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Things To Do For A 17 Year Old Birthday

Th Birthday Party Games

17th birthday wishlist // teen gift guide 2020

No party is complete without games. Here are some game ideas for a 17th birthday party.

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Use colored empty plastic bottles and colorful plastic rings for this classic game. Let the players take turns, stand behind a line, and toss the rings across to ring the bottles.

  • Mall scavenger hunt
  • This is a scavenger hunt where you can take your teen and their friends to a mall and hunt for the items you have listed. You can even set a budget to make the game interesting.

  • Minute to win it
  • There are several minute to win it games that you can plan for the teens. These games will make up for a memorable party.

    If you are hosting a pool party, swimming is one of the best games you can hold. Let the teens swim laps, trying to outdo others. You can even hand over a prize to the winner.

    Teens love accumulating trivia, and a trivia quiz can be quite exciting. Make sure you have a list of questions ready for the teams.

    Organize A Sleepover With Party Games

    Consider a classic slumber party for your teenagers birthday party. Everyone can hang out in their pajamas, eat snack food, and play board games. See if you can get your hands on some older games like Mall Madness or a video game console, like a Super Nintendo. The kids can play and stay up late, just make sure there are no important events the next day because teenagers love sleeping in.

    This is a perfect option for a smaller group. Usually, sleepovers cap out at three or four people because of sleeping spaces available. You can also have kids bring sleeping bags and expand the numbers a bit.

    Another great option for a sleepover is to rent a hotel room for a night. You can get adjoining rooms, so youre close, but you might actually get a few hours of sleep regardless of the screaming and giggling teenagers. Hotels often have incredible pools and other amenities that you can treat the party guests, including the guest of honor!

    Life Skills For Teens Practical Book

    As he edges into the later part of his adolescent, acquiring life skills that will prepare him for adulthood becomes more critical. More challenges await him as he takes on more responsibilities. This is when this book comes in handy.

    It provides a practical guide into numerous tasks that he will likely encounter. Instead of searching the internet for disparate information which can be time consuming, this book of life skills by itself is the go to guide. The perfect gift that both teenage boy and teenage girl will find it useful.

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    Th Birthday Party Ideas In Winter

    The best part about hanging out with a 13-year-old is that they still have enough of a sense of wonder and innocence to enjoy some of the more harmless games designed for younger children.

    31. Laser Tag

    32. Hit the Rink

    33. DIY Escape Room at Home

    34. Video Game Tournament: Plug in a bunch of consoles and TVs and have yourself an epic tournament of the games.

    35. Scavenger Hunt at the Mall

    36. Spa Night: Girls will love this theme, especially with personalized spa areas that have fun accessories like nail polish, headbands, and makeup.

    37. Bake Off Competition: Split teens up in groups and have an ultimate cupcake decorating showdown.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

    Funny 17th Birthday Card

    Boy birthday parties are typically associated with sports, video games, and being outdoors. So why not elevate these ideas to a level that any teenage boy would love at his seventeenth birthday. These games arent just for boys though. Girls can share in the fun also and pull inspiration from these 17th birthday party ideas below.

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    Split Up Into Teams For A Paintball Party

    Paintball is a great activity for teenagers. Each course is set up differently, but the general idea is that you break up into teams with uniforms and spend an hour or so chasing each other around and shooting paint at your opponents. Sometimes there is a capture the flag game with a mission for the team to complete.

    You can easily set up a table with some party food and snacks for the kids to enjoy before, during, or after their game. If you want to up the competition a bit, you can offer prizes to the winning team or best performers at the party.

    Im Thinking Funny Unisex Vintage Baseball Cap

    Outfits and accessories are especially important for teenagers to maintain an image that exudes their personality. Caps is one such accessory that make great statement piece to an outfit. Caps is the teenage boys form of expressing their character.

    This baseball cap with the funny wordings and image is absolutely perfect as it will portray the teens funny personality and is a great conversation starter. The neutral color of the cap makes it an easy match to any of his outfit.

