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What To Do For 12 Year Old Birthday Girl

Birthday Party Ideas For 12


Now that you understand the significance of the 12th birthday, find unique ideas to make your childs 12th birthday memorable and special. Since your child is starting to hit their teen, the birthday ideas you choose should be super-charged. Here are some awesome birthday party ideas for 12-year-olds to inspire you.

The Original End Of The Holiday

This day full of events, smiles, and impressions is coming to an end. It can be completed by presenting a gift to both the birthday boy and all his friends.

Your child will be pleased with the attention you give to him and his comrades. At the end of the holiday, you can hold a pleasant and in every sense a fun competition.

Put the birthday boy on a chair, at this time stand behind him with a bag in which gifts will lie, feel like a kind of Grandfather Frost. You take out the gift and ask the hero of the occasion the question: To whom? The birthday boy calls the name of any person present at the holiday, to whom the present is presented.

For the hero of the occasion itself, give out a bunch of keys from the chest you have stored, in which there will be a gift rightfully due to your beloved child. To applause and loud shouts: Congratulations! the birthday boy opens a chest, inside of which, of course, is exactly what he has dreamed of for so long.

Message Guy Tip: How To Choose 12th Birthday Wishes

Want to check out a few helpful hints on how to pick birthday wishes for 12 year olds? Just take a quick look at my tips for choosing 10th birthday messages, which are equally as good for selecting 12th birthday greetings since kids aged 10 and 12 are tweens who speak the same language: tweenspeak.

Twelve cheers for you! You’re 12 today and, better yet, for the next 365 days too. Enjoy every second of this special age.

Now that you’re 12, you’re cool enough to make Old Man Winter and Jack Frost super envious! Happy 12th birthday to the coolest kid I know!

Happy 12th birthday. Someone special like you should have more than one special day every 12 months…so let’s make every day of your year as a 12 year old special.

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Jbl Flip 4 Waterproof Speaker

Best Gift For Your Water Baby

If your girl loves water sports or simply spending days at the beach or local pool with her friends, this is a must.

These waterproof speakers come in several fun colors and are so tough, they can handle some accidental dropping and being tossed carelessly in bags. They can connect to tablets or smartphones. With up to 12 hours of playtime, this speaker will be plenty strong enough to survive an all-day girl-fest.

Not loud enough for your daughters backyard bash? Get a few of them they can link together to really get things pumping.

Passport To Culture Game

Best Gifts and Toys for 12 Year Old Girls

Aspiring Globetrotters Unite

This is a unique travel game that takes players all over the world, teaching them about different cultures. The questions involve people, greetings, food, drinks, customs, culture, and traditions.

Challenge your 12-year-olds cultural intelligence with 636 questions and 48 culture scenarios. Each question will teach her something new or reinforce something she already knows.

Arts & Crafts

Art encourages self-expression, improves memory, and promotes innovation and flexibility. And, equally important, it enhances their decision-making skills.

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The Best Gifts For 12

At Tween to Teen we stock the most unique and diverse selection of of gifts for 12-year-old girls. While they are no longer little girls, we know that gifts for girls aged 12 don’t have to be all about make-up and jewellery just yet. They still like the cute and quirky items like décor pieces for their desk or bedside table, or one of the more challenging DIY craft or STEM kits is sure to make a well received present for a 12-year-old girl.

Year Old Boy Birthday Cake Ideas

If he likes sports, you could make a simple cake with a small football, basketball and baseball with bat . Boys who love dinosaurs will definitely love this birthday cake covered in fondant dinosaurs and friends.

Cool Birthday Cakes Colorful Happy Birthday Cake Idea Geburtstag Kuchen Dekorieren Maedchen Kuchen Geburtstagskuchen Kinder

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Th Birthday Ideas: Go To An Amusement Park

From roller coasters to water slides, games, and fair food, amusement parks are filled with exciting, fun activities that will make your 16th birthday unforgettable. Find an amusement park thats worthy of your sixteenth birthday celebration. Gather friends and family and enjoy turning 16 at a place designed for fun.

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Make It Real Juicy Couture Fruit Obsessions Bracelets

I Got A New Piercing (and front bangs) for My Birthday!

If your 12-year-old loves arts and crafts and fashion, this is the gift for her. The kit has everything you need to make 10 charm bracelets including beads, bangles, chains, threads, instructions and more. The bracelets are fruit themed and come in vibrant colors. Oh, and did we mention they are Juicy Couture? This is a sure sign that they will be super trendy fashion pick. You get all this while teaching her real-world skills by developing her dexterity and creativity.

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Pamper Pals Birthday Party

Image source:

Turn your childs 12th birthday party into a spa day. Fortunately, you dont have to take your guests to an expensive spa. You can just do it at home and still keep your guests entertained. But if youre doing it at home, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, including nail polish, foot ass, white fluffy robes, face masks, etc.

