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Birthday Ideas For A Coworker

Give Them A Superpower For The Day

DIY Farewell Decoration Ideas For Anyone | Going Away Party Decor

We all want to be the decision-makers in our teams. With so many different people and personality types to please though, most choices are taken based on everyones feedback. So why not let the employees whose birthday youre celebrating make the decisions for one day?

Allow them to choose where youll have lunch, what music you listen to, or when you should have the meeting for the day.

Lets face it: Nobody really wants to work on their birthday. So make it extra fun and give them the chance to try a role theyve always wanted in a different department, look at someone elses workflow, or just learn new tricks from a different field.

Q: What Can I Do For My Coworkers Birthday

  • A: You can do a variety of things for your coworkers birthday. The critical thing to consider is that the activity you choose is inclusive, interactive, and facilitates social bonding among team members. Of course, the customary birthday card, birthday cake, cupcakes, ice cream bars, gift baskets, birthday breakfast, or anything along those lines is a nice touch.

Happy Birthday To A Colleague And Friend

  • Happy birthday, dearest friend and colleague. May the world be blessed with many more years of your presence.
  • You love spreads over our lives like frosting over a piece of cake. Happy birthday to the sweetest friend and workmate I have ever had.
  • The day I randomly met you was like winning lifeâs lottery prize of joy and friendship. Happy birthday to the most awesome colleague ever. Thank you for being a blessing to me and everyone at the workplace.
  • On the day you were born, fate sent me an inseparable friend, and as such, this occasion is more of a reason for me to celebrate than anyone else, perhaps even yourself. Happy birthday.
  • May people learn to appreciate and celebrate you for the incomparable person that you are every day and not just on special occasions like this. Happy birthday, beloved friend and coworker.

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A House Away From Home

If you and your colleagues spend more time at work than at home, then the perfect coworker gift ideas should stem from things that make the office more homely.

For your co-worker who is always complaining its cold, give them a fancy blanket, or better yet, buy a cubicle space heater. On the other end of the scale, if a colleague is always hot, buy a personal fan that connects to their USB.

For the colleague who is always cleaning up after everyone, buy them a mini desktop vacuum cleaner. Then their desk will always be crumb free, even if the staff room isnt!

Birthday Wishes For Colleague

A bouquet of Tarts for a co

The most important part of any birthday wishes for coworker is the sincerity with which it is written. You need to demonstrate that you really mean what you say and that it was done with no ulterior motives. Youre being genuine about the wishes and not saying it so that they write that overdue report for you.

The best way to wish your coworker a happy birthday is by sending a card. A handwritten thank you note or gift will make your friend feel special and appreciated.

You can find some awesome free birthday cards below that you can print and write in for your coworker. Best of all they are completely free.

Black and White Birthday Cards you dont need a color printer for these. Just download, print, fold and write a message inside the card.

Birthday Cards to Color These cards are great to color in or just leave them black and white.

Also, people often love to have a birthday message on their social media wall if you are friends with them there. The more birthday posts they receive, the more popular they seem, so they will love it.

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Create Fun Office Traditions

Add a little humor to office birthday celebrations with funny traditions for each employee’s birthday. Customizing the tradition to the culture of your workplace makes the birthday employee feel special and allows everyone to have fun.

This could include bringing your pet to work for the day, an afternoon nap in the conference room or a pass for a longer lunch. You could also play games like trivia about the birthday honoree to learn more about them and develop the team’s bond.

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Birthday Wishes For Coworker

Firstly, the basics its important to use their name in the message. Dont just write Happy Birthday without adding their name to the card or message.

If you like working with your coworker, its nice to include gratitude as well. It shows that you care for them and are thankful for them being on your team or at your job.

Send them good vibes! Its always nice to include a little saying like that at the end. It shows good will and that you mean it. A little goes a long way here, so try not to overdo it too much. Remember that you dont need to be cheesy or over-the-top with this one type of card or message.

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Host A Birthday Lunch

Similar to the happy hour idea, this is another lovely way to make it feel like a party without spending too much money. Have everyone chip in to go out to your favorite lunch spot, or organize it in-office, potluck style. Add a cake and the guest of honorand youre all set with a lovely coworker gift idea equally appropriate for coworkers youve known for years or those new to the office.

Funny Work Merit Stickers

weekend in my life: 30th birthday, exciting new coworker FINDING BALANCE!

