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Find Someone By Birthday And Name

Make The Decision And Stick To It

How to find someone’s birthday using DOB search

Surprise parties are often polarizing, with people either loving or hating them. If youre on the fence, ask someone who would know the best . If youd like to understand better, approach the guest of honor and tell them about a recent surprise party you went to, paying attention to their reaction. If in doubt, make a decision and stick with it.

Invite Them Out Where Theyll Get Carded

Although this method wont always work for all ages, its a reliable method for anyone in their teens or early twenties. Consider going anywhere that government identification is likely required bars, restaurants, clubs, or liquor stores are all useful in these situations. When the individual gets out their drivers license, ask to see their photo or whether their ID contains the same markings as your older version. Thankfully, the birthday is right on the drivers license for you to peek at.

Alternatively, you could always do the same for college IDs or passports if youre not old enough to drink or hold government identification. Although booking a trip may be expensive to uncover someones birthday, its a relatively simple maneuver to swap photos and giggle at how terrible they are simply.

Northern Ireland Birth Records

If you have an interest in genealogy and finding out more about your family history, we recommending accessing birth records in Northern Ireland. This is going to provide you with more details on a person, as well as their parents. For example, you can find out their name and surname, with the date and place of birth. The sex of the person is listed, plus the name and surname of the father, as well as his dwelling place. The name, surname, and maiden surname of the mother is recorded, as well as the fathers rank or profession. You will be able to find out when and where the birth was registered too.

All births in Northern Ireland after 1864 are held by the General Register Office Northern Ireland, which you may see abbreviated to GRONI. Parish records may have to be consulted for births before 1864. For genealogical purposes, using an online search directory can be beneficial. It can allow you to find out the information you need without having to request Northern Ireland birth records.

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Book A Location For The Event

Choose a location that is discreet but not out of the ordinary for the guest of honor. Youll want to set up for the party, but not somewhere the guest of honor will accidentally visit while setup is happening. Look for locations with multiple parking options, including entrances and exits on different sides of the building. Likewise, stick with locations near their physical residence .

Start Talking About Celebrities Or Famous People

Birthday Wishes With Name

As a conversation starter, celebrity culture is a fantastic way to get people talking. To get started, talk about any favorite celebrities or heroes you have. Then, guide the conversation into discussing their ages and birthdays. Try asking your friend if they have any shared birthdays with famous people, mentally remembering the answer to investigate later on. Alternatively, start a quick game of 20 questions to get the answers youre looking for without seeming to be probing for information.

The idea with these questions or conversations is to get them to tell you their birthday indirectly. Alternatively, consider other creative questions to get someone talking about themselves and sharing details that might give you clues without asking specifically.

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Learn More About General People Search

To be honest there arent so many sites that offer a reverse birthday search online. Most will just offer you a straight forward people search. This is why you need to have more information about the person than just the birth date. However way you got hold of the birthday, you could possibly try to source some more information.

So when you get the results from the general people searches, you can then use the birthday listed there to make sure that it is indeed the person you are trying to locate or find more information about. This is because typically there are many people who share the same name, so you can turn the birthday details into an exclusive filter.

There are various articles on this site that will help enhance your search and also help you on your way to learning how to find someone by name and birthdate free of charge. You can go to for a proper introduction into totally people searching, which will eventually lead you to learn to find people by date of birth and eventually both name and DOB.

Use A Dedicated People Search Engine

The easiest way to find information on almost anyone online is to use a dedicated people search engine. They offer a much better option as they search the deep web and source information from peoples social media profiles across the entire web.

Below are 3 people search engines we would like to recommend. All of them allow you to conduct searches secretly and legally.

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Look Through The Internet Search Associated Pages And Websites

Today, the internet has become a free for all store of information. People only need to search for your name on Google, and tons of information about you pops up. Many people have personal websites or blogs that either show their date of birth or bear a photo of one of their birthdays. Participation in random activities like career and academic outings, webinars, seminars, online events, competitions, etc., are all avenues through which peoples data, including date of birth, is often collected in databases that often make their way to the internet. While some of the information available online may not give you the precise date of birth of the individual, it is sure to provide approximate information or further clues on how to find out someones birthday without asking them.