Alternatively, you can just hire a nail polish artist to paint your guests fingers and toenails, and a hairdresser to do hairstyling. Afterward, let your guests out with pampering products to decorate each others faces. Create a sense of a real-life spa by supplying your guests with smoothies and snacks.

Projector Popcorn And Pizzas

What can be a more awesome combination of these 3 Ps for any kid? The idea is very simple, you have to organize a place for the kids where they can watch their favorite movie on the big screen with a projector.

While for the movie you can arrange for popcorn and pizzas. Let your kid be the king for the day, it will surely make his day.

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Smores And Hot Cocoa Bonfire Party

The great thing about teen birthday parties is that they dont have to be perfect to be amazing. A simple, yet fun idea for guys or girls is a smores and hot cocoa backyard party. Its not too stuffy or over the top . A few ideas:

  • Make it cozy: Offer a few soft blankets for guests to wrap around their shoulders if it gets chilly.
  • Offer all the fixings for amazing hot cocoa: Chocolate chips, peppermint, whipped cream and caramel bits are all great add-ins for amazing hot cocoa.
  • Let guests make their own toasted marshmallows and smores.
  • Add mood lighting: A few well-placed lanterns can add ambiance and mood lighting to enhance the party atmosphere.
  • Food ideas: Keep things casual by serving easy finger foods/appetizers that teens love. Pizza, potato skins, hot mac n cheese in mugs, and a variety of chips and snacks will keep them happy!
Image Credit + More Ideas: Todays Creative Life

Don’t Stop Looking For The Messagemore Great 12th Birthday Wishes Are Below

Best Gifts for 12

Happy 12th birthday. Turning 12 is a rockin’ age, so get your friends together, dance, jump, sing, shake, rock, rattle and roll your special day away.

Happy 12th birthday, young man! You’ve made me fantastically happy since the day you were born. Today, I plan to make your special day just as fantastic and happy.

You only turn 12 once in a lifetime, so make this special day a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of your one and only 12th birthday.

Top of 12th Birthday Wishes

Birthdays, like shooting stars, are a spectacular moment in time, make your wishes come true and, in the blink of an eye, are gone. Enjoy every moment of your 12th birthday.

Birthdays are so wonderfully special, especially when they result in someone as wonderfully special as you. Happy 12th birthday.

I hope your 12th birthday is so special that you remember every wonderful moment of it until your next one.

Hope your birthday is at least 12 times better than you expected. You deserve it. Happy 12th birthday!

Happy 12th birthday! You’re so special that your birthday ought to be a national holiday. I bet all your friends would think so too if they got a day off school to celebrate your birthday with you.

Happy 12th birthday! The older you get, the more I love celebrating your birthday. That’s because I love you more every day!

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Year Old Birthday Quotes For Your Pre Teen

Inside: 12 Year Old Birthday Quotes for Your Pre Teen

So now you have a pre-teen on your hands, congratulations! Celebrating the 12th birthday is a big deal, its their last year of childhood so you HAVE to do it up right. Right? The big 1-2 deserves the happiest of wishes and extra servings of cake for sure! So grab the snacks, invite all their friends, and celebrate with these 12-year-old birthday quotes!

One of our favorite 12-year-old birthday party ideas is a fun movie night with all their friends. Imagine a night filled with popcorn, treats, and the greatest movies ever made!

Remote Control Night Light

What could be a cuter night light than a glow-in-the-dark whale? This cute light has three levels of brightness and 16 different colors to choose from. She is made of soft, BPA-free silicone so she can be hugged and squished and will pop right back into shape. The light has a remote control and runs on a USB rechargeable, built-in battery.

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Handmade Mermaid Tail Blanket

What girl doesnt love being cozy and stylish? This mermaid tail blanket will let her do both. Its designed to fit all kids and adult sizes are available as well. Its crocheted by hand and made of soft cotton and acrylic fibers that are eco-friendly and guaranteed not to irritate even the most sensitive skin. Its hand washable and can also be put in a laundry bag to machine wash. Its convenient opening makes it easy to get into and out of and its adorable look is sure to make it a favorite for movie night, sleepovers and more.

Plush Rabbit Eye Mask Cute Sleeping Eye Cover


Every 12-year-old needs their beauty sleep and this plush rabbit eye mask will be just the thing when it comes to making sure they get the quality sleep they need to wake up relaxed and refreshed. Its plush material is soft and comfortable ensuring it wont irritate even the most sensitive of skin. It is great at blocking out streetlights or sunlight helping you relax so you can get a good nights sleep. And the adorable bunny rabbit pattern will make it a favorite with your tween.

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Create Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Fun Anyone?

