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8 Yr Old Birthday Party Ideas

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What I Got My 8 Year Old For Her Birthday | GIFT IDEAS ð?

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Year Old Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday parties are a whole lot of fun with a theme. Here are some ideas for both boys and girls.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

1. Mad Scientist Party Theme

This is one of the coolest 8-year-old boy birthday party theme ideas around because who wouldnt love mad science! Let the dress code involve an apron, safety glasses and hand gloves. Gather up a bunch of science experiments that can be safely done at home and let them have a blast! Match the decoration to go with the theme such as hanging rubber gloves from the wall and metallic curtains made out of crepe paper. The cake can be an exploding volcano with lots of flavours and colours.

2. Backyard Amusement Park Theme

If you have a spacious backyard all you need to do is rent a trampoline, an inflatable castle and an inflatable pool to create your own amusement park in the backyard. Theres nothing that boys like more than to involve in physical play bouncing and flipping on trampolines or taking a splash in the pool. Ensure you give them plenty of sugary treats to keep the energy levels up! Safety is also a concern therefore inform parents the finer details of your party.

3. HandCraft Party Theme

4. Tree House Party Theme

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Princess Party Theme

4. Harry Potter Theme

Th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

As your child grows up, coming up with new and exciting ideas to celebrate may get tricky, especially as they may have their own ideas. Therefore, we hope these 8th birthday party ideas help in that department and aide in giving your child a birthday party to remember! Whether you keep it small with a few close friends or invite the whole class, these ideas will surely mean a fun time for all. If you are looking for more party ideas, please check out our other posts here. Enjoy planning and celebrating your 8-year-old!

For more birthday party ideas by age, check out our age-related birthday party themes below.

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Unique Birthday Party Themes For 8

  • Ice Skating Theme


Ice skating is one of the favorite activities of kids. It doesnt matter if they have done it before or not, but your kid and their friends are sure to enjoy this party. Whats better than making your child learn a new activity on their 8th birthday! Have trainers around to help the kids out. To make it more interesting, you can buy fancy costumes and glittery skates.

  • Princess Party

A princess party theme for your very own princess. Wow! Sounds wonderful, doesnt it? It doesnt matter whether your daughter is eight or eighteen, she will always be your princess. Ask the guests to dress as Disney characters, decorate your house like one of the Disney sets, and add more glam to your plan with a castle cake. Dont forget the throne and crown of your princess.

  • Harry Potter


Theres no doubt that children love Harry Potter. So, why not have a Harry Potter theme birthday party for them? You can make the kids dress themselves as characters from Harry Potter. You can decorate your house and design food items according to the theme. Organize a Harry Potter themed treasure hunt, and watch the kids squeal in delight.

  • Mad Scientist Party
  • Backyard Amusement Park


  • Tree House Party

Shopping Trip With Friends

10 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

If your child just wants a few friends to celebrate their birthday with you could take them on a shopping trip and out for their lunch. To add to the excitement you could travel with your group to another town on the train or bus and give each child a small allowance for the trip.

Take them out for a treat lunch and if they are old enough, you could let them sit at a table on their own.

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Your 8

There is nothing more exciting than your childs birthday. Your child is about to step into the eighth year of their life, and it calls for celebrations. As a parent, you want to make sure that their special day is full of fun memories with their loved ones and friends.

It can feel like a lot of work with so many options around – from choosing the perfect theme, organizing party supplies and decorations and invitations. Lets take a step back and allow us to make it easier for you to plan the perfect birthday for your favorite person. Check out this list with some super fun ways to celebrate their big day.

Hosting the Party

First things first! Choose a location to host a party. Think about the options you have available in the current Covid-19 situation. Its not necessary to go way out of your budget to organize a birthday party for your little one. If you look around, you may come across some of the best locations right under your nose – like your backyard, a park near you, or just at the convenience of your home .

Choose a Theme

What is their current obsession? Try to remember what your child gets super excited about. For example, think of their favorite game, superhero, hobbies, etc. They could be into robots, dinosaurs, space, unicorns, or just have an all-time favorite character. Pick a theme based on something that truly makes them happy. The colors of the decor, food items, invitations can all be coordinated around the theme you choose.


The Kwillena Gabi Pool

Its a bit of a distance from Perth, but the sheer beauty of the pool absolutely makes up for it.

Part of Mandurahs waterfront development project, the Kwillena Gabi Pool has been designed to be family-friendly and picnic/outing-friendly.

