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What Do I Do For My Birthday

Get Your Hair & Makeup Professionally Done

Anne-Marie – BIRTHDAY [Official Video]

Before you head out the door for a special birthday night out, why not make the night extra special and get your hair and makeup professional done in preparation? You can book a slot at a salon or hire someone to come right to your home. Either way, afterwards youll be looking pretty dang good.

. . .

Hopefully these birthday bucket list suggestions have given you some good ideas for fun things to do on your birthday. Always remember that turning a year older is something to be celebrated because it gives you the chance to commemorate how much you have achieved in the past year and make many more plans for the following year.

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Make A Vlog Of Your Day

If you have already planned some great stuff with your friends and if you are meeting your friends and other close ones over the day then why not record the entire day to keep it as a memory in your backup?

Especially if it is any of your milestone birthdays then pictures wont suffice you can make a video log of the day spent. Years from the day you can look back at it cherish it.

Dream Big And Go Window Shopping

When you want to go shopping but dont really want to spend a ton of money, window shopping is a great way to celebrate your birthday. Head to your favorite shopping street and peruse the storefronts for unique finds. Instead of picking out tons of things, buy yourself one special piece that you absolutely love.

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Roam The City In A Bicycle

The technology may have made our life advanced but sometimes happiness and good vibes are gathered only by doing something old school.

We all know in the absence of cars and bike people used to travel on bicycles. So how about you spend your birthday roaming around the city on a bicycle.

Just rent one if you dont own it, or it could be the best day to buy one too. It is easy to carry around and explore the streets.

Get Yourself Something New

What Do I Want for My Birthday?! Here

When was the last time you bought yourself something new if it been many days then this is the best time you can get yourself something new? Like if you are planning to buy a car then go for it, buy a car. By doing this you will make your day memorable.

I still remember when I became 18 my dad gifted me a car on my birthday. I still remember that day not because I was 18 because that day my dad gifted me a car. So if no one gifts you something memorable then go ahead and get yourself a gift.

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Get A Strike At The Bowling Alley

Lets face it, bowling is a fun thing to do at almost every age, even when you only get gutter balls! But, its an especially fun thing to do on a your birthdayyou could even get a little competitive by splitting up into teams and having a full blown tournament. Though, at the very least make sure to bowl yourself a STRIKE!

What Should I Do On My Birthday Quarantine Here Are Some Ideas To Keep Partying From Home

Quarantine is not at all an impediment to having a great birthday. For example, these perfect ideas are enough not to stop celebrating from home.

Being at home is not a pretext to stop having an incredible time on your birthday . In fact, it is an opportunity to try new ways of celebrating and to realize that those you love regardless of distance and quarantine are closer than you think.

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Birthday Gifts For Women

If you are a woman and you do not like to get so-called “dust collectors,” which include various decorations, such as figurines, macramé, decorative vases, then the perfect idea is something that you can use. Perhaps a good quality coffee or tea mix would be a good gift? If you are a gourmet, we can offer you handmade chocolates with pieces of fruit, which come in various combinations and flavors. Such a gift would be both tasty and eye-catching with its quality craftsmanship and beautiful packaging!

What if you are on a diet and would like to indulge in a bit of indulgence on your birthday? No need to worry, it’s possible! You can ask your loved ones to buy you a treat that has a healthier, natural substitute – xylitol – instead of the sugar contained in, for example, chocolate. You also have another solution – ask for dark chocolate! Do you think an edible product could be the gift you want to get for your birthday? Think about it, because you would be sure that such a present would not go to waste!

Before you find out what your birthday wish should be, consider taking a few other quizzes. For example, what ” or ‘what instrument should I play?‘. Perhaps someone close to you will give you a martial arts pass or buy you an instrument?

Dedicate The Day To All Those Things That Fascinate You


Take the whole day Epic Things to Do On Your Birthday what you like the most: have your favorite dish for breakfast, watch those movies you love, pamper yourself by creating a relaxing spa at home, ordering your favorite desserts or snacks at home.

In short, there are many options! Remember that giving yourself a moment just for yourself and enjoying what you adore will always come in handy, especially on your birthday.

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Send Flowers To Yourself

It is hard to find a florist that does not offer special birthday bouquets and there is no rule saying that someone else has to buy them for you! You could order the flowers in advance so that they arrive on your birthday and give you something pretty to decorate your home with. Hint: some celebratory bouquets even come with chocolates!

