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Best Restaurants For Birthday Dinner

Popular Restaurants With Birthday Specials

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What’s better than getting a lil’ something special for your birthday? While you may expect gifts from family or friends, what about a tasty surprise from your favorite chain restaurant? Turns out, quite a few popular food franchises will reward you with free or discounted eats when your big day rolls around. The catch: You’ll likely have to let them know about your birthday ahead of time by signing up for their loyalty program or club. Sure, that might mean you get a few more marketing emails in your inbox, but isn’t the hassle of clicking “unsubscribe” worth it when you’re chowing down on some free tacos, ice cream, wings, and more?

Check out all of these popular restaurants with birthday specials, ranging from free food and drinks to heavy discounts. Pick out your favorites and sign up ahead of your bday or sign up for all the options and put together a free feast for the big day. We won’t judge.

Psari Plaki Greek Baked Fish With Onions & Tomatoes

Psari Plaki, meaning roasted fish Greek style! Treat your family with succulent, flaky, buttery fish drenched in the most delicious sauce, baked with Mediterranean flavors.

When it comes out of the oven, all you need to do is drizzle some more olive oil, throw on some fresh parsley, sprinkle some feta, give a side of some great crusty bread and you are all set

Slow Cooker Beef Brisket

How about an impressive birthday dinner that only requires 15 minutes of prep time? Weve got your attention now, huh?

Brisket is a tough cut of meat that basically melts in your mouth after slow cooking it all day long. Throw it in your crock pot and let it do all the work. Youll make whatever sides you want and voila! Birthday dinner will be ready for everyone to enjoy tonight!

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Best Special Occasion Restaurants In Melbourne

For a certain kind of person, the best part about birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations is the excuse to splurge at a top-tier restaurant. Even if that’s not you, nearly everyone can appreciate the experience of settling around a table to enjoy the company of friends and family for several hours while all your whims are catered for.

These spots do it better than anyone else. In short: you bring the occasion and leave it to the staff to supply the special.

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Although the menu changes often at this neighbourhood restaurant, regulars keep coming back for the beautiful dining room, old-school Italian hospitality and extensive wine list.

âA touch of innovation without being scary or confrontingâ is how owner-chef Scott Pickett describes the menu here, and heâs bang-on.

A bold, contemporary diner dedicated to cooking with fire and smoke, from the owner-chef of Estelle and Saint Crispin.

This once-esoteric fine diner has a more approachable format under executive chef Elijah Holland. Itâs serving chic, accessible food that defies any one cultural influence.

Take one of 34 seats and put yourself in the hands of Clinton McIver and his degustation-only menu.

Ambitious young owner-chef Charlie Carrington changes the cuisine every four months.

One of the most remarkable dining experiences in the world. And itâs right here in Melbourne.

The flagship of Andrew McConnell’s restaurant empire.

Lemon And Herb Roast Chicken

The 30 Best Restaurants For A Group Birthday Dinner In NYC

With only 6 ingredients, youll fill your house with the kind of heavenly aroma that brings everyone to that birthday table.

The skin comes out crispy while the meat is tender and juicy. Serve it with potatoes and sauteed greens or perhaps a crispy salad. Fresh-baked rolls would be a perfect accompaniment for this occasion too.

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Do It Big For Your Birthday Dinner In Nyc

When doing a birthday dinner in NYC, go big or go home. That is, dont pick a boring place when there are so many unique restaurants in New York. On your search for birthday dinner restaurants in NYC, youre bound to come across tons of fun options, so be sure to save your discarded choices for a date night in NYC or another special occasion.

For even more fun ways to celebrate a birthday dinner in NYC, check out other experiences happening on Cozymeal.

The Best La Restaurants For A Birthday Dinner

23 places that will take the pain out of birthday plotting.

In theory, birthdays should be fun and easy. Youve done the hard work of staying sane and likable for another trip around the sun, and in turn, your friends and family are supposed to treat you like the angel that you are. So why does planning your birthday dinner always end up so stressful? You dont know where to go, your friends are incapable of committing to anything more than two days in advance, and you inevitably wind up exhausted.

