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Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party

Host A Guess The Flavor Contest

Jocelyns 1st birthday party supplies. Ice cream parlor

For the more adventurous guests out there, we love this ice cream party idea. Mix up your own flavors or use store-bought versions and challenge your guests to correctly identify the flavor without looking.

Serve up some delicious classic flavors, alongside unusual varieties or even your own unexpected homemade creations.

As with all the DIY and food-related party games, make sure youre super clear about any allergens or keep them to a minimum so all your guests can have a good time.

Ice Cream Party Planning & Invitations

In addition to ice cream party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Ice Cream party:

  • Ice cream toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream, candy, cherries and hot fudge
  • Many flavors of ice cream
  • Ice cream cones or waffle bowls
  • Ice cream scoops
  • A blender for making milkshakes
  • You may also want to see if your local ice cream truck can stop by during the party!
  • Include a small treat or toy with your invites that fit the theme. For an ice cream party, you could include a spoon, a packet of rainbow sprinkles or some ice cream flavored candy.
  • Create a banana split or large ice cream sundae filled with toppings and then take a photo. This photo can be the front of your invitation. Write “We All Scream for Ice Cream!” on top of the photo. Print the party details on the back of each photo.
  • Draw or use a computer illustration program to create a dessert menu.
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Scheduling Your Ice Cream Parlour Party

Scheduling the party is one of the most significant part of the childrens birthday party organizing process, so youll have to schedule your Ice Cream Parlour birthday party carefully. Be sure to schedule your Ice Cream Parlour birthday party in advance. To make your Ice Cream Parlour bday party a smashing hit, it should have a precise beginning and ending. It is always better to keep the Ice Cream Parlour party short, simple and sweet. Also, youll have to take care about other childrens routines so that your Ice Cream Parlour birthday bash does not interfere with their schedules. Morning or afternoon is normally the best time to throw the best Ice Cream Parlour themed birthday bash. Buy your Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies well in advance if you are purchasing them from local store. If ordering online, buy the Ice Cream Parlour party supplies one month in advance so that you receive them in time.

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Sweetest Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Sunshine, scoops of ice cream, and lovely friends, full of laughter. And special memories to be created. An ice Cream Party is a great way to celebrate summer. Youll throw the best ice cream social ever with these unique ice cream bar ideas, ice cream party décor, and games for younger and older kids.

Have A Budget For Your Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Party

Ice Cream Parlour Party

It is vital to have a budget for the Ice Cream Parlour party that youre planning and you should stick to it. Although there are some parents who spend a lot of money on these social gatherings, I would suggest you to have an affordable budget since a low-budget kids birthday party can also be made to look lavish using low-cost Ice Cream Parlour party supplies that are available online. You can also check out the local stores if they are running better deals on Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies.

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Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Supplies

The first and foremost important ingredient that can make your childs birthday party a great success is the selection of the party theme and these days Ice Cream Parlour party theme is quite popular. Ice Cream Parlour is the talk of the school these days so throwing a great birthday bash based on this theme would be rewarding for you and your kid will also feel good and proud. Ice Cream Parlour party supplies are available online, so the most challenging part of putting a party together has become the easiest now. Throwing a great birthday party can get complicated, but Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies kit makes it easy.

In case you are not used to organizing childrens birthday party, the process of planning a great Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Party might be a little mystery. But the truth is, however hard as it may seem, planning the perfect kids birthday bash is easy with a few basic steps and Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies. And the little ones will be overjoyed with what you have planned for them with love, care and Ice Cream Parlour party supplies.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Whats a party without a cake? Whether you are hosting an ice cream-themed birthday, bridal shower, or graduation party, you need a cake to celebrate!

An ice cream sandwich layered cake with sprinkles ad cherry toppings will be the hit of your party. to learn how to make an ice cream sandwich cake.

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Ice Cream Parlour Party Ideas For Adult Guests

When you are planning activities and games for the little guests in your Ice Cream Parlour celebration, be sure to plan a game or two where the adults can also take part.

