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How To See Upcoming Birthdays On Facebook App

You Are Now On The Birthdays Screen

How To See/Find Upcoming Birthdays On Facebook

. What are the best Android apps for photo e-cards Birthday Wedding Events etc How to view upcoming birthdays of your friends on Facebook. Select the Birthdays see upcoming birthdays option that appears at the top. In the app in the upper-right corner tap on the option research Magnifying glass icon.

How To Find Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook App Step-by-step Watch later. Using the search bar type birthdays. Click on More from the home screen or any other screen.

1 Log into your Facebook account and visit your Newsfeed page. You should see a list of birthdays that are today. Some of your Facebook friends having birthday today will be displayed.

How to Find Your Friends Birthdays in the Facebook Mobile App. You can find it on your Home screen or in your App LibraryStep 2 Tap the magnifying glass. Once on their profile click their About Info If theyve enabled their Facebook friends or the public to see their birthday then you should be able to see it.

Facebook Mobile App Home Screen. Go to the profile of the person whose birthday you want to check. After you type the first several letters youll see Birthdays with a green-and.

Tap on the search button in the top right corner of the app and type Birthday in the search box. Its in the upper-right area of the screen. Thereafter you will see the complete list of birthdays including todays birthdays recentpast birthdays and upcoming birthdays on the Facebook mobile app.

How To See Your Friends Birthdays On Facebook

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