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How To Make A Birthday Video With Music

Sync The Birthday Video To The Music/sound Effects Beats

Birthday Slideshow Maker | Video Maker

Very often, you can want an element such as a title, a photo, confetti, or a balloon, in the video to match the beat of birthday songs or sound effects. So, you can move the playhead to locate the exact frame, move the audio track to that place and make it match the audio waveform.

Sync the birthday video movements with exact music or sound effects beats.

Change Birthday Movie Theme

Some themes will be chosen for a start. But you can drag any theme from the browser to the storyboard to replace it. You can also add a personalized touch to your birthday video with animated captions or voiceovers, which help create an interesting presentation to your birthday video.

Note: Internet connection is required to download themes with a down arrow indicator before you can apply them. Here is the theme package that contains all themes and extra Intro/Credit slides.

Personalize Your Birthday Video

Use the built in text and sound recording features to either write a personal message to the person celebrating his birthday or even better use our happy birthday video maker to record and add a voice message in the video which will have an even higher impact. A personal message is always better than a written one

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Add Files To The Birthday Video Maker

This birthday video creator uses a Media Browser for you to easily import photos, music and videos to your newly created project. When the media is added to the storyboard, drag and drop a slide to arrange it. Besides the drag and drop method, editing buttons are easy to access, such as delete, rotate, and edit.

Tips: Before moving forward, select suitable dimensions for your birthday slideshow video. For a HD birthday video, select 1280*720 or 1920*1080.

Select The Rational And Proper Music

7 of the Best Happy Birthday Songs (l and Funny)

When you plan to create a birthday video, you may want to make a dreamy mood, light-hearted one, or give off party energy. But, on the other hand, perhaps you will want to choose music with significant meaning in your relationship. Vimory can help you because it has a vast music library that has everything you need and more.

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Give The Gift Of Creativity With A Custom Birthday Video

Think less about expectations and more about all the ways you can unleash your creativity while creating your birthday video. Open up Adobe Express to stick together your birthday graphics into a photo slideshow. Further, customize your slideshow with video clips from your favorite moments, and your grooviest birthday song for the soundtrack. There are endless creative opportunities to celebrate a birthday to the max.

Make A Video Memento With Music By Using Adobe Express

Music has a very profound way of tapping into our emotions or memories, unlike anything else. So, next time youre thinking of making a photo slideshow, get creative with your music choices to make something that will leave a lasting impression with your audience. Open up Adobe Express to stitch together your photo designs into a slideshow. Add custom music selections, voiceover audio, and stunning transitions to transform your slideshow into a cinematic masterpiece. Its as easy as uploading your content, organizing the order, adding a personal touch, and sharing your movie for all to enjoy.

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Faq On Making A Birthday Video

Start with adding pictures and clips to your project. Next, spice them all up with effects and transitions. Then, make sure to add heartfelt wishes to your birthday video. You have two options. Firstly, you can record voice messages and insert them into your video. Another way is to add animated texts with your best wishes for the birthday boy/girl.

Jazz Up Your Slideshow With 3d Effects

How to Make a Birthday Video

The slideshow templates available in SmartSHOW 3D feature flower backgrounds, bright balloons, beautiful butterflies and other themed graphics but you can further stylize them using special effects. Move to the Animation tab and pick any of animated presets. Otherwise, you can open the Slide Editor and set unique animation for each photo layer.

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Create Birthday Videos Minutes With Just A Few Clicks

If you would like to offer a special gift to your closed ones then say happy birthday with our video maker. You can put together a clip that will create joy and happiness with just a few clicks, and for an additional touch you can use the effects available in Flixier which will let you create a special vibe for your video

If you would like to offer a special gift to your closed ones then say happy birthday with our video maker. You can put together a clip that will create joy and happiness with just a few clicks, and for an additional touch you can use the effects available in Flixier which will let you create a special vibe for your video

Tips For Creating Outstanding Birthday Video

Tell a Story

You can tell a story through Vimory Birthday Video Maker. Just think about how you will organize your birthday photos to make a fantastic video story. Then start making videos.

Adjust your images

Make your photos look their best. Move, crop, zoom in, zoom out, rotate images to make sure each picture looks just the way you want it to. You can also make your slideshow more dynamic and exciting by adding fast bursts of photos. Want to create a more identical look for your slideshow? Add filters to your whole video to make images more engaging.

Add text to enhance your video.

The words you add to your photos can help add context and let viewers know what it is youd like them to do. When you use Vimorys photo video maker, you can change the text at any time to help show your story. You can also change fonts, text animations, etc., to match the feel of your pictures.

Consider your video style.

Vimory offers plenty of different styles, with exciting transitions and text animations that make your video popular. Think about the look of your video.

