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How To Make A Birthday Collage On Instagram

How To Create Collages On Instagram Stories For Business Accounts

How to Make a Photo Collage in Instagram!

Besides, remember that if you’re using an Instagram business account, then here’s how your screen would look.

Then, click on the camera icon on the top-left to access Instagram’s grid options.

Step 3: That opens up a few grid options that Instagram provides you within the app.

Instagram’s six different default grid options

Now you can see your pictures in your mobile gallery. Here’s how we see different pictures in our mobile gallery when we access it via .

Access your mobile gallery to begin sharing images

Step 4: Instagram gives you six different grid options to use, which are not a lot, but you could find them handy when you quickly want to put together an Instagram story collage.

Now, swipe up to access your mobile’s picture gallery or use Instagram’s camera to click pictures. If you’re using Instagram’s camera, click on the white circular button at the bottom of your screen. Click the back arrow on your mobile screen to remove pictures from the grid.

We used our existing picture gallery to come up with a collage like this one below. The vertical and horizontal straight lines will help you discern the four pictures on this Instagram Story collage. Click on the ‘check’ button at the bottom of the to launch your Instagram Story collage.

A simple 4-picture Instagram Story collage created with pictures on our mobile

Say Hi To Thousands Of Collages

First Birthday Photo Collage

Your little one is finally turning one? Then make a Happy Birthday collage to celebrate this milestone. There are many options you can try. First off, you can chronicle your babys first year with pictures arranged in a grid, or you can go for a collage in the form of the figure 1. That would look so cute.

An Explanatory Video On How To Locate The Present

It is the most exciting part, and you may offer the recipient directions on how to find the present if you conceal it at the party location. You may use video to give them pointers, or at the end, you can video call them and coach them through the process. Video can work exceptionally well.

It will assist you in adding a great deal of pleasure to the birthday celebrations that you throw. In addition, this is one of the one-of-a-kind concepts you should use in 2020. Make use of it right now to see the whole event for yourself.

Making a birthday video for a friend or loved one is a customized way to express your best wishes and show them how much you care. With this handy collection of suggestions, youll have no trouble coming up with birthday greetings for everybody and everyone. Visit our birthday video creator for further advice and templates to use in your videos.

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Add Pictures To Your Happy Birthday Collage

Next step is to add photos to your best friends birthday collage. Double-click the empty slots to add your images. Even if you pick a wrong pic, you can easily replace it. Once all the photos have been added, you can rotate or re-arrange their position on the canvas. If you double-click the images, youll be able to enhance the way your photos look by cranking their brightness, contrast and saturation.

Go with the happiest photos of the celebrant you can find

What Is The Best Instagram Story Size

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The perfect Instagram story dimensions are 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is an aspect ratio of 16:9.

In fact, you don’t need to figure out what image dimensions to use, because we already have the perfect Instagram story dimensions ready for you. Just browse our Instagram story templates and choose one that suits what you need!

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What Is An Instagram Collage

An Instagram collage is a collection of photos shared that you share in a single photo or video. I typically compare it to the Instagram grid but shared as one photo.

Instagram collages started showing up more over the last few years. It was last year, however, when the trend really took off with more and more users creating visually appealing collages on their .

And it all started as a trend among influencers and brands who wanted to express themselves more creatively. But many users have followed and the rest is now history.

Needless to say, weve come a long way from the early days of creating basic collages to using a series of apps to combine backgrounds, images, and videos to create stunning visuals.

For example, heres an Instagram collage weve created for one of our Stories.

How To Make Instagram Collage Using Stickers In An Iphone And Android

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Tap on ‘Your Story’ at the top left of the Instagram app
  • Now you need to add a background. To add that, tap the thumbnail icon on the bottom left which will allow you to choose an image from your gallery or you can also take a new picture to add it as your background by clicking on the camera.
  • Slide upward from the bottom of the chosen background image, which will give several options of stickers. Here tap on the camera option available in your sticker stores, to bring your camera roll. Also, if you want to add the existing pictures from your gallery, then you will need to click on the files symbol with a + sign.
  • This will add the image to your background. You can add as many pictures in the form of stickers as you want.
  • You can simply resize or rotate it using two fingers and then hold it to move around the screen.
  • You can delete a particular added image if you want by holding it and moving it towards the trash can at the bottom.
  • Do this with each image that you want to add to the collage.
  • When you are done, just click ‘Your Story’ at the bottom left of the screen, which will upload it.
  • If you just want to save it, then click on three dots at the top right corner and then click Save.

