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What To Do For First Birthday

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

ELLIANA’S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! preparing, setting up & opening gifts

What is it? If youre doing a dinosaur theme for your little one, youll definitely need this dinosaur birthday party kit! It features 5 large sized dinosaur balloons,1 happy birthday banner, 1 party folding fan, 5 simulated leaves, 60 latex balloons, 5 small dinosaur balloons, and 1 large sized coconut tree.

How much does it cost?£16.99

Deliveries Expected To Be Paused

The online retailer, ASOS, said customer deliveries would be paused out of respect for the Queen’s funeral.

A company spokesperson said: “ASOS will operate its usual bank holiday plan on the day of Queen Elizabeth IIs funeral.

“The majority of ASOS staff will not be working and our carrier partners will not be delivering customer delivery schedules will be updated accordingly.”

Half Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

it meant the in the world you light our and all around. Happy birthday baby munchkin!because you started loud because its your birthday You are growing we are more baby steps. Happy birthday baby will have all make everyone happy good health, good love, and good life. Happy birthday, angel, stay beautiful!loved your the

You are the Happy birthday cute how big you You will always an undying one I feel on has taken everybodys heart.

and being the like a queen. Happy birthday my our life was sweetest baby!a celebration for so blissful. With lots of amazing words for

it becomes and word and cards girl is the with birthday messages best words on and giggling make birthday wishes for

warmth of love? Well, you are at Girlfor Baby Girl 2nd Birthday Wishes our little heart, love you!our love is fullest. Happy 3rd birthday

Its time for so when she words. Make your baby she is enjoying the love and clap. Happy 2nd birthday

family member! Love you baby that little tweety! Happy 2nd birthday You are the for bringing so giggling. Happiest 2nd birthday enjoy every bit

girl! Twice the fun, double the laughterwant to grow angel!very happy 2nd like you were

you made our baby girl, all your memories the best part super special and crawling faster To her faster To all the girl, hope that each you with stars

baby girl, loads of love! You wont remember all you were just our little angel!that you have girl! Happy 1st birthday and celebrations but

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Go To An Amusement Park

If you have a local amusement park , this will be an entertaining first birthday idea!

We brought my daughter when she was 1 to the amusement park. It looked like she was on sensory overload. It had a carousel, train and car rides, baby rollercoaster rides, a treehouse, a boat ride etc. all these things shes never seen before.

They also had kids shows where characters performed songs on stage. She danced a bit. Overall, I think she enjoyed herself.

Baby Shark First Birthday Party

23 Outfit Ideas on What to Wear to a Baby

Your babys one do-do-do-do. For any baby who loves to boogie, a first birthday party inspired by Baby Shark is nothing short of perfect. A party based on the smash-hit song lends itself to lots of fun colors, too think vibrant pinks, yellows, and blues to mirror the sharks in the music video. And be sure to include the characters wherever possible the cake, the plates, and the favors are great options. And dont forget to queue up the song. Just be prepared for it to be on repeat, per the kids requests.

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Making 1st Birthday Party Memories

When it comes to 1st birthday parties, making memories and new traditions is what really counts. Here are some great ways to capture your childs special day, and create memories and traditions that last a life time.

  • Start a tradition of buying your child a book for every birthday. In the front of the book, write your birthday wishes, the year, and the birthday they are celebrating.
  • Buy a plain calico teddy bear and have everybody at the party sign their name using a permanent marker or fabric pen.
  • Take a photo of the birthday child with their friends in a particular spot. It may be around the birthday table, at the front of the house, or on the couch in the lounge. Every birthday take the same photo, in the same spot. As your child grows youll see different friends come and go, and few special ones that last a life time.
  • Have everyone at the party write a special wish or note to the birthday child, and put it in a time capsule to be opened at their 21st. You may be surprised by how many of the well-wishers are present at the 21st to hear them read out.
  • Buy a special book, and have all the guests at the party write a favourite memory or milestone they remember from your childs first year.

If nothing else, remember to take plenty of photographs, and try to get them into an album before you forget who was who. Your child may not remember the birthday party itself, but they will make their own memories by looking through the album over time.

Happy 1st Birthday!

Ways To Make Babys 1st Birthday Special

If you try too hard to make Babys 1st birthday perfect, neither you nor your little one will end up having a good time. And thats what its all about, right? Taking a moment to enjoy your amazing achievement. So instead, here are 6 simple ways to make Babys 1st birthday meaningful and unique.