While we cant sort out your entire life , we can provide some options for your celebratory dinner. These are places with enough space to accommodate a group, enough ambiance to feel like a party, and enough drinks to make you forget about the inexorable march of time. It sounds like a simple formula, but its one thats not always easy to crack. So rifle through your closet, grab your crown, and pat yourself on the back for being amazinghere is our updated guide to the best birthday dinners in Los Angeles.

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Caf La Vie Hosts A Van Goghinspired Dinner On March 30

Executive chef Michael Frank is creating a three-course, prix-fixe dinner with themed drinks and dishes at Le Méridien St. Louis Clayton.

Courtesy Cafe la Vie

Café la Vie, the restaurant inside the Le Méridien St. Louis Clayton, is hosting a three-course, prix-fixe dinner on March 30, with each dish taking inspiration from Vincent Van Goghs best works.

Executive chef Michael Frank previously created two other art-themed dinners: one inspired by the Saint Louis Art Museum exhibition Nubia: Treasures of Ancient Africa and another influenced by the museum’s Paintings on Stone: Science and the Sacred, 15301800 exhibit. For the former, for instance, Frank highlighted the indigenous flavors of Nubia, including a Nubian Spritz cocktail, while Frank explored the flavors and aromas of the Italian Renaissance in inventive ways for the latter.

Courtesy Cafe la Vie

Now, Franks latest art-themed dinner will celebrate what would have been Van Goghs 169th birthday. The dinner will kick off with a dish called The Potato Eaters, a loaded potato agnolotti with bacon lardon, white cheddar fondue, and crispy potato skins. Next, the Lying Cow entrée will consist of a beef short rib with kale risotto, topped with tapioca crusted Vidalia onion. And the evening will wrap up with a glazed chocolate torte, dubbed Starry Night.

Four themed cocktails will be available for an additional cost: Early Works , In Provence , The Still Lives , and Auvers-sur-Oise & The End .

Garlic Butter Steak And Potatoes

BIRTHDAY MUKBANG! Lawrys Prime Rib Dinner Feast Costco Cake

What better way to say Happy Birthday than with a nice, juicy steak and potatoes? Its a perfect match for this kind of special occasion.

Rib eye or sirloin would definitely fit, though ask your butcher to cut it thick for a truly sublime experience. Dont forget that steaks cook best when you bring them to room temperature first. For a great way to make it, check this garlic butter recipe from Le Crème De La Crumb.

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Mediterranean Fish With Tomato And Olive Tapenade

Your favorite fish, in a Mediterranean avatar! Imagine a nice chunk of white fish, pan seared and top up with the goodness of this bright delicious tapenade.

This looks and tastes like a gourmet entrée, straight from some fine restaurant. But you will be amazed how quick it all comes together and how little effort it demands.

Balsamic Brown Sugar Lamb Chops

Straight from the fine dining restaurant and into your kitchen, scrumptious lamb chops await for your pleasure. Theyre seared, then basted for the ultimate in incredible flavor.

Choose grits for a more southern presentation or even mashed potatoesthe sauce is something you dont want to miss a bite of for that birthday.

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The 35 Best Birthday Dinner Ideas

Looking for some great recipes to celebrate your birthday, or that of someone special? We have you covered!

This collection of Birthday Dinner Ideas has a great assortment of dishes to satisfy every palate.

Youll find fancy seafood dishes, tasty pastas, succulent steaks, fun handheld meals and so much more. Whatever flavors youre looking for, youll find something tasty to cook here on this Birthday dinner ideas list!

Go through all, and see which of these birthday meals are perfect for this special day!

Wus Wonton King Restaurant

The 25 Best Restaurants For A Group Birthday Dinner In NYC

Immediately you step your feet into Wus, youd be welcomed by tanks, filled with giant crabs and waiters carrying hot bowls of wonton soup from the kitchen. Dont tell me youre salivating already.

