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Fun 8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Of The Best 10th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys & Girls


Trying to figure out the best way to celebrate your 10-year-olds birthday without them feeling like a little kid? By 10, many kids shift toward favoring experience-based birthday parties instead of themed birthdays. For example, they want to play laser tag or check out a sporting event instead of having cake and ice cream with

Th Birthday Party Ideas Summary

As your child grows up, coming up with new and exciting ideas to celebrate may get tricky, especially as they may have their own ideas. Therefore, we hope these 8th birthday party ideas help in that department and aide in giving your child a birthday party to remember! Whether you keep it small with a few close friends or invite the whole class, these ideas will surely mean a fun time for all. If you are looking for more party ideas, please check out our other posts here. Enjoy planning and celebrating your 8-year-old!

For more birthday party ideas by age, check out our age-related birthday party themes below.

Infographic: Birthday Decor Ideas For 8

So, the theme, activities, and food ideas for the 8th birthday party are sorted. But there is another major aspect that we need to cover before you plan the party the decor. Because whats a party without amazing decorations?

We have created an infographic to give you some fun decor ideas for the party. Check it out.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

When it comes to shortlisting birthday party ideas for your eight-year-old, you can go ahead and pick any of the many options shared above. It does not always need to be indoors with the regular birthday party decor. You can plan a beach party, a camping trip, or even a backyard barbeque party. You can also go for a themed party based on something that your kid loves. These fun, exciting, and engaging ideas will not only make the birthday party memorable for your child but also help everyone bond over fun, food, and celebrations!

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Diy Birthday Party Idea Options

  • The Cake you can make your own, obviously, but if you not blessed with baking skills a very cost effective option is usually Market Street or somewhere similar who do very good value, tasty and big cakes to feed your party guests
  • Catering you can either buy platters or put them together yourself at a low cost, or make finger sandwiches and have chips available.

Mad Science Of St Louis

8 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Mad Science birthday parties entertain children ages 4-12 with exciting, high-energy, interactive shows that come to you. Children experience exciting demonstrations performed by one of our certified Mad Scientists and engage in hands-on experiments. The basic party is 45-60 minutes, but if you want to stretch your birthday stars smile to the max and further amaze your guests, consider adding one of our popular upgrades including a rocket launch, cotton candy, bubbling potions or static electricity. It’s sure to make your childs next birthday party the best ever! Learn more at .

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Th Birthday Party Ideas For The Best Childrens Party

Turning eight is super great! Even though they are creeping up toward being a tween, they are still little enough to be excited about birthday parties and hanging out with parents. If you are looking for a special way to commemorate your childs 8th birthday, keep reading. Here are some of our 8th birthday part ideas to ensure the best childrens party.

High Jump & Long Jump Competition

For a High Jump Competition, find a big tree or a clear section of wall space outside, and make sure the area is safe. Jump and reach as high as you can. Use a tape measure to record the heigh of each touch. Who can get the highest?

For a Long Jump Competition, find a grassy area of your backyard that is safe to jump around. Market a take-off line, and have everyone jump from that spot. They should bend their knees, swing their arms, and jump for distance. Measure each jump with a tape-measurer and see who can jump the farthest!

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Th Birthday Party Ideas

At this age your childs attention span and focus has improved therefor it is so much easier for them to participate in a variety of activities. They are also starting to be able to read independently, have their own interests and have their own friends. Keep this in mind when planning their 8th birthday party.

Celebrate With 15 Fun Birthday Party Ideas For 8

Diana is 8 years old! Super fun birthday party with friends!

Save the date! Your childs turning eight!

Becoming an eight-year-old is an exciting time in a kids life. Theyre getting more independent and building deeper friendships, while they continue to observe all the special grown-ups in their life . Thats something to celebrate.

Ideas for an eight-year-olds birthday party dont have to be complicated or expensive. Allow the birthday boy or girl to select their party theme based on their interests and hobbies. Do they love to cook? Then a cookie-decorating party is ideal. Is your child a natural performer? Host a karaoke party and let the guests entertain each other. Its all about keeping party planning fun for the kids and simple and stress-free for you.

Whether youre hosting the party at home, in a local park, or at a unique venue, here are a few birthday party ideas for eight-year-old boys or girls that theyll simply love.

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Skip The Party Favors Or Keep Them Simple

Party favors are not always a requirement for a childs party. But when going through 8-year-old birthday party ideas at home, its constantly coming up. If you arent in love with the idea of creating multiple party bags for your childs guests, then skip the idea completely. Instead, you can have your kid write cards or messages to their guests, thanking them for coming and bringing them such thoughtful presents.

