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Personalized Gifts For Him For 50th Birthday

Th Birthday Gifts Online

50th Birthday Gift Box.***SOLD***

Reaching half century along with so much of experience about life deserves a great gift. If you are looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for some dear one and want to make sure that they like it then you can check out our Travel Scratch Map to help them record all the places they have visited by far and plan for some more using that. Also, you can gift them a Bobble-Head as it is one among the funny 50th birthday gifts which are perfect to make them laugh whenever they look at it.

Give His Drinks A Whole New Flavor

When it comes to 50th birthday gifts, you need to think outside the box. Whats something he doesnt already have? A cocktail smoker! This handy little kit and personalized rocks glass is a fun way for him to experiment with smoke-infused drinks. He can use the smoke topper on other glasses, too, which means he can make unique smokey cocktails for everyone! Once he tries a smoked Old Fashioned with his favorite bourbon, hell never want a regular drink ever again.

His Own Birthday Newspaper

One of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts you can give a 50 year old man is this New York Times front-page newspaper that was printed on the day of his birthday! Hell be able to see the headlines and read about what was going on in the world on the day he was born, how awesome is that? Now he can get a unique glimpse into the past and see what notable events happened on his birthday. This will make a really cool decoration in his home and a unique keepsake that he can treasure forever!

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Th Birthday Gifts For Women

We’ve curated a gift collection that will delight all tastes, enjoyments and budgets. Check out our range of glass bullet vases in pink, black and clear all personalised with any message that you want. Present these with a hand-tied bouquet and she’ll never forget your thoughtful gesture. Look too at our range of fine chocolates, such as the Luxury Prosecco Chocolate Truffles Gift Box, or our beautiful silver antique jewellery box. Mums, sisters and aunties will love the beautiful range of personalised photo frames, especially with the thoughtful addition of a family photo to enliven a desk or mantelpiece, and our personalised round mirror compact with gift box will add a special touch to any handbag.

Custom Gift Set With Everyday Essentials

50th Birthday Gift For Him Personalised Square Word Art (blue colour ...

This Custom Gift Box Set has him covered with everything your man could need to throw in his pockets for wherever the day may take him all wrapped up as a personal reminder that you care about what is essential and love who he is!

It is a perfect birthday gift box.

Don’t make opening his beer become a struggle.

This Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener will never reveal the reason for not using hands to open that cold beer because this geographically appealing and handy set of utility, made in birch plywood, is just too fantastic not to use.

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Make Sure He Feels Like A Legend On His Birthday

Turning 50 is a big deal, and your gift should make him feel like its an awesome achievement without making him feel old. The best kind of 50th birthday gift ideas that does just that is this badass ammo can gift set! Declaring him The Man. The Myth. The Legend., this awesome gift set is something hell be proud to use, and it will certainly make him feel like a young man every time he drinks from his pint glasses or uses his awesome new tactical knife. Hell especially appreciate the cool ammo can, which he can take to the range full of ammo for target practice or bring it along on the next camping trip as its perfect for storing tools and gear. Such a versatile and awesome gift set is a great way to celebrate this milestone birthday!

American Flag Leather Can/bottle Koozie

It feels great in hand, and it will serve him for decades.

This American Flag Leather Can/Bottle Koozie is entirely crafted in the USA with quality craftsmanship and excellence you can’t find anywhere else.

It is a milestone birthday gift you can be sure he can rely on to keep his beverage cool.

This Handsome Custom-Engraved Pocket Knife is perfect for the outdoorsy type.

It is laser engraved in a deeper tone of the wood shade that shows up in style on the handle.

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Looking For 50th Birthday Present Inspiration

We regularly update our product line for the latest personalised 50th birthday presents, and we have something to suit every need. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact our helpful customer services team who will be delighted to help. Check out our ‘Latest Gifts’ section for the newest product releases or pick up a bargain in our Special Offers section.

Th Birthday Gifts For Men In New Zealand

50th birthday gift

FAST 1-2 DAYS DELIVERY IN NZ – Including all personalised 50th birthday gifts!!!

If you’re searching for premium quality and unique 50th birthday gift ideas for men in New Zealand, then you’re in the right place.

With over five hundred amazing birthday themed gifts and hundreds of personalised 50th birthday gift ideas, we have something for every man.

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Fun 50th Birthday Gifts

Remind them they are young at heart with this Personalised Light Brown Teddy Bear, or appeal to their sweet tooth with this Personalised Bar of Chocolate. Keep things light and amusing with a Mid Life Crisis Ladybird Book, or announce their 50th birthday to the world with a Personalised Happy 50th Birthday Mug. Share news and events from past years with a Your Life in Pictures Book. Can be embossed with your own special birthday greeting on the front cover.

