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How Do I Find Out Somebody’s Birthday

Ask Their Friends And Family

How to Find Someone’s Birth Date

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The most straightforward way to find a persons birthday is to simply ask someone who knows them. Of course youll have to choose someone who wont tell the person that youve been inquiring. If its a close friend or a family member, theyll know the birthday and theres a good chance theyll just tell you the friend’s birthday.

If they dont know it, you might be able to enlist that mutual friend to find it, especially if you present the effort as a challenge or a game. For example, if its for a surprise birthday party, you might ask for some tips on how to plan it.

If youre sure your informant will keep the secret, you might just inquire in a text or an email. However, a phone call or a face-to-face discussion will give you better cues on whether you should press ahead with your request or let it drop and try to find the date some other way.

A trickier variation on this is to go right to the birthday person and ask them indirectly. This requires subtlety and is not for everybody. You might steer a conversation toward celebrity birthdays and mention one who was born on your own birthday. Maybe they’ll reveal one who shares theirs. If the person is someone your own age, you could show curiosity about which of you is older and by how much. You may be able to start a discussion about astrology and ask them their sign and whether theyre on a cusp.

Can I Always Find My Friends Birthday On Snapchat

Most of the time, we can easily access our friends birthdays using these tricks on Snapchat however, it’s impossible other times. The culprit behind this is Snapchats Birthdays Party feature. While its an applaudable privacy measure to secure your Snapchat account, it wont feature your friends birthday details if theyve disabled it.

It works best for those who dont want to be bombarded with birthday snaps and messages or simply dont like sharing their personal information such as this. However, if you belong to the party group and don’t mind receiving attention on your special day, check if yours is enabled. Navigate to Snapchat Settings > Birthday and ensure the Birthday Party switch is toggled on.

Find Birthday On Twitter

Any person registering on Twitter has to provide their birthday detail. You can look at the upper left hand side of their profile page to see if it is appearing there.

It should if the person entered his or her birth date record during registration. As well you when it is actually their birthday, you will notice it with a balloon overlay applied to posts they make for that day only.

You can see more on

1.5. Find Birthday Snapchat

To find out someones birthday on Snapchat is possible but requires a bit of leg work from your side. Like on Whatsapp, you need to track the person daily.

Keep checking by typing their name on the friends list and see what shows up. It should be a cake emoji if its actually their birthday on the day of searching.

You can also check their profile to see if their zodiac sign is listed. Just look for a small purple box emoji.

A general tip on how to find someones birthdate using social networks is to look at the persons social media profile link. Most people have their DOB highlighted in their email address and social networks typically use that information to create persona user profiles.

As well most social networking sites will send you a notification on your connections birth date so if all fails then you can use that as a way to find out when somebody was born.

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How To Find Someones Birthday On Facebook

Facebook is a better option than any other social media platform for revealing personal information be it their schooling, graduation, relationship status, or birthday.

And there are very few chances that the person has not added their birthday on Facebook.

1. Open the profile of the person whose birthday you wanna know.

2. Tap on the See users name About Info to check the persons birthday.

3. Here you can easily look up the birth date of that person inside Basic info.

Some people dont reveal their basic information like schooling, hometown, and birthday on Facebook.

In that case, you can find someones birthday on Facebook by looking at their photos. They must have uploaded a photo to Facebook on their birthday.

You can easily get to know that the photo was posted on the occasion of the birthday by reading the caption. This can be done manually and you dont need any .

How To Find Someones Birthday On Snapchat

Birthday Quotes for a Friend to Share on Their Big Day

You can definitely know someones birthday on Snapchat but not before the day of the occasion. But their birthday month can be seen whenever you feel like it.

Lets see the methods for both cases, starting with the method to know if someone has a birthday today or not.

1. The person whose date of birth you want to check on Snapchat should be added as your friend on it. If they are added to your friend list, you just need to launch Snapchat on your device and swipe left to open the chat list.

2. Now you need to scroll down till you find the person whose birthday you want to check on Snapchat.

3. If todays the big day, then youre gonna see a cake icon adjacent to their name.

Now thats how you find out someones birthday on Snapchat. If todays your friends birthday then you can wish them on Snapchat or personally call them.

Lets take the possibility into consideration that you are certain about your wife/girlfriends date of birth but you are not sure about the month they were born in. Well, Snapchat is more than happy to provide you with that information.

