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Fall Birthday Party Ideas For 1st Birthday Girl

Movie Or Tv First Birthday Party

1st Birthday Cake Ideas for Boy and Girl baby #firstbirthdaycake #kidscake #cakedesign

Pick a favorite movie or television show like Sesame Street, Toy Story or Peppa Pig and make it the focus of the party. Heres one big perk of this theme: Choose a popular show or movie, and youll be able to easily find branded decor and tableware at a party supply store. Use figurines as cake toppers or cut out cookies in the shape of characters and places that are important in the show.

Fall Party Ideas Sweet Autumn Apples

Because apples are at their peak in fall, a sweet autumn apples theme is a good pick for your little ones first birthday celebration. Create custom photo invitations that match your theme and show off your little ones good looks. Add cute wording such as, shes the apple of our eye!. Finish off your invitation with a sweet fall design and ship them off to all of your guests.

Fill your party room paper apple garland. Cover your tables with apple printed fabric. Fill large bowls with ripe apples and use the dishes as your table centerpieces.

Prepare a bobbing for apples activity. Serve warm apple sauce, cider, and fresh baked apple pie. Take look at this fun pie in a jar recipe for a fun and handy alternative to tradition apple pie. Put out a large bowl of sliced apples. Surround the bowl with small dishes of peanut butter and caramel a somewhat healthier alternative to apple pie!

What To Give As First Birthday Party Favors

At the end of the day, its customary to send kids home with favorsbut they dont have to be as fancy as you might think. Sure, you can get as creative as you want and offer a photo frame with a picture snapped and printed at the party or a fancy swag bag. But it might be easier to send young children home with a single toy, like a little harmonica or bath toy. Not only is it easier on your wallet, but it also creates less clutter for your guests. I recommend investing in a single toy that ranges from $10 to $15 instead of a gift bag that gets lost, Hummel says. Another idea is to have a baker do detailed custom cookies, wrap them in clear wrap, and then tie them with a colored bow to match the themea fun treat for the kids later! When its time to hand out the favors, give the goodies to parents first, just in case they want to remove a few items or candies.

Looking for some places to shop for first birthday party favors? Below are some of our favorites:

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Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

What is it? If youre doing a dinosaur theme for your little one, youll definitely need this dinosaur birthday party kit! It features 5 large sized dinosaur balloons,1 happy birthday banner, 1 party folding fan, 5 simulated leaves, 60 latex balloons, 5 small dinosaur balloons, and 1 large sized coconut tree.

How much does it cost?£16.99

Choosing Babys First Birthday Party Theme

pumpkin 1st birthday aprty

A good space and good company are the keys to any great partybut to make babys bash extra special, consider picking a first birthday party theme to help guide your party prepping. Whether you land on a particular color or animal character, you can design everything from your invitations to your birthday cake and around the theme. . The good news? There are tons of great first birthday themes to choose from. Does baby have a beloved stuffed bunny or fox? Try a woodland first birthday theme. If your favorite part of the day is reading to baby at night, go with a theme based on a classic story or characters. Or you can take inspiration from the season and go with an apt color theme, like spring pastels or winter whites. Take a look at some more creative first birthday ideas for boys and girls below.

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Fall Party Ideas Rustic Harvest Themed Birthday

Rustic harvest is a perfect theme for any fall celebration, but it goes especially well with first birthday parties. The bright colors and symbols of fertility, abundance, and letting go of the past make it a fitting theme for a celebration in honor of your little bundle of joys first birthday!

Start your celebration out right with custom rustic harvest first birthday party invitations. Add your favorite fall baby photo and custom wording, rich fonts, and a harvest themed design.

Purchase a handful of wooden, rustic looking photo frames. Stick your favorite baby photos inside and set up the photo frames throughout your party room. Garnish your mantels, walls, and ceilings with grapevine garland and strings of bright orange lights.

Pumpkins, cornucopias, bundles of wheat, and hay bails will add wonders to your party!

Sofia The 1st Princess Party

Image source: Made to Be a Momma

Sofia the First is one of the most lovable little Disney princesses of all time. Shes got a big heart, is brave and daring, and stands up for whats right, everything youd want your little girl to be.

Made to Be a Momma creates a simple but elegant birthday scene with an all-white backdrop. The white helps the purple and pink stand out. You can decorate with the colors in any way you like, add sparkly amulets like Sofias, and set out tiaras for the guests.