If you still like the idea of party favors, you can provide them on a budget by keeping them simple. You can fill them with items like small candies, paper with printed jokes, homemade mini desserts, and more.

How Many Kids Will Attend Your Birthday Party


Depending on your budget, many venues which offer Birthday Party options have per-person pricing. By reducing the number of guests, you might be able to offer your child a super fun party at a venue like Dave n Busters, Aqua Shop Plano or Pinstack, which usually has higher price pricing but Pump It Up Coupons may be applicable.

You could also play a day out for this number, with enough trusted chaperones and spots in cars for transportation.

If you choose an entertainment venue for this number, check carefully the number of guests they include in their packages. The costs can escalate dramatically and you have to consider if it falls within your budget.

At this level, a more open format might work best a gaming truck, pool party, park pavilion are all ideas for this.

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Adventure On The High Seas

Yo! Ho! Ho! Throw a pirate-themed birthday party by inviting guests to arrive dressed as their favorite sea adventurer. They can enjoy a hunt for some pirate treasure , a three-legged race, and more fun games in the backyard before sitting down to enjoy a delicious lunch complete with refreshing pirate fruit punch and other buccaneer favorites. A fun menu might include beef jerky, cheese, vegetables, and even peanut butt-argh and jelly sandwiches.

Awesome Birthday Party Ideas For Your 8

8 year old Bday party

While it can be bittersweet to watch your child grow up and get further from the too-cute-to-handle baby years, there are plenty of perks to them getting older. Watching them develop into their own people with unique interests and talents is the privilege of parenthood, which is why its fun to throw a party that celebrates who they are.

Whether youre going big or keeping it small, youll want to choose a location, theme, and menu. Bear in mind that spending hours on adorable Pinterest decorations and snacks is likely not worth the stress and that all the birthday boy or girl will care about is the company and the cake. And okay, maybe the presents!

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Birthday Party Ideas For Elementary Aged Kids

You can either do fun smaller parties or some kids prefer to do parties with girls only, or boys only while some still love to mix it up.

This usually changes as they get older!

Most parents prefer to find a venue to host a party, and some also like to do days out and take some kids out in a small group.

Start with the kids interests or a theme and you can plan out from there.

Other ideas at this age are:

  • Gaming Trucks outside your home
  • Aqua Shop Indoor Surfing

Thunderbird has been in Plano for years and still makes for a great party. They have some very reasonable party packages that make for lots of birthday fun for everyone!

  • Indoor or Outdoor Swimming Parties: AquaTots, Emler and City of Plano Recreation Centers
  • Painting Parties: Color me Mine and Carefree Colors

Carefree Colors is a new painting place in Plano that kids 5 and up will love, They do amazing work at Carefree Colors and kids will come home with a beautiful painting that is a great party favor.

Arrange Alice In Wonderland Theme

It is an excellent idea for your sons birthday party. Ask the children to dress up as different characters from this gorgeous folk tale and create small areas with the wrong door frames of various sizes. The star attraction of this theme could be the tea table and the cake with Its Me Frosting.

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Schedule The Party Between Mealtimes

One of the best ways to save money on food is to keep your childs party between mealtimes. Hosting a party between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner allows you to only provide cake or dessert. It relieves you of any pressure to provide full meals, which can be a costly expense for parties with many guests. By scheduling the party around 10 a.m. or 2 to 3 p.m., you only need to provide party attendees with snacks and celebratory food like cake.

Unique Birthday Party Themes For 8

8 Fun and Easy Birthday Party Game Ideas!
  • Ice Skating Theme


Ice skating is one of the favorite activities of kids. It doesnt matter if they have done it before or not, but your kid and their friends are sure to enjoy this party. Whats better than making your child learn a new activity on their 8th birthday! Have trainers around to help the kids out. To make it more interesting, you can buy fancy costumes and glittery skates.

A princess party theme for your very own princess. Wow! Sounds wonderful, doesnt it? It doesnt matter whether your daughter is eight or eighteen, she will always be your princess. Ask the guests to dress as Disney characters, decorate your house like one of the Disney sets, and add more glam to your plan with a castle cake. Dont forget the throne and crown of your princess.


Theres no doubt that children love Harry Potter. So, why not have a Harry Potter theme birthday party for them? You can make the kids dress themselves as characters from Harry Potter. You can decorate your house and design food items according to the theme. Organize a Harry Potter themed treasure hunt, and watch the kids squeal in delight.