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Why You Should Use Invideo To Create A Video Collage For Instagram

InVideo is the perfect solution for your video editing needs because its a feature-rich and easy-to-use platform. Instead of spending hours making a video in a complex video editing program, you can come up with professional-looking results with InVideo in a matter of minutes. The navigation is as user-friendly as they come, so you will get acquainted with all of the platforms features in no time.

If you have any questions, you can rely on our 24/7 customer support. Open up the chat by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and one of our agents will be with you as soon as possible. You can also check out our extensive collection of video tutorials.

Another huge benefit of using InVideo is how affordable the platform is. You can choose one of two paid plans:

Business Plan

If you opt for the Business plan, you can use InVideo with only two monthly limitations. The export limit is up to 60 videos. If you want to use the premium files from our media library in your video, the number is restricted to 300.

The Business plan costs $20 per month, but you can get it for $10 if you sign up for the annual arrangement.

Unlimited Plan

Unlike the Business plan, the Unlimited planas the name implieshas no restrictions.You can use all the features that InVideo has to offer for $60 per month. If you choose the annual option, the price is $30.

Sign up for InVideo as soon as today, and start creating top-notch videos that will amaze your audience!

Get The Influencer Look

Creative ‘Birthday’ Instagram story ideas || Birthday insta story ideas ||

Ever wondered how influencers make their Stories look so professional? Theyre not taking a quick snap or a 10-second clip and immediately uploading it to Instagram. Theyre using templates. Borders, filters, texts and backgroundstemplates open up a whole new world of possibilities for your Stories.

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How The Instagram Collage Trend Blew Up

Realizing that Instagram collages have become a huge phenomenon, plenty of developers started creating apps to help users come up with creative solutions with little effort. With the right tool, you can make stunning Instagram collages in the form of images and videos and upload your creations to Instagram as posts and stories.

As a response to the trend, Instagram came up with their solutions. Not only can you create collages using the Story feature, but the platform also created a standalone app called Layout. One of the most notable downsides of both options is that you can only create collages using images. If you want to get more creative and craft a multimedia collage, youre going to have to look for a different solution, such as a handy video editing app.

If youve got the basic knowledge on how to edit videos, you can come up with amazing Instagram collages using all kinds of features and media file types. And in case youre someone whos always on the lookout for inspiration & ideas, do follow InVideos . Before we get down to how you can craft attention-grabbing collage videos, lets take a look at how you can create a collage using Instagrams solutions.

Birthday Photo Collages By Canva

It’s not every day that you get to celebrate the birthday of someone special. Whoever it is, may it be a parent, a child, a sibling, a significant other, a friend, or a colleague, you can make their day extra memorable by commemorating precious memories with a . Canva has an extensive collection of birthday picture collage templates that you can easily customize to create a collage that best represents the celebrant.

Our library of easy-to-edit templates features various themes and designs that can tickle the celebrant’s fancy. Celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday? There are photo collage templates available for your perusal. Want to make the 1st birthday of your child a bit more fun? A photo collage template can do the trick. Whatever design you have in mind, you can do it with Canva’s selection of templates and built-in editing tools. The best part is you don’t even need to have previous design experience to create a collage that warms hearts.

Making a birthday extra special doesn’t have to be hard. With Canva, you can create a birthday picture collage that will never be forgotten.

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How Do You Create An Instagram Collage

Theres nothing more trendy these days than photo dumps on Instagram. After all, more is more! For those times when you have a lot of images to share, picking just a single shot to post wont cut it. Every now and again youre blessed with a handful of amazing images that you are dying to spotlight all at once but you dont want to bombard your followers with back-to-back posts and a carousel Instagram photo dump just doesnt feel quite right.

Sometimes you need to profess your love for your best friends with a public happy birthday message sharing five years worth of your funniest photos together. What about those times when youre making a visual mood board of all your favorite things, promoting an anniversary sale for your brand, or announcing new products? Lets face it sometimes you just need to create an Instagram collage.

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How To Create An Instagram Story Collage

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These days, there is no lack of options for apps that make it possible for us to create a photo collage. With apps like Canva, or the Layout app, we can transform as many photos as needed into a gorgeous photo collage.