Its got both a shallow area, perfect for younger children and a deep end where teens and adults can enjoy themselves. Blow-up boats, floaties and pool noodles are all allowed.

The most magical thing about the pool is that its been constructed by placing circular pontoons on the estuary, and without any kind of underwater barrier. In other words, marine life like dolphins can freely enter and exit the pool, and you may get to interact with them.

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Coolest Phineas And Ferb Birthday Party

My oldest child just turned eight in May and we had a Phineas and Ferb birthday party to celebrate. As our party guests arrived, we had the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack playing and played Freeze Dance. That is where you let everybody dance and then you turn the music off unexpectedly and everyone has to Read more

Cozy Movie Night Party

Inspiring 8-Year-Old Girl Surprised With âFrozenâ-Themed Birthday Party | Digital Exclusive

Rent a projector and screen if you dont have one. This could also make for a fun birthday gift for your eight-year-old. For the birthday party, load your childs favorite movie on a USB stick. Throw beanbags around, fluff up the pillows on the couch, place some quilts, and put fairy lights up, and voila!

Image: Shutterstock

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Baking Birthday Party Places In Orange County

Duffâs Cake Mix | Irvine â Located in the Irvine Spectrum Center. Decorate your own cupcakes or cake. All supplies are included. There are team members ready to help you inside the studio.

Sensitive Sweets | Fountian Valleyâ : Price starts at $12 per guest . Includes: Each guest gets 2 cupcakes, one to eat and one to take home, sprinkles, toppings, and a cupcake box. 60 minute session. // Fountain Valley

Wonderland Bakery | Laguna Niguelâ Price starts at $30 per guest. Includes: 60 minute party, fully staffed, printable invitations, cookie decorating: 2 themed sugar cookies per guest, fun game or craft, enchanting cupcakes, wonderlicious water, Present Courier, Wonderland gift bag with sweet favor for all guests, Wonderland T-shirt for Guest of Honor. // Laguna Niguel

Tspoons Cooking Party | San Juan Capistranoâ Price starts at $49 per person. Includes: Party Set-up / Clean-up, 3 course customized menu Appetizer, Entrée, Dessert, 1½ hours hands-on culinary instruction and food preparation, 1 hour dining party, All food items, materials, refreshments, and take home recipe cards.

Kids Birthday Party Logistics

Timing is everything. Plan your party from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., says Danielle Walker, author of Against All Grain: Celebrations. After lunch and before dinner is the best time to party, when guests dont expect a full meal.

If your kids birthday falls close to a buddys, consider a dual party. You and the other childs parents will split the cost and responsibilities. Just make sure each kid gets her own cake and presents!

Opt out altogether for younger children. When kids are still little, consider skipping a traditional birthday party altogether, suggests Simple Matters author Erin Boyle. My husband and I celebrated our daughters first birthday with a picnic.

Price out kids birthday party venues. Not up for hosting at your casa? It may be more cost- and time-effective to let a venue do the work. Check out our top kids birthday party places here.

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Ice Skating Or Sledding

In a cold weather climate, ice skating and sledding can be the perfect birthday party activities. Just add hot cocoa!

Happy birthday to your 8 year old! We talked to parents, scoured the internet, and used our own experience to curate this epic list of the best party games.

We hope you loved these ideas and that your childs party is a lot of fun. Heres wishing them a very special day.

Kids Rafting Adventure Party

8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Vector Wero Whitewater Park, 770 Great South Road, Manukau, South

Enjoy a birthday party like no other at Vector Wero Whitewater Park with an epic birthday package deal!

The Kids Party Package is a recreational rafting activity and food combo that is sure to be bucket loads of fun. Your child and the whole gang will be in safe hands with friendly and experienced rafting guides while you sit back and relax.

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Easy Birthday Party Ideas For An 8

August 23, 2010 by ModernMom Staff

Plan a birthday party for your 8-year-old that shell enjoy and wont take up too much time and energy for you. Simple birthday parties can be the easiest if you put some thought into them. Allow your birthday celebrant to help plan her party, as she might have some of the simplest and best ideas for her event.

Harry Potter Costume Party

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Bring Hogwarts to your house and invite friends over for a Harry Potter costume party in which they are expected to come dressed in their favorite characters. To keep the party going, plan a terrific scavenger hunt complete with 12 typeset clue cards or a Harry Potter board game.

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Build A Bear Workshop

So far weve explored kids birthday celebration options where the guests decorate clay figures and edibles like cakes and biscuits.