Find Other Additional Information That Can Help

How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin

One mistake many people make when trying to find someone by the last name is that they tend to want to Find the Person rather than think about getting more information about the person in question. Its quite simple: When making a first name search, the aim should be to get as much information as possible about the person. Every information you get will hinge you closer to the answer. Stop spending hours on Facebook search. Widen your search angle both online and offline, and you might just be lucky enough to find the needle in that haystack. You can use the persons first name to get information about where the person probably lived. A few phone calls to the persons acquaintances, former resident neighbors, or former workplace will undoubtedly be insightful. Where did you meet this person? On a WhatsApp group, or are they a long-lost family member? Was the person ever a part of a club? What high school did they attend? What college did they attend? Are they a doctor or a lawyer or a mechanic? Questions like these will help you channel your resources to the right places or persons that may have helpful information like the persons new workplace, date of birth, job, middle name, pseudonym, and other records.

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Use Google People Search

Well your first option is trying to type the name and birth date of the person you are trying to look up. For example Betty Johnson 10 October 1980.

As you can see on the image, Google returned some results and the example here shows that the first one is not from 1980. Before you get shocked by the fact that this particular Betty has passed you click the must include 1980 because this one is not the one you are looking for.

If we force Google to include 1980 in the search results we get one who died in 1980. I tried to force google to find a page with the information as shown below with parentheses.

Evidently Google is not able to help with this search so we can move on to other options. But before you give up, try using different forms in the date e.g. 10/10/1980 or 10/10/80 or dashes or swap the information around.

Find Someone’s Birthday By Name

Birthday card, Birthday girl, Birthday wishes, Birthday movie

Find Someone’s Birthday By Name. Just enter either the name or phone number on the form below and we will fetch the most accurate current address associated with the person. Intelius can help you find past and present addresses, aliases they may go by, phone numbers, and other contact information.

Below are the quick links to directly go to different ways to find someones birthday: Simply open any background report in truthfinder to scope out a birthday. Youve discovered their birthday without having to ask!

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How Information From Birth Records Can Help Research

Once you have a birth date, you can look for a newspaper announcement that could lead to more information about the family. Knowing the birth place can help to locate the family and lead to additional records, such as land records, and city directories. The birth record may also contain the maiden name of the mother and the parents’ and child’s complete names. Some birth records also have the name of the hospital and doctor or attendant. In some instances, the birth record may also contain the family’s religious affiliation.

Free People Search Sites

How to Make Happy Birthday Card for Someone Special Easily

100% Free Canada people search: People search sites often use free as click bait for paid services in Canada. Case in point: Searching a common name on a site lists just 4 matches of people, the last 4 digits xd out, no age very limited search surrounded by more click bait leading to a paid people-search service which promises to deliver full name, age, location, date of birth, numbers and relatives for 95c*.

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How To Find Someones Birthday On Facebook

Facebook is a better option than any other social media platform for revealing personal information be it their schooling, graduation, relationship status, or birthday.

And there are very few chances that the person has not added their birthday on Facebook.

1. Open the profile of the person whose birthday you wanna know.

2. Tap on the See users name About Info to check the persons birthday.

3. Here you can easily look up the birth date of that person inside Basic info.

Some people dont reveal their basic information like schooling, hometown, and birthday on Facebook.

In that case, you can find someones birthday on Facebook by looking at their photos. They must have uploaded a photo to Facebook on their birthday.

You can easily get to know that the photo was posted on the occasion of the birthday by reading the caption. This can be done manually and you dont need any .

Offline People Search In Canada

Just the same way that direct marketers are able to obtain peoples contacts, Canadians can find public info on people with some restriction. Government agencies, attorneys, private investigators and law enforcement have greater access to personal data.

Documents are produced when people are born, acquire a drivers license, marry, buy a house, or file a lawsuit. These and more are either certified or recorded somewhere, making access to the organization holding records, equal to finding about people of interest.