This is the bouquet I ordered for myself on my last birthday:

Get A Virtual Birth Chart Reading

For the uninitiated, your birth chart is a snapshot of where all the major planets and astral bodies were located when you were born, which gives you insight into your personality and life. Or, you know, its that thing all your friends who keep asking you to download that astrological app Co-Star are talking about. You can also get your solar return chart read, which is a temporary chart that encapsulates the year ahead, which is a fantastic birthday treat.

If you need help finding an astrologerespecially an affordable onesocial media is definitely your friend. Facebook groups, Twitter, and Instagram are full of astrologers who offer chart readings. When in doubt, check for testimonials and proof training, whether its certification or mentorship under a more senior astrologer .

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For The Adventurous Spirit

20. Order a personalized puzzle.21. Plan a car caravan.22. Try a new food. 23. Ask her to show you how she danced back in the day.24. Take a scenic walk or hike.25. Bring the world to your loved one by rounding up a few virtual tours.26. Create a scavenger hunt for her birthday gift. 27. Test your mixology skills and make a signature birthday drink.28. Turn the birthday into a “birth week.”

Whats Your Verse For The Year Ahead

How People Celebrate Birthdays In Quarantine (40 pics)

Last year the verse that kept coming back to me, over and over again, was Philippians 4:13:

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.

Perhaps it was because I was so tired, but I needed that verse.

This year Im asking God for a different one, one that will help me orient and keep my eyes focused on His purposes for me this year. And when will I get that verse?

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Do An Adventurous Activity

Do something thrilling and exciting this birthday by participating in an adventurous activity like skydiving or rock climbing etc.

It will make your birthday a memorable experience and give you that adrenaline rush throughout. Sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone and do something spontaneous out of the blue.

This keeps you energized and will channelize your energies to keeps up your spirits. So plan out a fall or just go climbing up the hill.

Private Screening Of Your Favorite Movie

They say live your life king size and on your special day, you should take charge of treating yourself as a king. Arrange a Private screening of your favorite movie on your birthday and invite your near and dear ones to it.

You can have an entire private theatre to yourself surrounded by your closed ones and humming your favorite songs and dialogues from the film. All of you can hoot together on your favorite scenes from the film.

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I Love My Birthday But I’m Not Always Into The Whole Planning A Party Thing

It’s a lot of work to find something that’s fun, not too crazy expensive, and can be done relatively close to my day of birth. While I’m always thrilled to have an excuse to wrangle my friends and family together in honor of me, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started looking for different ways to mark the day, whether it’s with a group of people, or on my own.

Office Birthday Game Show

I Mixed EVERY Cake Flavor Together for MY BIRTHDAY

Office birthday game shows gamify your employees or coworkers birthdays. Now, everyone can be involved, compete, laugh, and enjoy this special day.

Why this is a fun work birthday idea: An office birthday party game show emphasizes having fun, which is what a birthday celebration is all about. Take it as an opportunity to incorporate team building activities as well!

Here are some of SnackNations top picks:

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Birthdays & Your Culture Of Recognition

A more traditional approach to workplace culture might question the need for birthday celebrations in the office at all. This is usually the point of view of team members who say things like, Were all adults here, or This isnt Kindergarten when they put up a stink about having to watch someone blow out candles.

Fair enough. But theres a strong why behind celebrating birthdays, and its all about creating a culture of recognition that rewards employees.

Multiple studies have shown a strong link between recognition and performance. A report by HR firm Bersin & Associates suggests that companies that integrate strong employee recognition practices are on average 12 times more likely than their peers to generate strong business results. This means higher profitability and better market positions.

Recognition doesnt just mean acknowledging a job well done , but recognizing and appreciating your employees as people.

Todays employees expect to be able to be their true selves at work. Because of this, more and more companies are ditching the old work-life balance paradigm for the more accurate work-life integration model, which acknowledges that work and life are inseparable. Celebrating staff birthdays helps tell your employees that you get that they are living life everyday inside of your office we recommend checking out Bonusly which offers automated welcome, anniversary, and birthday bonuses.

Get A Permanent Tattoo

Tattoos are something that will stay with you until the end of your life. It grows on you and as you grow it just becomes a part of your skin just like a mole or a scar.

