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Things To Do For Gf Birthday

For The Girlfriend Who Loves Knitwear: Aerie The Sweat Everyday Cozy Mock Neck Sweatshirt

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

There’s nothing quite like burrowing into a comfy sweater during the winter, and if your girlfriend is a big fan of cozy knits this mock neck sweatshirt from Aerie with ribbed sleeve detailing and pockets might do the trick. The sweatshirt comes in 12 different colors and pairs great with beanies, comfy socks and all things winter-wear.

What To Say To My Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Can you really tell, what a good friend you are to me? If you ever forget that, that would not be nice of you. Thats why Im not embarrassed and congratulate you.

Joy can only be fully enjoyed when someone else is happy. Best wishes for your birthday today!

Dear visitors, all above birthday wishes for girlfriend will show your special care to your relationship and as well turns into a memory that sticks in her hearts forever. Relationships are meant to be fun and life is supposed to made of awesome memories make sure your girlfriends birthday turns into a memory that also sticks in your hearts and minds forever.

  • Your smile makes me feel special. Your warmth gives me life.
  • You are the sole reason for my happiness.
  • You rock my world sweetheart.
  • If I could exchange all those moments I spent with you for a ton of gold, I would. Buying you presents with that gold would make these days even better.
  • I want to do everything I can to make you the happiest person in the world.
  • To wish you a Happy Birthday is not the only thing I can do for you. Come home and Ill show you!
  • These are not merely presents these are my wishes and prayers packed for you.
  • We may be far away from each other but whenever I close my eyes and image you I see you standing by my side.
  • You do not know how much special you are to me. I hope you enjoy your special day with full zeal.
  • I wish you could see yourself from my eyes.

A Membership To A Popular Skincare And Makeup Subscription That Sends New Cool And Bestselling Products Once Per Month

Birchbox Gift Subscription, available at Birchbox, from $45

Birchbox is a skincare and makeup subscription that sends tons of samples of new and cult-favorite products to subscribers so they can find products they love without much commitment or cost upfront. Makeup and skincare products can be expensive, so this is a particularly helpful service.

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For The Sentimental Girlfriend: Artifact Uprising Photo Book

Your girlfriend is a sucker for anything sentimental, so skip the gift cards and make a custom photo album instead. At Artifact Uprising, you can choose from a variety of beautiful styles from hand-stamped, embossed hardcover books to the signature lay flat album. Reviewers love how thick and high-quality the printed pages are, how quick it is to upload your pictures and how the drag-and-drop layouts and designs make the whole process super simple.

Get the Layflat Photo Album from Artifact Uprising for $152

Thoughtful Photo Album Or Frame

Funny birthday gifts, Birthday gifts for girlfriend ...

Need a stellar Christmas gift idea for your girlfriend? Find the latest photos of you and your girlfriend from Instagram and Facebook and *gasp* print them. Then go to a local crafts store and buy an album or create your own. This will be a bestseller to her, I promise you.

The simple Our Adventure Book Photo Album will do. If you want to get sentimental but keep it simple, go with a Kate Spade picture frame for your favorite couple pose.

I like sentimental things, so if he was able to put something together like a photo album or scrapbook that is meaningful to our relationship that would be so cute, said Chelsea Tirrell, Senior, Hofstra University

My favorite gift was a scrapbook of photos of us that he made for me. It meant a lot to me because took the time to pick the pictures and sat down to think about all our great memories. I love that I can look back on the book for years to come, said Olivia Jenning, Junior, Florida State University.

Gallery Wall Frames: $49.99

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Sons Girlfriend

wishes and quotes on your birthday 79. Theres never a things in life. Happy birthday to may all you these happy birthday the very best you, my sons darling girlfriend.all the best great birthday and

hope you find 90. Dearest, wishing you all the day. Happy birthday to of your birthday, we wish you moments. Do have a and I do blast.happy returns of and our son. On this occasion loads of fun, laughter and memorable

much for visiting do have a and heres to many here for you days filled with Thank you so love you, right? Well, I do. Happy birthday and

sweet as you 68. Well always be 57. Heres to better a memorable birthday. Happy birthday!son. You know I special day as pleasant surprises. Happy birthday, darling.with adventures. Happy birthday, our sons lovely girlfriend.

birthday and always. Wishing you have to my dearest 78. May have a birthday full of fantastic year filled you on your as you are

pass this year.have a wonderful in your life. Heres to a this special day, may Gods grace overshadow be as special desires come to far. We pray you best things happen

100. As you commemorate 89. May your birthday all your heart our son thus today, may all the the fullest.with care. Happy birthday, sweetheart.birthday and may

youve shared with a new chapter big day to watch over you have an amazing the beautiful memories 56. As you begin do enjoy your will continue to my sons pretty angel. I wish you

Buy Your Favorite Treat

Your birthday is a time to indulge, so make a point of enjoying your favorite treat. Whether you love macarons or you’re more of a cupcake person, be sure you get a sweet treat to celebrate your day.

Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Chances are they’ll be texting you to wish you a happy birthday, but sometimes a call or a FaceTime gives you a better chance to catch up. Enjoy their well wishes and make plans to see them soon, if they live far away.

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Fun Things To Do On The Weekend With Your Girlfriend

Weekends are when you and she can break your boring weekday routines and find new ways to connect.

Now… check this out:

All of these dates are designed to take several hours plenty of time for you to get to know each other better, connect over new activity/place, or do something exciting and adventurous together.

Here are the 10 fun weekend things to do with your girlfriend:

18. Treat your city like tourists

This is one of the more uncommon, but fun things to do with your girlfriend. Take a few hours and visit the attractions that make your city great, and take a lot of pictures of the two of you having a good time .

17. Find a local festival

Most cities have some kind of local festival a few times a year . Search for a festival going on that would interest you both.

16. Movie theater day

Start with a matinee, and then see a night film, and snack on concessions all day. You can have so much fun being lazy, yet still be out of the house

15. Go thrifting

You can find incredible deals at a thrift store . If nothing else, thrift stores always give you access to pieces you havent seen before.

14. See what local events your town has

Search your town + local events now to find out whats going on nearby that you and she will enjoy .

13. Visit IKEA

This date is especially helpful if you’re moving in together… but even if you’re not, you can always find some highly efficient, manly home goods at IKEA .

12. Share some bucket list items and do them

11. Have an adventure date

A Mug That Keeps Hot Drinks Hot For Up To Six Hours Straight

What to get your girlfriend for her birthday

Hydro Flask Mug, 12 oz, available at Hydro Flask, from $24.95

This mug is a common desk companion for the Insider Reviews team. The 12-ounce coffee mug has the company’s proprietary TempShield insulation that made its water bottles famous. This mug will keep hot drinks hot for up to six hours, and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours. Read our full review of it here.

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Have A Board Game Night

Some people may think board games are boring , but they can actually be a lot of fun especially if you have the perfect game and people to play with. Board games have definitely evolved over the years, but there are both classics and modern games that would make for a fantastic game night with families and friends.

Not sure which games to play? Check out this list: Board Games Bucket List: 50 of the All Time Best Ones to Play

How Do You Come Up With Creative Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Shell love it if you think out of the box and truly surprise her. If youre looking to get creative with your gift, youll need it to stand out. Keep an eye out for gifts that come in unsuspecting packaging or send her on a scavenger hunt to find her gift. Make her something with your own hands, it could be dinner, a piece of art, or anything else youre knowledgeable about making. Personal, handmade presents are far superior to generic gifts from off the shelf. Check out our unusual gifts category for an introduction to some of the most creative gifts you can buy.

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For The Girlfriend Who Lives In Athleisure: Cariuma Sneakers

What do you get a girl whose uniform is basically leggings, a pullover, and sneakers? The answer: better shoes. These casual low-top sneakers from Cariuma are perfect for everyday use, and your girlfriend will be ecstatic when you get her a pair. The company claims to be carbon-neutral and this particular product is said to be constructed entirely out of self-regenerating bamboo and recycled plastics. We especially loved how comfortable they were, our tester went so far as to call them the “most comfortable shoes” she’s ever ordered.

Get the Cariuma Ibi Sneaker from Cariuma starting at $98

A Beautiful Diamond Necklace She’ll Have Forever

Pin on Cute Ideas

Diamond Bezel Necklace, available at AUrate, from $320

A diamond necklace doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars, as fine jewelry startups like AUrate are proving. This necklace is something she can keep and wear forever, and both the solid gold and conflict-free diamonds are of the highest quality.

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A Funny And Unique Card

You Take My Breath Away, available at Etsy, from $4.09

You can pick up a card from Walgreens on your way to exchange gifts, but it’ll mean more if you think just a few days ahead. Etsy has great options for cheap, unique, handmade gifts that are cool and thoughtful. This one is perfect for a couple who appreciates a “The Office” deep cut.

Get A Psychic Reading

Surely the idea of seeing a psychic or getting tarot cards read for you has tempted you at one point of life! If youve found yourself nervous or skeptical of such a unique activity, perhaps going with your best friends could make it more enjoyable?