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Circus First Birthday Party

Got a big group? Rent a tent to bring the circus theme to life. You can also opt for a simple décor vibe with a pennant banner, which can be used anywhere outside your home, on your little ones high chair, around the dessert table and so on to conjure up that circus feeling. Use red-and-white striped bags if youre sending guests home with party favors . Place elephant stickers on milk glasses or paper cups to expand on the theme. You can play musical chairs with circus music, or swing babies through hula-hoops as a game.

Donut First Birthday Party

Zoya’s first birthday ,1st birthday of baby girl, first birthday celebration, Unicorn theme

Heres whats so great about this theme a donut is shaped like the letter O as in one. Get it? That makes invites easy. And the question of what to serve to guests is obvious, too a big platter of donuts in all different flavors. Milk is the beverage of choice here . Look for pool toys shaped like donuts to hang as decorations or seek out plates and napkins festooned with sprinkles. You might want a sign that says something on-theme, like Take a bite out of ONE or Donut grow up! For entertainment, cut circles in the center of white paper plates and have kids color and decorate a donut of their own.

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Over 250 Birthday And Party Themes To Choose From In Our Online Party Store

From first birthday party celebrations to licensed parties for kids such as DisneyPrincess parties and Batman Superhero parties, Birthday In A Box is the best place to buy party things online. We have Trolls birthday supplies, Moana party supplies, supplies for a Guardians of the Galaxy Party and themes for girls parties and boys parties . Have an Over the Hill party to throw? Look no further than our online party supply store. We also have party things for social get togethers, showers and parties for any occasion.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Party Theme

This popular nursery rhyme can easily become the backdrop for your daughters birthday party. Get star-shaped hangings and balloons to tie all over the place. Order star-shaped cakes and snacks or place star-shaped toppers wherever possible. Books with nursery rhymes can be an ideal return gift under this theme. Check out more party ideas and decorating tips for this Twinkle little star Birthday theme and twinkle little star-inspired birthday cake ideas.

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Fall Party Ideas Falling Leaves Themed Birthday

Add a splash of color to your childs first birthday by opting for a falling leaves themed celebration. Create custom invitations that match your theme perfectly with fall themed baby photos, fiery fall colors, and appropriate fall themed wording. Tuck your custom invites into bright orange, red, or green envelopes. Then, top your stationery off with a fall themed stamp.

Purchase a few yards of colorful autumn leaves garland and use it to decorate your party area. Fill up your venue with bright red, orange, yellow, and green balloons and strings of lights.

Cover up your tables with a variety of tablecloths alternating colors between red, orange, and green. Purchase fake branches with fall colored leaves, or find a few nice branch outside, and stick inside of clear glass vases. Use these as your table centerpieces.

Purchase a dozen round, paper lanterns. Hot glue colorful, autumn leaves to the lanterns and hang them up around your venue. Add whatever you like to this theme to make it your own!

Baby Shark First Birthday Party

Sunflower Birthday Outfit Personalized Baby Girl Fall 1st Birthday ...

Your babys one do-do-do-do. For any baby who loves to boogie, a first birthday party inspired by Baby Shark is nothing short of perfect. A party based on the smash-hit song lends itself to lots of fun colors, too think vibrant pinks, yellows, and blues to mirror the sharks in the music video. And be sure to include the characters wherever possible the cake, the plates, and the favors are great options. And dont forget to queue up the song. Just be prepared for it to be on repeat, per the kids requests.

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St Birthday Party Ideas: Party Bags

Party bags are a fun way to give back to your guests, but its likely that babies wont get much from them. With this in mind, theres no need to spend a fortune on its contents. Small, meaningful gifts are much more appropriate for a 1st birthday party.As well as a slice of cake, you could also give other babies some bibs or socks, a little book, crafts like crayons or chalk, bubbles, and something like a rattle to play with.

Thank you cards are also a nice gesture, and can easily be added to the party bag at the end of the event. Michael adds, Its not essential, but its a nice touch. Parents will often appreciate it.Froggles Parties have free resources on their website that parents can use to thank guests.

Winnie The Pooh First Birthday Party

Hone in on one of the most beloved stories of all time Winnie the Pooh. Theres something so adorable and heartfelt about the characters, and a soft yellow and blue color palette pairs perfectly. Also nice: The story has so many sweet quotes that can inspire the background to your buffet table or even a special photo booth moment. If youre looking for an activity, you can even sit all the little ones down for story time.