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    Vibrant Display Fire Hd Tablet

    This Fire HD tablet is the top reasonably priced electronic device since it is an all-in-one device.Videos, games, ebooks, audiobooks, and a lot more will be available to him with ease. The brilliant high definition display that creates vivid visuals has to be the most stunning feature.This is one of the greatest Christmas present ideas for a 17 year old guy as well as a cool 18 year old birthday gift truly a fantastic family-friendly entertainment device.

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    More Fun Ideas For Teenagers


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    Th Birthday Ideas: Pool Party

    Celebrate your 17th birthday catching rays, cooling off, and having fun poolside with friends and family. Hold your celebration at home, if you have a pool, at a friends house, or make your 17th birthday party extra special by renting a room at a fancy hotel. PurpleTrail has an array of pool party invites to match your theme.

    Th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

    If you want to celebrate your daughters 17th birthday then here are some of the birthday party ideas for girls. Try any one of these ideas and make your child feel special.

    Fashion show and shopping party

    Every girl likes shopping from a small girl to a woman. Take your daughter to any store and tell them to shop for what they want by setting some budget level. And organize some fashion shows and invite her friends.

    Dance Party

    If your teens love to dance then a dance party is the best treat for them. This you can do at your home itself by setting up the dance floor in your living room and you can hire one DJ or dance instructor. So that they will enjoy the music and they will learn some new moves.


    As they are teenagers, your daughter, and their friends may feel that they need some space. So you can book a hotel room for them where all the friends go and enjoy dinner, pool party, movies, and sleepover all at one place.

    Going to Beach

    Most of us love to go to the beach and enjoy ourselves. Take your child and their friends to a beach and tell them to listen to the instructions given by the instructor for safe surfing. Get some food and drinks and let them enjoy.

    Book Club Party

    This idea will be most interesting if your child is a bibliophile. Invite her friends and tell them to read the chapters by taking their turns. Let her and her friends discuss their favorite books.

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    Care Package With Plentiful Treats

    Is he facing much stress from school or other expectations? Use this chance to give the sport fanatic a truly heartfelt gift and let him know that his loved ones care for him.

    This is a care package which is especially appropriate for a 17 year boy who has everything. Inside the box, he can find numerous cool items and tasty treats like mini candy, snacks mix, cookies and more! In addition, you can add a personalized message to make this the most unique present!

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    Jbl Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker In Various Colors

    The Best Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Boys

    A portable, powerful wireless speaker is always a highly valued tech gadget that can be used for a long time. This popular Bluetooth speaker is made of durable materials and the rugged design means she can bring it outdoors without worry about accidental damage.

    In addition, the strong booming bass and bold sound makes listening a pleasure. She can pair it easily with her smartphone, laptop, tablet and many other Bluetooth devices. Select from a wide range of colors that best suit her preference.

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    Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

    Teenage girls love to wear makeup to display their individual style. It is a form of expressing their character. It is a time for them to experiment different makeup looks.

    Hence this makeup mirror with natural and soft lights is the ideal gift for her. The magnifying panels and the angle adjustable stand greatly help the girl to enhance her look with her makeup tools and kit.

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    Grills And Steaks At The Party Night

    However common it may sound, its one of the most awesome birthday party theme to plan for anyone. No one gets bored of the bonfire parties, do they? An out and out BBQ party or a night lit with the bonfire is going to be remembered for months to come.

    We all love taking our bites at the saucy steaks or pork chops. Along with the awesomeness of food, the entire atmosphere will lit up when you gather around the bonfire and share some interesting stories.

    A party with lip-smacking food cannot be forgotten, so you need to pay a little more attention towards the food being served.

    If you want to add a dash of excitement to the party, you can throw a theme to your guests. The bohemian theme will get your friends dressed like the people from Hawaii.

    Also, the grills and barbeque sets will add to the ambiance of the Bohemian styled party. You can set this party in your backyard or can book a beachside shack if you can afford.

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    Dancing With The Stars Party

    If you are a person very much addicted to dancing and have a crew which is similar to one of the groups in the Step Up series, then the dance class party theme is going to add a dash of entertainment to you and your friends alike.

    You can take your friends to a dance class or session where youll be instructed by the professionals to move like Jagger. Otherwise, you can hire a dance professional to your house and learn from the master.

