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Birthday Card Ideas For Dad

Etsy Personalized Recipe Cutting Board

Special Birthday Card Idea for DAD | Handmade Birthday Card for Father | Tutorial


Sentimentality is the name of the game for this customized cutting board that can be engraved with a favorite recipe, phrase, date, or name of your choice. The board comes in four different sizes and the words can be horizontal or vertical. The bamboo cutting board would look great displayed as decor but it’s also functional for use in chopping and serving food.

Birthday Cards For Dad

You wouldnt be here without him, so make Dads day with a personalized Birthday Card! Tease him about his age, or acknowledge the impact hes had on your life. Remind him of a great time you had together, bring up his old nickname, or surprise him with a photo hes forgottenon purpose. Customize our cards to say, Happy Birthday, Dad! in your own way. You can choose a layout that includes photos you upload. Tweak the text to speak for you in a font and color you select. Add fun images from the Stickers Menu. Just follow the prompts, and youll have a customized card ready to print or share online in a matter of minutes, and theres no charge from us, ever. Send your eCard from your phone, computer, or tablet to his Inbox or Facebook page. Printable Cards print directly from our site on your home printer, or download and save your finished project to portable media for printing at a local shop. Whether you choose our printed or electronic format, Dad gets a great card, made just for him by you. The best gifts dont have to be costly, and this gift of thoughtfulness? Its one hell remember.

Creative Ways To Make A Birthday A Card

While you can easily buy a card in the store, nothing beats a homemade birthday card. It shows that you care enough to put in the time and effort to personalize it just for him.

Not only is a homemade card personal, but often it can be more creative than a store-bought one. It allows you to take your creativity to a new level. Here are a few tips on making a birthday card for your dad.

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Lollipop Prize Ribbon Card

First, I love making lollipop prize ribbon cards with my kids. These cards are great if you have a birthday gift and are looking for an extra accent to dress up the wrapping paper. I think these prize ribbons work great as gift ribbons.

Plus, there are so many great puns you can do with this DIY dad birthday card. For example, you can write Sweetest Pop vertically on the ribbons. Alternatively, your kids may choose to write #1 Pop.

I love making these prize ribbon with brightly colored cardstock. By leaving a circle cut in the center, you can leave space to add a lollipop as well. This sweet treat is perfect to customize any pops birthday.

What To Write In Dad’s Birthday Card

Penned by Em

Finding the perfect birthday message for your dad might be a challenge. Great dads do so much for their kids that it’s tough to find the right words to express our gratitude. On the other hand, you may struggle to say something positive about a not-so-great father who may not even deserve a birthday card. Either way, you’ll find ideas for what to write here.

Some dads may like sincere birthday wishes, while others might appreciate something funny or perhaps an interesting quote about fatherhood. You can combine all three tactics to create something really meaningful, funny, and interesting.

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Yeti Sidekick Dry Gear Case


Keep important things safe and dry when outdoors with the Yeti Sidekick Dry Gear Case. While fishing or camping, he’ll have a durable case to keep his keys, wallet, phone, and fishing license organized with the mesh pockets and dry with a waterproof seal. The pouch has a sturdy hook and loop closure to attach to your belt or other bags and gear.

How Do You End A Birthday Card

Closings such as Love, All my love, Hugs and Kisses, and XOXO are all perfectly appropriate. If statements of love feel familiar, close with something friendly but not overstated. Your friend, Wail-Saw, Fondly, or Warmly are some ways to express appreciation to someone you know well.

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Long Distance Birthday Wishes For Dad

As much as you might wish to be there for your dad’s birthday, sometimes things get in the way. The right “happy birthday dad!” card and message can help to bridge the distance.

Wish I could be there to hang out with you on your birthday. But, on the bright side, you finally get some peace and quiet! Miss you and love you, Dad.

Distance is the one enemy I’ve never learned from you how to conquer. Happy Birthday Dad, you’re only getting better with age.

If I knew how to teleport, I’d be at your side right now wishing you a happy birthday. Whenever you have a quiet moment today, know that I’m thinking of you.

Dad, even though I’m far away now, I’m always thinking of you. It’s impossible to express in one card the incredible influence you’ve had on my life. Thanks for being my rock and support. Hoping you have a very special day!

Another year older and your wit never gets old. I don’t have to see you in person to appreciate your fun sense of humor. Cheers on your birthday, Dad! Miss you.

Distance can prevent me from seeing you on your birthday, but it can’t stop me from celebrating! Let’s stay connected today, whether it’s with a fun video call or a phone call. Happy Birthday, Dad! Have a wonderful day and we’ll speak soon.

Papa, just because I’m not there to eat cake with you right now doesn’t mean I’m not here for you. You’ve always been there to guide me throughout the years. Have an amazing celebration today! I can’t wait to see you again.