Engraved Wooden Cigar Box

  • Satisfaction 94%
  • Rating 4.5 stars

Speaking of special men, if you think that he already has anything a man could possibly wish for, then you should consider getting him this engraved wooden cigar box. The cigar box is made of high-quality Macintosh oak wood with a walnut finish. Besides, it features SureSeal Technology that ensures a proper lid seal for a perfect cigar holder. Therefore, this item is definitely one of the best ideas for 50th birthday gifts for men who have everything.


  • Rating 4.6 stars

The fact that he already has every useful item a man should have at home makes the process of choosing a decent gift even harder. As a result, we decided to include a specific section of 50th birthday gifts for men who have everything.

Kemstood Stores Whiskey decanter set is an ideal choice if youre in this kind of trouble. Why? Even if he already has some decanter collections, this item gives you an opportunity to engrave whatever you would like and make it personal. That way, you will definitely please and surprise him at the same time!


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Things To Do When You Turn 50

The 50 Things to Do When You Turn 50, Third Edition is a perfect 50th birthday gift idea for men. It’s packed with inspiring stories, practical advice, and real-life tips for celebrating this special milestone. It shares a collection of 50 things you should do and places you should go before you reach 50. From planning your dream vacation to celebrating a major life achievement, this book will help you create the perfect party to commemorate a glorious milestone.

Price: $13.69 Rating 4.5/5 based on 340 reviews

What Is A Great Gift For A Guy Who Has Everything

50th birthday personalized favor gift black gold poker chips

You want to get him an amazing gift, but he says he doesnt want anything or has everything he could possibly need. One way around this is to get him a new and improved version of something he already has, like an upgraded model of his TV or a personalized decanter thats similar to the one he uses all the time. Another way to give a great 50th birthday gift for the man who has everything is by getting him something practical, but unique, like a set of glassware with his name on it or an ammo can turned into a cigar humidor to replace his basic wooden one.

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Unusual 50th Birthday Present Ideas

Shopping for 50th birthday gifts can be difficult. Finding a unique present they will appreciate and enjoy isnt always easy. This is why we have created a wide range of items for both men and women, all of which can be individualised. Just pick a product, choose your customisation, and let us ship it to them.

Celebrate in style with a bottle of champagne or wine. Or get a delicate glass etched with your well wishes. Add a touch of luxury with a stunning wristwatch or one of our beautiful pocket watches.

For the hobbyists out there, we have a little something to suit. Whether they are gardeners or DIYers, cricket fans or snooker lovers. We all smile when someone puts in the care to add to our collections.

And who doesnt love an edible gift pack? Sweets, chocolate, or even a cute tea and biscuit selection! And with the boxes designed to fit through the letterbox, theres no need for them to stay in awaiting delivery or risk a soggy package on the doorstep.

With all this and more, were confident you will find what you are looking for.

A Sweet Gift Hell Never Forget

Remind your dad, husband, or grandpa of when you would listen to his favorite records with him with this thoughtful personalized vinyl for his 50th birthday! Yes, thats an actual vinyl record that you can personalize just for him and even add a photo and a message to create a one-of-a-kind gift that hell proudly display forever. Every time he looks at it, hell think of those wonderful memories he has of listening to his record player and teaching you all about his favorite musicians.

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Luxury 50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men Hell Use All The Time

Whether hes already a fan of cognac or has talked about trying it now that hes older and wiser, one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for him is this luxurious cognac gift set! With two professional cognac snifters, he can enjoy the exotic flavors of cognac to the fullest, along with a couple of stogies to celebrate his birthday! Cognac is the perfect kind of liquor to celebrate special occasions, but even after his big day, hell want to use this set to sip and relax. Soon enough, hell be a cognac connoisseur, and its all thanks to you and your amazing gift! Of course, dont forget to put a couple of stogies in the cigar box so that he can enjoy one as soon as he opens up his gift.

Funny 50th Birthday Card

My DAD’s SURPRISE 50th Birthday Party / Planning, Decor, Gifts & More!

For your man or anyone else, you care about who is turning the big fiftieth, we thought we would create the perfect birthday card for them. With a beautiful design and a message written by a famous person, it’s a great gift idea. Featuring a stunning message, this is the perfect gift for him to cherish forever.