These hilarious merit stickers are a great coworker gift idea to boost morale and have some fun at the office. Hand them out to all your coworking friends and give them a laugh as they receive a merit sticker for Successfully projecting my screen on the 4th try orDidnt swear for one hour.Make your next office meeting more fun with this playful 16-pack of merit stickers!

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Thank You Wine Tumbler

Emblazoned on this tumbler are the words thank you for being awesome thank you gifts for coworkers that explain exactly how you feel are a definite big win.

A fun gift that perfectly appreciates and inspires, the tumbler comes in 5 vibrant colors, is vacuum insulated and BPA free. A wonderful thank you gift for Christmas and any other holiday, theyll think of you ever time they kick back to have a drink.

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Piecework Out Of Office 500 Piece Puzzle


It’s important to remember that a gift for a coworker does not need to always revolve around work or the office. Celebrate those moments when you wish you were somewhere else with this aptly named Out of Office puzzle from Piecework. The 500-piece puzzle still provides a fun challenge, while still being manageable for first-time puzzlers. Once completed, they’ll have a luxurious scene honoring those beloved days away from the office.

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Best Gifts By Age For Birthday

It is necessary to choose a present according to age criteria very carefully, and it should not emphasize how old the birthday boy is. A hint can offend the hero of the occasion, so when choosing a surprise for an event, start from what is interesting to people by age.

  • Birthday gifts for guys and girls 20, 25, and 30 years old are easier than for older and older coworkers. These are young and motivated people whose life is directly related to gadgets or outdoor activities. An excellent gift can be smartwatches, chargers, flash drives, games for a company, or a cash present.
  • They acquire children at the age of 30-40, and life revolves in a work-home-work mode. An excellent gift for family coworkers can be a thing related to everyday life. For men a set of tools, and for women kitchen utensils.
  • From 40 and above the time when you want to rest, enjoy life more than work. Therefore, leisure can be brightened up with gifts such as a fluffy blanket, an interesting book, or a trip to a resort or sanatorium.

Of course, there are also universal souvenirs, people of any age will appreciate them. But a gift according to the number in the passport will help significantly narrow the range of ideas.

Office Birthday Ideas For Employee Celebrations

Birthday Gift for a co

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Office birthday celebrations, whether in person or virtual, help employees feel valued as an individual. While the traditional office party with a quick break for cake and a card can work, trying something different gives employees a more memorable experience. Learning about alternative work birthday ideas may give you the inspiration to create a new tradition for your organization.

In this article, we share a list of creative ideas to refresh the normal office birthday celebration routine.

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Offer A Birthday Breakfast

Our birthday tradition is largely breakfast-based. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose what they want for breakfast and the whole office benefits. This usually takes the form of bagels or donutsthough I don’t think there is a requirement that the food be round and holey. If that wasn’t enough, someone usually queues up the heavy metal happy birthday song unique to the name of the special person for the Sonos.

Sean Flannigan, coolblueweb

For The One With Too Much Stuff To Carry: Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag

I dont go anywhere without one of these reusable shopping bags from Baggu stuffed into my purse. Why? Theyre lightweight, beautifully designed, and sturdy enough to carry any random things I remember I need when out and about. Pick a design to suit your coworker who never has a free handtheyll appreciate the help.

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+ Gift Ideas For Coworkers Theyll Actually Want

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Whether through a Secret Santa gift exchange or by way of genuine appreciation, finding the best gifts for coworkersones that are reasonably priced, yet the perfect combination of useful and thoughtfulcan be puzzling. You can avoid the stress of picking out the perfect gift for your colleagues or boss with this gift guide full of funny, practical, affordable items that are all about to win you some serious brownie points. Gifts for coworkers deliver appreciation, admiration, and heartfelt gratitude for the collaborations and friendships your colleagues provide. Thats why were sharing 36 creative gift ideas for coworkers. From delicious treats to wall art to jewelry, we have personalized gifts for everyone in your office.

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A Bottle Of The Good Stuff

ð´ See How Easily You Can DIY Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

For the colleague who loves a good apéritif or just the budding office mixologist, you cant go wrong with a great bottle of amaro. This one comes recommended to us by cocktail expert Talia Baiocchi, who considers it one of her go-tos thanks to its complex notes of cinnamon and licorice, which strike the perfect balance between sweet, spicy, and herbaceous.

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Birthday Wishes For Coworker: What To Write

If you are looking for the best thing to say for birthday wishes for coworker, then youre in the right place. It can be hard to find the right words to either write on a birthday card or in a social media post for someone that you work with.