Happy Birthday Dad Wishes For A Difficult Relationship

How to make Father’s day Secret Scratch Card || DIY Birthday Card For DAD

Many people have complicated relationships with their father. Reaching out on your father’s birthday can be a step toward patching up a difficult relationship. A kind message can let him know that you’re thinking of him despite the tough times.

We may have not seen each other in a while, Dad, and even though we’ve grown apart, I’ll never forget where I came from. I hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Dad, even though we’ve never been close before, I’m very glad that we’re making the effort to get to know each other. Have some extra cake and ice cream for me!

I know that a lot has come between us, but I’m still hoping you have the best birthday. Maybe someday we can get together and catch up on things. Until then, Happy Birthday, Dad!

Our relationship is complicated, but that’s nothing new. I do love you, and I’m thinking of you as you celebrate another year. Hope you are well!

Let’s be honest, Dad, we’ve had a difficult relationship up until now. Today I want to set that aside. I won’t forget all that we’ve been through, but I’d like to start anew and build a fresh relationship moving forward. Happy Birthday, wishing you the best.

Dear Dad, even though we haven’t talked in a while, I’m still hoping that you have a wonderful birthday filled with happiness and love.

It’s days like today that make me regret how we no longer speak. I still think of you often. Hope you enjoy your birthday.

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Big Red’s Flavor Tour Hot Sauce Sampler Pack

Courtesy of Big Red’s

Paul Ford and his wife, Tasia, run Big Red’s from their home in Phoenix, Arizona. This sampler pack comes with the company’s nine signature hot sauces, and includes flavors like maple bacon jalapeño, Big Yella , smokey habanero, and God’s Wrath, which is made with ghost pepperssome of the hottest chili peppers in the world.

Live Or Animated Happy Birthday Card Ideas

Forget about still photos. With PhotoDirector, you can usefeatures to make a birthday card alive. Here is how:

  • Open PhotoDirector on your phone
  • Find the photo you want to edit or choose an image from our stock library
  • Scroll to the left on the icon bar and tap the “Photo Animation” icon
  • Let the AI filter do its magic and see how it starts animating your image
  • Use the adjustment bar to edit settings
  • Save your animated photo as a GIF and share
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    Pink Card For Dads Birthday

    Save Image | Credit: www.instructables.com

    This charming card uses good quality material and an interesting concept. Carrying a pop up design, this card uses pink as a base color with accompanying decorations such as balloons, flags, cakes, photos and flower bouquets. Every part of the edge of the card has a line around it accompanied by a white envelope.

    Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Dad

    Happy Birthday Dad Letterpress Woodblock inspired Contemporary ...

    Let your dad know just how much you love and appreciate him with one of these beautiful and heartfelt birthday wishes.

    To my dearest Dad: You are my compass. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. Happy Birthday, I love you.

    Dad, you mean the world to me. There’s no one else on earth like you. You care so completely, give so quietly, and love so deeply. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a dad as wonderful as you. Happy Birthday.

    Whenever I would fall, you were there to pick me up and put me back on the right path. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Happy Birthday Dad, with all my love.

    As trees grow older, their limbs and branches spread out in all directions. Just like a tree, every year you live means there are more and more people whose lives you’ve touched. I’m always proud to see your strong influence on the world around you. Thank you for being a wonderful father and a good man

    Dear Dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, friend, and teacher to all of us. Thank you for giving the kind of love that makes all the difference.

    Happiest Birthday Daddy! Thank you for everything that you have given me. You’ve always been there for me as a dad and best friend as well. There is no other bond like ours. I love you Dad!

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    Etsy Personalized Leather Valet Charging Station


    Whether he’s constantly misplacing items or just needs a sleek, stylish solution for a catch-all tray, this Etsy gift is perfect. The station consists of three separate compartments for small items like a phone, keys, wallet, etc. The back of the tray has a small opening to accommodate charging cables. The leather tray has such a luxe look at an affordable price and it can be personalized with a name or initials.

    Funny Birthday Wishes For Dad

    Give your father a good laugh on his birthday with a funny happy birthday card message! These wishes poke fun at the father-child relationship and celebrate the joys and trials of raising children.

    Dad, I don’t think a lighter will do the job this birthday. You need a flamethrower to light all these candles. Happy Birthday, Old Man!

    You’re like scotch, always getting better with age. Wait, no, I didn’t get you aged scotch. It was just a metaphor. Well, anyway, Happy Birthday!

    You know what they say: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they make bad puns. Thank you for being a real hero, Dad. Happy Birthday!

    Dad, you’ve always been the coolest. Like all those times you said “yes” when mom said “no.” Happy Birthday, Cool Dad!

