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How To Send Automated Birthday Emails From Outlook

Automated Email Sending Integrated With All Our Email Marketing Tools

How to send Automatic Birthday / Anniversary Email to Employees using Power Automate (MS Flow)

Automate the sending of eCards, email newsletters, email notices, online invitations and surveys to meet your needs and match your schedule.

  • Automated email campaigns pre-schedule your emails to be sent on a specific date
  • Automate birthday and anniversary email campaigns send annual birthday cards and employee work anniversary cards on their special day
  • Custom interval email automation You pick how many days between each send. Perfect for email newsletters, sales flyers, reminders and more!
  • Recurring holiday automation pre-design your messages, assign an email list of contacts, and our system does the rest.

Create multiple email templates for each automated email campaign, choose to send them in a particular order or at random, set the schedule, and assign an email list of contacts. We’ll send your emails, track open rates and enable you to easily follow up with your contacts.

What Types Of Emails Can Be Sent Using Your Email Automation Tools

We offer four types of automated email campaigns to accommodate most people’s email marketing needs. If you select ‘Birthday’ or ‘Anniversary,’ an email will be sent to a contact on the birth date, anniversary date or ‘start date’ specified in your address book. If you select ‘Holiday,’ your email will be sent on the holiday you choose, or up to 7 days prior to the holiday. If you select ‘Interval,’ your emails will start on a date you designate, and then send again on the interval you choose: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 times a year. You can also enter any number of days as your interval, for even more flexibility.

How To Auto Send A Greeting Message To A Contact When His Birthday Is Today

If you hope that Outlook can automatically send a greeting message to the contact when his birthday is today, you can use the method introduced in this article.

Many users are accustomed to sending greeting messages to the contacts on their birthdays. Without any doubts, if you check the contacts birthdays and send the greeting emails manually, it will be a very tedious task. Therefore, why dont you let Outlook automatically do it for you? Although Outlook doesnt provide such a native feature, you still can generate it with VBA. Therefore, in the followings, we will expose the elaborate steps and VBA codes to you.

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How To Send Birthday Emails That Actually Make Customers Happy

Everybody knows what birthday emails are. A birthday email is an email you get on your birthday. Simple.

But what you may not know is that birthday emails perform impressively well in email marketing:

  • Birthday emails get 481% higher transaction rates than other promotional emails.
  • Birthday emails generate 342% more revenue than promotional emails.
  • And birthday emails get 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails.

So birthday emails deliver solid email marketing performance. There are two factors that influence birthday email performance:

  • Birthdays offer an organic reason to reach out to customers. People send birthday emails to their friends and family. So customers are accustomed to getting happy birthday emails. Actually, customers expect birthday emails. And, they like it. Who doesnât enjoy happy birthday wishes and gifts?
  • Birth dates are consistent and predictable. This makes birthday emails one of the easiest marketing emails to automate. So you never miss the conversion opportunity.
  • But there are reasons you should send birthday emails, aside from being easy to send without irritating anyone. Hereâs why you should send birthday emails, and how to send birthday emails that convert.

    How To Schedule Your Automated Birthday Email

    How To Automatically Send Customized Birthday Emails With Microsoft ...

    Once you have crafted your birthday email, its ready to be scheduled. Scheduling an automated birthday email means that it will be sent once a year on each contacts birthday.

    In Constant Contact, you can choose to schedule your email on their birthday or up to 14 days before.

    Consider the offer or information youre sending to choose the right timing. If you have an offer that would make sense for them to redeem before their birthday, you might choose as far out as 14 days.

    Many birthday emails are sent on a contacts birth date. So your message may stand out even more by sending before the actual birthdate.

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    Auto Send A Greeting Message To The Contact When His Birthday Is Today

  • At the very outset, launch your Outlook program.
  • Then in the main Outlook window, press Alt + F11 key shortcuts to access Outlook VBA editor.
  • Next you ought to open the ThisOutlookSession project.
  • Subsequently, you need to copy the following VBA codes into this project.
  • After that, you need to sign this code.
  • Later exit the VBA editor.
  • Then you should create a recurring task with a recurring reminder.
    • The task subject should be set to Send Birthday Greeting Mail.
    • Enable a Daily recurrence in the task.
    • Set a reminder for the recurring task
  • After getting such a task, you should proceed to change your Outlook macro settings to ensure digitally signed macros are permitted.
  • From now on, every time the reminder alerts, the macro will run immediately. Outlook will auto send out the greeting mail to the contact whose birthday is today.
  • How To Set Up A Gmail Recurring Email

    Unfortunately, there are no built-in tools in Gmail that allow you to send a periodic emailâat least not in the traditional sense.

    You can create and use templates in Gmail for messages you send frequently, but we’ll go over that in more detail in the next section.

