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Best App For Making Birthday Video

How To Make A Birthday Video Theyll Remember Year After Year

Which is the best app to make birthday video?

Birthday video greetings are easy to make and share, so theyre a perfect way to show someone you care about them on their special day. Here are a few tips and ideas for celebrating a year gone by and whats to come with a custom birthday video.

Show the years highlights.

One of the best ways to make memorable birthday video greetings is to turn a video into a highlight reel of your recipients best moments from the past year. Showcase their favorite photos, video clips of important events or fun outings, and any memories that will make them remember what an amazing year its been.

Make an animated greeting card.

Digital greeting cards are popular for birthdays because theyre easily shareable with your friends and loved ones. And, a birthday animation video is incredibly simple to make with Vimeo Create. You dont even need any video editing experience. Just choose a template, customize it, add your photos and videos, andjust like thatits ready to share!

Get people in on the action.

The more, the merrier, whether youre gifting a birthday video to a friend or family member. Try to get the rest of your friend group to join you on video to share their birthday wishes. Have the kids and grandkids all sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa. Include the whole class in a special birthday greeting to a selfless teacher.

Best Free Happy Birthday Video Maker Apps

Ollie Mattison

Precious moments in life fade from memory quickly, and remembering birthday parties becomes more difficult as time goes on. Luckily, we no longer have to rely on memory to remember the most amazing moments of a birthday party because our Smartphones can capture high-resolution videos of those moments. Raw footage captured by any type of camera is rarely presentable, since it may contain scenes that you simply don’t want to include in your videos.

If you are looking for a video maker app that lets you wish a happy birthday to your loved ones or create a stunning video of their birthday party, you are at the right place because in this article we are going to take you through best happy birthday video maker apps.

For those who want to make a happy birthday video with online tools, check our pick of the top 10 best online tools to make happy birthday videos.

Top 10 Best Birthday Video Maker Online 2020

1. Animoto

This video making website is presently being used by more than 13 million people. One of the best home video making website the simple tools and superb features of this site would allow users to create compelling birthday videos in a jiffy. All you need to do is choose a style and background music, customize the video and then just share it. One doesn’t need to be an expert in editing in order to create a video at Moreover once your video is ready you will be able to share it over Facebook, Twitter, email or YouTube. The iOS and android apps of animoto will enable the user to quickly access their site from anywhere. Animoto has been featured in BBC, NBC, CNN, National Geographic, ABC and much more.


This online birthday video maker provides some birthday templates which allows you to make birthday greeting cards and videos and create birthday slideshows with music for friends and family.

Besides large gallery of video production and animation templates, Renderforest also provides some royalty free stock footage access. Renderforest is easy to use and there are a lot of music for you to choose accompanying the videos.

However, you need to sign up to create a birthday video with the templates, and you can pay per export or to remove the watermark.

3. Smilebox

4. Wideo

5. Jibjab

6. Kizoa




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Free Apps To Make Custom Videos And Send Fun Video Greetings

These free apps make designing custom video greeting cards easy and fun.

Whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday remotely or bidding farewell to a colleague, a custom video greeting card can brighten up anyone’s day. And these free apps make it easier than ever before.

When you’re working as a remote team or socially distancing, a video greeting card can do a lot to make someone feel special. It could be something you create as a group with everyone recording a small wish, or you could get creative with animations and slideshows. Check out these fun virtual video greetings for any type of event and pick something right for the occasion.

Where To Share Your Slideshow Video

How to Make Happy Birthday Video Song With Name &  Photo

Post it on social media

Show it at an event

Project your video on a screen and share it on Television. Download your video onto a USB drive, and you are ready in moments. Feature an anniversary, wedding slideshow, a memorial tribute, a graduation video, a trade show video, etc.

Add video to your website

A helpful video can help convert customers, whether driving traffic to your website, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Share a product demo, interview employees / customers / explore your companys origin story by turning your images into a video.

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Get Creative With Remote Celebrations

Video messages and cards are an excellent way to make someone feel valued when you can’t be there in person. Whichever app you chose from this list, make sure you personalize it.

Apart from making it your own, make it creative. Remote celebrations can actually let you do things you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. For example, you can send a virtual birthday cake with custom messaging in frosting. Or do a song where everyone sings different parts. Most of all, have fun, a smile is infectious!

Create A Memorable Birthday Video Message

Birthdays are always a time for celebration! A time to get together with friends and family to celebrate that special someone. Its a time to get together and enjoy some birthday cake, good food, and a group birthday video.

