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21st Birthday Ideas At Home

Find A 21st Birthday Venue

21st Mardi Gras Party Decor | Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home

This is your night and your venue should reflect your personality. Figure this out at the start of your birthday planning and the rest will fall into place.

Is your vibe going to be intimate with just a few close friends/ family, or, are you wanting a big bash with as many guests as possible? Having a party at home can be a great option when you have just a few people , but it can get a bit overwhelming if you have a bigger guestlist – which is when hiring a venue could be the best option for you.

Make A Birthday Checklist

One of my favorite 21st birthday ideas is to make a checklist or bucket list for the night. The birthday girl has to get through all of the items on the list before the night is up. You only get one 21st birthday so the crazier the better!

Make a cute sign with all of the tasks on it, and assign someone to carry it around for the night. Itll definitely be a 21st birthday to remember )

If youre not sure what to put on your 21st birthday checklist, Ive put together this list of 21st birthday tasks for an epic night out.

Have A Photo Shoot Day

Become a supermodel for a day with this 21st birthday party idea. Hire a professional photographer to snap glam photos solo or share the spotlight with your fabulous friends.

Choose your favorite outfits, get your hair and nails done and practice your best model poses for a fun afternoon with plenty of mementos to commemorate the day!

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Classy 21st Birthday Party Ideas

11. Host a Dinner party or Hire a Private Chef

Crack out your fanciest cookbooks and serve up a three-course dinner fit for a king and queen.

Or, if you dont feel like cooking on your big day, why not hire a private chef for the evening? Youll feel like royalty, and nobody will be served burnt beans on toast!

12. Plan a Masked Ball

Create an ambiance of mystery and intrigue and host your own masked ball dancing, drinking, and socializing anonymously will make for an unforgettable 21st birthday! Just make sure you take off your mask in time to receive your gifts.

13. Go to a Cocktail Bar with Friends

What could be classier than heading to a fancy cocktail bar, and spending your 21st birthday sampling martinis and cosmopolitans?

Some cocktail bars even offer private cocktail tasting parties as well as mixology classes, if you want to step up your drink-mixing game with some friends.

14. Attend a Classical Music Concert

Does anything represent the epitome of class more than classical orchestra music? If you want to celebrate your 21st birthday in high style, spend an evening listening to classical music at a local theatre.

15. Rent a Luxury Car

Whether you see yourself in a limo, a Lamborghini, or an Aston Martin, hiring a luxury car for the day or for the weekend will make for a memorable 21st birthday.

Cruise down your local main street with the roof down for the ultimate experience your friends wont even know its you until you pull up beside them!

Take A Pole Dancing Class

20 Of the Best Ideas for 21st Birthday Gift Basket Ideas  Home, Family ...

So you got super inspired by Lil Nas X’s skills in the “MONTERO” music video . Why not try a beginners pole dancing class? Bring some friends, test your strength, and, hey, you’re one step closer to killing it like him.

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Go To An Arcade Or Bowling Alley

For a great 21st birthday party idea for guys, head to a local bowling alley or arcade for an afternoon filled with nostalgic games and a little friendly competition. Battle over classics such as skee ball, Pac Man and pinball and indulge in plenty of pizza and candy. Make sure to bring change to exchange for game tokens.

Custom 21st Birthday Glass

Let them say cheers in style with their very own custom 21st birthday wine glass. This is more than just an ordinary wine glass, its a memento of their coming of age celebrations, weather its a wild party or a simple get-together with family and friends. Each year as they get older, this personalized gift will help them remember this very special day.

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Have An Ice Cream Party

Ice cream is always a popular choice for a 21st birthday party. If youre hosting an ice cream party at home, you can choose from various flavors and toppings. You can also order the party supplies online, so you dont have to worry about anything. Plus, its easy to throw an ice cream party without prior planning. Just make sure your freezer is stocked with enough ice cream cups and cones, and youre ready to go.

Club Quarantine At Home


As people hunker down at home to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, one family has turned their garage into a makeshift club. The occasion? A 21-year-old birthday boy by the name of Jack Torchia who got the full star treatment at New Jerseys hottest club, his house. He naturally couldnt have a night on the town so his mom Carolyn, masterminded the conversion of the garage to Club Quarantine that took place on March 22, and this club really does have everything. His father acts as a stern but hospitable bouncer and boy does he lean into the role. The mother is excellent at drink slinging. Green tea shots all around. And their sister, Emily, the server gets in on the fun too. She filmed the proceedings and the clip has garnered upwards of 5 million views on TikTok .

