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How Can I Find Someone’s Birthday Online

Try To View Their Driver’s License

How to find someone’s birthday using DOB search

This is tricky business, but its not impossible. If your subject is young enough to be carded, you might manage to accompany them to a bar or liquor store. When they pull out their drivers license, comment on the picture or remark that theres something about it that looks different from yours. You may be able to sneak a peek at the DOB in the process.

Another technique is to steer a conversation to a discussion of unflattering drivers license photos. Start complaining about how bad yours is and pull it out to show them. Maybe theyll show you theirs as well.

Heres a similar technique that wont often work, but sometimes it might. If youre in the persons home, try to arrange for some time alone with their wall calendar. Their birthday may be circled.

How To Find A Relatives Date Of Birth

If you are from a large family, chances are you will forget a couple of birthdays. It can be rather hard to remember everyones birthday and thats understandable. You may remember your grandfathers birthday is in December and your cousins birthday is in March, but you just cant remember the exact dates. Its tricky to find out someones birthday, and gets trickier when you need to look up a birthday for a relative. Sure, its easier to ask your Mom, Aunt, or other relatives. But if you ask a relative, everyone will probably find out you forgot someones birthday.

When it comes to a family members birthday, take on a birthday search yourself. Conduct a quick birthday search free of charge or with a minimal fee for more information. Kiwi Searches is a fast and effective way on how to find someones birthday and other data. The best thing about it is no one from your family would ever know you forgot their birthday.

Use Public Birth Records

Another option is to find someones birthday on public records, which are also known as vital records typically offer free public birth records access to anyone anywhere via the internet.

Government agencies provide free online record searching and access to public record information. The data that you can access comes directly from the Public Record Research System or learn more from the Public Record Retriever Network.

There are thousands of U.S. government agencies that avail public records, some free of charge and some at a fee.

These include state, county, and city sites, state occupational licensing boards, U.S. Territories, federal courts opinions and decisions, searchable federal sanctions sites and significant Agencies, state appellate & Supreme Court opinions & decisions, military sites, unclaimed funds, foreign sites etc.

Note that in most cases not everyone is allowed to access birth certificates or birth records of a person via these government agents. Those not authorised, which in this case chances you are not, you can request for an informational certified copy of the birth certificate.

See this example of information on obtaining a copy of a birth records. Of course you might have to look for the persons county website to see if the same rules apply but typically they do.

NOTE: A tip when searching on free public records is to also try to search birth records by parent name.

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Use Background Search Tool Number Tracker

If youre looking for a way to find birthdays without having to ask them directly, one option is to use a background search tool like Number Tracker Pro. With this method, all you need is the persons name and phone number.

To use Number Tracker Pro, simply sign up for an account and enter the persons phone number and city in the apps search bar.

Number Tracker Pro will then search through public records and databases to find any information that matches the name and phone number you entered. This includes information like birthdays, addresses, and social media profiles.

Number Tracker Pro works on a credit-based system, so youll need to purchase credits in order to run a search. However, the results are often worth it, and you can use them to search for other public information. From their address, education, and criminal records to their social media profiles, you can find out a lot about someone using Number Tracker Pro.

It is important to note that using Number Tracker Pro is a discreet and ethical way to find someones birthday. Youre not violating the terms of service on social media platforms or similar sites, as you are simply searching for information that is publicly available.

Search Public Birth Records

Find Someones Birthday By Name

There are records, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, that contain a persons birthday, and many of them are public. However, depending on the state, there are restrictions on who is allowed to have a copy of these. Sometimes theres more data available at the physical city clerks office than there is online.

In some cases you have to know the birth date to gain access to a birth certificate, which may help you confirm a date if you already have an idea what it is. To get anywhere at all with a birth certificate, you have to know where the person was born.

In some states, professional licenses can be of help if the person is a hairdresser, electrician, plumber, teacher or any type of worker who has to be licensed. Often the application document is a public record available to anyone and contains the birth date.

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Plan The Date And Time

Whenever possible, make sure you follow traditional dates and times for that specific party type. For example, if youre planning a surprise wedding, it should stick with an afternoon schedule. If youre planning a birthday party, always choose an option that takes place before the actual date of birth. One to three weeks before the date should keep your guest of honor surprised.