    The fact that you and your friends share the same passion for dancing will make that dance session even more fruitful.

    Also, your friends are going to remember your birthday party for the longest of time as they learned some awesome moves while celebrating your 17th birthday.

    In case, you find it over the budget to hire a dance professional, you can create a list of dance tutorials from the internet and play it till the night grows old.

    Reflect On Your Past Year


    Courtesy of Mia Ingui

    What lessons did you learn? What were some of the best moments and which parts are you glad to be moving on from? Reflecting on your past year, and maybe even setting some goals for the future, can be a great way to honor yourself.

    Plants are the gift that keep on giving. Not only can they help clean the air, they also bring a little life and happiness to your space. Start small with easy-to-care-for houseplants like snake plants or pilea pepermioides.

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    Tactical Pen For Self

    A pen that serves more than just for writing. This tactical pen provides the teen with various useful tools in the event of an emergency.

    Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium, it is a discreet life saving tool that can break glass, fend off assault and more. A cool gift for teen girls, the seventeen year olds will appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing this tactical pen. This is also one of the best gifts for 16 year old boy!

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    Powerful Uv Sanitizer Box With Wireless Charging

    A powerful UV sanitizer box with a large sanitizing space is what teenage boys need to protect themselves from harmful microbes. Besides his smartphone, he can also sanitize other of his belongings like airpods pro, watches and keys.

    A significant feature has to be the wireless quick charging function that allow him to charge compatible smartphones without the need for charging cables, making this device like a portable charger. Your 17 year old son or friend will also love the aromatherapy diffuser capability that keep his phone freshened.

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    Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

    No more using papers because were in a digital world, thanks to technological advancements! Perfect for the high school boy, this notebook, which includes task list, weekly planner, lined pages and more, has been designed to disrupt the status quo and lets the user handwrite notes on its high-tech powered pages.

    Clearing out what he has written does not require him to tear out pages but only a wipe with a damp cloth making this book one of the top gift ideas for teenage guys 17. Another amazing cool feature has to be that his handwritten notes can be easily uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular online storage services for easy access anywhere!

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    What To Get A 17 Year Old Girl

    17th Birthday Quotes For Boys. QuotesGram

    Get something that shows her youth and energy. During her teenage period, she will be drawn towards things that are cool, fun and interesting. Additionally, your present can also be creative, funny, meaningful and personalized. It should preferably suit her taste and personality so that she will treasure it for a long time.

    Our comprehensive gift guide cover a wide range of variety and prices whether is for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, niece or friend, what to get for the girl aged seventeen begins here! If you are also finding presents for 17 year old boys,

    Lets go!

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    Throw A Pizza Making Party

    Teenagers love eating pizza, so why not make them create their own at a pizza party. Invite a small group of teens for a special night of pizza creations. The guests will learn a thing or two about building their own pizza and eating it, too. To take the stress away from making your pizza dough, consider pre-made crust, set out all the fun toppings and sauces on a large table you can use as your pizza making station.

    The Party On A Private Yacht

    Yes, just from the very first look at it, the entire set up sounds expensive. And it is likely so. But if you or your parents are willing to spend heavy on your 17th birthday party, nothing can replace a party on a private yacht.

    It is one heaven of an experience, and if one manages to host a party on the yacht, it is going to be an unbelievable experience. You got to do nothing to make the party going.

    Just invite your friends and family, and see yourself cruise through a water body while you celebrate your special day.

    You will have a lot of options to choose from when you decide to host a party on a yacht. It can either be a rented completely private one or it can be the regular one with other passengers in it.

    Well, nothing is going to spoil the fun on the board. The food served on such party boats is exquisite and the ambiance just adds little more stars to your party.

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    Tommy Hilfiger Thin Sleek Casual Bifold Wallet

    This casual wallet is a functional gift for the teenage boy turning seventeen as it has an ideal number of credit card pockets which enable him to organise his identity card and other cards that he has such as loyalty or membership cards.

    There is a removable ID window which is great for your grandson or son to put his student ID conveniently. As this stylish bifold wallet is available in various colours, you get to pick one of his favorite colour. Get the young man a gift card separately to make him even more delighted!

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