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St Birthday Ideas For Daughter


Your little daughter is 21 now, and you just cannot stay calm. Well, why should you? This birthday is special for her and for you as a parent too. Shes a grown woman, and now youre definitely looking for the best jewelry for her. Gift her a pendant or a ring! You can have her initials engraved on them. So personalized, we love it, and she will too! If your budget allows, you can buy her a car or a bike, making her fully independent to go out now! Also, throwing a party and inviting her friends over would be the best idea! She will get to be with her family and friends at the same time. Guess that is a perfect way to start 21!

Enjoy An Art Crawl Museum Or Gallery

Add a dose of culture with this non-alcoholic 21st birthday party idea. Support local artists as you peruse an art crawl or gallery. You might even come home with a new signature piece for your wall. History buffs might want to take in a museum, discovering local stories or exploring a traveling exhibit.

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Bar Experience At Home

Want to skip the bar scene but still enjoy various cocktails on your 21st? This bar set is here to save your big day! With all the incredibly useful tools in this set, you and your friends can whip up some top-notch Mojitos, Whiskey Sours, Moscow Mules, Martinis, Manhattans, Rum and Cokes, and any other mixed drinks you fancy while avoiding the craziness of bars!

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Host A Casino Night At Home

My 21st birthday party at home

Another 21st birthday idea is to host a casino night at home.

You can find casino night supplies in your area or search online.

Some supplies that you may need for your casino night include:

Casino table games

Playing cards

Slot machine props

Hosting a casino night at home for your 21st birthday is a great way to celebrate with friends and family.

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Plan Your Birthday Party Theme

You only turn 21 once, have fun with it! Set your 21st birthday party theme to something thats all about you, whether you create the ultimate function club and all your friends dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name or something/someone from the year you were born to celebrate you and your big day!

It Can Teach You Critical Thinking & Broaden Your Horizons

To efficiently power through a literature class or program, one needs to be able to contribute adequately. But ones contribution is often seen as beneficial when they are also able to communicate their knowledge neatly.

A study of literature can achieve this by making students find various patterns and meanings in texts. Literature from various periods of the world also contains much information about historical cultures and traditions.

It can give a lot of insight to students about how people during different times in history were, what they did, how they thought, and more. This broadens ones horizons and makes one look at the world in an autobiographical way.

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Bottle Cap Or Wine Cork Shadow Box

Now that theyre legal, let them show off their drinking accomplishments with a personalized beer cap or wine cork shadow box. Each shadow box has a hole on top so beer caps or wine corks can be easily added and it opens from the back so theyll be able to empty the contents once theyve filled the boxes up. Of course, you can personalize the shadow box with a funny quote or message and their names.

What To Do To Celebrate My 21st Birthday Party For Girls

21st Birthday Vlog | party prep, presents, DIY decorations

Girls creativity will be the must that you must add to the Best Ideas to Celebrate the 21st Birthday because thats where the originality of this celebration will start. What to do to celebrate my 21 years? In the beginning, prepare yourself to toast for yourself. For your life, and a world full of positive energy that is approaching your experience at this beginning of the life cycle. Add balloons with helium. They are super cute, roses in vases and toast with your friends. The ideas sound fantastic.

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Go Camping Or Glamping

Enjoy some fresh air, starry nights and the glow of the fire on a camping trip! Connect with nature as you hike the trails or paddle the waterways on this low-key and cost effective 21st birthday party idea.

If roughing it is not your thing, give glamping a try for a taste of nature with a few more creature comforts.

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Throw A Video Game Party

If youre a total gamer, plan a video game birthday party. Set up multiple TVs or computers in the same room with a variety of consoles and gaming options. Be sure to include both modern favorites as well as childhood classics. Get creative by turning some of the video games into drinking games. If you want to take the theme for this 21st birthday party idea a bit further, ask guests to arrive dressed as their favorite video game character.

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How To Throw A Successful 21st Birthday Party

Best 21st Birthday Decorations from How to Throw a Successful 21st Birthday Party. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

Balloons can be one of the most inexpensive and straightforward design for any type of party, wedding events or holiday parties. Right here we have heaps of amazing balloon decors, which would add even more style, color as well as style to any unique occasion from wedding events, infant showers to birthday parties and even more.

You Will Be Motivated To Weave Your Lifes Story

QIFU 21 Birthday Balloon 21 Years Birthday Decoration 21st Birthday ...