With this creepy science kit, you can create your own zombie apocalypse planter. Each item resembles a zombie related detail, such as brains, eyeballs, or zombie plants.

The kit includes everything you need to make your own zombie themed terrarium. All you need to do is add water! She can enjoy planting the ghoulish seeds, tending the garden, watering the soil, and watching the zombie plants grow.

It even has a large viewing pane, so she can watch the plants grow without being at risk of the house of horrors!

You Could Have A Sagittarius Themed Party Celebrating That Special Sagittarian In Your Life

. Whether you need party favors, activities, or themes, weve thought of it all to ensure this birthday is full of december spirit for all age groups. The birthday of a son or daughter is a special holiday that all parents strive to make memorable, magical, incendiary, bright, and want to fill it with a firework of positive emotions! These are toddler activities that are perfect for toddlers that are 2 years old.

We always celebrate his birthday with mom, dad, and sisters on the day but save a fun filled family party for the summer. Activities for 2 year olds. Published on nov 04, 2021.

Maybe go with a theme? See more ideas about december birthday parties, winter onederland birthday, winter onederland party. Jumping up and down in a soft, colorful structure for an hour straight?

And let him pick a bakery cake for his summer party. He loves having two birthdays along with 2 cakes every year. My sons birthday is dec.

Pandemic birthday ideas can be a lot of fun, with virtual pandemic birthday ideas with friends and fam! Here are great birthday party ideas during covid. The best teenage birthday party ideas:

Then, paint the boxes in different colors. I have the same issue as all my kids are winter babies and we have to worry about rain. Just put out a few toys popular with kids that age.

Indoor bounce place, chuck e cheese , gymnastics place, gymboree, etc.

Pin On Lincoln

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Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy

Half of the fun of these LOL surprise toys is unwrapping them. Your tween will love unwrapping the multiple layers to reveal the doll inside it as well as the hours of fun she has playing with the doll itself. The set includes a doll and lil sister complete with clothing and accessories, 6 pearl surprise dolls and a shell shaped doll stand. The glitter case can double as a purse, storage case, and playset. This is a gift your 12-year-old is sure to treasure for years to come.

Legit Camping Double Hammock

Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls [Gift Ideas for 2020]

If your tween enjoys camping this double hammock will make the perfect gift. Your 12-year-old can say goodbye to bulky sleeping bags and pads. It is lightweight, easy to set up, durable and it provides a relaxing way to enjoy camping in style. With a 400 lb. capacity, the hammock is spacious enough for two. And beyond being perfect for camping, it is also great for festivals, the beach or just relaxing at home. It will transform the camping experience making it a must have item you wont want to leave home without.

If you are looking for a gift for your 12-year-old, these are just some of the things you can buy that will put a smile on her face. Which do you think will be best for your tween girl?

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Most Asked For Gifts For A 12 Year Old Girl

Clothes and Shoes

They love getting clothes but thread carefully, the chances of you getting something she will really, really like are way slimmer than getting something shell hate .

If youre in tune with her style, than by all means do buy her clothes, if not its best to go with a gift card for one of her favorite stores with clothes.

Jewelry and acessories

Most girls wear jewlerry of some sorts, be it an adorable charm bracelet or a netted wrist band.

Scarf, handbags, pins All of these make fun gifts just be in tune with her style.

Body care products, perfume, make up, hair products

This is another fairly safe idea to give as gifts for a 12 year old girl.Make Up and if she wears it

  • nail polishes

A good book if she likes to read

Books make wonderful gifts, especially if the person likes to read!

As a reference here are some of the books that are currently trending among tween

  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  • Percy Jackson and The Olympians Rick Riordan and John Rocco
  • Paper Towns by John Green

For the movie loving girl

  • DVDs
  • tickets to the movie the whole family can see
  • movie memorabilia posters from the movies that are currently in, themed jewellery, room decor, books.

Something for 12 year olds who love music

Every year music is more and more important to them by now they pretty much know what the love .

For the Creative Mind

For the Sport Loving Teen

  • a brand new ball
  • cool looking water bottle to keep them hydrated

For the Environmentalist

Coupons To Buy Candies

When I was a kid I used to imagine that I had a big place which had some kind of locker. That place was full of candies and I use to have it like millions of dollar as you might have seen MR. Scrooge is having in the Duck Tales if you remember. Anyways it was my love for candies.

I am sure your kid also love to have candies anytime and any day. So keeping this in mind I got an idea for the party. The idea is simple but very exciting for the kids.

What you have to do for this is, you have to make some coupons booklet for kids which they can use to have candies. You can give one booklet to each kid at the entrance as a welcome.

These coupons will make them excited for taking candies for every coupon from the booklet. So whenever they want they can use the coupons on the candy counter.

Buy Candies for This Activity

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