    Using a third-party service to set up a recurring email in Gmail is the best approach. You can use a variety of programmes, but one of the best is Boomerang for Gmail.

    Once installed, compose a message as usual.

    Then, once Boomerang is installed, you may select Send Later, which will appear as a new red button on your Gmail account. You can then choose “Schedule recurring message” from the drop-down menu.

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    Start With Main Python

    Many packages need to be installed and imported. One of the packages is smtplib which allows the program to send an email. datetime is needed to get the current day and month. Using pandas library is necessary and makes it easy to deal with data. By using random the program will choose different letters and GIF images. Import MIMEText that will help with message contents. The library time will avoid making the account disabled and this point will go deeply on it later. Import the list that has been created to save all GIF links.

    ############## IMPORTS ##############
    current_day = =

    Now, making a new variable called new_df that will assign the data of the current day. Making an if statement and check the length of new_df of the current month so if the result is more than zero that means there is a single person or more people having birthdays on the same day and month. Creating a for loop inside the if statement to loop through the code while once or more. Open the letter folder by the code and using random library to select one of the three letters. Reading the file is the next step.

    It is time to replace the with the actual name and assign the email in a new variable. There is an if statement for the previous step to avoid the error if there is a single person on this day or many people. Also, replace with randomly GIF images selected .

    How To Send An Automated Happy Birthday Email

    How To Automatically Send Customized Birthday Emails With Microsoft Excel

    I have a confession I love shoes.

    I love them so much that I once received a handwritten note from a store for buying so many.

    I also love the yearly automated happy birthday email that my favorite shoe store sends.

    It may be automated but it brightens my day and makes me feel special.

    And, it always has a coupon, which I happily use.

    Are you using automated happy birthday emails in your marketing efforts?

    Birthday emails delight your audience, improve loyalty and retention, and generate long-term business results.

    If youre diving into the world of email marketing automation, birthday emails are a great place to start because they are quick and easy to set up.

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    How To Send An Automated Happy Birthday Email To Your Subscribers

    Sending an automated birthday email each year requires you to collect your contacts birthday information.

    One option is to collect the birthday at the beginning of your relationship, right when they subscribe to your list. Simply add the birthday field to any sign-up forms you use. Remember to keep your form as short as possible so people are more likely to complete the information.

    Offering a birthday coupon or gift can be a great way to entice people to join your list in the first place. Let them know that theyll be added to your regular email list and the value theyll receive from those emails.

    If you have existing contacts, but not their birthday, ask them to update their profile with you. Every email you send includes an update profile link in the footer. Direct your subscribers to click the link and complete the form.

    I recommend creating an email that solely focuses on asking subscribers to update their information with you. That way they wont be distracted by any other information or offers.

    Also, let people know why youre asking them to update their profile. You might say something such as Wed like to send you a special gift on your birthday. Please update your profile with us.

    See the email example below. Notice how simple and focused it is to direct people to click the update profile link.

    Be sure to customize the update profile form with the birthday field. Again, only ask for the information thats absolutely necessary.

    Think About When You Automate Birthday Emails To Send

    The majority of birthday email marketing campaigns are sent on the customers actual birthday with the vast majority of the rest being sent before their birthday.

    While exactly when you automate your birthday campaign to send is up to you, make sure the contents of the email matches.

    If youre going to send it before their actual birthday, dont say Happy Birthday, or worse, Today Is Your Birthday!. Instead youll want to go with something along the lines of Its Nearly Your Birthday or Your Birthday Is Just Around The Corner.

    There may also be cultural considerations around wishing people a happy birthday before or after their actual birthday. For example, in Germany its rude to wish someone a happy birthday early.

    Sending multiple birthday emails

    Instead of just sending a single birthday email, you may want to consider creating a proper birthday campaign with multiple emails.

    The most common way to do this is by setting up a reminder email to send a week or so later if your customer hasnt made a purchase since receiving the first birthday email. Like in the example below from Aveda.

    The other strategy is to send a happy birthday month email before your customers actual birthday like Nike does.

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    Get More Replies With Auto Follow

    Using this birthday email technique paired with automatic follow-up emails will get you even more responses to your birthday emails. In this example, setting just a Stage 1 auto follow-up will increase reply rates.

    Adding auto follow-ups to birthday emails is a powerful way to maximize your response rate.

    Calculate The Contact’s Age

    Birthday Wishes Email Template

    You can calculate the contact’s age and add it to the message or subject. )

    This requires you have the correct birth year in contacts.

    age = DateDiff  objMsg.To = oContact.Email1Address  objMsg.Subject = "Happy "&  age & " Birthday"  objMsg.Body = "Hope your day is a happy one! May you enjoy the next "&  age & " years as much as the last "&  age & "!"

