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1 Year Old Birthday Cake

Number Birthday 1st Cake Ideas:

Stunning Cake Decorating Tutorials For 1 Year Old Girl Birthday | Part 317

One of the ongoing trends these days is the number of cakes, people ordering cakes customized to the age their kids are turning. As your munchkins are going to turn 1 ordering a number #1 cake would be so special and unique for them. So, to make the cake seem even more delicious and beautiful you can add some sprinkles and buttercream frosting or even fondant as you wish for a pleasant surprise! There is just an endless way to this very trendy cake!

Why Choose This Cake For Your Babys Special Day

Most parents are careful to fill their little ones tummies with nutrient-dense foods from the moment they start solid food.

The World Health Organisation recommends that children under the age of two consume NO ADDED SUGAR. For this reason, many parents avoid feeding their baby added sugars and when it comes to their babys first birthday they may feel uncomfortable serving a sugar-laden cake.

Im not against sugar and believe it is important to find the right balance where it doesnt take over but covers our childrens wants. However, I also believe that you cant miss what you dont know about. A one-year-old baby generally doesnt know any different and serving a cake, sweetened with only fruit, will make most birthday babies more than happy.

The sweetness in this cake comes from the banana and date puree. It is NOT a sugar-free cake, dates are a high sugar ingredient, however, it is lower in sugar than many other cakes and if you wish, you can reduce the number of dates you use.

Send 1st Birthday Cake Online From Variety Of Bakingo Cake Flavours

Bakingo brings forward a wide selection of first birthday cake in multiple exciting flavours. Starting at a price range of Rs 999, we have an ecstatic collection of cakes and desserts of every possible flavour such as chocolate cake, vanilla cakes, eggless cakes, pineapple cake, strawberry cakes, Kitkat cake, mango cake, Ferrero Rocher cake, Oreo cake, black forest cake, red velvet cake, and so on!

Each of our first birthday cake for boy and baby girls are specially crafted to compliment the designs and types along with generous heaps of frosted flavourings – just some things that your one year old will enjoy.

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Prefer Cake From Bakingo To Celebrate The 1st Birthday Of Boys And Girls

Celebrate the birthday of your little one with utmost zest and enthusiasm as you order a Birthday Cakes for baby boy or girl. We have a wide range of theme cakes for the 1st birthday celebrations of your little naughty ones. Our drool-worthy cake collection will surely add glitters to your babys birthday bash. First birthdays are always special and celebrating them with scrumptious cakes is a must. Bakingo can totally apprehend your excitement and that is the reason we bring you the freshest and flavoursome cakes. For the first birthday celebration, you can go for theme cakes, designer cakes, cartoon cakes and much more. Bakingo provides you with exotic one-year cakes. Place an order for a 1st Birthday Cake for baby girl with Bakingo and choose from styles like Barbie cake and Princess cake.

A Favourite Fruit Cake

sweet things: Birthday cake for a sweet 1 year

If your baby likes a certain fruit, then go ahead and incorporate his favourite fruit in a cake. If you are still confused, you may go for flavours that kids generally love, like mango, blueberry, pineapple, and grapes. You can ask the bakers to drop chunks of fruit in it so that it adds to the nutrition value.

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Can Babies Eat Cake On Their First Birthday

Yes, your baby can safely enjoy cake on their first birthday. Babies are encouraged to start eating solid foods starting at around 6 months of age and by the time that they turn a year old they should have some mobility and idea of how to feed themselves with their own hands. Dont worry, your baby isnt actually going to eat the entire cake. Most of it gets smashed and smeared for the sake of taking a few fun photos.

Baby Girl 1st Birthday Cake

This is a 6-inch zebra cake, which is chocolate and vanilla cake batter layered into cake pans to resemble zebra stripes. Its scaled down from my original 9-inch version. I filled it with vanilla buttercream and frosted the outside with naturally colored and flavored strawberry frosting. The top is garnished with rainbow sprinkles, a one cake topper, and adorable little animal figures I found at Michaels craft store. Thank you so much for the inspiration and idea, Facebook group member Amanda!

The cake decoration was simple and pretty. I was so busy leading up to her 1st birthday party and there were so many other desserts that I kept the cake decoration easy. Friends and family LOVED it! The 6-inch zebra cake turned out even better than the original it was more buttery and moist, the perfect complement to both vanilla and strawberry frostings. Have you made my strawberry frosting before? Its made from freeze-dried strawberries, so it has zero artificial flavor and color.

Interested in other 6 inch cake recipes? Heres our 6 inch cakes page.

You can find the video displaying exactly how to layer in the cake batters in the original zebra cake blog post. Its surprisingly easy!

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How To Make A First Birthday Cake

This cake is easy to make! The basic concept: mix the wet ingredients in one bowl, the dry ingredients in another, then stir them all together to finish the batter.