In addition to these incredible apps that allow us to add multiple photos and transform them into an Instagram collage, we can also use the Instagram app itself.

There are advantages to using the Instagram app and the other collage layout apps on the market. However, it is all about personal preference. Some people adore using their favorite app on their Android or iOS device. On the other hand, some people love nothing more than using Instagram to create their collages.

The best way to see what fits you best is by trying them out and finding the app that makes you excited about creating collages. Once you have found the perfect app, you will be excited to create collages to share with your followers.

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Create A Video With Music

Collect all your nostalgic images with your friends. This can include images from college, workplace, trips, hangouts, etc., and create a video. Add music, the music can be the favourite song of your friend or a song that is related to friendship or devotes your love to him/her. You can also use a video maker for creating a video and then use that video as your Instagram story with a caption.

What Are Some Instagram Collage Templates

Another way to create a stunning Instagram collage is to take advantage of easy-to-use collage templates. There is one for every occasion, season, and aesthetic.

The templates in Picsart have been meticulously designed by talented artists so they come ready to use with beautiful backgrounds and a slew of shapes and colors. All you have to do is swap the preset photos for your own and edit other small details to customize your collage. Popular template designs include back to school, K-pop, invitations, pets, interior design, frames & mirror, and more.

With templates, the collage design work has already been done for you, so you spend less time designing and more time picking your favorite photos. All you have to do is add your photos, save, and share.

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Add Stock Photos Or Upload Your Own

Click the Photos & Video tab in the left tabs column. You can choose photos from our huge stock collection, or click the Add photos or video button at the top of the panel, and choose some from wherever you store your photos. Once you’ve selected photos, they’ll appear in the Uploaded tab above the search box.

Now comes the fun part: you just drag your photos and drop them into cells in the layout. When you drag a photo and hover in between two cells, a blue bar will appear release your mouse and a new cell will be created, instantly resizing the surrounding cells!

Create A Birthday Collage

Creative Instagram Story Ideas (Birthday Edition)|Aesthetic IG B’day Story Ideas|Using IG app only

Another option can be creating a birthday photo collage made up of all your photographs. Instagram gives you some great features to add to your Instagram story. You can add colours, and messages, choose templates, set borders, and experiment a little with your college to see what suits you the best. Birthday collages are the best way to collect and ingrain all your past beautiful memories in one frame. Your friend will surely love this!

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How Do You Make Collages On Instagram Stories

Step 1: Log into your Instagram on your mobile phone and head over to the top-left. Notice the ‘+’ symbol on the top right of your profile on Instagram. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to either access your mobile gallery or take pictures via Instagram itself. Or, simply swipe from left to right on Instagram’s home screen.

Step 2: Notice Instagram’s default grid option open up on the left. Tap on the grid option, and pull down the entire menu.

Create Seamless Panoramic Collages With Scrl

The SCRL app makes it easy to create seamless, stackable collages that are perfect for carousel posts. The app gives users the freedom and flexibility to layer camera-roll pictures across frames in your canvas to keep your followers swiping for more:

This is a great way to entice your followers to keep swiping left to see how your photos connect! By creating a continued photo experience, your followers are much more likely to make it to the end of your post and hit the like button.

And remember time spent on Instagram posts is one of the key factors that lead to your post performing well in . The more time spent on your post , the better!

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Setting Up The Media Files For Your Collage

All the files you import will appear in the menu on the left. You can click on any of them to preview them in a pop-up window. To add them to your video, all you need to do is drag and drop them onto a scene.

Start by setting up a background image. It can also be a video that doesnt draw attention away from the main elements of your collage.

When you drop the file onto your scene, you need to resize it. Click on the media element and grab any of the dots along the grid. Drag them around to make the media fit the dimensions of your collage video. Now that youve got a background, you can start adding other media files.

Add your images and videos to the scene the same way you did with your background. Each time, InVideo will ask whether you want to add the file as a layer or replace the existing background. Pick the former option.

Resize your media elements and move them around until they fit your concept for the collage. You can rotate any element by clicking and holding the Rotate button above the element. Move your mouse around and let go when the media file is in the desired position.

You should decide if you want your collage video to have sound. You can focus on the audio from your video files or use a song for the entire collage.

Go to the Music tab, where you can choose from our collection of royalty-free songs or upload music from your device. Click on the + symbol next to any audio file to add it to your video.

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