    To convert the date to ordinal format , after you get the age, use select case to convert it to the ordinal format, then use it in the subject or body code.

    Select Case CLng)Case 1OrdinalAge = age & "st"Case 2OrdinalAge = age & "nd"Case 3OrdinalAge = age & "rd"Case ElseOrdinalAge = age & "th"End Select

    To account for the 3 that are different… check if 11, 12, or 13:

    Select Case CLng)Case 11, 12, 13OrdinalAge = age & "th"End Select

    Put together, it looks like this and replaces the code block in the macro that begins and ends with the same lines.

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    Create And Design Your Birthday Email Template

    When it comes to designing a great birthday email, its ok to have some fun.

    Incorporate your branding, but also add in some celebratory elements to spice things up a bit.

    Constant Contact offers easily customizable birthday templates to kickstart your birthday message. Start with a happy birthday email template and modify it to suit your needs.

    Add a supporting image to catch your subscribers attention. You can upload your own imagery or choose from a variety of playful designs in the stock image gallery directly in Constant Contact.

    Want something a little fancier? Try adding a birthday video or animated GIF that adds movement to catch the eye of your subscriber.

    The Importance Of Birthday Email Campaigns

    Birthday email campaigns may take a backseat to more essential automations like your welcome series, abandoned carts, and post-purchase campaigns, but theyre still one of the most effective campaigns you can set up.

    Compared to regular promotional campaigns, birthday campaigns result in a 481% higher transaction rate, generate 342% more revenue per email, and have a 179% higher unique click rate.

    But its not just the immediate results these campaigns generate that are important.

    Receiving a happy birthday email, even if its just an automated one from a retailer, is a positive experience that shows youre valued as a customer.

    This strengthens the relationship between your brand and your customers which will help generate additional sales throughout the year.

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    If Someone On My Automated Email Sending List Leaves The Company Or Unsubscribes What Happens

    You can remove a contact from your address book, which will remove them from any email marketing automation groups they were assigned to. Alternately, you can remove a contact from an automated email campaign without affecting their contact information or history in your CorpNote address book. If someone unsubscribes from your email list, then the contact will be marked in your address book in red and you will no longer be able to send an email to that contact through CorpNote.

    When It’s Time Put A Stop To It

    How to Automate Birthday Emails With MS Power Automate

    The majority of techniques for creating a repeating email allow you to choose a”end time” for the repetition.

    For example, you can schedule an email to be sent out once a week for the next six months. Use this option if you have it, and set a reminder to review the email’s utility when the time comes.

    This way, you won’t have to deal with a meaningless repeated email for the rest of your life.

    Proofreading your emails is usually good etiquette, but it’s especially crucial with regular communications.

    This is a message that will be shown many times, and you may not have the chance to review and correct it afterwards double-check it before scheduling it.

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    How To Send Automatic Emails & Follow

    Sending an automated campaign with auto follow-up emails has proven to increase the success rate of campaigns. Unfortunately, this is not possible from Outlook. For such a campaign, you will have to use email automation software like SalesHandy. Its powerful feature of sending personalized emails with Auto Follow-ups drives excellent success to your campaign.

    Heres a detailed guide to send automatic emails using your Outlook Account:

    Step 1: Add your Outlook account with SalesHandy

  • Sign-Up with SalesHandy by clicking on Sign up with Microsoft.
  • 2. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Open Authorization website. Add your Outlook Email address and Outlook Password in the respective text fields.

    3. You will be redirected to SalesHandy Dashboard and you are all set to start your first email campaign.

    Step 2: Select the Email Campaign option from the SalesHandy feature panel and click on the New Campaign option.

    Step 3: Set up your campaign. Follow the steps mentioned in the image below:

    After uploading the CSV, if you want you can verify and clean the email list to ensure a lower bounce rate using SalesHandy itself.

    Keep the Outlook account selected and by default Send as Reply will be checked which is recommended if you want your follow-up emails to work.

    Step 4: Add CC or BCC

    Step 5: For the next step, you have to set up your campaign by coming up with an actionable subject line and a perfect message to send to your prospects.

    Check All Contacts For Upcoming Birthdays

    This version of the code checks the selected contacts folder for upcoming birthdays and prepares a Happy Birthday message, to be sent the morning of their birthday.

    To use, select a contacts folder and run the macro. If you only have one contacts folder or only want to use it on the default folder, uncomment this line that uses the default folder: Set objFolder = objOL.Session.GetDefaultFolder.

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    Run The Code On The Cloud By Free

    The program is working but there is an issue that is opening the code and run the code every day. Therefore, running the program on the cloud is the easiest way. So, start making a new account with pythonanywhere. Making the letters and GIF images directories and they must be named as the python program. Uploading all related files to the cloud.


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