Whatever you order at Wus Wonton King is very easy to share because the dining room is full of big round tables that can make the food easily accessible to anybody at the table.

So, going with your friends and ordering the same thing isnt a problem. Wus Wonton King is no doubt one of the best restaurants in New York City. If you want a warm and comfortable environment to have fun in on your big day, youve found it.

Oh, my bad! You could get some amazing and delicious soups at Wus too.


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Where Can I Find Party Vendors For My Los Angeles Birthday Party

PartySlate can also connect you with the best vendors near you. Visit our curated directory to search for photographers, caterers, florists, and more. Use the filters to find the best talent for your specific event and location.

Trust us, youll want to spend your birthday party celebrating and enjoying time with friends and family not bustling around the kitchen or fixing DIY décor mishaps. A talented team of party vendors will take the stress out of the planning process and allow you to enjoy your milestone to the fullest.

The Best Chicago Restaurants For A Birthday Dinner

The best restaurants in Chicago to host your birthday get-together.

One of the questions we get most is, Where should I have my birthday dinner? Let us guess, youre looking for something fun but not formal, where you can get a table for six-to-ten people. Believe it or not, such restaurants do exist in Chicago.

So whether your idea of fun involves the potential for dancing on tables , a relaxed, come-and-go-whenever type of gathering, or something in between, we have ideas. You only celebrate getting older once a yearbetter make it good.

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List Of 10 Best Birthday Dinner Restaurants In Las Vegas

Search and Book Cheap Flights in 2 Minutes..

Its that time of the year when youre getting older but dont know how to celebrate yourself. Maybe you know, but youre just unsure.

Las Vegas is a very beautiful place to be, no doubt. It also has different restaurants where you can eat, dance, and have fun forgetting whatever is bothering you.

This article will expose you to the 10 best restaurants in Las Vegas where you can have your birthday dinner with friends or alone. Doesnt matter what type of cuisine you love best, theres something here for you.

Where Should I Have My Birthday Dinner In Los Angeles

Visiting the best restaurants in Nigeria

Greater Los Angeles is home to many unique neighborhoods and cities. From the glamour of Hollywood to the gorgeous backdrops of Santa Monica, theres something for everyone in this dynamic coastal region.

Use PartySlates curated Venue Directory to find your milestone-birthday venue in LA. Click on the map to find venues in the neighborhood of your choice. You can also use the filter button to narrow your search by guest count, catering options, amenities, and more.

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Dianas Oyster Bar & Grill

If youre a fan of oysters, you absolutely need to visit Dianas Oyster Bar & Grill in Markham.

While Im not crazy about the cooked dishes, the fresh seafood is completely worth coming here for.

My fave oysters are Raspberry Point, French Kiss, Kusshi, and Malpeque!

LOCATION: 7501 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON

Baked Salmon With Mango Salsa

Treat yourself to this delicious meal on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. This moist, tender salmon has so many different layers of flavors.

Tangy, lemony, buttery salmon flakes with a slight kick from our spice mix rub, combined with vibrant refreshing mango salsa. Every single bite is salmon bliss!

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While We Were Young Restaurant

Talk about one of the most beautiful restaurants in New York City, its While We Were Young.

I dont grasp the concept behind the name but theyre sure good at what they do. If you want to eat a lovely dinner and snap some amazing pictures for the gram, this is your chance.

You should make reservations if youd be bringing up to 4 people with you or if you want a private space. If you love to see colors while eating, there are enough colors to grace your eyes.

While we were young is a Stylish, beautiful, airy bar & restaurant presenting refined New American fare & inventive craft cocktails.


Las 34 Best Restaurants Ranked

The 30 Best Restaurants For A Group Birthday Dinner In NYC

Outdoor dining available.

What is it? A refined, multiregional tour through Italy via the mind of one of L.A.’s best chefs. Always in styleand always full of stylish and chic clienteleBestia still requires reservations a decade after its splashy 2012 opening, and for good reason.