Price: $4.72 Rating 4.9/5 based on 4704 reviews

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What Do You Get For A 50

Whether youre looking for 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband, brother, dad, or friend, one thing is for certain: get him something cool and unique! You want to make him feel special on this milestone birthday, but you also dont want to make him feel old. Some of the best 50th birthday gift ideas are personalized glassware, a cool bar cart, a new set of grilling tools, or even a custom sign to give his home a fresh new look. These gifts are all practical, which is important for a 50-year-old man, but they can also all be personalized to make them extra thoughtful!

Th Birthday Gifts & Present Ideas For Him

Get him excited about this new chapter of life with our collection of 50th birthday gifts for him. It’s a momentous occasion which deserves an equally incredible present. How about an once-in-a-lifetime experience? We have flying lessons and helicopter days which are sure to take him to new heights with a euphoric feeling. For the foodie who loves eating out, there are dining experiences featuring restaurant favourites and unusual spots he can indulge in. If he’s a luxury lover, present him with a weekend away gift. We’ve got luxury lodges, city breaks and more to explore. As he is half a century old, you might want to present him with a 50th gift filled with sentimental value. There are pocket watches and glasses which can be engraved with your unique words, a message of love or his name and birth date. If he loved a laugh and can take a joke, explore our funny and . With present ideas which tease his age, sarcasm levels and possible bald patches, he’ll be giggling about turning 50 in no time.

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Custom Cigar Bands Labels

It is the perfect gift for your man who loves to smoke cigars.

Custom Cigar Bands Labels will give him a set of personalized labels that he can use on his favourite stogies.

You can personalize these bands with his name and date!

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Whiskey stones are an affordable and effective way to cool your favorite liquor without diluting it as an ice can. Here are 17 of them you can buy today!

Make His Dream Home Bar Come True

Personalized 50th Birthday Keychain with Letter Charmâ Infinity ...

Over the years, youve heard him talk about how much he wants to create the ultimate home bar someday. Now that his 50th birthday is coming up, youve got the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a gift that will help make his dream come truea custom home bar sign! He will be inspired to get started on his home bar right away once he finds the perfect place to display his cool new sign. In fact, you could get everyone who is coming to his birthday party to make your gifts themed around his home bar such as a new TV, bar stools, tap handles, and more so that hes got the essentials! Such a unique and thoughtful gift is one of the best possible 50th birthday gift ideas for men who want their own home bar someday. For a man who already has an impressive home bar, this sign is the best way to make it official!

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Th Birthday Cooking Gifts

For those that like to spend time in the kitchen, make their 50th birthday special with a Rectangle Slate Cheese Board featuring your own special birthday inscription. Or present them with an elegant Monogrammed Chopping Board. A Personalised Recipe Box will be the perfect place to keep family favourites, and a Pasta Jar featuring a name of your choice is great for storing food items. This lovely floral design 50th Birthday Teapot will adorn any kitchen counter and can be personalised with a name, year of birth and a message.

The Classiest Decanter Set Hes Ever Seen

Give his home a classy upgrade with this absolutely stunning decanter set for his 50th birthday! By far one of the fanciest, most luxurious pieces he owns, everyone who visits will be in awe when they see it. The elegant twisted design shows off the various hues of the liquor inside the glasses and the decanter whether its whiskey or gin. He will enjoy using the set for his evening drink every night because it makes him feel like a classy gentleman. Hell love it so much that hell treasure it for another 50 years!

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The Best Way To Drink Beer

Even at 50 years old, the guy in your life still enjoys drinking beer over any other liquor or wine. Hes come to know the differences between stouts and lagers, what the best glasses to enjoy certain types of beers in, and perhaps how to make it! Hes even visited Germany, the motherland of beer, to try their local brews. What is the best 50th birthday gift idea for men like him? A case of his favorite beer, of course, and a custom beer stein to drink it from! This lidded stein is inspired by 14th century German steins, which are designed to both keep bugs away and will make the head last longer. Your dad or husband will enjoy using this cool stein all the time!

Fun Gift For 50 Year Old Man

Unique 50th Birthday Gift Idea for a Man

When thinking about the perfect birthday gift for a 50 year old man, make sure you consider the things he enjoys doing. For the man who loves spending time with his friends and family, get him something he can share with them! This custom cornhole set will quickly become a staple at every family gathering and party that he hosts. Not only is this a classic, easy-to-play game for all ages so that even the grandkids can enjoy it, but he can play it indoors, outdoors, or even take it with him on the big family camping trip! A gift like this will be enjoyed by him and all of his loved ones for years to come.

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