Bring some joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to the birthday party with a meaningful video gift. The best way to say Happy Birthday is with sincere birthday wishes from your friends and family in a group video gift.

Why are group birthday videos such a great birthday gift?

Great question! With VidDays birthday video maker, you can get loved ones, friends, family, colleagues together all in one surprise birthday video.Everyone can join in on the birthday celebration whether celebrating from a distance or nearby. You can include everyones birthday wishes and collect photos to make an unforgettable video montage. Plus, the birthday video gift is a downloadable keepsake for the lucky recipient. They can watch the video over and over again memories to last a lifetime.

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Customize Your Birthday Video To Suit The Recipient

As far as birthday greetings are concerned, a little customization goes a long way.

Maybe the lucky recipient has a penchant for cats? Select from a massive range of adorable stock clips and watch their heart melt. Or theyre into the great outdoors? Add a sweeping mountain vista to give your birthday video a sense of adventure. Celebrating a lifelong friendship along with a birthday? Include a few personal pictures, then make them pop with Biteables .

Whatever you do, take a few extra seconds to find scenes that the birthday person will love. These simple customizations make your video all the more special.

Coming in as a complete novice, it was super easy to learn and fun. Love the results.

Keith, enlightened video maker

AMAZING APP! Love it. Very user-friendly and with all the features I needed for making a quick personal video!

Maria, newfound video-making pro

What To Say In The Birthday Video

How To Make Birthday Wishing Video / Best App To Make Birthday Wishing Status Video

Tip 1. Sing a little bit. Speaking is dull. How about singing? Make up a few lyrics to express yourself. Dont worry if you dont sing well, singing poorly can be entertaining.

Tip 2. Use birthday quotes. Quotes are conventional, yet it can never be out of date to use few warm and touching, maybe silly sentences on birthday videos. Below are few examples.

  • * You are not one year older, you are one year better.
  • * It is a treat to wish happy birthday to someone so sweet.
  • * You would have loved the gift I forget to get you.
  • * We have got candles and fire extinguishers ready!
  • * A true friend always remembers your birthday but never remembers your age.
  • * Birthday is like a pizza, the more you have, the less you want.

For more funny or creative quotes, please refer to Best Birthday Quotes Collection >

Tip 3. Share a memory. Be it a story from travel, enjoying a movie, or shopping, sharing a memory is the best way to remind both of you the sweetest moments. It will be fun to think of the beautiful past when it is the beginning of another year.

Tip 4. Review. Birthday is the best time to look back the last year and celebrate the new one. Why not make a video to review what have you done and where have you been last year and to show plans on the next year.

Tip 5. Narration. Suffer, enjoy. These two are the main elements of life. People in the middle ages may have lots of stories to tell. Try to draft a map of their life and create a birthday video like mini-biography.

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Make A Birthday Video In 3 Steps With Vimory Video Templates

Step 01

Select your desired video template from Vimorys slideshow video templates library.

Step 02

Add your Valentines Day photos and modify the default text. Then, follow the following instructions displayed by the Vimory app on your device screen.

Step 03

Artificial Intelligence powered professional slideshow video maker Vimory will do the rest of all automatically.


Create Birthday Videos Minutes With Just A Few Clicks

If you would like to offer a special gift to your closed ones then say happy birthday with our video maker. You can put together a clip that will create joy and happiness with just a few clicks, and for an additional touch you can use the effects available in Flixier which will let you create a special vibe for your video

If you would like to offer a special gift to your closed ones then say happy birthday with our video maker. You can put together a clip that will create joy and happiness with just a few clicks, and for an additional touch you can use the effects available in Flixier which will let you create a special vibe for your video

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The Best Birthday Video Makers For Online Use

Want to make a birthday present yourself? A birthday video will be a great idea! It doesnt matter whether youre a first-timer or an experienced video enthusiast, you can create videos with ease thanks to an abundance of video-making websites. Such online birthday video maker sites offer many video-editing tools for PC and Mac that let you turn photos and clips into personalized masterpieces. In this article, were going to review some of the best birthday video makers that are online and free. Please note that the websites listed are not arranged in any particular order these are just the ones that we found most helpful and convenient.

Offline Alternative

If you want to create an outstanding birthday video, you may need to use an offline video editor such as Movavi Video Editor Plus. This software offers a quick video editing option. You can add your video clips, photos, and music to the program or simply choose a birthday video preset. If you are not satisfied with the result, Movavi Video Editor Plus offers you a large number of various effects, transitions, and titles along with numerous tools for advanced editing. Download the trial version for free and unleash your creative potential!