Why we love it: Chef and co-owner Ori Menashe’s menu highlights still manage to wow, no matter how many times we’ve ordered them. The spaghetti rustichella, for instancea small pyramid of noodles under dungeness crab, citrus, Calabrian chili, Thai basil and onion seedis alarmingly simplistic but still shockingly good. Paired with the industrial-modern digs and the sleek ambience, it’s a place where we’re likely to linger until the staff starts bussing our dessert plates and wine glasses.

Time Out tip: Order your own dessert. Pastry chef and co-owner Genevieve Gergis’s sweets are all memorable, even on repeat visits, and god help anyone who tries to get in between us and a forkful of chocolate budino tart.

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The Best Birthday Restaurants In Melbourne


Shop 4171-175 Maroondah Highway, 3134, Ringwood

Light Lunch 3 Course A$55

YUMS x2InsiderAsian

345 Clarendon St, 3205, South Melbourne

40% off the ‘a la carte’ menu


68 Acland St, 3182, St Kilda

Average priceA$40Accepts Yums

30% off the ‘a la carte’ menu


98-100 High Street, 3070, Northcote

Average priceA$35Accepts Yumsamerican expressWelcome

TheFork Festival – 40% off food

Specify a date and enjoy promotions of up to -50% in our best restaurants

3 Queensbridge St, 3006, Southbank

Average priceA$85Accepts Yumsamerican expressWelcome

Express Lunch. Prices Starting from A$49

100 Dorcas St, 3006, Southbank

Average priceA$50

TheFork Festival – 50% off food

YUMS x2Pizzeria

198-204 Faraday St, 3053, Carlton

TheFork Festival – 30% off food


260 Collins St, 3000, Melbourne

Average priceA$35american expressWelcome

Special OccasionPackage 3.High Tea with a glass of :A Non Alcoholic Cocktail from our menu A$63

YUMS x2Australian

872 Blackburn Rd, 3168, Clayton

Average priceA$35Accepts Yums

Christmas menu A$79

103 Grey St, 3182, St Kilda

Average priceA$25Accepts Yums

TheFork Festival – 50% off food

67 Cardigan Pl, 3206, Albert Park

TheFork Festival – 50% off food


6 Grey St, 3182, St Kilda

TheFork Festival – 30% off food

Shop12 1A Grange Rd, 3142, Toorak

TheFork Festival – 50% off food

YUMS x2Meat Cuisine

1341 Dandenong Rd, 3148, Chadstone

Average priceA$85Accepts Yumsamerican expressWelcome

Express Lunch. Prices Starting from A$49

YUMS x2European

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Beverly Hills Birthday Dinners

For a secluded, elegant experience

  • Located in a secluded spot, Viceroy LErmitage Beverly Hills offers luxurious private spaces to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood
  • Treat guests to panoramic views of Beverly Hills on the Rooftop Terrace, or host and intimate cocktail gathering in the two-story glass Pavilion
  • Enjoy the in-house catering and beverage services
  • Offers seven spaces that are capable of accommodating 6 to 250 guests

LErmitage Beverly Hills

For a luxury oasis in the center of Beverly Hills

  • Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills boasts a wide range of spaces
  • We appreciate the propertys beautiful landscaping, especially their Weatherly Gardens which feels both expansive and intimate
  • Reviewers applaud the fantastic service
  • Offers nine spaces with capacities of 30 to 500 people, including The Deck that looks out over the city and the Hollywood mountains

Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, California

For a hip and stylish hotel setting that offers a variety of spaces

  • The Ace Hotel offers an ornate, vintage aesthetic in a historic building
  • The Mezzaine Room is an ideal space for an intimate celebration
  • We love its rustic setting that provides the perfect ambiance for mingling
  • Six spaces are available, including their gorgeous rooftop pool and their restored 1920s theatre

Ace Hotel Downtown LA

For a unique and easy-to-personalize space in a trendy location

City Market Social House

OUE Skyspace LA

Sheraton Grand Los Angeles

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