Do you want it to be polished?Bold?Professional?Then go in Vimory and experiment with your videos style to find one that works for your video.

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Make A Video In The Time It Takes To Sing Happy Birthday

Biteables online video-making software is a browser-based platform that allows you to take your videos to the next level. Drag, drop, and cut your way to the perfect happy birthday video. Add custom text and animations, and edit the colors in seconds with Biteables style feature.

Choose from thousands of clips, images, and video animations, or add your own footage in no time. Finish it off with your final touches and export your video, all in a few minutes.

Make a next-level birthday video

Create Stylish Birthday Invitations With Our Video Maker

How To Make Birthday Video With Song Name

Send a beautiful invitation to a birthday party with our birthday invitation video maker. Add titles, motion text and overlays for a great impression that will make it impossible for your friends to refuse. We also offer a library of almost 1000 fonts to help you bring your invitation to the next level.

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Best 3 Free Online Tribute Video Makers

To make a tribute video, it’s important to pick the right tribute video maker, which an help you save time and efforts to produce an excellent video tribute for any occasions.

There are several tribute video software you can use to create a tribute video. iMovie by Apple, Windows Movie Maker by Windows, and some by Adobe are among the common ones. But here, we want to share some online ones to help you create your tribute video with music and more special effects.

Online Birthday Video Maker The Perfect Solution For Your Photos

Choose a birthday video template, upload your photos, customize style, add music and text – then share with your friends and family! Super easy and fun!

A free birthday video maker that lets you take photos and turn them into an amazing Happy Birthday video with just a few easy steps. Tons of templates to choose from!

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Pick The Best Celebrants Photos

Before making your festive slideshow its really important to choose the best celebrants photos and video clips that fit the mood of your project. If needed, ask the family and other friends to provide you with more pictures. Add them to the program and arrange on the Storyboard. Dont forget to align and crop for a better look.

Type In Heartwarming Wishes And Quotes

Birthday video maker in Kinemaster app Editing

Personalized quotes and wishes – what can be better for the birthday person? Go to the slide editor, click Add Layer and then select Text. There are so many cool options for typing in the warmest wishes and quotes. Dont forget to select the suitable font, adjust opacity or add a reflection to your text to make the customized caption stand out.

Warm wishes will melt everyones heart!

Dont know any cool quotes? Choose any of these happy birthday wishes.

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Top 10 Birthday Video Makers

  • Happy Birthday Video Maker
    • Its free to use and also offers 4 subscription plans.
    • It can add motion titles to videos.
    • It offers many birthday templates.

    Note: Before you create birthday videos with templates, you should sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

    3. Magisto

    Its a popular birthday video maker that enables users to create birthday videos in minutes, providing various editing options, like adding overlays, filters, and effects to videos. Excepting for making birthday videos, it also can create wedding videos, Instagram videos, baby videos, etc. With Magisto, you can become a video superhero.

    Main features:

    • It offers free royalty songs and other music.
    • It gives a variety of video templates.
    • It can make video collages with photos.
    • It can work on Android and iOS.
    • It can combine clips into one video.
    • Its easy to share videos on social media.

    4. Animoto

    Its one of the most fashionable video makers, having millions of users. It offers almost everything you need to create a video. Undoubtedly, its a powerful birthday video maker. To help you make stunning videos, it offers 10+ templates and 20+ professional fonts, and it also can add animated text to videos.

    6. Motionden

    Main features:

    • It offers various birthday video templates.
    • It is simple to use.
    • It can add modern edge text and music to videos.
    • It lets users change the colors of the video.

    7. Animaker

    8. Birthday Video Maker 2020

    Main features:

    9. Invideo

    Main features:

    Save Your Video Gift & Share With The World

    Watch the slideshow project youve made on the preview panel. If youre satisfied with the result and think that itll bring tears of joy to the celebrants face, save your birthday slideshow with music. While on the Create tab, you have three options – to make an HD video for PC, tablet or smartphone burn your slideshow to DVD create an optimized video for the Internet. Regardless of the saving option you choose, your slideshow will surely move the birthday boy or girl.

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    Create Your Happy Birthday Video

    Once youre done with editing, go to the Create tab. Here, select the desired format for your future video. You can make a video for Youtube or copy it to USB and play the video during the bday party.

    Now you know how to make a birthday video. Just 5 steps and you have a unique present! Dont waste any more time on searching for a gift and get yourself our powerful birthday movie maker:

    Add Your Photos And Video Clips

    Cake Candles Singing the Happy Birthday Song

    After launching SmartSHOW 3D, select New Project. Click the Add button. Choose your folder with photos and video clips for a happy birthday video. Move them to the Timeline. You have two options: either drag them one by one, or add all the files at once by clicking Add folder. In the latter case, note that pictures and videos will be arranged the same way as in the source folder. Drag and drop the slides to change their order.