  • Theres one unconventional ingredient in this recipe, and thats the fruit puree. Use your food processor to blend a banana with half a cup of sliced peaches. Its OK to use frozen peaches here. Fresh also works, and you can leave the skin on if you like. Just make sure you blend it well.
  • When it comes to the size and shape of your cake, youve got options. We used two six-inch diameter pans to make a mini layer cake. But you can also pour the batter into a standard-sized cupcake tin to make cupcakes. Keep in mind that the batter is for a baby-sized cake. So the amount of batter you get with the recipe will only fill half a standard-sized muffin tin. You should double the recipe if you want to make a full-sized sheet of cupcakes.
  • Bake the cake until a toothpick comes out clean from the center, then cool on a rack.
  • The frosting is simply whipped cream! Use a stand-mixer or hand beaters to whip heavy cream. Add maple syrup for a bit of sweetness.
  • Frost cake when cooled and add fresh fruit for garnish, and a candle of course!
  • Ingredient Tips & Equipment Information

    • Make sure your eggs are at room temperature before you start baking.
    • The dried dates can be swapped for raisins, sultanas, cranberries or apricots.
    • If you use self raising wholemeal flour, you can omit the baking powder.
    • You can swap the wholemeal flour for regular plain flour or self raising flour. If using self raising flour, you can omit the baking powder.
    • The vegetable oil can be swapped for another oil like sunflower, coconut or canola.
    • Ripe bananas are best for this cake, as they are the sweetest.
    • I used regular sized eating apples for this cake. I like the pink lady variety as they are lovely and sweet.
    • The grated apple can be substituted for a similar fruit like pear or peaches. If you can’t grate them, then mash them up or finely chop them.
    • I recommend using full fat cream cheese for the frosting as it is thicker and will have a better consistency.
    • I used agave nectar to sweeten the frosting, you could also use maple syrup or coconut nectar. Do NOT use honey if serving to children under one year old!
    • Although I provide cup measurements, I highly recommend weighing your ingredients out using digital kitchen scales*. It is the most accurate way to measure ingredients and will ensure the best results. Digital scales are very low cost and can be purchased for around £12 .
    • For teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, please use measuring spoons* and not the type of spoons you eat with. Again this will ensure accuracy and provide the best results.

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    How To Make Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake

    Make the date puree first by soaking the dates in boiling water for 15 minutes, then blending them with a stick blender. In a mixing bowl, add the self raising flour, plain wholemeal flour, baking powder and cinnamon.

    In another bowl, whisk together the vegetable oil, eggs and milk. To the flour mixture, add mashed bananas, the date puree and the oil/egg mixture.

    Then add the grated apple, and divide the mixture between the tins.

    Bake the 8″ cakes for 40-45 minutes, then do the same for the 6″ mixture and bake for 25-30 minutes.

    To make the frosting, mix together the butter and cream cheese, then mix in the vanilla extract and agave nectar. Level off the cakes with a cake leveller or a knife before you stack them.

    Spread the frosting onto the first layer of cake, then add the second layer and cover the whole cake in frosting. As you are stacking another cake on top, add dowels for support so the cake doesn’t collapse.

    Also use a cake board underneath the 6″ tier for extra support. Add the 6″ tier and cover it in the cream cheese frosting. To decorate the Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake, place berries all around the cake, and a ‘one’ sign of course!

    How To Make Yogurt Frosting

    The frosting for this smash cake is made with whole milk plain Greek yogurt, a little maple syrup, and a touch of vanilla extract. Its slightly tangy from the yogurt and super simple to make.

    Heres a look at the simple frosting and assembly method.

  • Strain the yogurt in a fine-mesh strainer lined with cheese cloth or paper towels over a bowl. This makes it thicker, as it helps to remove some of the liquid in the yogurt.
  • Stir yogurt together with maple syrup and vanilla in a bowl.
  • Add some frosting on top of the first layer. Spread.
  • Add another cake and more frosting.
  • Add the third cake and top with the rest of the frosting.
  • Add berries if youd like.
  • TIP: You can leave it plain, top the layers with berries, add sprinkles, or add a candle.

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    Birthday Cakes For 1 Year Olds

    Finally, be sure to decorate your cake with festive decorations. You can use candles, colorful frosting, edible flowers, or any other decorations that fit the theme of your childs birthday party. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

    Happy first birthday, little one! We hope you enjoy your special cake.

    The first birthday cake is an important milestone in a childs life because it signifies that they have survived their first year on earth. The celebration should be as special as they are, and to do so, you must take into consideration your little ones interests for designing and choosing the flavor of the cake. For example, if they love animals, decorate with animal-themed frosting or edible decorations. If theyre into superheroes, go for a cake with a superhero theme. Once youve completed these tasks, decorate with festive decorations such as candles and colorful frosting or any other decorations that fit into the partys theme. With insurance, your child will survive their first year! Happy Birthday

    The perfect first birthday cake should reflect your childs personality and interests.