The main essence of any work of literature is that one can always find a story in them. This is because most literary pieces are created to record various events experienced in ones body, mind, and surroundings.

And these experienced events are usually recorded as stories. Thus, reading more literary works can help mold the idea of story creation early on in students.

And attending literature classes in college helps students understand the know-how of how it can be done.

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Luau 21st Birthday Party

Are you feeling the tropical vibes? Throw a luau themed party! Serve up piña coladas in coconut cups, pass out leis to all of your guests, and deck your party venue out in tropical themed decor.

There are SO many luau themed party decorations on Amazon, so decorating for this party should be super easy. I love this tropical themed balloon arch kit.

The 21st Birthday Cake

You cant have a birthday without a cake especially a 21st. To mark this milestone you need something delicious so pick a specialist cake maker or bakery to whip up your birthday cake. You can opt for a traditional celebration cake, a tiered cake that will feed a big guestlist, cupcakes, or even a cheesecake. Make sure you tell them how many guests you are expecting and if you have any dietary requirements.

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St Birthday Party Activities

Youllfind this as no surprise, but much the 21st birthday activities tendto do with enjoying a drink or two! No need to shotgun your beer to have a goodtime, consider these fun drinking games:

  • Champagne Pong Tip: you can use any type of drink!
  • Capture the good times
  • Drunk Jenga Write your own actions on each wood block using a Sharpie, and when the block is pulled the person has to do what the block says
  • Twister not necessarily a drinking relatedgame but interactive fun for later in the night!
  • Flip cup if you have a long enough table, getready for a rowdy round of flip cup!

Break Out The Balloons

Quarantine 21st Birthday Party Ideas at Home!

Just like in this New Years Eve countdown box idea, put a fun birthday activity in a balloon and blow it up for every hour of the day. Or if you dont want to do every hour, do one balloon for every year old they are . Let them pop the activities randomly and do that activity then!

Some fun ideas you could include in the balloons include:

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Sassy Names To Call Your Girl Best Friend

We all have that one sassy best friend that deserves an equally sassy nickname. If you are struggling to find the perfectly balanced, or not so balanced, sassy nickname look at the list below.

This list has sassy, sassy sweet, feisty, and so many other sassy styles of nicknames for you to choose from.

Browse below and find the best sassy nickname for your girl best friend.

Drinking Games With Friends

If all your friends arent 21 yet, then party at home with fun drinking games. Whether youre at home, hanging out in your apartment, or traveling out of town, keep a deck of cards, a pair of dice, and a few ping-pong balls. Some popular drinking games include Beer Pong, Kings Cup, and Never Have I Ever.

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St Birthday Party Ideas For Guys

As 21st is officially the initial stage of being an adult, you really can start with a drink or two for him. But planning a party for him would require a little more research because it should align with what he loves and what he is like as a person. If he is an outgoing, social person, maybe you can think about pubbing. You can even get your friends to tag along and consider bar-hopping through the night! On the other hand, if he aint a fan of the outdoors, instead he likes just to be away from the city and the rush, then you can plan a fabulous house party! It is a classic 21st birthday idea, for it allows you to be in your own space. You can plan some fun games for him as well. Drinking games like beer pong or card games are fun games that you can try in groups!

Also, lets say he is a bike person! So, your party can have bikes as a theme that way. You can also consider gifting him some bike accessories, like a light, sticker, or even a basic tool kit that comes in handy! If he is a fitness freak, you can try something like gym accessories, dumbbells, etc. Do you know what would make him feel special, though? You initiate going to the gym with him daily. We bet he is gonna love that idea! Sounds a little extreme, but hes your bud, after all! Going that extra mile is not a biggy!

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Have A Diy Crafting Party

Pin on 21st

Crafting is no longer just for knitters and scrapbookers. DIY classes can range from jewelry-making to glass blowing classes to woodworking classes, even sewing classes and so much more!

Browse pottery classes in San Diego, pottery classes in San Francisco, pottery classes in Boston or pottery classes near you. Find inspiration for a craft that you would like to take on, gather your supplies and let your creativity flow.

Have fun encouraging each other through the process and admiring each others finished products for this unique 21st birthday party idea.

via Canva

No matter which 21st birthday party idea you choose, this special moment in your life should be one you remember for years to come.

Turning 21 marks a stepping stone into adulthood that highlights the person you have grown to be, so celebrate by doing what makes you happy. Which of these ideas are inspiring your next event?

For even more fun party ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

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