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Uk Dob Finder Dob Search Dob Checker Birthday Lookup

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Check Their Shared Posts

Its a habit for people to post their birthdays on Instagram, including tagging their friends to spread love and excitement. If their bio gave no helpful hints, its time to go through their posts to see if they shared a post about their birthday at one point.

A birthday post is unique if that person is not frequently posting on Instagram, you should easily find their birthday posts. Here, look for hints, such as pictures with cakes or in birthday outfits. Any posts that look special should ring a bell.

Additionally, if you have mutual friends with that person, it would also help to check their posts. Its possible that the mutual friend shared a birthday post about your target person. Hopefully, you will get some hints.

Ask If They Share A Birthday With A Celebrity

How to Find Someone’s Birth Date

One method of attempting to obtain someones birthday information is to ask whether they share a birthday with a celebrity.

Because people are often proud to share a birthday with a well-known figure, this can be an effective method.

However, if the person youre asking doesnt know any celebrities who share the same birthday as them, it could backfire on you.

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Use An Ancestry Service

If youre interested in viewing someones birth record information, a better solution is to use an ancestry website. Ancestry services allow you to find birth records information such as when and where someone was born, who their relatives are, and more.

You can start your basic research with one of the largest daily history databases on the internet, but know that this site does require paid access for more detailed information. Another option is FamilySearch, which provides someones birth date and general location. The service works in the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and other places.

Birthday Lookup On Snapchat

If you are thinking about how to find someone’s birthday online on Snapchat, you will have to follow some simple steps to know that.

Go to the chats area on Snapchat and select a person you want to do a birthday lookup.

There you will see a rocket button press it. Now find where is Minis option is. After clicking on t now, press the birthday option from the list of options. Now you will see everyone’s upcoming birthdays on a list.

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How To Discover A Person’s Birthday

How Can I Find Someone’s Birthday?1. Search for their social media profiles2. Ask them directly3. Use a people search enginepeople searchGolookup4. Use search engines5. Ask the people in their livesHow to Get Someone the Perfect Gift?Make a listBe a little sneakyFind out about their passionsAsk directlyConsider DIY or customized options

How To Find Someones Birthday On Social Media

Top 70 Unique Free Birthday Ecards

Finding someones birthday can also be done on social media. Social media is a great place to check because almost everyone has at least one account according to global social media statistics, more than half of the entire world uses social media . So, theres a great chance you can find their birthday on one of several social media websites/applications.

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Can I See Someones Birthday On Snapchat

While Snapchat does not maintain a public directory of its users birthdays, there are a few ways to determine whether or not someones birthday has been recorded on the application. Checking the info section of the users profile is one method of determining this.

If they have included their birthday in their profile, it will be visible to anyone who visits their page. You can also see if the user has posted in their Story that are related to their birthday.

Anybody who visits their Story will be able to see their birthday Snap, if they have chosen to share it with their followers.

Go To Mutual Friends Or Family Members

First things first, sometimes it is best to try the path of least resistance before testing out other tactics. For example, if the person you want to find a birthday for is a close friend, you could consider simply asking one of your mutual friends or their family members if they know this information. Sometimes, your answer could be right there in front of you without having to dig on the web for it. Give your mutual friends a call to see if they know anything. If not, then at least you have exhausted this option. Its also important to let them know not to tell your friend that you were asking about their big day, because it would ruin your plan of being discreet. It would be unfortunate to learn how to find someones birthday without them knowing, just to have a mutual friend come right out and spill the beans. This method basically acts as a free dob search!

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Use A People Finder Tool

If you cant get the persons birthday information from social media platforms, or youre not sure if they put their real birthday information on the site , a people finder tool may be a better option.

People finders are dedicated search engines that can be used to find exclusively people-related information, including names, phone numbers, birthday info, emails, addresses, social media accounts, pics, and more. Here are the 4 best people search engines that came up on top during our test:

  • TruthFinder: One of the best people search tools you can use. It lets you find comprehensive people-related information by name, number, and address, and includes those details plus email addresses, associated names, possible relatives and associates, criminal records, marriage records, and more.
  • Intelius: Run a deep search with the site, by name, phone, or physical address. It finds those details and others like whether the person is married, their past and current address, contact info, birthdates, and more.
  • Social Catfish: A surprising amount of data can be found with the tool, including social media profiles and family members. You can search by name, phone, email address, social media username, and even pictures.
  • Peoplefinders: Another way to search for people by name or phone number.