1. Open the profile of the person whose birthday month you wanna know.

2. Now, just swipe up to see the Birthstone of that person under the Charms.

Snapchat is a perfect option to know the birthday of a person for whom you dont need to throw up a party. But for someone like your best friend, kid, or lover, you cannot depend on Snapchat.

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Search Their Social Media Accounts

People tell the world a lot about themselves on social media. A lot of folks routinely list their birthdays on platforms such as Facebook, and you can just look it up. Even if the birthday is not listed, there may be clues in feeds and in posts from their friends. If you cant learn the date on one social media platform, try some of the others.

On Facebook, one place to look is the About section of their profile. If the date isnt in the Facebook profile, another shot is to scroll through the posts on their wall and see if others have wished them a happy birthday. If youre lucky, you might even see a picture of them opening presents or blowing out the candles.

If youre their friend on Facebook, you can select Events on your home screen then click the Birthdays selection. If Facebook knows their birthday, youll see it. If youre not friends and they keep a lot of information private, someone whos close to them may have posted a birthday greeting that you can see.

With Instagram, there are personal details in the Bio thats directly under their name and picture, and birthday may be listed there. If they havent told their Instagram profile their birthday, you can peruse their tagged and uploaded photos or some of their story highlights. As with Facebook, you may find posts that give the date away.

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Try An Online Search Or Other Internet Search Engine

Although generic search engines can be overwhelming, it’s worth a shot to do a Yahoo®, Bing®, or Google® search to find out the person’s birthday. You can get started by typing the person’s full name into the search bar. Any social media profiles you didn’t know they had may come up. You will have better luck with this if the individual does not have a common name. You can also try including their town and state in the search! This will give the search engine more hints and help narrow the results down.

Find Their Wall Calendar

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin

Whilst most people have resorted to use mobile phone calendars, there are a few that still have one hanging on their walls. These people typically circle important dates and may even mark them with the event name for quick reminders. Believe it or not, some people mark their birthdays on these calendars. Alternatively lookup their Google calendar if you can.

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Way : Know The Birthday Month Through Snapshot Charms

Now, if you do remember your partner’s or friend’s birthday date but cannot recall the month in which they were born, you can use the below method to know how to find out a person’s birthday on Snapchat.

Step 1: Launch Snapchat and go to the profile of that person whose birthday month you wish to know.

Step 2: Swipe up on their profile and check for the birthstone under “Charms”.

The birth month of the profile owner would have been given here.

How Can You Find Someones Birthday Without Asking

One easy way to discover someones birthday is to look them up on Facebook. If you have an account of your own, log in and type their name into the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you get to their profile, you should see their date of birth displayed in the info box below their profile picture.

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How To Find Someone’s Birthday On The Internet

by Contributing Writer / in Style

Did you forget someone’s birthday? It happens to all of us. If you need to find someone’s birthday–and you don’t want anyone to know you forgot the date–you can turn to the internet. In most cases, you can find a birth date with just a few keystrokes.

  • Did you forget someone’s birthday?
  • If you need to find someone’s birthday–and you don’t want anyone to know you forgot the date–you can turn to the internet.

Conduct a search at Birth Database by entering the first name, last name and estimated age of the individual. If the name is in the database, it will pop up in the search.

Another way to find someone’s birthday is to locate the individual’s MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking profile and see if the birthday is listed there.

Conduct a public records search . While the sites let you know what information they have on people at no cost, you’ll be required to pay to view that information.

If you’re really desperate to find someone’s birthday you can search newspaper birth announcements, if you know the city and approximate date of their birth.


Birth Database results seem to skew toward older individuals, so if you’re looking for the birth date of a younger friend, you may not be able to find it here.


Birth dates and information associated with them can be sensitive. Be mindful of this during your searches. Just because you want to find someone’s birthday, they may not want you to find it.


Scroll Down To Snapchat Charms

How to say happy birthday

Birthday-related charms are another way to unveil your friends birthday details on Snapchat.

To view these charms:

  • Long-press your friend’s name in the chat section, which prompts a small menu.
  • Tap on View Friendship.
  • Scroll down to Charms.

There are a fun couple of charms like Friends Birthstone and Astrological Sign which reveal birthday month and zodiac sign. Theres the Birthday Twins charm as well, if you and your friend have birthdays in the same week, within seven days of each other. Similarly, if theres a six-month gap between your birthday and your friends, you are entitled to Snapchats Half Birthday Twins charm.