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Babys First Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Many parents like to start planning their 1-year-oldâs birthday party by sifting through ideas for a theme. Choosing the theme early on might make some of the other decisions a little easier. So, how to plan a first birthday party theme when there are so many ideas out there? The trick is to choose something thatâs manageable yet memorable for you and your family.

Before you start brainstorming, donât forget that budget is an important consideration. Some first birthday party theme ideas are more extravagant than others, which could increase the overall cost. However, you can still host a memorable party with even a modest budget.

Check out the strategies below for a little inspiration for deciding on your babyâs first birthday party theme.

Although picking a theme can be part of the fun, weâre going to let you in on a little secret: You donât have to choose a theme! Plan your 1-year-oldâs birthday around a theme only if you want to. Thereâs nothing wrong with simply throwing a fun party with classic decorations, like balloons or a banner or cake topper reading âBabyâs 1st Birthday Party.â

Keep in mind that one of the goals of the party is to make memories. Babies are still developing, and your little one wonât remember their first birthday party when theyâre older. However, theyâll love to see photos and learn what they looked like as a baby!

Its A Home Run Babys One

Swan Princess Theme || 1st Birthday Party | Decor Ideas

Image source: Cake Tables Miami

If youre a baseball fan, then this is the party for you. Go all out with everything about Americas pastime, including bats, gloves, and baseballs. Cake Tables Miami puts a bit of a vintage spin on the decor, but you can go with any style you like.

Baseball decorated cupcakes, a backyard tee ball tournament, and Bases Loaded Nachos are just a few more ideas that come to mind. You can also include your childs name in the theme for example, Jake hits a home run! Today hes one!

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St Birthday Party Ideas

It’s your little one’s 1st birthday but what do you do? We give you advice on who to invite, where to go, what to bake and how you can enjoy your baby’s big day

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A baby’s 1st birthday is as much for you and your family as it is for your little one, so we’re here to help you organise a day that everyone will enjoy in our guide to first birthday parties.

When your baby turns one, you’ve both reached an important milestone, and we’ve got all the 1st birthday party ideas you need to give you and your baby a really special day. From easy party food ideas and decorations to games, party bags and costumes that little ones will love. And, if youre wondering what to buy for a one-year-old for their birthday, take a look at these gifts for one-year-olds.

And remember, most babies won’t be able to handle the birthday extravaganza for too long, so keep the celebrations short. A couple of hours is plenty of time to celebrate and have fun without risking a baby burn-out. So sit back, relax and soak up our 1st birthday party ideas for a stress-free first birthday bash.

Storybook First Birthday Party

Make your little ones favorite bedtime story the center of the soirée with a classic picture book theme. Nearly any book will do, but we particularly love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, Caps for Sale and other classic kid books. Blow up photocopies from the pages of the book and hang them from the ceiling or tape to the wall. Use the characters or motifs from the book for the cake decorations, too. Try a Curious George cake, for instance, or cupcakes spread out to look like the Hungry Caterpillar himself. You can do a dramatic reading of the story during the party, then send home each guest with a copy of the book as a favor.

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Who To Invite To Your Babys First Birthday

Now that you have a theme and know when and where youâll be hosting this very exciting one-year birthday party, itâs time to decide who to invite. Some parents opt to have a smaller party with just close family and friends, whereas others prefer to include extended family, coworkers, or other friends with kids.

Your budget and venue might dictate the invite list more than your personal desires, so take any restrictions into account. Some people to consider inviting are

  • other acquaintances with kids.

Awesome Fall Birthday Party Ideas For Young Kids

Little Pumpkin Cake Smash

Happy Fall! Its time to start planning those fall birthday parties!

Picking a theme, games, food, decor, and all of the things that come along with planning a birthday party for your little one can be stressful.

Party planning can be especially tricky if your children are in their younger years and dont have a lot of input yet. These themes work well for house or park parties.

I have rounded up some of my favorite fall birthday party ideas for toddlers up through 4 year olds and older to help in making your party planning a little bit easier!

Ive included fall birthday theme ideas, fall games to play, and special fall treats and foods to make your party unique.

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Transportation First Birthday Party

For the little boy who loves all things that go vroom, a transportation- or construction-themed party is the perfect fit. First, deck out the birthday boy in shirts that feature trucks or cars as you know, finding those in a store isnt hard at all. Next, decorate his high chair with a truck-shaped banner. Cake decorations are a breeze: Just place small trucks or cars on top of the frosted cake . As to what to play with at the party, go with the simplest, most on-theme option and dump all the wheeled toys in a play area for every tiny guest.

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