  • Make a guest book from large sheets of paper and ask your guests to write in them about what they liked the best in the Ice Cream Parlour celebration.
  • Put a cardboard in a white or Ice Cream Parlour theme color and ask your guests to autograph it with permanent markers or fabric markers.
  • You can make your Ice Cream Parlour party fun and memorable by creating an activity station for adults where they can decorate their own cupcakes and goody bags.

Saying Thank You After Your Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Bash

Roy`s Old Time Birthday Party @ Farrell`s Ice Cream Parlor

Your Ice Cream Parlour themed birthday bash was perfect and everyone went back smiling, so why not say thank-you to all the guests. You can design the thank-you notes yourself with some imagination or you can go online and download and print some Ice Cream Parlour theme based thank-you notes. If youve got Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies from our recommended store, thank-you notes are already included in them. Ice Cream Parlour birthday supplies also include favors and favor boxes. Trust us, after receiving favor boxes that come with Ice Cream Parlour party supplies your guests will thank you and go home happy.

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Ice Cream Parlour Party Games

Last, but definitely the most important fun part of your party would be games and other interesting activities that you would organize for the little Ice Cream Parlour fans. Certainly, the kids love cake, ice cream and obligatory gifts but it is the fun activities and games that would make your Ice Cream Parlour party complete. A kiddie party is incomplete without games and your Ice Cream Parlour party will not be an exception.

Let the kids enjoy the occasion by using Ice Cream Parlour balloons to play volleyball or relay race. If youve got separate area, Ice Cream Parlour fans would love to play water balloon fights. Other Ice Cream Parlour birthday party games that the kids would love are musical chairs and pass the parcel. Pass large pieces of blank paper to Ice Cream Parlour loving kids and ask them to draw shapes around bodies on them. Or ask them to write their name or Ice Cream Parlour as legibly as possible by grasping pen with their toes of the left foot and compare them and announce a winner. Many other classic games like Simon Says, Treasure Hunt, duck duck goose, Potato Sack Relay and Ring around the Rosie go well with Ice Cream Parlour theme.

Give Your Children A Birthday To Remember With A Fun And Indulgent Marine Ices Gelato Party

Of course our party facilities are also available for adults and are very popular for Christmas parties, birthday parties and leaving do’s.

Youll have access to our well stocked gelato bar, handmade cones, toppings and menu of ice cream sundaes. Our delicious range of coffee, gourmet pastries, cakes and soft drinks will also be available.

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Planning Your Ice Cream Parlour Birthday Celebration

A good plan will be the most important factor in throwing a great Ice Cream Parlour party. But to make your Ice Cream Parlour birthday party an event to remember, you will have to start planning well in advance. Last minute party planning stress can be avoided by planning your Ice Cream Parlour themed birthday party early. Take into consideration party theme, the venue, food and drinks, Ice Cream Parlour party supplies and budget.

Ice Cream Birthday Party


An ice cream themed birthday party is fun for kids of any age, and adults too! Putting together a party filled with all things ice cream is simple because items are readily available all year round. Your whole family will be screaming for ice cream. What kid wouldnt love it? It is the perfect theme to celebrate a special birthday!

My little lady loves her ice cream, and all things sweet, for that matter. In honor of our precious little girls birthday we decided that we should have an ice cream social to celebrate with family. Considering that the kids birthday is in February, we thought it would be an extra special treat in the middle of winter to have an ice cream bar. Last weekend we had a joint family birthday party to celebrate my son turning 5 and my daughter turning three. Since my son had his own Mario themed party with his friends from school the night before, I decided to make the ice cream party extra special for my daughter, but stick with a theme that could work for my son as well.

I put together a simple invitation in Microsoft word using clip art and colorful fonts. I kept the colors as gender neutral as possible since it was inviting people to celebrate both kids special days. The invitation had a header that said : I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It had the party time and date as well. Since everyone that was coming already knew our address I just put Kyle and Olivias Ice Cream Parlor as the location.

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Ice Cream Parlor Birthday

Are you racking your brain, trying to come up with a fun party idea worthy of the warm summer months ahead? If so, check out this super sweet Ice Cream Parlor Birthday submitted by Daphne Seow of ParteeBoo out of Penang, Malaysia. Its delectable party details and sweet treats + stationery are sure to supply you with ample ideas and inspiration perfect for your own ice cream-inspired occasion dont miss it!