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Investigate Their Birthday With A Google Or Duckduckgo Search

If your friend works online or has a social media presence, DuckDuckGo or Google may tell you everything you need to know. The probability of pulling results will rely on their digital footprint, especially if their information is listed on a company website. Type the name requested name and birthday into Google or another popular search engine and see what comes up. Occasionally, links to public records will appear, including social media accounts, personal websites, or date of birth, as pulled by the search engine from publicly accessible information.

Tips: An Android Phone Monitoring Tool To Remotely Check Someone’s Birthday And Messages

How to Create a Birthday Song With Name

KidsGuard Pro for Android is a Parental control app that can be used for many purposes. So if you are thinking about how to find someones birthday online, you can use KidsGuard Pro.

You can check out a person’s date of birth through this app by seeing their messages. There almost one or two people to whom we tell about our birthday, so by visiting messages you can easily find out on which date is a person’s birthday.

And if a person has blocked you on all social media accounts and you are still curious about their birthday, then you can use this app and stalk their own Facebook or Snapchat’s profile and do a birthday lookup.

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Use Social Media To Find Someone By Name And Dob

Do you know that there are nearly 3 billion people using social media globally. This basically means the number of people who have most likely shared their personal details publicly.

It is true that social media allows people to hide certain information and sites like Facebook have been accused of Privacy abuse but the fact is, if you are serious about trying to find a person then 100% free people finder sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram offer the best chance for you to do that free of charge.

The difference on social media is that you may need to search using the name and then going through the returned results. Go to about of the person and then see if they have their birthdate listed there and then see if it matches the one you have.

Facebook does provide its users with way to hide their date of birth from the public or to show it to specific people so there is a chance you will not be able to confirm if the person returned in the results is the actual one you are looking for unless of course you have other details about them other than just the birth date.

How To Discover A Person’s Birthday

How Can I Find Someone’s Birthday?1. Search for their social media profiles2. Ask them directly3. Use a people search enginepeople searchGolookup4. Use search engines5. Ask the people in their livesHow to Get Someone the Perfect Gift?Make a listBe a little sneakyFind out about their passionsAsk directlyConsider DIY or customized options

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Search For A Person Using An Image: Another Way To Find A Person By A First Name

  • Upload the image into the websites search portal
  • Please note that most of these image recognition portals are not sophisticated hence your results may not be accurate. Also, the accuracy of the result depends on the websites the image exists within therefore, reverse lookup can give additional information like birthdate, full name, and profession. An image search being utilized for a person search when trying to find someone if you only have a first name is quite helpful.

    How To Search People For Free On The Internet

    Pin on travie tv tafio test personal radio tv

    The internet is essentially a giant database, overflowing with data points about individuals. Today, its hard to find anyone who hasnt commented on a blog entry, made a post in an online forum, or registered at Facebook or Flickr.

    Different sites use this information in different ways. While the following 13 sites can be used to find people online, they may draw the data from different sources. As a result, there may be some differences between the results.

    Before starting, learn a few details about the person. Start with their birthday or the state they live in. Once you have those details, the volume of information you can find online about a person is amazing. In fact, it can sometimes prove overwhelming.

    When searching for people online, be sure to use multiple people search engines for the best results.

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    Figuring Out The Defendants Name

    When you fill out and file your claim, you must have the EXACT name of the person or company you are suing . If you do not use the correct name, you may not be able to collect any money if you win. You need to put the defendants name on the papers that you file with the court.

    In general, if you are:

    • Suing a person: Write the persons first name and last name . If the person has used different names, you can list each of them as an aka . For example, if the person you are suing signed a contract as John Doe, but you know he goes by the name of John Roe at work, you can sue him as John Doe aka John Roe.
    • Suing husband and wife: Write both their full names.
    • For example: James Jones and Sally Jones.
  • Suing domestic partners: Write both their full names.
  • For example: Jane Jones and Sally Jones.
  • Suing a business owned by 1 person: Write the owners name and the businesss name. Name the owner as an individual to have a better chance of collecting if you win.
  • For example, write: Sally Smith, individually and dba Continental Candies, and Continental Candies, a proprietorship.
  • You can check the county records for the fictitious name filing for the business to see exactly how the owners name appears. This way you can make sure you have the correct name of the individual owner on the complaint when you sue.
  • Suing a partnership: Name the partnership and the partners individually too.
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