To read a detailed review, follow the link below.

You can also take a look at the video below to see how this program works.

Your next step in video-making

OS: any, works online

Price: 9.95 CAD/month for the premium version


OS: any, works online


OS: any, works online


Create A Party Invitation

 Android Applications The best Android applications to make birthday ...

What if your own birthday party is coming up? Make a cool video invitation for your family and friends: record yourself on camera or simply create a presentation from appropriate images and text. Dont forget to include the exact time, date, and location of the party. Upload your invitation to Facebook and other social media, so everyone can see it!

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Let Creative Cloud Express Be Your Birthday Video Expert

Hone your creativity with the power of Creative Cloud Express. The Creative Cloud Express selection of customization options available will empower you to create something that stands out among the crowd. Establish a theme for your videos using a theme, icons, logos, music, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate your video and resize it to create consistency across multiple social channels. With Creative Cloud Express, its free and easy to make, save, and share your video within minutes so you can add collaborators, get approval, and share your birthday video for your audience to enjoy.

Personalize Your Birthday Video

Use the built in text and sound recording features to either write a personal message to the person celebrating his birthday or even better use our happy birthday video maker to record and add a voice message in the video which will have an even higher impact. A personal message is always better than a written one

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Ways To Celebrate A Birthday With Video

A personalized birthday video beats an ecard, any day. Make a customized video and delight your recipient with meaningful photos and memories.

Get the word out about a big birthday bash with a fun, informative video invitation. Include party details and then share with guests.

Round up those priceless birthday party photos and video clips. Put them into a video that’s easily shared with family and friends.

Create Stylish Birthday Invitations With Our Video Maker

Best android ios apps for making birthday or anniversary videos from photos or Live video

Send a beautiful invitation to a birthday party with our birthday invitation video maker. Add titles, motion text and overlays for a great impression that will make it impossible for your friends to refuse. We also offer a library of almost 1000 fonts to help you bring your invitation to the next level.

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Create A Birthday Video Without Blowing Your Gift Budget

You need to make a birthday video, but you also need to keep your budget in check after all, you cant blow it all on a single birthday. Your happy birthday video should be affordable but still look great enough for the recipient to feel special.

The Biteable birthday video maker puts the power of birthday cheer into your hands, allowing you to create a heartwarming video without spending a cent. You can upgrade to the Plus and Ultimate plans at any time to remove the watermark.

Were Here To Help You 24×7

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Hi, Patrick. How can I help you?

I have a few social media posts that I would like to include in my video. What is the best way to go about it?

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Great to have this feature. Can I change the style of the scene where the post has been added?

Yes, you can. On the right hand side of your Advanced Editor, click âMore Scenes.â Scroll through the many options and click on the one that you like the most.

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Thank you for the lightning fast support!

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Animaker : Create Your Own High

Birthday wishes are always more special when someone thinks of something different. Instead of real-life videos, set yourself apart by creating a customized, high-quality animated video or GIF with Animaker.

Animaker offers different styles of videos and a variety of templates for every occasion to get you started. Once you select a template, start customizing it. And that begins with a custom avatar of whoever you want to wish. It’s a pretty good character creator with loads of options, and once finished, available in several different poses.

Then, start changing elements in each “scene” as you would want. You can add backdrops and images, text in varied typography, video clips, custom audio as the background music score, and clip art artifacts. Once it’s set up how you want, download it as a video or a GIF, with a watermark in the free version.

Animaker has so many customization options that you’ll likely be overwhelmed at first unless you use templates for guidance. But once you’re an expert in the app, you’ll appreciate how much control it gives you.

Best Birthday Video Makers For Computer Desktop

Create birthday invitations

1. iMovie

iMovie is a professional birthday video maker with beautiful effects for all iOS & Mac users. However, Windows users also have access to it after paying. It allows you to crop, trim, arrange video clips in timeline. Cool transition effects bring your birthday video to the next level! Even though iMovie can be hard to catch up for beginners, it is worth trying.

Birthday Video Maker – iMovie

2. Photos

Birthday Video Maker – Windows Photo

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is made to produce some professional-looking birthday video. Except for all video editing features that all its competitors have, advanced video effects, including color correction and object transformation as well as audio effects are all available. What’s better, VSDC is truly free! No watermark added!

Birthday Video Maker – VSDC

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