace Childrens Disco Parties

    8 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Game Ideas!

    Does your child enjoy singing and dancing to the latest music, as well as songs from their favourite movie/show soundtracks? The Enchanted Palace Childrens Disco Parties is a fully-catered childrens birthday venue, offering a complete party experience where children are able to sing and dance to all their favourite songs on a disco stage, set-up with real microphones, disco and laser lights, together with a fog-machine, while they watch…

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    Throw A Memorable Bash With These Clever Cost

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    Want to throw your child an awesome celebration without breaking the bank? A fun celebration doesn’t need to cost a pretty penny. We’ve got you covered with some great tips to host a great party to celebrate your child’s growth! Here are our best tips for sticking to a budget at your next kids’ birthday party.

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