    Fact: Dads are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Instead, just enjoy this card I made for you, and feel the joy of having me as your child. Happy Birthday Dad!

    Wear your gray hairs proudly, Dad. They are memories of how terrible I was as a child, and you earned them! Happy Birthday.

    Don’t worry dad, you’re not going bald, you’re just becoming more aerodynamic! Happy Birthday!

    I remember all the sage advice you’ve given me throughout the years. Like the fact that we can pick our friends and we can pick our nose. But we can’t pick our dad or his nose. Happy Birthday Dad, never change!

    Happy Birthday Dad! If you want, I’ll make a distraction so you can sneak off and get some gaming in. Cheers!

    Better “over the hill” than under it. Happy Birthday!

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    Quick Steps To Make A Birthday Card In Create

  • In Create, click File > Create new and click either Templates or Blank Canvas. If you choose Templates, simply type Birthday into the search bar, select your favorite layout, and start swapping text, colors, graphics, and images. If you select Blank Canvas, you can scroll to Formats and select the right size for you, or put your preferred specs in the Create custom toolbar. Click Make it!
  • Customize with personal pics, background colors, editable graphics, textures, and effects catered specifically to your family member.
  • Top it off with a sweet, loving, humorous, or witty message and get ready to share.
  • Click to select JPEG, PNG, or PDF format options and then upload to social, email, or download to print.
  • Thats it! Happy birthday to your loved ones and now, go celebrate!

    Short & Simple Birthday Wishes For Dad

    Special Handmade Birthday Card for DAD | DIY Birthday Card for DAD | Tutorial

    Let your dad know you’re thinking about him on his special day with one of these simple birthday wishes for fathers. They’re short and sweet “Happy Birthday Dad” messages and are perfect for a greeting card or SMS.

    Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Dad!

    Dad, you’re an oldie but goodie. Happy Birthday from one of your greatest hits!

    I wish you the best birthday for the most wonderful dad!

    Happy Birthday to the man who fought all the monsters under the bed and in the closet. Thank you for always making me feel safe!

    It’s not easy being a father, but you do it with class and style. Happy Birthday to the dad who can do it all.

    All your life, you’ve worked towards making our wishes come true. Today, it’s your turn to make some wishes. Happy Birthday, Dad!

    Happy Birthday, Dad! You’ve given me so many great gifts in life, particularly these excellent genetics. Here’s a little something I found for you.

    It’s your birthday, and I wish we could spend more time together. I look forward to the next chance I get to see you. Until then, keep on that smile of yours and enjoy your day!

    With your elbow grease and worn-out boots, you never failed to put us first. Happy Birthday to the best father in the world! Step aside and let us do some of the work today.

    Hey Dad, It’s your birthday! Time to grab a beer, blow out some candles, and let your family shower you with gifts!

    Dear Dad, I hope you know how much you really mean to me. Thank you so much for everything. Happy Birthday!

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    Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book

    Artifact Uprising

    This Artifact Uprising book is a great way to finally see some of those digital photos in print, but also create a personalized present that’s sure to make him feel special. The hardcover book would look great displayed on any coffee table or desk and the interior consists of photos of your choice, up to 210 pages. Select the cover size, fabric color, type of paper, and more.

    Birthday Wishes For Sister

    She’s probably one of the most important and supportive people in your life and she’s been through it all with you. Write her a touching card to let her know how loved she is.

    • Youâre the reason my childhood was so wonderful. Happy birthday sister!
    • Happy birthday to a sister who constantly makes me smiles and brings me endless joy!
    • Even if you werenât my sister, Iâd want you as my friend. Happy Birthday sis!
    • Happy birthday to momâs second favorite!
    • I wish you all the very best and may you be blessed on your special day! Happy Birthday!
    • I always wondered how people make it through life without a sister. Happy birthday sis!

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    Daddy Brown Suit Card

    Save Image | Credit: ideas4diy.com

    The perfect card with the theme of Daddy Brown Shirt uses quality motif paper and is easy to fold. This card uses the concept of a brown daddy shirt with a striped brown color with buttons that are embossed. Inside this card there is free space for your short message.

    Texas Canvas Wares Magnetic Wristband

    What to Write In Father S Birthday Card

    Texas Canvas Wares

    For the handy dad who is always tackling home projects, gift him something that will make his life easier. This wristband from Texas Canvas Wares is adjustable and made from thick canvas for durability and comfort. When working, dad can keep any nuts, bolts, nails, or screws right on his wrist for easy access when tinkering. This is a practical gift option for any dad who regularly works with his hands.

    Some people love knowing a little bit of something about everything and others have very specific interests. Either way, an annual subscription to MasterClass is a great option. The online portal offers access to more than 150 classes on topics that range from finances to food to creative writing. Dad can watch the virtual classes from his phone, tablet, or television.

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