Have Fun With Themed Table Decorations

One of the easiest ways to make your ice cream social stand out is to step up your table decorations. Look for ice cream party supplies that can carry the theme across all elements of your tablescapes and serving ware.

Style your tables with pastel stripe or polka dot tablecloths, and sprinkle confetti on top to look like ice cream sprinkles. Add a stylish centerpiece like a giant ice cream cone, cute ice cream truck, a stack of cupcakes with themed toppers, or a decoration that looks like a toppling tower of ice cream. Its all about having fun and bringing your theme to life.

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How Sweet It Is

Planning an ice cream party is so much fun. You get to play with pastel tones, sweet party decorations, and plenty of delicious food. Use this guide to help you plan for your ice cream social whether its indoors or outdoors, for a first birthday or a 50th birthday party.

Once youre ready with the details, select an online invitation design you love. With Greenvelope, you can choose your color options and personalize any invite. Before you know it, those excited RSVPs will be arriving in your inbox.

Paper Cones And Balloons

Local ice cream shop gives treats to cancer patients, birthday parties for foster kids

The easiest way to add color to your party set up is by hanging paper cones with balloons.

Simply take a brown paper and roll it into a cone shape. Staple the edges. Blow up balloons in assorted colors and tape or tie them to the cones to look like scoops.

Hang the balloon-filled cones from the ceiling or around the dessert table for a delightful look!

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More Resources For Choosing Games For Ice Cream Parlour Birthday

Ice Cream Parlor Party

Set up an Ice Cream Parlor at home with these fun party ideas.Were crazy for ice cream at our house, its our favorite treat. My son loves to go to Menchies Frozen Yogurt shop for all the fun toppings, so I thought it would be fun to create an ice cream bar at home. We have this little red rolling cart that we love to use for parties. We used it for a fun Lemonade Stand, so I thought it would be fun to use it for this ice cream bar, and it was a hit! We made some fun signage and a DIY striped awning to go on top!

It was really windy outside when we snapped these pictures, so Aiden is holding the little striped awning so it wouldnt fly away.The kids LOVED being able to choose their toppings from the cart. One of the toppings we all LOVED the most was muddy buddies! Its the best ice cream topping! If you love chocolate peanut butter and crispy crunchy cereal, youll have to try it! It was so good! You can find a similar rolling red cart here.

Heres a list of all the toppings we offered:FOR THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS:-fudge dipped oreo thin bites-mint fudge dipped oreo thin bites-crushed Nutter Butter cookies-Reeses Peanut Butter Cups with Reeses Pieces inside-Reeses Pieces-fresh raspberries-fresh strawberries

To make the striped awning, we used a foam core board, white poster board yellow duck tape to make the stripes and a small drinking glass to make the scalloped edges.Aiden with his cute friend Olivia. It was a fun night celebrating our boy turning 10!

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Make An Ice Cream Party Playlist

Dancing is always a fun activity at parties, whether its for little kids or the young at heart. Create a themed playlist filled with ice cream songs.

If you cant find enough songs with an ice cream theme, expand the list to feature anything that mentions cool or summer. Look for upbeat party classics thatll get your party guests in the dancing mood. Another alternative is to play the kind of songs youd hear at a vintage ice cream parlor, like this ice cream parlor playlist.

Ice Cream Parlor Birthday Party Decorations


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Hot And Cold Sauce Display

If you want to go the extra mile for your guests, you can serve sauces with ice cream as well!

An aesthetic way to store and comfortably pour cold sauces is by filling them up in milk bottles. Transparent glass bottles filled with colorful sauces will be a hit.

For hot sauces, use squeeze bottles. Fill them up with hot sauce and keep them in a hot water slow cooker set, so they stay warm throughout the party.

Wear Ice Cream Cone Party Hats

One of the most adorable parts of any kids birthday party is when they all sit down and put on a party hat to sing happy birthday to the guest of honor. Make that moment even cuter with ice cream cone party hats.

These sweet wearable decorations are great for ice cream parties. You can pick them up from most party supplies stores, or create your own awesome version using this DIY melting ice cream cone party hat tutorial.

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