FYI: You could even learn to do your own tarot card reading at home with the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

  • Our heavenly love gives me the courage to surmount all the hurdles of life, regardless of how mighty they are. Happy birthday, my love and heartbeat.
  • Happy birthday, my darling. Even though, you are presently far away from me, may your special day be nothing short of spectacular. I love you so much.
  • Wishing my outstanding girlfriend a spectacularly outstanding birthday! Sweetheart, we might be apart on this wonderful day, but that doesnt mean we cant enjoy it to the fullest. Have a delightfully fabulous day!
  • Distance means nothing because you mean everything to me. Happy birthday, my sweet queen.
  • Happy birthday, sweet angel. May your day be absolutely colorful and wonderful. No amount of distance can ever change the love I feel for you, sweetheart.
  • Sweet baby, you have no idea how much I wish you were here with me on this special day. I hope you enjoy a magnificent birthday. I cant wait to have you in my arms.
  • Wishing you, my darling girlfriend, a marvelous birthday celebration and life.

Special Things To Do For Your Girlfriend


You could do several things to make her feel special and valued. Here are a few ideas.

65. Write her a song

If you can compose and perform a song thats only for your girlfriend, it will make her feel special and appreciated.

66. Save a photo of her as your phone wallpaper

You can keep her or your couples picture on your phone wallpapera nice gesture she will appreciate.

67. Make an effort to connect with her family

Consciously try to connect with her family and treat them like your own.

68. Choose her, every time

Whenever a conflict occurs, and you have to choose from work, family, friends, and your girlfriend, pick your girlfriend.

69. Have a special song that you both relate to

Do you have a special song as a couple? The song can be your cue to hit the dance floor and stir loving memories whenever you hear it.

70. Read her poetry

If you know her favorite poet or poem, then bonus points for this incredibly romantic gesture.

71. Be there for her family

Whenever her family is hit by a crisis, make sure youre there for her and them.

72. Have a favorite vacation spot

While there may be a lot to see globally, find a spot that you both love and travel back there.

73. Support her career

It goes without saying, but you should always be supportive of her career.

74. Be supportive of her hobbies

Whether its cooking, arts, or music, you should support your girlfriends hobbies and take an interest in them.

75. Get matching jewelry

77. Have a special spot close by

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Have A Birthday Dinner

Every birthday celebration should include a nice dinner. A reservation at a 5-star restaurant with dinner served by candlelight always sounds romantic however, it can prove costly. Don’t despairthere are other options available.

Do you know how to cook? Why not make the birthday dinner yourself and really impress the lady in your life. I don’t mean tossing a couple frozen dinners in the microwave, but a fresh from-scratch meal. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef in order to put together a nice dinner. With a little basic know-how and effort, you can prepare a meal that your significant other will absolutely love.

A couple of steaks can serve as the main dish lots of people know how to cook a steak. Now add a couple of vegetables to the menu baked potatoes and corn go well with steak and are relatively easy to prepare. Add in a nice salad, and you have a nice dinner to serve up on her special day.

Believe me, the effort you put into the meal will mean more to her than any dinner reservations because it came from the heart.

Spend The Day Together

Although it may sound simplistic, spending the day together can be a very enjoyable day. These days, people’s lives can be so rushed that there is often not enough time spent together.

Consider visiting a local park and taking a nice walk together. Perhaps even take a picnic lunch along and make an afternoon of it. It does not take much money to put together a nice picnic lunch: a few sandwiches, a bag of potato chips and dip along with some soft drinks or iced tea, and you are all set. Just don’t forget a blanket or tablecloth.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach, you could take your lady andif the weather permitsdo a little swimming. Relaxing on the beach is a great way to spend some time, and the sound of the waves rolling against the shore adds a touch of romance to the atmosphere. There is a reason why poets look to the sea and dream.

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Personalized Cartoon Couple Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs, available at Uncommon Goods, from $30

These cute mugs can be personalized for what you’re like as a couple, making for a special weekend morning coffee routine or just a nice reminder in the kitchen cabinet. On the back, you can add a family name and the year the couple was established if you’d like.

Take Her Out For A Surprise Dinner

This is soooo cute and sweet!!!

Everyone deserves a nice meal on their birthday. Use a famous food quote to invite your girlfriend out for dinner at one of her favorite local restaurants. You can choose between going somewhere fancy or something more casual depending on her taste. If you go to a more sophisticated place, make sure that your girlfriend knows, so that she dresses up a bit you dont want her to have bad surprises!

Dont forget the drinks and dessert- its a celebration after all!

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Organize A Surprise Party With Friends

If shes close with her friends, its a good idea to include them into your plans for the evening. Organize a surprise party for your girlfriend that includes her friends and family. You can have the party at a restaurant or at your home. You can surprise her by making her think that the evening will be for the two of you and then having everyone show up at least a half hour in advance. Get your birthday supplies, decorate well in advance, and dont be afraid to ask her loved ones for help. You should also make a point to inform everyone that it is a surprise party to prevent the surprise from being ruined.

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