Get Personal Information First

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat Instagram Facebook WhatsApp Linkedin

It is important that you have at least some piece of information about the person beforehand to make your search easier. So you should know one or more of these the name, surname, phone number, physical address or any other personal information. This is information you can use on any free people finder site to search.

Having this information will enable you to do a reverse people search, which is a fancy way of saying find the persons birthday by name, phone number or by any other piece of information you have.

The more information you have the better. Check out this comprehensive guide on how to find someone free of charge. You will discover how to find more information about the person, which may help you find out their birthday information.

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How To Trick Someone Into Telling You Their Birthday

If you know how to play well with words, you dont need anything or anyone to know about a persons birthday.

Using some conversation techniques, you can easily get that person to indirectly tell you their birthday, while they will be completely unaware of your true intention.

For instance, lets assume you and that person are having a normal conversation. Slowly you move your conversation to something related to birthdays and ask them if they share their birthday with some famous personality.

If theres actually some famous person whos their birthday buddy, then they are gonna be more than happy to tell you about that.

Now all you need to do is search for the birthday of that celebrity when they are not around.

There are endless possibilities to start a birthday-related conversation and trick someone into telling you their birthday without them getting suspicious.

How To See Someones Birthday On Instagram

Theres no specific way to to find someones birthday on it. However, there are some tricks that you can pull off to know someones birthday on Instagram.

Checking Out Bio

Some people like to mention their dob right inside their Instagram bio. So maybe the person whose birth date you want to know might have also done the same.

And its really easy to check the Instagram bio.

1. Use the search option to find out their Instagram profile by typing their correct Instagram username. If you dont know their username, just type their name and look for the suggestions given on Instagram. Find them from your follower or following list if either you follow them or they follow you.

2. Open their profile when you find them on Instagram. Here you can clearly see their bio on the profile page and see if they have mentioned anything about their birthday in their bio.

The best part about this method is that to find out someones birthday on Instagram, you dont have to follow them. Even if they have chosen to keep their profile private, then also its possible to look at their bio.

Use Tagged Posts To Check Someones Birthday On Instagram

This method has more chances of finding someones DOB than the one I have discussed above.

People often tag the birthday boy/girl on their special day and you just need to scroll down the posts on which they were tagged.

But this hack is only helpful to you if you follow that person on Instagram. So if you do follow them, continue reading this hack.

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Are Birthday Searches Possible On Social Media Sites

Quite a large number of the worlds population is signed to some form of social media site. They are our daily way of communicating and are a great source of data on people. People post pictures, videos, messages on them. They also create profiles whereby they might reveal personal information like date of birth, education background, occupation, phone number email, and residential addresses.

If you are friends on any social media platform with the person, you can get hold of their profiles and check if they included their date of birth information when they create their profile or bio.

If you are not friends on any social media platform, then you can make use of social media sites search bars. Most social media sites have a search bar where you can look up people. Searches on these sites can be done with the above-listed peoples search details.

It is common practice for social media users to post photos, messages on their birthdays. Checking their post over the past year might give you the birthday information. They also like to tag friends and checking their tags might also be useful.

Social media platforms that are commonly utilized around the world are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Myspace. You can try searching for them.

Run A People Search With Truthfinder

Happy Birthday Wishes GIF Link with Name

If your basic internet search brought you to a dead-end, then using TruthFinder’s people search toolto find a birthday could help! This is likely to deliver the birthday information about the person you have in mind. Running a report is simple. All you need to do is enter the individual’s full name and their city and state, if you know it, into the search bar. Because TruthFinder searches public records to dig up data on people, it can save you hours of researching on your own. Generic search engines will flood you with information, while TruthFinder can narrow results down in minutes due to its ability to scan the deep web. You may be surprised how quickly you could get the results you’re looking for.

In addition to their birthday, a TruthFinder report could also provide information like the person’s phone number, social media profiles, address, and more! This is nifty because you can use their address information to mail them a card once you figure out their birthday.

Disclaimer: The above image is from a sample TruthFinder Background Report. Actual TruthFinder Background Reports may contain more or less information.

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