  • Mad Scientist Party
  • Backyard Amusement Park


  • Tree House Party

If your child has a treehouse in the backyard that can accommodate 5-6 kids, bingo! Invite their close friends to the treehouse party. Arrange for cakes and foods inside the treehouse. You can even decorate the treehouse with lights, cushions, and decorative streamers.

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Ridiculous Racing Games For 8 Years Of Age

Divide party visitors into groups of 2 or more for these games.

Variants of the races:

  • Holding a balloon in between the heads of 2 game member
  • Holding balloons in between knees
  • Stabilizing a book or other thing on their head
  • Leaping rope and singing a nursery rhyme or happy birthday while they leap
  • Stabilizing a little ball on the top of their feet

Of The Best 3rd Birthday Party Ideas For Boys & Girls

Planning a toddlers birthday party can feel like juggling in a circus. You have so many different things to focus on at one time without letting anything fall through the cracks. Luckily, by three, your little angel can probably give you some good ideas about what theyd like at their party. Your child might tell

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Sports Birthday Party Theme

This could be a general sports theme or specific to your childs favorite sport. You will find tons of plates, napkins, and party accessories for this theme which make it easy.

You could also add in your childs favorite professional sports team and use their teams colors.

Sports Birthday Party Ideas

Games to Play

I would pick 2-3 sports to play during the party. Kickball or soccer would be a great group game.

Football Challenge

Use a large piece of cardboard or tarp and cut holes in it to use as a football throwing challenge.

Dribbling Challenge

Put out cones on your driveway for the kids to dribble around and see who can make it through the course the fastest.

Baseball Targets

Set up targets made of pool noodles or aluminum cans to knock down by throwing baseballs.

Water Balloon Baseball

In the summer, play water balloon baseball. Fill up water balloons and then pitch them to the kids to hit with a baseball bat. If kids hit the balloon they advance to first base if they dont after 3 pitches theyre out.

For the table decorations find small foam sports balls to use as a centerpiece or spread around the table. Then at the end of the party let the kids each pick one to take home.

A unique gift idea for a sport-loving kid is a cool Sports Subscription Box. A monthly box filled with items for their favorite sport. Pick your childs age then pick between baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball or mixed sports.

Star Wars Birthday Party Theme

Pin on Birthday party

Are your kids obsessed with Star Wars like mine? With new movies and cartoons from Disney constantly coming out, I think this will be a popular theme for a while. You will find that there is a large range of ages that love Star Wars.

Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas

Have a Jedi Training Academy with stations around your house or backyard.

Lightsaber Balloon Game

Have kids use Lightsabers to keep balloons up in the air. If you are worried theyll get hit with the lightsabers use inflatable lightsabers.

Lightsaber Battle

Place a long thin board low to the ground and have kids Lightsaber battle on it while trying not to fall off. Again if worried kids will get hurt use the inflatable lightsabers.

Star Wars Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course that you need to use the force to get through. Suggestion -White Helium balloons weighted to the floor can be storm troopers they need to get around.

Blaster Targets

Make Star Wars Blaster stations by using Nerf guns and Nerf targets for the kids to shoot. For targets, use a cut-up a long pool noodle, toilet paper rolls, or Pringles can.

Star Wars Decorations

For DIY decorations hang white balloons from the ceiling and put your kids stormtrooper masks or any star wars mask they have over the balloon. Take a look at the picture above to see how it will look. You can also find tons of pre-packaged Star Wars decorations for your walls & tables.

Chocolate Star Wars Molds

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Crayola Imagine Arts Academy Parties

Make it a creative celebration with one of our art parties! Our trained instructors guide party guests through the activity and teach them foundational techniques that allow them to create beautiful works of art that are as fun and unique as they are. Parties are designed for children 5-12 and are 60-90 minutes long. Choose from our Magical Creatures or Animal Emojis party. We provide all supplies. Each child will take home their own unique project along with a reusable color-me tote bag. The birthday child will receive a Crayola® Imagine Arts Academy Poster keepsake that all guests sign and decorate with fingerprint art. Learn more at

Fun Activities For Your 8 Year Olds Birthday Party

Planning your 8 year olds birthday party doesnt have to be stressful.

If youre racking your brain trying to think of what 8 year olds will love to do at a birthday party, youre in the right place!

Here are 50 fun games and activities for your next birthday celebration.

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Ninja Bootcamp Obstacle Course

This age group loves a good challenge. Give everyone a bandana to tie around their head. Grab some cones, hula hoops, outdoor blankets, small stools, and any other equipment you could use for outdoor obstacle courses and relay races. You can set it up for them or let them set up their own obstacle course. Time each other running through. Who can pass the finish line fastest? This is a simple, fun way to get active.

A great party favor for this activity? Water bottles!

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