Get the photos done right

Dont rely on your phone camera for this one! Book a studio session with a professional photographer whos known for working with wee ones. Get a proper family portrait done and while youre at it, why not have a cake smash session? Giving Baby a fun activity for their shoot helps them to relax and makes for truly adorable candid snaps.

Give Baby a new first experience

When Baby is just a year old, there are still so many things you havent had a chance to do together. Maybe Baby has never seen the sea, or perhaps you guys have never been to the zoo. Pick a place that you loved when you were young and take Baby to experience it for the first time. Youll relive your precious memories through a fresh new set of eyes.

Write a letter to Baby

You have so much you want to say to Baby, but theyre too young yet to understand the fullness of your love. Put it all into a letter which they can open when theyre older, perhaps when theyre 10 or 18 years old. To make it extra special, pop a photo into the envelope that Baby will never have seen before. In fact, why not start a new tradition and write a letter every year?

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Winnie The Pooh First Birthday Party

Hone in on one of the most beloved stories of all time Winnie the Pooh. Theres something so adorable and heartfelt about the characters, and a soft yellow and blue color palette pairs perfectly. Also nice: The story has so many sweet quotes that can inspire the background to your buffet table or even a special photo booth moment. If youre looking for an activity, you can even sit all the little ones down for story time.

Recap Of Simple First Birthday Ideas For A Girl Or Boy

Baby Girls First Birthday Party
  • Visit animals on your babys first birthday
  • Paint a picture for the first birthday
  • Celebrate at the park or beach
  • Have a special birthday meal
  • Go on a birthday vacation
  • Have a 1 year old birthday photo session
  • Have simple baby birthday decorations
  • Have a first birthday celebration at home
  • Go to a local event
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Go to a childrens museum
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    Games Activities And Party Favors

    The final decisions when planning your 1-year-oldâs birthday include what to do and which games and activities to arrange for a babyâs party. Since 1-year-olds arenât able to play traditional birthday games just yet, you may be wondering how to entertain these little ones, along with older kids and adults, at a first birthday party! Weâve assembled some tips for suitable games, activities, and party favors to help you out.

    Games and Activities

    One-year-old birthday parties tend to be short, and you and your guests may simply enjoy eating and mingling. But if youâre interested in having a few games or activities, here are some ideas for your 1-year-old babyâs first birthday party.

    Watch the video below to learn more about how music can enrich your babyâs life!

    Party Favors

    Party favors are optional, but one popular tradition at first birthday parties is providing a keepsake for your guests. It doesnât have to be big or expensive. You could opt for a party bag that keeps the celebration going , filled with small treats. Or, choose a sentimental gift as your party favor, which your guests can use to remember your little oneâs first birthday. Some ideas are

    If youâd like to provide your guests with personal mementos, be sure to order these ahead of time. There are many websites that offer personalized mugs, magnets, calendars, ornaments, and more. Just remember to order in plenty of time!

    Glimpse Into Their Future

    A tradition in some Polish families for their little ones first birthday is to place a coin , shot glass, and rosary on the birthday boy or girls high chair and see what baby picks. The shot glass is supposed to symbolize that theyre outgoing, social, and people-oriented. The coin symbolizes prosperity, that theyre ambitious and driven. The rosary symbolizes religion and that theyre spiritual and awareness-oriented. Beyond the Polish tradition, many first birthday celebrations can include cultural elements meaningful to your family.

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    Go On A Birthday Vacation

    Making it to the 1 year mark is a celebration for the whole family. Consider going on a relaxing vacation at a child-friendly destination like a resort.

    Maybe its an overnight, weekend or week long vacation. Itll be an adventure!

    Related: Heres a post on baby travel products and tips when flying on a plane. You can use most of this list for road trips too!

    What Is A Good Time Of Day For A 1st Birthday Party

    10 Most Popular 1St Birthday Party Ideas For Boys Themes 2020

    Babies rely heavily on routines, so its a good idea to plan their birthday celebrations around nap time and feeding time. You know your baby better than anyone, but experts suggest hosting it at around 10am , if thats possible.

    A 10am party means you can serve brunch for your guests, and little ones will be wide awake and ready to enjoy the party fun. It also means you can wrap things up earlier, so you can set the baby down for their nap and get on with the cleanup.Of course, that might not always be possible – if you have guests travelling some distance or youre unable to set up at a booked venue.