Youll find lots of ideas below to say or write that are a little more than just Happy Birthday.

Coworkers and colleagues are people we see around in the office on a daily basis and often become friends with. Whether you are friends or not, its great to be courteous to the people you work with and send them a birthday message, email or card. Especially if they are your boss!

This post will give ideas of what to write in a coworkers birthday card, whether you are a boss or employee or colleague.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Coworker

You can even go the funny way if you share a great bond with your coworker. Here is a list of funny ways to say happy birthday to your coworker.

  • A birthday wish is knocking at your door, just like the bonus in your pocket. Enjoy your day happy birthday to you.
  • Is today your birthday? False. Today is the anniversary of your birthday.
  • Youre the Dwight to my Jim. Happy birthday to you, mate.
  • You are steering towards retirement first, then death. Nevertheless, keep smiling. Happy birthday.
  • Youre the only coworker who does not annoy me. Happy birthday to you.
  • Youre such a professional co-worker to work with. Happy birthday to you.
  • Get ready to handle your deadlines because we have decided to throw you a party. Happy birthday to you.
  • Congratulations on your lucky day. Happy birthday to you.

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Office Birthday Game Show

Office birthday game shows gamify your employees or coworkers birthdays. Now, everyone can be involved, compete, laugh, and enjoy this special day.

Why this is a fun work birthday idea: An office birthday party game show emphasizes having fun, which is what a birthday celebration is all about. Take it as an opportunity to incorporate team building activities as well!

Here are some of SnackNations top picks:

What Are The Guidelines To Follow Before Gifting Your Coworkers

Our birthday basket for a co worker that turned 40.

Well even though its not mandatory, gifting lots of businesses do exchange gifts. Especially if its something important or a special day and holiday.

However, giving gifts to coworkers can add lots of pressure. Since its not your family or friends, you are dealing with people who work with you. It should be something that can be appropriate, thoughtful, and doesnt cross the lines.

Before you jump to buy the gifts for your co-workers, here are some of the points you need to consider :

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A Subscription That Sends Them Cool New Snacks

Gift Subscription, available at Love With Food from $7.99/month

Love with Food delivers organic, all-natural, or gluten-free snacks that serial snackers won’t feel guilty about eating. The better-for-you chips, candy, and bars come from new and trending food brands. Plus, with every snack box that’s delivered, Love With Food donates at least one meal to a family in need through a partnership with Feeding America.

Chamberlain Coffee Chocolate Covered Beans Bundle

Chamberlain Coffee

Coffee-lovers and chocolate-lovers come together for this all-encompassing gift from Chamberlain Coffee. Whether your coworker knows who Emma Chamberlain is or not, they’ll appreciate the delicious chocolate-covered espresso beans for a midday boost. This bundle features milk and dark chocolate, so they can enjoy their favorite and share the rest with others. When that mid-shift slump comes around, they’ll be happy you provided the perfect pick-me-up.

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Coworker Birthday Gift Ideas

When you think of getting a gift for a coworker, of course, the first thing to pop up in your head is some blend of what would be fun yet professional. Thankfully, weve got you covered.

Why this is a fun work birthday party idea: Coworker birthday gift ideas can range from white elephant gifts to motivational gifts for employees. The key here is that the idea is thoughtful and reflects who they are as a person or hints at a happy memory youve shared with the giftee.

Here are SnackNations top picks:

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes For Coworker

Farewell Party Idea and Tips for an office Colleague

When writing birthday wishes for coworker, its usually not the best time to include in your message some advice or recommendations on how they can improve their career or personal life. However, if you wanted to add something funny or sarcastic to the message, there are some ideas below.

  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Im sorry that you dont have the day off, but surely celebrating with us is the next best thing.
  • Happy Birthday to the best coworker. Hope you enjoy the office vibes. .
  • Happy Birthday. Have the day off. Ill cover for you like I always do anyway! haha.
  • Does a birthday even count if youre in the office?
  • May all your birthday wishes come true. But even if they do, you better not leave!
  • Free coffee for your birthday! I hope you like instant? See you in the break room.
  • I hope that your birthday is filled with extra strong coffee and laughter and not too much paperwork.

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Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

With a modern, unisex design, convenient handle and vintage aesthetic that adds the right amount of camp, this 16 oz. cup will be their favorite new travel mug. It keeps drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold up to 10, more than enough time to get them through their crazy commute.

One of the best gifts to say thank you while making their days more enjoyable, this is one theyll value.

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