These Snapchat birthday charms dont help pinpoint the specific birth date unless its your friends birthday today. This unlocks a one-day birthday charm Its Their Birthday! In which case, you receive the confirmation you were looking for.

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Look Up Their Information Via Public Records

If you dont want to go through the hassle of trying to figure out someones birthday via clever tricks you could simply search for their information via public records. That way you dont need to speak with them directly. Online background checks will give you their birthday along with a multitude of additional information. IDTrue is perfect for running background checks, reverse phone lookups and more.

How To Know Someones Birthday On Whatsapp

Theres no such section in WhatsApp where you can just go and grab the birthday information.

But if you often talk to that person on WhatsApp, then theres a slim chance that you can find their birthday on WhatsApp. Theres a strong possibility that you must have wished them the previous year.

If you remember doing so, then you need to scroll and find that particular conversation. Theres a date stamp attached to the conversation so you can know on what day is their birthday.

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How To See People’s Birthdays On Snapchat

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This wikiHow will teach you how to find out who’s birthday it is on Snapchat by looking at your friend list. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to someone’s birthday in advance, as the special birthday cake emoji won’t appear until the person’s actual birth date.

Save Yourself From Embarrassment

How To Find Someoneâs Birthday on Snapchat? (2 Ways!)

As mentioned, there are three main reasons to find birthday information. In connection to those, its understandable you would not want to directly ask a person. Also, it might offend the person or hurt their feelings.

The most effective and convenient way to find out someones birthday without asking them is to do a birthday search or a birthdate lookup. This refers to running a birthday lookup by conducting a person search or a background check through a reliable third-party search engine. One such search engine is Kiwi Searches. When conducting a person search on Kiwi Searches, you will find out a persons birthday and other data. The person will not be notified of the search so they will never know you did a birthday search.

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How To Find Out Someones Birthday Birthday Lookup In 2022

Do you want to know how to find out someones birthday and do a DOB Search? Then you have come to the right place. We offer the most useful birthday search information online today.

There are several reasons why you may need this for you may have recently met the person and you want to surprise them with a birthday gift, surprise party, simply wish them a happy birthday or its a friend or relative whose birthday you have forgotten or have never known but its too late to ask them now.

Well, there are several ways to find someones birthday. In this guide I will share the most effective methods only.

Trick The Person To Showing Their Id Or License

This might seem like a far fetched idea but you would be surpised how well it actually works. All you have to do is provide some context to the tickery. For example, tell a story of how much you hate your ID picture. Pull it out and start talking about how the picture looks. Chances are they will pull out their to compare and share in the conversation. See how to find someones birthday using their drivers license

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How To Trick Someone Into Telling You Their Birthday

If you know how to play well with words, you dont need anything or anyone to know about a persons birthday.

Using some conversation techniques, you can easily get that person to indirectly tell you their birthday, while they will be completely unaware of your true intention.

For instance, lets assume you and that person are having a normal conversation. Slowly you move your conversation to something related to birthdays and ask them if they share their birthday with some famous personality.

If theres actually some famous person whos their birthday buddy, then they are gonna be more than happy to tell you about that.

Now all you need to do is search for the birthday of that celebrity when they are not around.

There are endless possibilities to start a birthday-related conversation and trick someone into telling you their birthday without them getting suspicious.

How To See Someones Birthday On Instagram

70 Love Birthday Messages To Wish That Special Someone

Theres no specific way to to find someones birthday on it. However, there are some tricks that you can pull off to know someones birthday on Instagram.

Checking Out Bio

Some people like to mention their dob right inside their Instagram bio. So maybe the person whose birth date you want to know might have also done the same.

And its really easy to check the Instagram bio.

1. Use the search option to find out their Instagram profile by typing their correct Instagram username. If you dont know their username, just type their name and look for the suggestions given on Instagram. Find them from your follower or following list if either you follow them or they follow you.

2. Open their profile when you find them on Instagram. Here you can clearly see their bio on the profile page and see if they have mentioned anything about their birthday in their bio.

The best part about this method is that to find out someones birthday on Instagram, you dont have to follow them. Even if they have chosen to keep their profile private, then also its possible to look at their bio.

Use Tagged Posts To Check Someones Birthday On Instagram

This method has more chances of finding someones DOB than the one I have discussed above.

People often tag the birthday boy/girl on their special day and you just need to scroll down the posts on which they were tagged.

But this hack is only helpful to you if you follow that person on Instagram. So if you do follow them, continue reading this hack.

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