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    First Birthday Party Theme Ideas

    Firstly, the theme – there are so many things to go for, whether you choose your tot’s favourite book or cartoon character or their favourite colour. It can all get a bit overwhelming, so we’ve come up with 11 great first birthday party ideas, perfect for both boys and girls, and indoor or outdoor celebrations.

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    Simple Party Play For A 1 Year Old

    Remember you dont need to play games in order to have a wonderful time playing with bub at their first birthday party. Simple but lovely ways to play include:

    • If you are hosting a Teddy Bears picnic get the guests to bring their favourite teddy to the birthday party. You can then all sit on the floor and play games and sing songs like the Teddy Bears picnic song or share a picnic together.
    • Have a sing along! Hold bub in your lap or next to you on the floor and sing interactive songs like pat a cake, pat a cake.
    • Spend some time on the floor rolling a ball back and forth between you.
    • Fill some plastic containers with rice and use them as shakers. Make sure the lid is firmly secured and you and bub can play along to the music shaking your shakers together.

    Its important to remember that while all these ideas are lovely, you dont have to do them. You can maybe pick one party game and trial it. If it goes well that is wonderful, but if bub simply isnt interested, then feel free to let them wander off to do other things. This is an exciting time for them as well as for you. The important thing is to relax and enjoy this special occasion with bub. Because on their first birthday, surrounding them with the people that love them is all that really matters.

    Last Published* November, 2021

    *Please note that the published date may not be the same as the date that the content was created and that information above may have changed since.

    Soccer First Birthday Party

    Baby’s First Birthday Party Prep with Me | DIY Balloon Garland, Decor, Food and More!

    Good weather? Head outdoors for a soccer-themed party. Gently roll soccer balls back and forth on the grass with baby attendees bigger kids can play a more competitive game of footy. For food, make cookies in the shape of soccer balls and soccer jerseys . You can also go for a big cake in the shape of a soccer ball so ideal for a cake smash!

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    Bear First Birthday Party

    Youre bear-y lucky to have such a cutie in tow. Wish them a bear-y happy birthday with a woodland-inspired theme that highlights, what else, a big old brown bear. The bear motif is easy to carry throughout, from the cake topper to the decor itself. And a little stuffed animal bear party favor is a super sweet way to send guests on their way.

    St Birthday Party Ideas

    It’s your little one’s 1st birthday but what do you do? We give you advice on who to invite, where to go, what to bake and how you can enjoy your baby’s big day

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    A baby’s 1st birthday is as much for you and your family as it is for your little one, so we’re here to help you organise a day that everyone will enjoy in our guide to first birthday parties.

    When your baby turns one, you’ve both reached an important milestone, and we’ve got all the 1st birthday party ideas you need to give you and your baby a really special day. From easy party food ideas and decorations to games, party bags and costumes that little ones will love. And, if youre wondering what to buy for a one-year-old for their birthday, take a look at these gifts for one-year-olds.

    And remember, most babies won’t be able to handle the birthday extravaganza for too long, so keep the celebrations short. A couple of hours is plenty of time to celebrate and have fun without risking a baby burn-out. So sit back, relax and soak up our 1st birthday party ideas for a stress-free first birthday bash.

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    Hire A Babysitter If Lots Of Children Will Attend

    While a babysitter isnt a necessity, it can make the party a lot more relaxing. If any of your guests have a responsible teenager in the family, you could consider asking them to come along. Not only will they be able to enjoy the festivities, but they can also earn some extra money by keeping a close eye on all of the kids.

    You could also consider asking your loved ones if they know any good sitters who wouldnt mind supervising your party. This will allow your adult guests to unwind and socialize with others instead of hovering over their child the entire time.

    Bonus: Be Present and Enjoy

    Its normal to feel all kinds of emotions while you plan your babys first birthday party. No matter what goes through your head, remember to focus on the positives. Your baby has been alive for one whole year and this is just the start of their lifelong adventure.

    While its easy to worry about being a good host, your priority for this event should be your baby. Dont sweat the little things that may not go as you planned. All of your guests know that your baby is the star, so theyll do everything they can to ensure their first birthday party is a success.

    If youre feeling a little sad about the idea of your baby growing up, think about all of the incredible birthday parties youll get to plan for them in the future. If you want some inspiration, be sure to check out these birthday party themes for girls and these birthday party themes for boys.

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