Heres another option: children crafting a stuffed animal furry friend that they can call their own, and take home.

The Build A Bear Workshop at Joondalup gives children a chance to do just that, under instruction and supervision from a trained host,

Party packages can be anything from $20 to $40 a guest.

Tip: On request, they can include a heart that the children kiss and put into their stuffed animal.

Email: Check their contact page

Phone: 1300 4 BEARS / +61 8 9301 5174

Cheap First Birthday Party Ideas

Diana is 8 years old! Super fun birthday party with friends!

Keep your kiddos 1st birthday decor super simple and super sweet with a framed photo collage of all their firsts. Not only is it adorable decor for the party, its a beautiful keepsake youll always cherish.

To buy! Tilted Heart Collage Art Print, $14.99

Want to keep the budget to a minimum for your childs 1st birthday, and still have a stylish bash? No problem! You can make all the decor out of crepe paper . Napkin rings, lanterns, party favors you name it! can all be done with cheap, paper streamers, even this stunning centerpiece-worthy pinata.

To buy! Lia Griffith Heavy Crepe Paper, $19.49

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Nature Themed Birthday Party

If you want to design your childs party themed around an environmental cause, incorporate the nature theme smartly. Create photo-ops with fun but thoughtful messages on conservation. Include activities such as planting saplings, arranging flowers, and making nature-themed paintings. You could also give away little planters as a return gift.

Coolest Top Teen Model Party Ideas

Top Teen Model party ideas and photos by: Mellanese from Upper Marlboro, MD Gabby celebrated her 14th birthday and had an Americas Next Top Teen Model Party! Her invitation announcement statedTyra Mail! The guests were asked to bring two outfits: Favorite T-shirt Dressy and were asked to wear their Personality outfit. The Teen Model Read more

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Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For Your 8

While it can be bittersweet to watch your child grow up and get further from the too-cute-to-handle baby years, there are plenty of perks to them getting older. Watching them develop into their own people with unique interests and talents is the privilege of parenthood, which is why its fun to throw a party that celebrates who they are.

Whether youre going big or keeping it small, youll want to choose a location, theme, and menu. Bear in mind that spending hours on adorable Pinterest decorations and snacks is likely not worth the stress and that all the birthday boy or girl will care about is the company and the cake. And okay, maybe the presents!

Th Birthday Party Guest Invite

10 Fabulous Birthday Party Ideas For 8 Year Old Boy 2020

Here are the four essentials that go into planning a birthday party:

1. How to Write a Party Invitation

Your invite should give all the basic details for the guests in a concise format. It should include:

  • Date Write the date and preferably the day of the week for example Sunday April 12, 2020
  • Time Give the exact start and end time without a buffer. For example: 3:00-5:00 PM.
  • Place Your house address or the venue if youre celebrating outside. Include a map on the back of the invitation for clarity.
  • For The name of your child and age. For example, Lindseys 8th birthday celebration!


To make it sound more welcoming, add a line in the invitation that goes something like Please let us know if you will be joining us so we can prepare enough food. You can also add a line such as Please respond with how many of you we can expect by ___

3. Venue Details

Keep the parents informed of the specifics of your venue.

  • Include details of outside venue if you are planning for something like the mall, movies or a kids zone
  • Include any finer details that the parents might find useful such as an admission price
  • If youre picking birthday party places for an 8-year-old boy such as the zoo or a baseball game be sure to add the extra costs that may be incurred

4. Party Details

Any information that the parents or children need to know before they arrive must be added such as:

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Coolest Haunted House Birthday Party

My son was turning 10 years old. Our family had really gotten into doing parties by now. It was like a contest, who could do better party. My sons birthday is Oct 29th and I thought a Haunted House Birthday Party would be fun. I spent probably two years preparing for this party. INVITES were Read more

Let Your Child Decide

What does your son or daughter want to do for their birthday? Just ask. They may surprise you and say they would just like to spend the day playing with you. If your kid is stumped, help make a list and talk about the many fun things you can do together to celebrate the birthday. In the end, let your child make the decision.

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How Long Should A Kids Birthday Party Last

One of the biggest mistakes I think people make when planning a party is that they make it last too long! I think its better to have a shorter party- pack it with fun activities and then wrap it up while everyone is still having a good time.

You dont want to glance at your watch in the middle of your childs party and think, Holy Moly- we still have an hour and a half to go what are we going to DO?

A good general guideline is 90 minutes or less for pre-schoolers, and 2 hours long for kids in elementary school.

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