    Car Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

    Happy First Birthday Smash Cake

    If you are looking for the first birthday cake ideas for your little boy turning one then a car-themed cake for your kid would be a great idea! A car is the most loved item for any boy! For all the baby boys a car cake would be their dream come true. Just choose from a variety of cars available and customize your cake according to that. All the kids at the birthday party would be very excited and amazed by this idea for the first birthday cake and their expressions upon seeing it would be priceless! Who knew even cars could take so good!

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    Animal Themed 1st Birthday Cake Ideas:

    Animals are one of the most intriguing things for kids! Almost every kid is fascinated by them. So, as little ones are attracted to animals, an animal-themed cake for their birthday would be just perfect for them! There are so many animals so order a jungle-themed cake with wild animals or any kind of animals for your kids birthday party that not just your kid but every other kid will love and would most definitely adore! And this cake will be a highlight for your kids birthday party!

    + Happy Birthday Cakes For 1 Year Olds Images Ideas Designs

    Birthday Cakes for 1 Year Olds Your little ones first birthday is a momentous occasion that should be celebrated with a cake as special as they are. But with so many different cake flavors and designs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect first birthday cake for your child.

    First, consider your childs personality and interests when choosing a flavor and design for their cake. If your child loves animals, for example, consider getting a cake decorated with animal-themed frosting or edible decorations. If theyre into superheroes, go for a cake with a superhero theme.

    Once youve chosen a flavor and design, its time to start baking! Be sure to follow the recipe closely so that your cake turns out perfectly. If youre not familiar with baking cakes, there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you get started.

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    First Birthday Cake For A Boy

    He enters into this new year of life with aspirations of science, space, robots, sports, cars, and dinosaurs that is the world of a 1-year-old baby boy. A celebration for his first birthday requires a very special cake. A first birthday cake for a baby boy is one where we can all enjoy together while keeping the excitement going. Some of the best ideas for first birthday cakes for a boy are dinosaur cakes, Mickey Mouse cake, and a Marvel Superhero themed cake. Go ahead and order your cakes from CakeRush today.

    Top Tips For Making Coconut Whipped Cream

    Baby Girl 1st Birthday Cake 1 year old or first birthday Decorating Tutorial

    Making coconut whipped cream isnt as simple as just opening cans of coconut milk/cream and whipping it up. There are certain things you should do to ensure you achieve the perfect consistency.

    • Choose the right brand. Not all brands work well, make sure you buy full fat as reduced-fat wont work. I recommend giving the can of milk a shake and if you dont feel the liquid moving then this will probably work perfectly.
    • Chill the coconut milk/coconut cream in the refrigerator overnight. This is important to ensure the cream hardens if you skip this then it will be too soft and wont whip properly.
    • Make ahead. You can make whipped coconut cream up to 4 hours before icing your cake, make sure to store it in the refrigerator and ice the cake just before serving.

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    Creative First Birthday Cake Ideas

    Unleash your creativity and let your ideas flow into the cake. And just in case you are running out of ideas, we have some right here for you:

    23. Baby-in-a-bathtub Cake: Most babies love their bath time and instantly connect with a bathtub cake. Add your babys favorite toys as edible toppers on the bathtub cake and watch them dive right into it with glee.


    24. Carousel cakes: Another thing that reminds people of their childhood is a carousel. Colorful tents with toy horses moving around the center, sitting on the horses and feeling the wind through your hair, waving frantically to your parents a carousel cake reminds you of that and much more. This cake is made of two cakes, one that forms the base and the other which forms the tent top. Dowels, which are used to support the top layer, are also the support for the edible horses, which adorn the carousel cake.


    25. Gravity-defying cake: Gravity-defying or topsy-turvy cakes look like they are precariously positioned and about to topple over. However, they are made in line with the principles of physics and are built in a way that they balance out each other. A fun topsy-turvy cake idea for a first birthday would be a teapot cake.

    Image: instagram

    26. Winter candy cake: If you have a winter born baby, then go for a cake with Christmas tree, candy cane, and snowflakes. Its just right for the first birthday, and you can also introduce the festive season to your baby.







    Prepping Dessert Ahead For A 1st Birthday Party

    • 10 days before: Bake all the cookies, cupcakes, and cake layers. Let them cool, then freeze the unfrosted treats in large zipped-top bags and Tupperware containers. Wrap each cake layer individually in aluminum foil before placing in a bag or container to freeze.
    • 2 days before: Make the icing and decorate all the animal cracker cookies. Cover and store at room temperature.
    • 1 day before: Thaw the cookies, cake layers, and cupcakes. Frost the cupcakes and refrigerate overnight.
    • Day of the 1st birthday party: Frost/decorate the cake. Remove cupcakes from the refrigerator and bring to room temperature.

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