Thus, if you love tattoos and always plan on getting one then there is no better day then getting one on your birthday. It will remind you of this day forever. You can plan for a special design too.

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Things To Do On Your Birthday Alone

Many people choose to be alone when it comes to celebrating their birthday alone. So for all of you guys, here is a list of things to do on your birthday alone.

I hope this list has given you many ideas about things to do on your birthday. I know you also might have some plans on your own. Let me know if something unique you want to share with other people in search of good ideas for the birthday plans.

Host An Ice Cream Social

37 What Do I Want For My Birthday Gifts

Brighten up your next birthday with an ice cream social featuring colorful sprinkles, sweet fudge, and all the refreshing ice cream you could want. You can choose your favorite ice cream flavors or make it a birthday theme and serve banana splits or have an ice cream sundae bar. Whatever you choose, an ice cream social is a great way to enjoy the sweeter things in life on your birthday.

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Road Trip To A Close Destination

Hit the road for a destination that’s at most two hours away. Maybe this place has a famous diner or a beautiful museum, or perhaps it’s full of beautiful local shops.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can hightail it to Ojai or Santa Barbara, and if you’re in New York City, opt for somewhere in the Hudson Valley.

Become A Plant Parent

As your birthday marks a new chapter in your life, becoming a plant parent is the perfect way to commemorate this. You can purchase a plant in bud on your birthday and then watch it bloom and grow under your care.

You will find yourself blooming with it as you grow as a person, and your new-found green thumb will encourage you to add to your plant collection throughout the year.

If you are like me and dont have a green thumb, then check out the 25 easiest indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill.

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Go On A Solo Long Drive Or Ride

If you know how to drive or ride and it is also one of your favorite things to do then you can plan a solo long drive or a ride on your birthday.

Pick a place that is outside the city for a smooth road. Such drives or rides are known to free you from whats going in life and open your brain cells to allow some refreshing thoughts to enter. Try it out, you will like it!

Turn Off Your Phone For A Set Period Of Time

Why you get SAD on your BIRTHDAY

It can be great to see the influx of happy birthday calls, texts, and social media messages, but it can also be stressful and anxiety-inducing. What if you heard from that family member? What if not as many people reached out as you expected? Is your ~feelin’ yourself~ selfie getting a lot of likes? Let all of those digital worries pass for a while by turning off or putting away your phone and just living in the moment for a little.

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See Live Theater Show

Live theater is one of the most breath-taking activities you can participate in, so getting tickets to see a show on your birthday will be a night you wont forget.

You could splurge on tickets to see a Broadway or West End show, depending on where you live and if youre in the mood for a more expensive treat. You have the option to see something new or to celebrate with one of your favorites.

Plan A Slumber Party At A Luxurious Boutique Stay

This is something you and your best friend must have dreamt of all your life. Just grab your stuff on your birthday and check into a luxurious boutique stay place.

You can invite some of your close friends too and laze around together the entire day in your PJs. If it is summers then you can also go for a dip in the pool and order some delicious food to make the day more alluring.

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Go On The Perfect Picnic

A super chill and delicious activity to do on your birthday is to go on a picnic, in a park, by the rocks or on the beachor wherever else your imagination takes you! Remember to bring along your favorite snacks and some simple games. And dont forget to include a music playlist for the day, which you can play from your phone.

You can even pack a traditional wicker basket with your favorite picnic foods and enjoy the feast. Real Simple magazine can help you out with their Picnic Packing Checklist. If you want to set up an Instagrammable picnic, heres a cute red checkered picnic basket.

Create A Happy Thoughts Wall

Itâs My Birthday And I Will Do What I Want To

Getting older can suck sometimes But not really if someone makes you a personal wall of happy thoughts! How neat is this?! Fill each envelope with a delightful birthday card and youve pretty much made their day. Shape the whole thing into their birthday year to make turning one year older more awesome.

via Oh Happy Day

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Things To Do On Your Birthday With Friends

When it comes to celebrating this day with friends there are a lot of options for you. From doing adventure activities to a unique birthday party we have mentioned many options in the ideas list, here are few recaps:

  • Go For a Spontaneous Trip to make it Memorable.
  • Plan a day out with friends doing different kinds of adventure sports.

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