    You can shuffle your happy birthday pictures to find the right order

    Want to make people laugh? Check out funny animated happy birthday images to spice up your festive video.

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    Best Songs For Birthday Slideshow

    When you throw a birthday party you cant do without music. Lighthearted tunes are crucial to set a cheerful and festive tone. The range of songs deemed suitable for such an occasion is truly immense. Here weve listed several birthday slideshow songs for you to choose from:

    • Oasis Wonderwall
    • Bon Jovi Its My Life
    • Katty Perry Birthday
    • Lesley Gore Its My Party
    • Alphaville Forever Young
    • Queen Dont Stop Me Now
    • Ronnie Mislap Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby

    Need more soundtrack ideas? Check out these songs for birthday slideshows. Try a simple Happy Birthday in different styles and genres!

    Birthday Video & Slideshow Maker

    Want to create a snappy birthday video for that special someone? Or, you may want to make a video to mark your own special day! Either way, VEEDâs birthday video maker is the tool you need. Create your own birthday slideshow, compilation video, movie, TikTok, Instagram reel, and much more. Make a birthday slideshow with music by uploading your own favourite piece of audio. On VEEDâs fully online video editor, you can make videos for all occasions in only a few clicks of the mouse. Easy and fuss-free.

    Easy to Use – It doesnât matter whether youâre a novice or pro, VEED is super-easy to use for everyone. Itâs all online, requires no download, no signup and no credit card. Our modern and clean interface makes it very enjoyable to use. Create awesome videos at any time and for any special day with VEEDâs powerful video editor. So, on that note, many happy returns!

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    Best Birthday Video Makers For Android/iphone

    1. InShot

    InShot is an application for you to trim, speed up, add music or filters to video. Because it is pretty fundamental, this application is quite easy to use. No fancy collages or splicing. If you are looking for an application that’s simple, give InShot a try! Generally speaking, the music and effects are satisfying.

    2. PicPlayPost

    You might have used some application that turns your photo into collages. How about making a birthday video collage? PicPlayPost helps you out! The problem is, you will not have access to many effects and music, and editing tools.

    3. Magisto

    Magisto enables you to create a birthday video in seconds with its variety of styles that are perfect for birthdays. Once the application is installed on your device, select one style you like and then import all video clips, then you can get a birthday video you like. Magisto also gives you room for personalization. You can change text, add filters and make more edits if you like. We strongly recommend you to use the desktop version because you have more access to music and effects here.

    4. Birthday Video Maker

    Birthday Video Maker is a shortcut to create an excellent birthday slideshow. Upload all photos, then adjust their positions, add frames and music, you have a good birthday slideshow video! It is free to use all frames and the royalty-free music, however, it can be quite annoying when ads pop up. Some effects may not look good in your birthday video.

    5. Hyperlapse

    Create A Birthday Video Without Blowing Your Gift Budget

    How to make Birthday Video with Picture and Music |Canva Tutorial | Hindi |

    You need to make a birthday video, but you also need to keep your budget in check after all, you cant blow it all on a single birthday. Your happy birthday video should be affordable but still look great enough for the recipient to feel special.

    The Biteable birthday video maker puts the power of birthday cheer into your hands, allowing you to create a heartwarming video without spending a cent. You can upgrade to the Plus and Ultimate plans at any time to remove the watermark.

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    Make A Birthday Slideshow To Save The Best Times

    Document all entertaining moments through the years and play these on your birthday. Or you can greet someone by creating your own video message for their birthday. Overall, a surprise birthday presentation video is a genuine and entertaining way to express love and gratitude while making an everlasting memory.

    A delightful birthday slideshow video tells your closest friend how much you value your connection or how much you cherish your parents.

    Birthday Video Greeting for a Friend

    Make a short but sweet video greeting for a friend’s birthday if you have a few spare minutes other than simply sending them a “Happy birthday” text. The reality is that creating a birthday video message is very simple, and you don’t even have to be tech-savvy.

    A birthday video message is a thoughtful and surprising touch that is likely to be unique. Consider what your friend would want to hear on their special day. Different video features, such as animated text or a beautiful birthday soundtrack, can be added to the video.

    Growing Up Slideshow Video

    Are you planning for an 18th birthday party? Then here’s a cool, trendy addition to your celebration! Create a montage of yourself growing up!

    It can be a funny photo of you peeking through the refrigerator light or playing with your dog in the backyard. Or, include 1 or 2 photos of you celebrating your birthday every year.

    Birthday Milestone Slideshow Video

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